Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day … a day for love.  Love is in the air here along the Texas Gulf Coast and it hasn’t eluded me.  I have a new love in my life whom I find totally irresistible and adorable.  Oh, not to worry, I haven’t replaced Al …. yet 😆

First, I’ve been thoroughly entertained by observing the Great Blue Herons in the neighborhood.  They have been hard at work building their nests.

roosting grounds
I love watching this couple build their nest together.
Great Blue Heron
The male retrieves the building materials and together they build their nest
Great Blue Heron
Then the female works on fine tuning the nest – making it just right

And while it seems the Great Blue Herons have already partnered up, some of the other shore birds are still in the courting stage.

roseate spoonbill
There was a lot of vying for attention going on in this group
This cute Grebe couple appeared to be discussing lunch options
cormorants sitting in silence – awkward 😆
Coot, they are a hoot
shovel ducks
shovel ducks – out for an afternoon paddle together
skimmers taking a break – they’ve decided to see other birds
roseate spoonbill
roseate spoonbills having fun on the pier – first date, going well
singles club

AND now for the latest love in my life ……

brahma bull
kiss me now!

I am in love with this little brahma calf.  Isn’t he the cutest?  So adorable and irresistible. Think Al will notice the elephant brahma in the room.

brahma bull
let’s play!
We love our daily visits.  While his cousins play with each other (in the background), Bammi and I visit.
Can I come home with you?

This is one time, Al is grateful we don’t own acreage.  Unfortunately, I’ll be saying goodbye to Bammi the Brahma soon.  I have high hopes for this little stud muffin – a world where he never hears the word hamburger.

Don’t leave me … it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all!

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentines Day … a day filled with love and joy.  My romantic husband has already surprised me with my favorite chocolates, a single red rose, and will be taking me out to lunch – a lovely seafood lunch.  I’ll pass on the hamburger, thank you!

great blue heron
Watching and waiting for her man to return!

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Ménage à Trois

It was a beautiful January day along the Texas Gulf Coast.  I was in the midst of a photo shoot with my model Rosie, a lovely Roseate Spoonbill.Roseate SpoonbillShe was quite the model.  Beautiful, talented, and very accommodating.birding along the Texas Gulf CoastShe tilted her head this wayTexas Gulf Coast birding trailAnd then that way.  One leg up.photographing birdsNow it was time for a break.  “Take five, Rosie”.  She heads off to the water for some refreshment.birding Port Aransas

This is Bill the spoonbill enjoying a morning snack

In the meantime, Mr. Spoonbill was minding his own business enjoying a mid morning snack when he just happened to glance up….. and there she was, in all her pink glory….. Rosie tilts her head in a coy demur manner all the while batting her eyes. wildlife photography“Like what you see, Big Boy?”  Bill’s mouth opens wide….”hubba, hubba”….. he drools. wildlife photographyThe vision of loveliness is irresistible.  He starts in her direction.photographing wildlifeHe quickens the pace. While approaching Rosie, he yells, “Hey babe, whatz happenin?”wildlife photography

Rosie is not impressed by his crude behavior and mutters, “I’m outta here” and quickly flies off.roseate spoonbillBill can’t figure out why she flew off and screams, “STEL…LAAAA”!birding in Port Aransasand goes for the chasePort Aransas TexasBut Bill, having a rather short attention span, was quickly distracted by the beautiful blue coloring of a Tri-colored Heron. wildlife photographyAs he lands near Hailey Heron, the tri-colored heron, Rosie is soon forgotten and a new quest ensues.birding in Port Aransas Texas“Hey, there Babe.  Is it true what they say….. once you go blue you never go back?”tri-colored heron“Say, What!”, says Hailey Heron in a frazzled tone.  Just then Bill has the best idea ever….. why pick between pink or blue? ….. Ménage à Trois!threesome

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Valentines Day with a happy ending Rockport Texas
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Dining – Western Style

Valentine’s Day; a time for flowers, chocolates, and dining out.  This seems like the perfect time to talk about a couple of eating establishments Al and I happen across during our travels.  Mind you, these are not your normal run of the mill type of places, but rather unique or shall I say uniquely western.

When Al and I started dating many, many years ago, we lived in the Chicago suburbs and loved going into the city.  Chicago’s Rush Street is a mecca of dining establishments and the food is amazing.  So we’d get all dressed up for an evening out.  I’d venture to say these evenings out were rather romantic.  Hubby did wine and dine me AND he still does…….BUT

I’d say my interests or what I find entertaining has changed somewhat over the years.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like to dress up and dine at a fine restaurant in a city, but been there, done that, bought the T-shirt so to speak.  I want different, unique, perhaps even a little crazy, and we found a couple of places that fit that description perfectly.

While boondocking in Quartzsite, we were introduced to The Desert Bar located just north of Parker, Arizona.  There were a few of us who caravaned to this unique and out-of-the-way establishment.  This was just one more time we appreciated driving a truck.The Desert Bar

The Desert Bar is located out in the boonies in the desert southwest.  Once we turn off Highway 95 we continue into the undeveloped desert on a dusty dirt road for about 5 miles.  Although driving a truck was a plus, I’d venture to say an ATV would be the perfect mode of transportation.

To view the photos in larger format, click on any photo.

This open air establishment is powered 100% on solar.  The live entertainment was excellent and the fresh grilled chicken and burgers were yummy.  We went on a Saturday afternoon and this place was buzzing with activity…..drinking, dining, dancing, and live entertainment.  The land surrounding the bar has an interesting “church” like metal structure.  There are antique cars, trucks, and tractors thoughtfully placed on the grounds as art.

If you’re ever in the Parker, AZ area, I would highly recommend a visit to The Desert Bar……fun and perhaps even romantic…… in a rustic way.Buffalo Chip

Then there’s the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek, Arizona.  Al and I have been to this place several times and have introduced friends to this truely western establishment.  Our greeter is a Belgian draft horse named Cactus Jack.

Once inside…..well….. I’ll let the photos do the talking for me.

The all you can eat Friday night fish fry is a huge draw, especially for my midwestern hubby.  Hubby is a huge fan of the  Lake Perch, Walleye, and Catfish.  They also serve Cod.  Tummies full, we head out back.

In the rear lot are two open air bars, more dining, and an arena for LIVE Bull Riding and Mutton Busting.  Once again good food and we are duly entertained particularly by the Mutton Busting.  Unfortunately, I was too busy laughing and being entertained, that my photos did not turn out.  I’ve attached a video of Mutton Busting for those of you unfamiliar with this ‘sport’.  Perpare to smile or perhaps even laugh.

Happy Valentines Day…..hope you experience your own version of romance!