A Tea Party

tea partyAnyone who’s fortunate to have a daughter has most likely engaged in a tea party or two.  I used to love sitting at my daughter’s Little Tykes table on a plastic molded chair made for a three-year old.

My daughter would pretend to make tea and cookies in her make-believe kitchen.  Then we’d sit at her child height table sipping pretend hot tea and eating treats.

Quite often a doll or favorite stuffed animal would join in on the tea party and be served as well.Tea PartyMy daughter, Ashton, may be all grown up now, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t enjoy a tea party, but instead of pretending, we like the real deal.  Oh my yes!  Bring on tea partythe tea and crumpets.

During one of my outings with blogging, RVing friend Faye, we stumbled upon the cutest place in the town of Carefree, Arizona, just north of Scottsdale.  Faye and I had just completed a two-hour hike and were looking for a place to have lunch.

Obviously,  we were dressed in hiking attire which seemed a tad inappropriate for lunch with the Queen.  Thus, we vowed to return another day … dressed appropriately tea with the queenand with our daughters in tow.

Two weeks later on a Saturday, Faye, Ashton, Laura, and myself arrived at the bustling English Rose Tea Room.  Fortunately, I had made a reservation at this popular and charming place.

While we waited for our table to be set, Ashton poses with the Queen.  We also perused the shelves filled with china, trinkets, and tea available for sale.

We had a fabulous time at the English Rose Tea Room and the girl’s hit it off famously.  Turns out, my daughter and Faye’s daughter-in-law have a ton in common.  The conversation flowed freely when our mouths weren’t stuffed with delectable scones  topped with Devon Cream and homemade jam.

tea party

Laura and Ashton enjoying a tea party with their mom’s

By the end of our luncheon, the girl’s were friending each other on Facebook and there was talk about setting up another tea party before our RVing ventures have Faye and me hitting the road in a northerly direction.tea with the queen

tea with the queen

me and Faye

This was such a fun girl’s outing at a very unique and charming restaurant.  Although we did see a few men joining their wives for a tea party, this is definitely a girly thing kind of place.

Faye and I just can’t envision those finger sandwiches being a satisfying thrill for Dave or Al.  Although I should mention, the English Rose Tea Room does serve large sandwiches and salads.  For us girls, it was all about tea and crumpets.

After lunch and after Ashton and Laura made a few tea purchases (who knew they were tea connoisseurs), the four of us strolled around the Carefree center grounds.  The cactus garden display, water features, and sculptures are beautiful, and worth a walk around.carefree arizona

Carefree is also a popular place for hosting a variety of festivals.  Click here for more information on the town of Carefree, Arizona.Carefree Arizona

Ashton in front of the English Rose Tea Room

Ashton in front of the English Rose Tea Room

tea party
My daughter ended up buying one of these empress tea strainers along with some English loose tea.  She also collects decorative tea pots.  Who knew, all those tea party’s long ago would continue and trigger an interest in the world of tea.   I’m just thrilled my little girl still wants to have tea party’s with her mom 🙂
The Empress Tea StrainerGracie China Shabby Rose Porcelain 4-1/2-Cup Teapot, Shabby Rose Green


60 thoughts on “A Tea Party

    • Awe, aren’t you sweet and yes you are most definitely invited to a tea party. Just let me know when you’re in town. Ashton is doing quite well and I’m thrilled. Now whatever shall we do this summer? 😉

  1. What a wonderful afternoon:) I would love to have a tea party again with Jessica. I know we would both really enjoy visiting this shop. Maybe one day:) Thanks so much for letting us in to share these special moments:) Ashton looked so pretty:)

    • Thank you and I think the English Rose Tea Room is a ‘must’ for you to visit, considering you missed the Crested Saguaro during your time in Carefree. The tea room is just a stone throw (well maybe a little more) away from the crested beauty. I’m game anytime for another tea party 🙂

  2. A tea room fit for a queen…and you and your lovely daughter! This was a wonderful post from beginning to end. It’s nice to see friends and family (mothers and daughters) gather for the ritual of afternoon tea. It made me smile!

    • Stumbling upon this place was such a wonderful treat and sharing it with our daughter’s made for a memorable outing. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. I am having trouble figuring out if I am replying to another follower, or commenting to you..Maybe it’s my CRDT disease (can’t remember a darn thing)…I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful daughter you have inside and out…and Al may want to start cleaning his guns..but he probably aready has!! It’s good we don’t hook up often..I would be wanting you to bake me wonderful, evil treats!!

    • Awe, thank you Donna. We’re hoping someday Ashton finds a nice guy, but so far she says she doesn’t think she can find anyone like her daddy. She does have him wrap around her finger and he rarely says no to her. They have a wonderful relationship and they were just out shooting guns together yesterday. So not sure who a prospective suitor should be more afraid of LOL.
      I would be delighted to whip up some treats for you. I’ve been experimenting with recipes and adding alcohol to my cupcakes 🙂 With our socializing slowing down, the baking needs to stop. Although our neighbors aren’t complaining when I need to unload cupcakes for lack of frig room in my RV.

  4. Such a great name for a town – ‘Carefree’. Looks like a delightful tea shop and so nice to spend time with daughters…but I did feel for the poor person who would have to dust all those things😉

    • Oh dear… I never thought about the dusting especially here in the desert southwest where dust deposits itself quickly. Yes, that would be quite the chore and yes, it was a wonderful day with our daughters 🙂

  5. How fun to connect with another blogger and your daughters! The place looks scrumptious. Amazing how quickly they go from little girls to young women.

    • It seems like yesterday when she and I were having our pretend tea party’s, but seeing the beautiful young lady she’s turned into is extremely rewarding (as I’m sure you can relate to) 🙂

  6. Love the Tea Room! I have taken several friends there who come in for a visit. Quite a change from the Cowboy Saloons. Ha ha ha! Great post! I especially enjoy how most of the servers speak British.
    I am glad to see you back online. Using my new camera a lot. I really do enjoy it. Thank you for the you tube tutorials for it. I love the ease of it. Can fit in my travel purse easily.
    I am in Pennsylvania/Ohio as I type. My son bought a house and I helped with the move. When I get back would really love to have you over to see what I did with my “she spot.”
    Really happy to see your fabulous posts!

    • I’m actually taking a friend to the English Rose Tea Room today. We haven’t seen each other in twenty years! There does seem to be quite the contrast between the cowboy atmosphere that prevails in Cave Creek and Carefree and the refined elegance of the tea room. I love this kind of stuff.
      See you soon… I hope 🙂

  7. I never had an interest in tea parties but I did get interested in tea cups after taking one froma set that belonged to my great grandmother. It was her wedding set purchased in Bavaria circa 1990. My sister wanted the whole set and would actually use them, I just wanted one tea cup…and yes, I’d love to start a collection.

    • After my daughter spent a semester studying in Sydney Australia where her interest in tea was piqued, she starting collecting tea pots AND tea cups. She has a very cute collection and sounds like you have a special tea cup yourself…. a cup to be cherished 🙂

  8. Too cute! Having lived in England I have a special affinity for tea parties, and it’s a beautiful thing for all ages.

    • You would probably enjoy this place. It’s owned by a British woman with a great sense of humor and the tea and crumpets were tasty.

  9. I haven’t heard of finger sandwiches in a long time, my mom used to belong to a ladies club back in our little hometown of Eriksdale, Manitoba, Canada, their club would put on the lunches for all kinds of events in the community, they would always make those little sandwiches, I loved them then, and I miss them now, they were good.

    • One of the things I love about traveling is finding unique and charming places like the English Rose Tea Room and sharing these quaint discoveries is even better.

    • I was thinking of you as I was sharing with Faye all the festivals and art shows that take place in Carefree. Hoping to get back there before we start heading north.

  10. I love this. Emily (my daughter) and I had afternoon tea in Bermuda a couple of years ago. It was magical. I wrote about the experience here: http://lessonsfrommydaughter.me/2016/02/22/afternoon-tea-in-bermudas/
    This coming June, we will repeat the experience but this time at The Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia. http://www.fairmont.com/empress-victoria/dining/afternoontea/
    I am so looking forward to doing this again!
    I love afternoon tea for grown-ups!

    • Sounds like fun. I will definitely stop by and read your posts. My daughter and I have always loved traveling together…. something we haven’t done in years, but something we’re hoping to change next year.

  11. Ingrid,

    Brilliant post and as a life long tea jenny, I would have been one of the few guys. Your photographs confirm the authentic afternoon tea. Sandwiches with crusts removed, scones and china cups, all basic requirements of a good afternoon tea. Will need to note that establishment, if we ever get back to Arizona.

    Missing afternoon tea was one of our disappointments on our recent long weekend in Victoria, as our preferred location was closed on the Monday, which was our only available day.

    We always travel with a selection of teas (loose leaf & bags), tea pot and tea cosy. Neither of us drink coffee, so it isn’t something we carry.

    • I’m a huge coffee drinker and do enjoy tea AFTER my morning joe. My daughter’s interest in tea was piqued during her semester abroad in Sydney. She doesn’t drink coffee either and has started collecting tea pots and china cups for her love of tea.

  12. What a great time we had, so glad we took the daughters. Having only boys I’d never experienced the tea party ritual that young girls, love having a daughter in law who’s into doing things like this. Hope we can set up another one before we leave.

    • It was a memorable day and I’m so glad the girls hit it off. I’ll be in touch soon and we’ll try to set up a tentative date for the 16th.

    • Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone. One minute we were pretending to have tea and then we’re big girls sharing real tea.
      Love discovering nifty products. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Great timing Ingrid! I was just reading some of the blogs I follow & I thought to myself it was getting about time to hear from you again & there you were, popped right up in my email. The English Rose Tea Room sounds charming. Having 3 daughters myself, I remember those days of pretend tea parties. I still do enjoy dining at the occasional tea room especially since I am a tea drinker, never having acquired the taste for coffee.

    • I’m a huge coffee drinker and have never been much of a tea drinker until our daughter returned from a semester abroad. While in Sydney Australia she developed her love for tea and has shared her passion with me 🙂

  14. Two beautiful gals…that is for sure.
    Our girls were too interested in playing sports to want a tea party. But now that they are all grown up, I think they would love to have a tea party.

    • Ashton was my little live Barbie doll when she was young. Dresses, lace socks, the whole girly thing which I loved. She was into dance, karate, violin, and tennis and now she shoots clay targets with her dad. Definitely a diverse gal.

  15. Ms Ingrid you have a lovely daughter! And it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Our daughter was much too interested in the spiders, snakes, lizards and insects she was always playing with on our property to be interested in tea parties. She’ll still take playing with a spider over a cup of tea as an adult.

    • Thank you and yes we did have a wonderful time. My daughter is definitely not prissy but she is a spider screamer LOL. Thus, I won’t find her playing with insects thank goodness. I’ll stick with tea party’s!

  16. Ahhh while my daugher was the TomBoy…takes after her mother.. she did have the occasional tea party….usually with the cowboys 🙂 Love the story and totally appreciate the sentiment… Who knew our daughters would be our best friends someday

  17. What a great time that was! I’m sad to say my daughter never got into tea parties. 😔
    But we sure love our coffee time together now! Isn’t it great to see our kids from time to time as we travel?

    • Definitely agree…. it is wonderful to spend time with our grown children and enjoy coffee time OR tea time. The tea party was awesome and I look forward to more special events.

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