Computer Woes!

Change is an interesting subject.  Most times I embrace change whole heartedly.   That shouldn’t be a surprise considering a mobile lifestyle is all about change.  But then there are times or situations that I resist change as much as possible.

Sunset over Lake Pleasant

Sunset over Lake Pleasant

I was resisting the thought of getting a new computer and learning Windows 10.  Just thinking about it had me walking, rather running, in another direction.  The mere thought of dealing with technology change almost had me breaking out in hives.  If there was a word depicting the opposite of Geek, that would describe me to a tee.  I am definitely not a techie.  With that said, the past month I chose to play ostrich and avoid the subject by leaving the computer off.  I must admit, the break from the internet allowed me to complete a bunch of projects around the RV as well as get in a fair amount of hiking.

flowers and beeI knew months ago my laptop was slowly doing a death dance, but I loved the old gal.  She and I got along famously for years and I wasn’t interested in changing things up.  She loyally cared for my thousands of digital photos, put out hundreds of blog posts, and supported all my documents.

Her keys were worn to the point that half the letters were no longer legible making it impossible for Al to use my laptop (he’s never managed to memorize the keyboard and still pecks away at the keys 😆 ).  She sported a huge crack along one side that seemed to be growing and her screen was no longer firmly attached, but we were a comfortable fit.

Day in and day out, she’d sit on my lap providing endless hours of entertainment. Perhaps too many hours.ButterflyI had no intention of replacing her.  Quite frankly, I didn’t want a new computer, but after months of babying her and refreshing her to factory status, she just wasn’t up to the task at hand.  She was tired and wearing out, and when I could no longer upload my wildflowersphotos, I had to embrace the thought that change was necessary.  Plus, I was missing you guys!

I shopped, then shopped some more. I’m usually a very decisive shopper, but not this time.  Google became my best friend enlightening me on the differences between Intel’s i3, i5, and i7 processors.  A Mac was out of the question.  First, it wasn’t within my budget, and second I felt that would be too much of a change.  Although last year’s change from an Android to an iPhone was ezzie peezie and I love my iPhone 5, I just wasn’t going to go from a PC to a Mac at this point and time.

Cowboy mounted shooting

navigating obstacles can be fun!

It’s been a week and my new HP Pavilion laptop and I are getting along swell.  Windows 10 wasn’t the navigation nightmare I thought it might be.  Yes, it’s different, and yes, the first few days I was Googling “how to” a lot, but I haven’t broken out in sweats or hives due to the change.  I’ve even been having fun setting the new computer up.

We’re still closely monitoring our data usage considering we almost maxed out our 30 gigs last month and I was hardly on the internet.  Apparently, Al’s computer and my old computer had programs running in the background that were gobbling up data.  Thus, my internet presence was throttled severely.  I’m hoping to be back blogging soon and am starting to catch up on all your latest posts.  I’m still a little slow with the new gal, but the more time we spend together, the more familiar we’ll get and I’ll soon be sharing plenty of photos of the desert blooming.  You’ve been warned!

sunset over Lake Pleasant, Peoria AZ

sunset over Lake Pleasant, Peoria AZ

For those of you curious, this is the laptop I ended up getting….
HP Pavilion 15t 15.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (6th Gen Intel Core i5-6200u Processor, 8GB DDR3L RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10), Natural Silver


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  2. First let me say that your photos are outstanding. You gave me a smile with your “opposite of Geek, that would describe me to a tee” because I’m exactly the same way. I switched a few years ago to a Mac and I’ll never use any other computer. Mine is a MacBook Pro and I love the laptop.

    • Thanks Karen. If this computer craps out in a couple of years, I’m definitely switching to a Mac. I just wasn’t ready right now, but with all the changes with Windows 10 etc., it might’ve been a good time 😉

  3. Rut-ro….I used to be such ahead of the game when the “World Wide Web” came to town….now, not so much :). Glad you’ve got your connection back…if even to just play with your awesome photography! Love the Monarch!!!

    • Thank you for stopping by and nominating me. I think the award sharing is a great way for blog exposure and I used to participate, but no longer do due to time and internet usage. I will however stop by your blog 🙂

  4. I feel your pain….I hate learning new technology but it seems to be mandatory these days with as fast as things change. I will look forward to the desert in bloom photos. Florida is hot hot hot and humid humid humid and I relish the thought of my desert life again next winter.

    • As one Midwesterner to another that humidity does get old and I do LOVE the dry desert southwest. I look forward to the day when I’m just as comfortable with this new computer like I was with the old 😉

  5. I feel your pain a couple years ago my old computer bit the dust….I have an 8.5 which was a horrible learning experience, and I am able to upgrade to 10 but when I did some research on how much data it would use because we didn’t want to go over our limit (we also have 30 gb). What I read is that 10 you cannot tell it when to update and people have been going over their data plan. Please let me know if that is true, because if that is the case I am comfortable now that I know my 8.5. Glad to have you back!

    • Thanks Diana. Yesterday was a rough day in front of the computer. Just when I think I’ve got the hang of it, I find the need to Google ‘how to’ several times. Something that should take me seconds turns into a 1/2 hour…. grrrr! Al’s decided not to upgrade to 10 until I don’t have to Google “how to” anymore LOL. Always nice hearing from you 🙂

  6. Ingrid I am glad to hear there has not been an outbreak of hives. I hear you on change. Three weeks ago we moved to a self hosted site after dragging my heels for a very long time.. Well my son has done everything including the design so I am forever grateful.
    Your photos are as stunning as ever. so happy to see them. Good luck with the new laptop!

    • Thanks Sue. The computer AND internet issues have been beyond frustrating. I tried commenting on your blog about your new design, but not sure if it went through – grrrr! As always, loved following your adventures down under.

  7. It’s interesting that I am reading about your computer changes as we sit in Starbucks in Sun City while John tries to install a new device on hie computer. See we use his computer as our hot spot since we have an unlimited data plan with Verizon. But over the last week I can’t seem to stay connect. If John closes his lid and reopens it, I can get some more time connected. But it got to the point where I can’t connect at all. The poor man has been searching the internet like mad and trying all kinds of fixes. Nothing worked. So yesterday we drove to Sun City and he got a new computer (he really wanted a faster processor). Well…we got it home and after hours of setting it up, he discovered that the newest processors won’t support another computer!! So this didn’t help us at all. Back to Sun City today to try a much, much cheaper device the fellow at Best Buy though would be what we needed. So, here we sit while he tries BEFORE we drive back to Congress a second time. Another day we aren’t exploring the Jeep roads. Oh well, my thumb is very tired of using the phone to do my computer things. I welcome getting my computer back at home. Only time will tell. Looks like you and the new computer are already best buds:)

    • I feel your pain. I can’t tell you how many play days I’ve lost spent on dealing with computer issues… no fun! I’m back to hiking and even made it to the Botanical Garden Thursday. Hope you get things figured out soon so you can get back to exploring.

  8. Good to see you back, glad the HP is working out. When I upgraded laptops over a year ago it came with Windows 8.1 and I hated it, changed to 10 as soon as possible and have been happy ever since, every once in awhile it throws me a curve but so far so good. Thanks for the delicious cupcakes.

    • You welcome! I have all these great cupcake ideas swirling in my head that I’d like to try, but if I keep baking Al and my waste lines will expand. However, if I hike an extra hill perhaps I’ll burn off that extra cupcake 😉

  9. Missed seeing your photos and reading about your adventures! Welcome back and have fun getting to know your new computer. Your photos are beautiful.

    Were you using googles picasa for your photo software? I am one of those hanging on till the last day, not wanting to switch to google photos. What is everyone else out there doing? I am looking for new photo managing, editing and storing software. I like to put captions with photos to help me remember where and when they were taken. Most programs don’t let you do that….

    • I too am hanging on to Picasa, thus the race to purchase a new laptop was on. I wanted to download Picasa before it was no longer available. I have Lightroom, but don’t like it as much as Picasa. Must be that change thing again. Eventually, I’ll need to make the switch, but one thing at a time right now 🙂

  10. Ingrid, welcome back! It’s so good to hear from you again! I’m happy to hear the reason wasn’t illness but computer related. I feel your pain about getting a new laptop. I dreaded making the change to a machine with Windows 8 and although I could upgrade it for free to Windows 10 I keep putting it off.

    • Thanks Beth. I think tomorrow we’ll head over to our son’s house and we’ll download Windows 10 on hubby’s computer. I can hear his frustration now LOL. I am finally doing well in the health dept., thank goodness. BTW, I hear Windows 10 is MUCH better than 8.

  11. Good luck with your new computer and Windows 10. I haven’t been able yet to persuade myself to install Windows 10, even if it is (still) for free. I don’t know if I ever will until support for 8.1 runs out. Why change a system that is running well.
    Have a great week,

    • I know the meaning of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Thus if 8 is working for you, roll with it. I know eventually, they’ll want everyone on 10 so I’ll probably upgrade hubby’s computer. I don’t expect him to be happy for a while though LOL.

  12. Congrats on the new laptop! I must say… it looks familiar, too. I upgraded to pretty much that same one a little over a year ago. The current version of W10 is better than the first one I had last year, too. I have the touchscreen, but I still find myself using it in the more traditional way, with only a few exceptions. Old habits are hard to break, I guess. Enjoy! 🙂

    • I haven’t used the touch screen but a few time. I hate finger prints on my screen lol. I came close to getting a Dell, but I’ve had HP’s for so long….. hard habits and all 🙂

  13. After considerable research, I did the Win 10 upgrade from Win 7, back in July and have no regrets, very stable and nothing like the ghastly win 8. Also did a laptop upgrade in January, staying with a 15″ ASUS, but with a graphic card and i7 processor, for working with huge graphic files.

    If not already partitioned, it is a good idea to split your 1 TB internal drive. I also use 4 or 5 external 1TB or 2TB drives for photographs, music, films, documents, etc.

    The other change with the new laptop was getting the new MS Office, which is an annual subscription. I got the 5 user one, which I shared with Judi and the kids. If concerned with data usage you might want to turn off auto upgrades and download them when you have a campground connection or you are visiting your kids.

    Good to see you back online.

    • I have 3 externals…. well down to 2 since one is totally full of photos and now stored at son’s home. I wanted the i7 processor but didn’t want to spend the extra bucks for it. I was wondering what the deal is with MS Office. I have an old version of MS Professional 7 which I somehow managed to download and will run with that for a while. Yes, I’ve made sure I control all upgrades and changes to the computer. Thanks for the info 🙂

  14. Great to see you are back with an interesting posts and lovely photos. We have been putting off switching to Windows 10, perhaps will give it a try after reading your post. I also like the look of Picasa for photos. Thanks for the tips.

    • Thank you. I do find W 10 a little frustrating and miss some of the features and ease of 7. But this computer syncs and operates so much easier that overall I’m pretty pleased. I too and VERY happy with Picasa and disappointed Google decided to drop it. Perhaps that’s the nudge I need to use Lightroom.

  15. You lucked out – you missed the version of Windows without a Start button. Yay for small things – that was bad! Glad you are back!

    • Yeah, I hear Windows 8 was pretty bad. I’m still a little frustrated not being able to locate certain things. I’ll keep plugging away!

  16. I can so relate to this post! Going through the same dance but haven’t made the leap yet…it’s only a matter of time. 😉

    • I don’t embrace tech change and still use the old posting version in WordPress. But when tech change is forced on me, I guess I’m left with no choice. There are areas in Windows 10 that I find perplexing… has me questioning ‘whatever were they thinking?’ I wonder if the folks that design these programs would know how to gut and remodel a kitchen or let alone change out a faucet (without you tubing) 😉

      • Oh, you’d see them sweating for sure. Most tech geeks are clueless about anything related to the home. 😉

  17. I was hoping that at the end of the story, I will see a shiny Apple on your lap, but 😦 Our apples have not given us any headaches since five years ago, so I’d say we are happy with it. On the other hand, Im not giving up my un-smart phone flip phone, still hanging on to it till it dies.
    You are not alone in the data usage aspect, we too have reached our max several months and I have not change my internet habits.
    Your 1T of storage will be gobbled up before you know it especially now that you have a new camera.

    • One of these days, I’ll have you text messaging 😆 I like my iPhone and iPad but the price of a Mac had me getting another HP. I filled my small external hard drive with photos and now it’s stored at Logan’s house. I purchased another 2TB external and between that one and the 3TB from you, everything is backed up twice. I needed to do that before I wiped out the old laptop returning it to factory status. I think we have our usage under control now that both our laptops are running properly.

  18. I have a HP Pavilion and love it. 10 is really much much easier than the last version of Windows. Good luck with your new computer.

    • Thank you Marsha. So far, it’s going well with just a few frustrations. I’m still adjusting to the mouse pad on the HP as it’s a little touchier than my last one.

    • Those sunsets over Lake Pleasant are my all time favorite. I’ll be upgrading Al’s laptop tomorrow when we’re able to use our son’s internet. I know it’ll be an adjustment for him but easier for both of us over time.

  19. Beautiful butterfly capture, The sunset photos are stunning!
    After using iMac for seven years, I passed it on to my husband. I have never liked iMac operating system… Now, I am using Lenovo, window 10. 🙂

    • I was seriously looking at the Lenovo’s. They have a great reputation, but since I’m so used to the HP product I decided on another HP.
      The desert provides the BEST sunsets! Due to the lack of humidity, the desert skies are stunning.

  20. Breathtaking photos, Ingrid. Good luck with your new laptop. I’ve had a Mac for a few years now and love it, but hubby still sticks with his Dell XP5. He’s not keen to change to Apple, but has helped me a lot when I’ve had problems. 🙂 Your butterfly shot is outstanding.

    • Thank you Sylvia. I was open to changing to a Mac considering my daughter is near to help me with the transition like she did when I switched from an Android to an iPhone, but I just couldn’t justify the price of a Mac for my simple needs. Perhaps down the road.

  21. I had to upgrade my operating system about a month ago. It was a tremendous change and one that I’m still dealing with on several issues along with the occasional swear word. 🙂 Here’s wishing you a continued good partnership because I want to keep seeing photos like that butterfly. My pulse quickened just looking at it. 🙂

    • Awe, thank you for the kind compliment on my photo. Trust me, there’s been a fair amount of four letter words swirling around the RV this past week 😆 but at least I’m not totally lost, which was my initial concern.

  22. Absolutely stunning photos!
    And this was a much needed post for my hubby….. But first-his brother has been a Mac user for 15+ years. Had one for 10 then finally gave in and bought a new one with a much bigger screen for his aging eyes. We lost count of how many computers we went thru, the other brand….finally I bought a Mac for myself-to manage all my photos of our first grandson! I took classes at the Apple Store for a year on and off. Apple support is great and it syncs with my iPhone (I just upgraded to a 6 and right now that’s an issue). Anyway, Bill plans our travels and finds things to do on our now 5 year old Windows 7-which has started having issues. We’ve also wiped it out back to factory settings. Windows 10 would never download. He uses a flip phone. He says my Mac is too small. He just can’t use it or re-learn. Your post and success might be what he needs now to go ahead and kiss her good bye! Great tips and suggestions in these comments, too. We’re struggling to survive on 18 GB of data! 😞

    • My iPhone synced beautifully with my new HP. I could never upload the iPhone photos on my old laptop regardless of settings in iTunes. Al uses a HP with a 17″ monitor and loves it especially for his charts for stock trading. I’ll be upgrading his computer to Windows 10 tomorrow when we’re at our son’s house. When we wiped his and returned it to factory status, it’s running better than ever. So thankfully only one of us needed a new computer. And he too has no interest in giving up his dinosaur flip phone. He manages to text message with the dumb phone just fine.

  23. Great post and glad your back!
    We went to an all mac system 2 years ago, phones, pads, and laptops and I must say the seamless way they all interact with each other is just fabulous. I really like the new iMovie app. It has definitely been worth the $.
    But with that said its seems most operateing systems are becoming alike anyway. Enjoy your new computer. Tim

    • My iPhone synced up with the HP right away and I was able to upload photos with no issue. Thus, I think you’re right about operating systems becoming more a like. So far so good. One day I may actually put on some big girl pants and start using Lightroom instead of Picasa 😉

  24. Good to hear your upgrade is working. Windows 10 is like Windows 7 on steroids. My favorite author on all things Windows or Microsoft is Paul Thurott. Lots of good advise on his website.

    Here is a link:

    I’ve participated in the Windows Insider Program where one can get software updates well in advance of the public. I don’t suggest subscribing to the Insider Program unless you are good at trouble shooting computer problems. Windows 10 is a revolution for Microsoft. From now on expect just to receive updates to Windows 10 rather than an entirely new operating system, such as upgrading from Windows 7 to 8 then to 10.

    Good thing you upgraded because eventually even Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft. So there will be no security updates. They are moving to one operating system (Windows 10) that works on personal computers and all mobile systems such as phones and tablets. Also, for those not running Windows 10 yet, the upgrade from 7 or 8 to Windows 10 is free. That’s how much Microsoft wants everyone to switch to 10.

    • Interesting information Mark… thanks. I’ve added that link to my favorites. So far I’m pleased with the new computer and Windows 10. Sure there have been some frustrating moments but I was able to overcome any issues.

    • I was thinking of you as I was organizing the new laptop considering you just went through the change yourself. Yep, I rather be out snapping away than sitting at home with my face buried in the computer.

  25. Well this explains plenty. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. Good to have you back. I do feel ya though. I too milked the last breath out my old computer before replacing it with a laptop. Made the transistion & grew to love the portable device. After becoming quite comfortable with it lo & behold along came the Windows 10 upgrade. I continued to ignore the repetitive notices on my laptop to download the new version then Don took it upon himself to install the upgrade while I was out shopping. I just knew I was going to have issues with it but to my surprise it was just as you said, “easy peasy.” You’ll adapt too. Looking forward to the photos you promised of the desert in bloom.

    • Thank goodness Al leaves my computer alone. He still uses a flip phone and leaves updates and changes on both our computers up to me. Fortunately I’m getting the hang of the new platform but occasionally have trouble finding things. I know over time I’ll get more comfortable with it.

  26. Our condolences on your “loss.” 🙂

    Just think, Ingrid, change helps keep us young (or makes us old faster — all depends)

    Love the photos… specially the sunset. I’m a sucker for a good sunrise/set

    • Haha…. I don’t think I’d agree with keeping us young as much as it leading to more grey hair 😉 I know, who doesn’t love a good sunrise or sunset? And the desert provides the absolute BEST!

      • Well, Ingrid, the key to keep up without getting grayer relates to not thinking your computer is out to get you personally! (Says the guy who has nothing but silver left in his hair!)

        The desert in the winter of ’16-’17!

  27. We’ve missed you, Ingrid!

    We use out laptop for spreadsheets and tax stuff, but all my blogging is done on an iPad. I often wondered if we should have went to a Mac when we retired; we decided on Windows 8 instead. That was in 2014. It’s ok, but not my Windows 7…which I used at work and loved.

    • Thanks Jim. I find the size of the iPad to be a tad too small and use it more for reading than anything else. I also work with so many photos that I really need the laptop with the 15″ monitor. I hear Windows 10 is much better than 8.

  28. I got a new computer last fall, and it keeps trying to upgrade to Windows 10. I have been dragging my feet, mostly because there were issues with 10 and Lightroom. And that would be bad. I was going to jump and do it when I saw that the upgrade is 6GB’s. Yikes, that’s too much data. I think today I will upgrade as we are going to my moms and she of course has internet. Fingers crossed!

    • Hope the upgrade goes well for you. I’ll be upgrading Al’s laptop tomorrow when we’re at our son’s house. Yikes, 6GB? Thank goodness we didn’t try it on our MiFi. I have yet to download LR but I did load Picasa before Google discontinues. I’m still a wuss in the LR department. One day I’ll push myself 🙂

  29. Nice! Welcome to the new(er) age! Fear not, though, I didn’t fare well with a computer upgrade either. LOL!

      • LOL! Dang kids, right? I still call my daughter when I have a “how do you do a” question with my phone!

        • Haha… yes, last summer when I switched from an Android to an iPhone I made sure I did it when we were camped near her. Thank goodness because I definitely needed her help. Now, I love my phone!

  30. Congratulations on your newest family member! 🙂 I’m with you, I hold onto my computers forever — but I don’t think I’ve ever worn the letters off of the keys. So funny, Ingrid. Glad you’re back up and running now! Looking forward to the desert blooms through your lens.

    • Throttling my internet usage was ok, but when the old gal wouldn’t upload photos even after moving the last years photos to an external freeing up space, that was it… time for a new computer. So far, so good!

  31. Looks like you have been busy with guest appearances on other blogs so we have been able to keep up with you….
    We switched to windows 10 a few weeks ago, it was not too bad but we did notice it pulled more data so we changed some settings (auto updates….) we also started turning off our mifi when we are done on the computer. We are now averaging about 1/2 gig a day. Welcome back!

    • We are turning the mifi off regularly throughout the day now also and I think I changed some of those settings on the computer as well, but I’ll be double checking. So far, our usage is back to a normal range. Yes, it’s been a very social month – so fun!

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