The Dreaded Blue Screen

A few weeks ago I purchased a new laptop, and like any new toy, I was having a splendid time playing with it.  The first week was filled with a lot of Goggling “how to”.  The second week I settled into navigating Windows 10 with ease and personalizing the new laptop.hummingbird

I downloaded a bunch of stuff including my favorites and some photos.  I was getting used to the mouse pad (I don’t use an external mouse) and even changed the settings to allow basic functions only.   After two weeks of computer use, I noticed the mouse pad wasn’t remembering my settings and reverted back to the default settings—-annoying.

ostrichThe pinch setting allows the text to be resized with finger movements on the mouse pad which is all fine and dandy,  but when all I’m trying to do is move the cursor and the screen starts zooming in and out from itty bitty 10% to huge 200% it gets rather frustrating.

So each morning upon starting the computer, I’d go to the mouse setting and uncheck the default boxes then go about my day.  Hmm, why won’t it hold my settings?  I began to wonder if perhaps there was something wrong with the computer.  Each time I double checked that I was hitting apply and then ok.  Thus, I knew I was clicking correctly and it was not user error.

A couple of days later, I couldn’t exit the internet. The internet window X wouldn’t close the tab.  I could open and close additional tabs but the first internet tab would remain open until the computer was shut down.  Well, when you’re working off of a limited internet data plan, that was unacceptable.

birdsSince the computer seemed to be working fine the first two weeks of use, that is up until Windows 10 did an update, I thought I would set the computer to an earlier date.

With my previous laptop computer and Windows 7 whenever things seemed to be running out of whack, I would do exactly that, and it would usually resolve any issues.  So I thought it would make sense to repeat what I’ve always done.  Seemed rather logical to me and everything on Google agreed.

Once again, I was proud of the ease of which I navigated Windows 10 (remember; I am no techie).  I went with the recommended setting of an earlier date.  “Yep”, I thought. “I should have this puppy running smoothly once again”.

NOT! …. that’s when I was greeted with the dreaded blue screen of death and this lovely message  ……
😦         inaccessible_boot_device          Error Code 0x0000225

Oh my fricken gosh …. I broke my new computer.  After  several hours of Googling, tapping away at F8 then F11, and doing a System Extensive Test, I resorted to an online chat with a HP tech in India.  He determined that I had a corrupt recovery drive and would need to fix it by purchasing a Recovery Drive from HP and initiate a system recovery from the recovery media ….. say what?

ostrichHe sent me this link to help me – HP support
I ended the chat with, “Thank you for your time. I should’ve listened to my daughter and bought a Mac”. His response, “I can tell you are not happy. I will forward your information onto a case manager”.

We ended the chat and I clicked on the link he sent me to see if it might enlighten me further.  Seriously?  The guy sends me a Windows 7 link to help me with my 2 week old laptop computer installed with Windows 10?  To say I was upset would be an understatement.

Ma’am, please step away from the computer, and no one will get hurt!

The next day, I grabbed my camera, a map, and hopped in my little red truck for a little valley of the sun (aka Phoenix, Arizona) exploration.  I needed to leave the techie computer stuff alone.  Turned out to be the perfect way for me to rejuvenate from my very upsetting computer saga.  That day deserves its own post  🙂

I had already decided to return the computer but wanted to wipe out all my documents and photos first.  So first thing the next day, I was on the phone with a HP case manager.  He gave me two options:  A – they would send me recovery media free of charge and he would walk me through the fix or B – since the computer was only a couple of weeks old and Costco has a good return policy, I could return it.ostrich

He assured me there was nothing recoverable on the laptop, thus no need to wipe it.  I could feel comfortable returning it, which is what I did the moment I hung up with the manager.  Two days later, the HP case manager called me to follow-up and make sure I didn’t have any problem returning the computer and to see if he could be of any further assistance.

Botanical Garden Two thumbs up to HP and case manager, Joe.  That said, should I buy another HP?  I don’t know.  I’m feeling a little conflicted at the moment.  In the meantime, my son gave me his old HP Pavilion that he wasn’t using anymore, thus providing me with at least some sort of connectivity.

BUT … this laptop is testing my patience.  Let me walk you through my morning ….

First thing in the morning, Al and I turn on our laptops and Verizon router.  Once up and running, we click on the internet on our individual laptops.  While Al starts perusing the latest news, I go wash my face while my laptop loads.  It’s a 50/50 crap shoot upon my return whether the internet is up or I get ‘page not found’ and need to start over 😦

Once I do have the internet, it’s time to check Facebook.  After logging in, I make breakfast while it loads.  I eat breakfast as the circle continues to go round and round and finally loads once I’m done eating.  I read Facebook but half the time can’t comment.  At least the ‘like’ button works.  Then it’s time to check our personal email account.  While I wait for that page to load, I do the dishes, once loaded, I read those screen

Well, that just took up my first hour of the day and I haven’t even started perusing the blogosphere.  I can usually do a load of laundry while I wait for a blog to load.  Ok, maybe, just maybe, I’m exaggerating a little…. but just a little.  During the past week, more than half the comments I’ve typed out on your wonderful blogs could not be posted…. grrrrr!  Once again, at least the ‘like’ button seems to work.   The computer occasionally freezes up and routinely boots me off the internet.  This is a slow, tired, and old computer but it’ll have to do until I make up my mind about a new laptop.  I’ve even thought about living with this one until the fall…. egads!

hummingbirdIf I’m a little quiet for a while, you now know why.  I do have some fun things to share with you though …… eventually.  The more time I spend in Phoenix, the more I like it here.  I’m never at a loss of things to do and see, and of course, I love having my children nearby.

The rest of the month, Al and I will be finishing up dental work, physicals, and preparing for our journey north toward the end of April.

We’ll be spending the summer in Idaho helping out friends at their RV Park just three hours away from the Tetons and Yellowstone.  Should be an interesting summer for us filled with lots of new sights and experiences.   And I look forward to sharing it all, providing my patience holds out!

Moon Yellowstone & Grand Teton (Moon Handbooks)Lord, Give Me Coffee to change the things I can, and Wine to accept the things I cannot 5″ x 10″ wood sign plaque


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  1. I know I shouldn’t laugh… but that was hysterically funny! Not funny in a haha way, it is really funny because we’ve all been there and it is not fun. It’s just funnier when it isn’t us! (I know, that’s not very nice- but you did such a great job of making it an interesting story)! I hope you enjoy Yellowstone and the Tetons. We were there last summer for the first time and it was really terrific. I love love love the Tetons! They were so beautiful and really called to me. Touched my soul I suppose you could say. Will be a great place for you to take some more marvelous pictures. Again, thanks for the daily chuckle.

    • Well, if I don’t find the humor in my computer saga I may actually cry. It is so frustrating. I’ve wanted to visit the Tetons for a very long time and it’ll take priority over Yellowstone. I’ll be sure and keep my camera batteries charged as I’m sure that shutter will be clicking plenty. Glad I could offer a chuckle 🙂

  2. Computers and Problems? Never heard this complaint before! 😀 .
    They can take a perfectly sane individual and create instant madness. When they work properly, however, they become a great tool of great assistance.
    I’m glad you had a good customer support experience at the very least.

  3. I totally agree with your daughter, buy a Mac. I have a MacBook Pro that I’ve had for a number of years and absolutely love it…my husband has an iPad and a desktop Mac. We’ve never had a single minute of trouble from any of them. We were out to dinner last night with friends. Part of the evening discussions were why our friend refuses to buy a Mac as he has so many problems with Windows, just don’t understand why he stays with a system that gives him so much grief. Love your photos, by the way, they are great.

    • I’m still considering a Mac but the price is a little hard for me to justify. I think if I made money with the computer (i.e. job etc) the decision would be easy, but all I do is play and I can purchase three PC’s for the price of one MacBook (I need that 15″ monitor). Ah, decisions! At least I’m having fun with my camera. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

        • Thank you. I used to visit Florida regularly (Gulf side) and FL is vastly different than Arizona. My home on wheels allows me to split my time between these two diverse lands …. although lately our Gulf Coast excursions haven’t taken us east of Texas. Hmm, we’ll need to remedy that 🙂

  4. I feel your pain. For 18 months my Dell has been flawless but just a few weeks ago I started getting strange error codes…David couldn’t figure it out so ended up making sure everything was backed up then resetting it to factory settings. After a few crazy days of getting all of my programs and files back on it’s been doing well. Hope it stays that way. Can’t wait to hear about your ID workamping gig.

    • Sorry to hear about your computer, and glad all is well. After Al reset his computer, it’s now running better than ever. Resetting didn’t help my old laptop and the old one I’m using now I don’t want to reset because I’ll loose Picasa and Lightroom. I can only download Lightroom one more time before I’ll need to repurchase it and Picasa is history and no longer downloadable …. grrr. Looks like we’ll be heading up to Idaho sooner than expected and embracing the fickle spring weather found at 5,500 feet 😉

  5. Computers. When they are good, they are very, very good and when they are bad, they are awful. Nevertheless, your ostrich and hummingbird shots are wonderful. Summer in Idaho sounds lovely. We loved it there, particularly Redfish Lake. Enjoy.

    • Thank you. This will be our first visit to Idaho in the RV and our first time workamping. Should be an interesting summer filled with firsts 🙂

  6. I feel your pain, literally, your words are near verbatim ones that I have felt in the past. I am glad to hear the update on your bad experience with Windows 10…or is it HP? I still have not gotten my new one yer…still eeking the life out of the old one and backing up religiously just in case it decides…today is the day.

    I have one temporary suggestion. I call it temporary because I use it temporarily in case of computer malfunction with the main computer. I use a Chromebook as a back up computer. It does not have the memory of a regular one, thus it’s temporary status, but when my regular one becomes problematic as it is occasioned to do. I just whip out the chrome book and I can still search the internet, post on blogs and Facebook and do normal routine functions. I can even write a blog post if I use a thumb drive for loading images. I usually don’t do any games on it because I don’t have a mouse connected to it and I can’t do games on a mouse pad. But, this Chromebook saves me from pulling out my hair from computer withdrawl when my addiction has been suddenly cut off by some persnickety computer problem.

    • I do have an iPad to search the internet in a pinch but I predominantly use it as a Kindle. I was using this old laptop from my son as my backup and now it has become my everyday. With that said, this old one may crap out soon also thus I’m backing things up to TWO externals…. backing up, the backup 😆

  7. Oh so sorry you’re having those dreadful issues. I got my new HP (Windows 10) literally days before my mom got sick and passed away a month later. During that time, I also had some issues with mine and just had to use my old laptop until life settled down and afforded me some time to mess with it all. I ended up restoring mine with the disks that I had downloaded when I got the computer, thank goodness, and it has been fine ever since. Honestly, I think I got a virus or something from a website that I clicked by mistake early on and don’t really think it was related to the computer. I also bought mine at Costco, and they do have an excellent return/exchange policy. I thought about doing that but glad the restore worked out ok. Interested to hear what you decide to do, too.

    • Seems I’m not alone in my computer woes. I don’t remember this much displeasure years ago. Maybe it was there and I just wasn’t effected, but lately, it seems as though everyone I talk to has had a computer problem in the last year or two. I think I have a new laptop narrowed down but will wait until fall when we’re back in Phx before pulling the trigger.

  8. As someone who has just been forced into updating to a new operating system, I have a lot of sympathy for you as you languish with your computer problems. 😦 I hope it all gets sorted out soon.

    • Thanks. It’s been a perplexing event having me walk away from making any decision right now. I’ll continue to shop and ponder!

  9. A computer not working is like turning the key in your vehicle and not hearing a sound. Computers are expensive and you expect them to work when turned on. And, when paying for internet service you expect speed. That being said, we use Macs and love the Genius bar and the ability to talk to a human being when service is needed. The extra money is worth is to us. Good luck with your computer search because the reality is computers are part of our daily life and not an option any more.

    • It is amazing how much I now depend on my computer and connectivity especially living a mobile lifestyle. I’m not sure if it’s made life any easier, just different. My search continues 😦

  10. Sorry you’ve been in tech limbo! I installed Windows 10 on my 5 year old HP recently and lost use of MS Office programs, and had internet connection problems. So I reverted to Windows 7, then kept getting automatically scheduled to upload 10 again. It kept me in that loop for several days until I figured out how to uninstall completely. What a pain in the arse! Good luck with your next purchase.

    • I’ve heard way too many similar stories that hubby and I have decided not to download Windows 10 on the old laptops. I’ve narrowed down my search on new laptops but will most likely wait until the fall to pull the trigger. I want to make sure I’m near a big city just in case of another fail.

  11. GREAT SHOTS! Good Luck with your computer woes!
    I am sending some pictures off to you today. I finally uploaded. And I like your new profile shots! 😉

  12. That ostrich face says it all, “call the Geeks!” 🙂 Nothing more frustrating…been there, done that. And sounds like ideal gig, someone you know owns the park? Landed at our spot today….omg, going to get 10 times better than the private resort last year, just lacking a handful of grandkids! Can’t wait to get settled in and go exploring! I vote HP…been good for us. Good luck!!!

    • I am sooo excited for you C and wish you a wonderful summer. Yes, we know the owners and hopefully all will work out for us. We are a tad apprehensive, but I think that’s because we’ve heard so many horror stories. I think Mac is out and it’s a toss up between HP and Dell but I’ll wait until we’re back in Phoenix in the fall before buying. Who knows, I may change my mind again by then 😆

  13. Wonderful shots, Ingrid. Love the funny ostrich face and the gorgeous hummingbird. I’m a very happy Mac user and wouldn’t change for the world. I really feel for you with that horrid blue screen. How frustrating!

  14. I was so envious of you after your last post, as I absolutely HATE Windows 10 and my new computer. Now I don’t feel so bad.

    You grab your camera, I go for a bike ride. Therapy comes in all kinds of packages!

    • I was getting the hang of Windows 10 before the computer crashed. It does take getting used to though.
      It is nice to have some sort of therapy to offset those frustrations 🙂

  15. Hi Ingrid,

    You have a ton of replies, and I confess that I didn’t read each one through. I hate to give even more advice, but if you can stand it, here goes. I’ve had Dell computers and HP. Both have given me great experiences, aside from the few times I wanted to throw them against the wall! Every computer company produces a bad computer now and again. I have two friends who switched to Mac and they have been so frustrated. All of my other Mac friends are happy as clams and never stop proselytizing about how wonderful they are. From what I understand, it might be easier if you had started with a Mac rather than having to experience the learning curve of switching systems. I also have a friend who has had to have her Lenovo almost totally rebuilt because of I initial problems. Now she loves it. It appears that you got the luck of the draw on this one and got one that came off the line with a bad component. No matter what computer one gets, if you get a dud, you will spend hours/days with tech support. Hopefully when it is fixed, it will be fine. If it were me, I’d give it another chance. If you switch to a Mac and end up wanting or needing to use your husband’s or son’s, you will have forgotten Windows and will be tearing out your beautiful hair! If you end up with more trouble with your current HP, then it back to Costco and get a brand new one, or a different model. Yes you will have to start over in terms of reconfiguring, but that is less time than starting from scratch learning an entirely new operating system. Nothing against a Mac–just would be a challenging transition. Some love that challenge. It seems like you would rather spend your time out hiking and taking photos. Only you can decide. I really feel for you. Hang in there! Rhonda

    • Hi Rhonda, I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how your travels are going. You bring up some very valid points. I did return the HP but was very pleased with the HP support thus may get another one. For now, I think I’ll focus on our summer travels and worry about the computer next season when we’re back in Phoenix. If you’ll be passing through Phx again, be sure and let me know and we’ll do lunch again or go out shooting with the cameras … or better yet, both 😉

  16. I recognize that next to last shot (been there) and the hummer shot is great! Yeah, blue screen of death or black screen of Gotcha! I feel your pain and urge to go all Hulk on things. Good luck with getting back up and running.

    • Yes, anyone who has ever been to the Phoenix Botanical Garden is sure to recognize that beehive rock-hill. The cacti are blooming and I’m hoping to revisit it again soon, but time seems to be getting away from me!

  17. I hate computer issues and fortunately have a good friend and a daughter who can take care of most things for me. Sounds like you have a good summer planned.

    • I usually run to my daughter for tech help, but this situation was beyond help 😦 I’m hoping it’ll be a fun summer. I do have slight concerns, but hopefully unfounded.

  18. I got tired of the PC frustrations in October 2010 … went to an iMac. It has given me 5.5 years of trouble free computer experience. 🙂

    • I keep hearing similar stories which is why I’ve been considering a Mac. I’m having trouble with the price tag though. I think if I could get over the 2k sticker shock, I might pull the trigger, but then again, I could buy 3 to 4 PC’s for that price. Perplexed!

      • I didn’t even spend close to that amount last June when I bought my 13″ MacBook Air. My iMac didn’t cost much more than the new laptop. I paid around $1,100 each 4 years apart.

          • Yes, that 2″ difference in the monitor shoves you into the higher price range. I had forgot all about that when I replied.

            I spent months trying to decide between a 21.5″ and a 27″ iMac. I still like having a desktop computer while living in a house. But … I bought the smaller iMac never forgetting that HUGE 27″ monitor … 6 months later I spend even more to buy the 27″ monitor. I use that as my main and the iMac as a 2nd monitor. I use two monitors more than I ever thought I would.

            I understand your indecision about moving to Apple.

  19. Anyone who has experienced that dreaded blue screen, shares your pain, Igrid. I am very grouchy when something isn’t right with my laptop. That said, your flower and hummer photos are just beautiful. Nothing wrong with your eye and camera skills!! Patience…

    • Thank you for the compliment on my photographs. I’m luck that there’s so much to see, do, and photograph around Phoenix. I too get very grouchy when the computer won’t cooperate. How’s that new home working out for you? I continue my search for a home base… one day, I’ll find it 🙂

      • Our new place is really good. We decided to wait till spring to list our old place, as we could get 10-15% more by waiting. We had five offers in 48 hours! We were supposed to close April 1 but the new owners lender is disorganized and slow getting all the paperwork together. We need to be at the closing in Georgia so we are hanging tight and enjoying the new place. One of these days , the sale will go through and we can hop in our RV and take off.

  20. We have to Toshiba Satellite’s, this is the second time I have had a Satellite, this one has windows ten and I am very happy with it so far and it has been a couple of years now if that help any. I upgrade these two from windows 8 to 8.1 to 10 and it has been hassle free, maybe I w
    as just lucky.

    • Good to hear. I was looking at the Satellite yesterday. I like that the 15″ keyboard doesn’t have the ten key off to the right (I rarely use numbers). So that Toshiba is a huge consideration. I think I’ll go take another look at it this afternoon. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  21. Computers are wonderful tools when they work:) But, boy, they are a nightmare when they don’t work. You certainly are patience:) Hope all works out for you…real soon!!!

  22. Oh my goodness Ingrid I would be fit to be tied. I know when we travel I don’t even try to comment on other’s blogs. It just takes forever on questionable internet. No worries here. Deep breathing and best wishes for smoother access.

  23. How frustrating!. I replaced my old laptop with a Lenovo Yoga 3 with Windows 10 about a year ago, and have not had a single problem, fortunately. I keep my old Sony with Windows 7 as an emergency back-up. Though It is old, and slow and underpowered, I’m pretty sure it would do the job if I really needed it!

    • It is nice to have a backup computer and I’m thrilled my son gave me this one. We’ll be keeping it in the event we run into another problem. Hopefully it’ll get me through the summer until I can figure out exactly what direction to go.

  24. Oh Crap! Sounds like a nightmare to me..Hope you get it resolved..As for being near the Tetons and Yellowstone..what a wonderful place to be..Yellowstone is like being in Hell and in a volcano caldera…which you are…The Tetons are beautiful..We envy you those beautiful places..We are now home..and responsibilities await…and Dr appt.s…..Reality bites.

    • Hope you get some answers with your medical saga. I know how frustrating that can be. Al and I will be exploring new territory this summer and looking forward to it. With two happy kids that are doing well, I feel a weight lifted and a freedom to roam 🙂

  25. Ingrid,

    Some great photos between your tale of laptop woes.

    I recently purchased a new ASUS 15.6″ gaming laptop, which includes a fairly new video card to assist with working on large photographs. This is my 2nd one, having given the old one to our daughter. Check out

    I also prefer external storage rather uploading to a server. I have a large mirrored drive and multiple small 1 or 2 TB drives.

    Good luck getting your laptop issues resolved.

    • Thank you Andy and I will definitely check out Tiger Direct. I have 3 externals (one that’s filled with photos) and I’ll be purchasing another soon. During this whole computer saga, I lost photos and favorites. Lesson learned. Enjoy your summer travels.

  26. OMG, I can totally relate. I have a new Lenovo ThinkPad with Win 7 (I reverted out of frustration) and guess what? I got a bluescreen and core dump twice today while trying to blog about our RV travels. That laptop was a replacement for my less-than-one-year-old HP laptop (Win 8), which ALSO WAS CRASHING AND GIVING ME A BLUE SCREEN. We’re in Tucson now.

    It could be that two of my laptops in a row were defective. But it seems to happen when I’m trying to upload pictures and edit data-intensive blog posts with slow data connections — and when it’s warm inside the RV. It’s like it just starts running slowly and never connecting, clicks don’t respond, etc., until it finally core dumps.

    We use a Verizon hot spot, or an RV park’s WiFi. But Mitch will be sittting next to me using the same connection on his Win7 laptop with no problems. Do you think it could be related to trying to do a lot with crappy inexpensive laptops and lousy data connections?

    • Thank you for commenting and sharing your computer pain. Seems we’re not alone. The more reviews I read, the more similar stories I come across. I was wondering if it was Windows 10 related but then that wouldn’t apply to you. Heat? WiFi? hard to say, but Al doesn’t seem to have the same problems. Then again, he never uploads photos or blogs. Grrr! Frustrating, isn’t it!
      Tucson? Hopefully you visited the Sonoran Desert Museum and saw the “Raptors in Flight” program and Hummingbird Avery.
      Hope you have better luck with your computer issues. Keep me posted.

  27. Holy Toledo! What a nightmare!! I am on Windows 7 and a Dell laptop. I don’t want to download Windows 10 because I’ve heard of so many nightmares. I wish you the best! BTW, your photos are absolutely amazing, Ingrid!

    P.S. We sold our home last Thursday!! Egads, we’re full-time RV gypsies now! 🙂 It’ll be six weeks or so before we head West, need to stay local to help the kids with new home purchases, and love on my grandsons a little while longer!

    • Glad you enjoyed the photos. Welcome to the club. I was wondering if you closed but didn’t want to ask on your blog not knowing how much you wanted to share.
      I’ve so enjoyed having both my children in Phx that I’m in no hurry to leave…. although the heat will push us on 🙂 Enjoy those grandkids.

  28. What a nightmare!! Your comment to the tech was great — “I should have listened to my daughter and bought a Mac.” Eric and I have been Mac users for years and have always been pleased — we currently each have a MacBook Pro. Easy to use, and never any problems. Hope you get it all sorted out soon. Meanwhile, sounds like you have fabulous summer plans ahead!

    • It’s been a frustrating situation but I’ll get it figured out eventually. If money were no object I’d get the Mac but I’m having trouble justifying the 2K price tag. The summer could be interesting. This’ll be our first time workamping…. fingers crossed it won’t be our last 😉

    • I hear Windows 8 is awful and 10 is better. One of my followers mentioned Windows 10 is like Windows 7 but on steroids. I was actually getting used to it before the computer crashed. I might look at the Dell’s again.

  29. I was wondering when we hadn’t seen any posts from you….we’ve been in your shoes. My bro in law tried to get us into a Mac for 15 years. So after we burned thru 3 Windows computers, I finally got a Mac Book Pro-mainly for photos. I will say I love the Apple support. I did spend an addiction $99 for a year worth of one on one training and more. Downside-Apple stores are only in certain cities, so as we traveled it was hard to go in person. But I had great viral support. Bottom line, while I’m pleased, I can’t figure out a few things, like how to add arrows to point things out! I’m still learning and my Mac is 3 years old. Since I’ve had an iPhone, that helps. So after a year and a half and 5000 photos, all organized, Mac changed how you manage your photos! Ugh! And when I call for help, very few of their techs can help me. So now I have about 3000 photos with little order….
    My poor daughter wants one in the worst way. She hasn’t wanted a refurbished one, but I’d recommend it since they can’t fork out the $$$. She and her hubby are iPhone and iPad users. But they need a computer for all their photos. Someone needs to invent a way to store and manage photos!

    • Lightroom is great for photo organization. I’ve been forced to finally embrace LR since Picasa can’t be downloaded any more 😦 That’s just one more learning curve for me. I feel like it’s hitting me from all sides right now. I too am considering a refurbished Mac since the cost of a new one is hard for me to justify. Since we spend a great deal of time in Phx, there’s at least 2 Apple stores and the day I visited one, they were holding a class. Huge plus. I think I’ll hold off getting anything until we return to the valley since we’ll be hitting the road soon and spending the summer in Timbuktu. Thus won’t have any support for several months. Hopefully this old computer will hold up and get me through the summer.

      • We bought new because it was all about the pictures, but to me the price can’t be justified as I’ve had such a let down. Before Mac, I also used Picasa. Mac doesn’t like editing suites….but now I’ve checked and that can be downloaded. Here’s the other problem. With Picasa, easy to “name” your pictures, right? Not so easy on Mac. You have to manually go to info on each on. For example, as I would download 40 pics from a specific hike, I’d name the pics, MarysRock, and then it would add 01, 02, 03, etc. Not on a Mac. Just another idiosyncrasy. Hubby can’t use Mac so he’s still nursing a Windows 7 PC. He was hoping you found a solution for him! He had been scanning all of our old, pre-digital pictures from our photo albums. That project is now on hold! He also batch named them, buy the year taken. We have about 30 years of photos AND he was going his parents pics from the 1920s forward!

        • Almost everyone I know that uses a Mac uses Lightroom for photographs. It’s for professionals and amateurs alike. The downside; it needs to be purchased specifically for your computer, thus can’t be downloaded on a Mac and a PC…. one or the other. It’s the best platform out there for organizing photos. Good luck with all those photographs. The mere thought is overwhelming!

  30. Ingrid, love the hummingbird, sorry about your computer. technology is frustrating at times. I upgraded a year ago to a Windows 10 PC from (Win 7) and had a panic this fall when my computer was moving very slowly – like mud – it was unresponsive and sluggish, I tried restarting it, but it didn’t respond – quickly enough so I pressed the off button until it turned off. When I restarted it…… it gave me the screen of death, much like yours. I tried several times to restart, bit nothing. I ended up going to a help site on my ipad and after two harrowing hours I got the computer back. Fortunately, I didn’t lose anything beyond time, but I don’t have that to throw away either. Now I restart the computer at least once or twice a week to make sure I have Windows updated. I have heard that Windows 10 is the last of the line for Microsoft operating systems. Technology is moving quickly and as soon as I get comfortable with a laptop it is obsolete – next year our school district is issuing Chrome books to all middle school students and I’ll be using a Windows based laptop as my platform. Like I said at the beginning, I love the hummingbird photo, technology is frustrating, no doubt.

    Stay well and enjoy your trip north. I just returned from Spring Break in south Florida and wondered if you and Al had ever thought about the Florida Keys for a winter adventure? Take care.

    • I got lucky with the hummingbird photo. It was taken with my point n shoot and I couldn’t really see the screen due to the sun. I just kept snapping away. Most turned out blurry 😦
      It’s taken me awhile, but I’m not as intimidated by the computer and Windows change as I once was but that doesn’t mean I embrace all the changes 😉
      We used to visit FL a lot during our airline days and thus don’t feel a strong pull to visit with the RV but ya never know 😉 Glad you were able to get away for spring break.

  31. I feel the pain for you since I went through some problems with my Lenovo computer last November. Hope it goes well… Beautiful photos, Ingrid. 🙂

    • Thank you Amy. I’ve actually been looking at a Lenovo. It seems no matter what computer I research, there’s a ton of bad reviews. My search continues 😦

  32. Yikes, that sounds horrible! There are few things more frustrating than a device that is not working like it should. Especially when it is something you cannot fix yourself. We really like our Dell. Even after it fell off the roof of the car at 30mph it still works!

    • Wow… that’s impressive. I was ready to pull the trigger on a Dell, but the layout when pulling up emails confused me. I might need to look at it again.

  33. My wife and daughter just said “What a cute ostrich!” You have lots of nice photos despite your computer issues. I always find it interesting how Windows users tend shutdown their computers when they are done with them. I have not shut down any of my Macs or Linux computers in years. I restart them now and then and after major updates, but just turning them off for the night? I never do that.

    I got a more recent used Macbook Pro at the end of December, in good shape, for a fraction of the cost of a new one. I made sure the processors and video were the same as the new models (Quad Core i7 with 1.5 Gig video) and that it was in Apple’s 5 year support timeframe — a 2011 model. When I got it I upgraded the RAM to 16 GB, and put a 1TB fusion drive in it. then a few weeks after I got it the video started acting up. I took it to the Apple Store, and tests showed the video card had gone out. Apple has a program that any Apple laptop that is 5 years old or less that does not have AppleCare can be completely rebuilt for a flat fee of $310. Even at that the total price of the computer would still have been very reasonable; however, when the tech checked on the problem, she discovered it was a known issue, so Apple repaired it at no charge, replacing the logic board and video. A couple of months after I got it repaired three keys stopped working on my keyboard. I took in again, and since it was still under the 90 day warranty from the previous repair they repaired it again. This time they replaced the case with the keyboard and put another new logic board in it. So now I have a brand new, used computer. But if it wasn’t for the accelerated OS updates causing issues with my 2009 Macbook Pro, I would have used the 2009 Macbook pro for at least another three years or longer.

    We used to get long, long life out of Apple hardware, but with the accelerated OS updates to keep up with the rapidly changing handheld devices, hardware is becoming obsolete at an accelerated rate, as well. It’s really causing problems at the office, because we suddenly have a lot of 5 to 8 year old hardware that is having issues with the most recent OS, so I have people on different levels of OS’s, but the new cloud file formats are not compatible with the old standard licensed formats. Whereas we used to get up to 10 or 12 years out of hardware, we are only getting 3 to 5 years. I think that is an issue for Windows hardware as well.

    With all that said. I think you would like Apple if you are ready to make the switch, but you have to be careful about what you buy. The new Macbooks are thin and light, but they are made to operate exclusively in the cloud. You have to get a Macbook Pro if you want good photo editing, but they come at a high price. So you my do best getting another HP or Dell.

    • I was considering a used MacBook Pro and was doing research on the subject especially because of the warranty. Interesting info you’ve shared here. Some of which is definitely above my pay grade 😉 I’m still NOT a big user of the cloud opting to keep my stuff on externals. I’m usually behind the times and will probably change in a few years and join the ranks of cloud users. Thus, the Macs aren’t exciting me right now. I am considering a Lenovo but then again I was happy with HP support (second contact). Ah… I’m so confused LOL.

      • I would go with another HP or Dell over Lenovo. If you are using Windows 10, you might be forced onto the cloud sooner than you would like. I fight the cloud as much as possible, but it’s a losing battle as almost all software makers are going to subscription services. I have terabytes of empty storage in the cloud from the subscriptions I have now, because I refuse to use it. iCloud is the exception because to sync my phone apps with my Macbook Pro and Mac Pro desktop I have to use iCloud as the common point for syncing contacts, calendars, notes, stickies, maps, etc.

        • Thanks for the advice. I thought Lenovo was better than HP but after reading a bunch of reviews and your comment, it has me questioning.
          Technology changes so rapidly I know I’ll be forced into the cloud.

          • I have HP and Dell Servers that have been running on Linux since 2004 and they are still going strong, and I never had a problem other than replacing a drive or two. We’ve had Dell, HP and IBM laptops in the office, and the only laptop still going, and in use, is an HP from 2008. We call it the Brick. Otherwise, we run Windows in virtual environments on our Macs now.

            BTW I was going to buy a “cheap” PC for the office to run one of our GIS apps on because it has trouble in the virtual environment. “Cheap” PCs are cheap and useless for real work I discovered. By the time I got all makes and models up to the specs of a low-end Mac Mini (minimum requirements for the GIS software), they were the price of a top-end Mac Mini. So I’m just going to get another Mac Mini and set it up as dual boot instead of running Windows in a virtual machine inside the Mac OS.

            • I was looking at the cheap PC’s thinking I’d get one to hold me over for the next year, but realized, I’d just be wasting money. For starters is the poor screen resolution ……

  34. I especially love the hummingbird and the ostrich face. Your travel plans sound great! We all get so frustrated by computer problems. On a personal note, I am very happy with my Microsoft Surface Pro. It is small, light, and perfect for traveling. I use it with a docking station. Good luck!

  35. Where in Idaho will you be? We will be in that area again this summer.
    Our last 4 laptops have been Toshiba. I love them, never had a problem. I got a nice one last year with a ton of memory and a graphics card to make working with my photos easier. Best investment.

    • I was planning on emailing you later in the month for a little info as well as letting you know where we’ll be – in Arco at the Mountainview RV Park near Craters of the Moon NM. We do hope to visit the Tetons a time or two and venture into Yellowstone a bit also. I look forward to touching base.

  36. Your photos are amazing & my husband is having the same problem with his brand new HP from Costco…I am a Mac person so I vote go Mac:-)

    Where are you staying in Phoenix- we have some great volunteer friends looking for a nice place to land in Phoenix for awhile?

    Keep breathing,

    • Thank you. I wonder if Costco was shipped a bad batch of PC’s to liquidate. We’ve been staying at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility (northwest part of the valley)but isn’t open to the public. It’s for shooters only and my husband actually works corporate shoots. It’s not my ideal place to stay. I like Cave Creek Regional Park, Lake Pleasant or Lost Dutchman SP but those places don’t offer a monthly rate and book up especially on weekends. Best of luck to your friends. They can always email me if I can offer any additional information.

  37. Oh my goodness, Ingrid — I will not be surprised if we never hear from you again. A supreme tech hassle, not the way it should be when you buy a brand new computer. My best wishes to you for a smoother week. I loved the photos accompanying your story.

    • Ah, I don’t think you guys can get rid of me that easily LOL, but it is extremely frustrating to be booted off the internet in the middle of typing. With my bad mood, I’m surprised I managed to even pick up my camera, but glad I did 🙂

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