Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day … a day for love.  Love is in the air here along the Texas Gulf Coast and it hasn’t eluded me.  I have a new love in my life whom I find totally irresistible and adorable.  Oh, not to worry, I haven’t replaced Al …. yet 😆

First, I’ve been thoroughly entertained by observing the Great Blue Herons in the neighborhood.  They have been hard at work building their nests.

roosting grounds

I love watching this couple build their nest together.

Great Blue Heron

The male retrieves the building materials and together they build their nest

Great Blue Heron

Then the female works on fine tuning the nest – making it just right

And while it seems the Great Blue Herons have already partnered up, some of the other shore birds are still in the courting stage.

roseate spoonbill

There was a lot of vying for attention going on in this group


This cute Grebe couple appeared to be discussing lunch options


cormorants sitting in silence – awkward 😆


Coot, they are a hoot

shovel ducks

shovel ducks – out for an afternoon paddle together


skimmers taking a break – they’ve decided to see other birds

roseate spoonbill

roseate spoonbills having fun on the pier – first date, going well


singles club

AND now for the latest love in my life ……

brahma bull

kiss me now!

I am in love with this little brahma calf.  Isn’t he the cutest?  So adorable and irresistible. Think Al will notice the elephant brahma in the room.

brahma bull

let’s play!


We love our daily visits.  While his cousins play with each other (in the background), Bammi and I visit.


Can I come home with you?

This is one time, Al is grateful we don’t own acreage.  Unfortunately, I’ll be saying goodbye to Bammi the Brahma soon.  I have high hopes for this little stud muffin – a world where he never hears the word hamburger.


Don’t leave me … it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all!

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentines Day … a day filled with love and joy.  My romantic husband has already surprised me with my favorite chocolates, a single red rose, and will be taking me out to lunch – a lovely seafood lunch.  I’ll pass on the hamburger, thank you!

great blue heron

Watching and waiting for her man to return!

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  2. What a delightful post, Ingrid! I like all the love references for Valentine’s Day, and the little calf is adorable. But most especially, your bird photos are fantastic (as always) and the number of species here is astounding. Your years of enjoying Rockport and all the birds has convinced me to visit this area, thanks so much.

    • I do think you and Athena would enjoy the birding in this part of the country as do folks from around the world. It’s only a three hour drive south of San Antonio and could make for a wonderful vacation…. and perhaps even a book plot 😉

    • Thanks Ellen. The Texas Gulf Coast has become a second home to us…. or would that be third? Hmm, and where’s number one? LOL We do enjoy the area for a month or two.

    • Thanks Debbie. Hope things dry out for you soon so you can get back on the road. And if you can’t, maybe you’ll be around to enjoy some newborns 😉

  3. Only you can come up with such a great theme with appropriate and fantastic photos! I love those GBH building nests. I could tell you are having a great time with all those feathered friends giving you outstanding photos.

    • It has been an amazing time this year along the coast. One of the best, but I’m looking forward to returning to the desert. It’s a cool, windy day today so I’ll be working hard with that ‘delete’ button 😉

  4. Again…outstanding photos! The little brahma calf is adorable! Yes, love is in the air…happy Valentine’s Day.

  5. I LOVE that little bull! Reminds me of the movie City Slickers and the calf, Norman..I say that you find some acreage or a nice farmer to board him and save him from becoming dinner…Hey, maybe he could become a rodeo bull in the future!!! Love those Great Blues…amazing photos…

    • And I am soooo a City Slicker which is what’s extremely entertaining to Al. You should see me ride a horse – comical. Too bad you couldn’t make it to Texas this winter. The weather has been awesome (for the most part) and the birding has been equally awesome.

    • Thank you – that first photo is one of my favorites. It’s all about timing, and as many times as I’ve returned to the roosting site, I haven’t been able to capture anything close to that first shot. I have two more weeks to keep trying 😉

    • Thanks Larry – I’m still using the same bridge camera (well, actually I’m on my second one. I know how to wear out a camera lol) that I’ve used for the past 2+ years – Panasonic Lumix FZ200. It zooms from 28-600. With all the shooting I do, I’ve learned it’s capabilities and short comings. I recently started editing with Lightroom because I got a new computer and Picasa was no longer available.

    • Bammi is one cute ‘little’ guy that will grow up to be one heck of a big dude. His daddy is bigger than my Toyota truck 😲 I backed away from the fence quickly when daddy came over to check me out … huge!!!

  6. Such a sweet post. Happy Valentine’s Day. :-)) Your photos of the Great Blue Herons are especially wonderful. How close were you? And what lens were you using?

    • I am so excited to have stumbled upon the GBH roosting site. They seem like they are done building thus my timing was great. I got lucky once again. I still shoot with by Panasonic bridge camera exclusively. I was able to zoom in to the 35mm equivalence of 400mm in that top photo then cropped down somewhat. I do have to be careful cropping because the pixels blow out easily. One day I’ll get a camera with a larger sensor, but for now I love not having to change lenses.

    • Thanks Pam. Unfortunately, all cute babes grow up and I think Bammi will grow up and surpass the size of my Tacoma. His daddy is one huge guy, bigger than my little truck – scary dude that had me scurrying away from the fence and had Al chuckling 😄

  7. che cosa c’è di più bello ed elegante della danza-volo degli uccelli? e cosa di più deliziosamente buffo del muso di un piccolo vitello? la tua scelta dell’amore originale e simpatica
    mille grazie, lieta di averti conosciuta

    • Glad you enjoyed my attempt at humor today. I’m thrilled with some of the images I’ve managed to capture this season and the heron photo at the top of this post is one of my favorites.

    • It was fun going through all my photos and discovering the couple images I’d captured. Seemed fitting to share them on Valentine’s Day 😊

  8. Every time I see blue herons n trees, I think they look so out of place. They are so big and gangly, they belong on the ground or something. Lovely shots!!

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