It was a good year!

It’s that time of year again. The old calendar is in the trash and the new one is hanging on the wall.  I’m not sure why putting up that new calendar made me smile.  2016 cardinalwas actually a pretty good year for me and I was in no hurry to bring on any change.

But as I gaze at the semi-glossy calendar sporting a beautiful landscape photo, I note the lack of scribble on any of the dated boxes …. a clean slate.  Oh, the possibilities!

You know that feeling you get after cleaning out a closet?  (Well at least the feeling I get) Not only do I feel a sense of accomplishment, there’s a feeling of being refreshed, out with the old, in with the new.  It’s a positive feeling that brings a smile to my face.  I kind of got that same feeling when I threw out the old calendar and replaced it with a new one.

The dawning of a new day, a new year

The dawning of a new day, a new year!

Al and I have just recently started talking about our travel plans for 2017.  I know, kind of late for us considering the new year is upon us already.  Quite frankly, I’m still relishing in the memories from some of last years excursions.

Today I’m sitting in Rockport, Texas, back in the very same spot I was in a year ago. As I type, I’ll occasionally gaze out an RV window admiring the unique and resilient oak trees.  I contemplate the twists and turns of the tree trunks while listening to the pleasant chirping of cardinals.fog

Last years travel plans started out relatively organized and well laid out, but as the year unfolded,  we encountered unexpected twists and turns.  And just like I may not understand why those mighty oak trees grow in a hither and yon manor, I don’t fully comprehend how our well organized travel plans went astray in a similar hither and yon way.

"The Big Oak Tree" said to be over 1,000 years old.

“The Big Oak Tree” said to be over 1,000 years old.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter because the year turned out to be one heck of a fun ride.  Sure, there were a few negatives thrown in here and there, but that’s life, isn’t it!

A few memorable experiences of 2016 ….. After our regular January stint of birding along the Texas Gulf Coast, we returned to Phoenix, Arizona for a little desert dwelling and hanging with the kids. In April we moved on down to Yuma, Arizona for a short stay to tend to some business which included having the RV and truck washed and hand waxed all for $150.  In Phoenix, we paid $400 for the same type of work.  That was a memorable price difference, wouldn’t you agree?  I foresee regular visits to Yuma in our future 😉

Then it was time for a day trip across the border to Los Algodones, Mexico for dental work.  I was a little apprehensive about this at first, and reached out to a few of my full-time RVing friends for recommendations.  In the end, I had two crowns and a filling done for a total cost of $750 and thus far no complaints.  Normally, I wouldn’t include dental work as a highlight or memorable event, but eating without discomfort allowed me to enjoy our travels the rest of the year that much more.  Plus, it was a new and interesting experience that was all positive.Bryce Canyon

Also in April, I had my mind blown away by some of the most perplexing and boggling scenery in southern Utah.  I’ve always loved visiting Utah, but the fascinating hoodoos that make up Bryce Canyon National Park had eluded me until that day.  Trust me when I say, pictures do not do the park justice.  It’s one of those places you really do need to see in person. Bryce Canyon National Park was definitely a highlight of my year and goes toward the top of the list.

Then there was our two month work camping gig in Idaho.  I had a great time, Al not so much.  I found myself doing things I never thought I could.  I spent my time working in the RV Park restaurant and office.  I waitressed, I cooked, and I checked campers in and sometimes I was the only one available to do all three.  Oh yeah, I was hopping and as much as I impressed myself with my abilities, I was glad the job was temporary.  You know Lilacswhat, that was the best thing about it – the job was temporary and I wasn’t in charge.

After running my own business for years, it was wonderful for me to say, “Let me get the owner. I just work here”.

Overall, it was an enlightening experience on many levels.  Would I work camp again?  I’m not sure.  It boils down to risk/reward and every scenario is different.  If I had permanently injured myself on the commercial grill, which was hubby’s constant concern, it sure wouldn’t have been worth it.  While building picnic tables, Al ended up tweaking an old back injury, which took a while to realign and hampered his fun most of the summer.  Risk vs. reward, definitely something to consider when contemplating work camping.

After years of dreaming, I finally made it to the Grand Tetons … not once, but twice.  The first time was in early June and the second time was mid July.Grand Teton

I loved all the spring blooms in early June.  Grand Teton National Park did not disappoint and remains a place I hope to revisit time and again.

At the end of July, we returned to our former home town of Pueblo West, Colorado.  I like to return once a year to hug my stuff in storage.  I’m just not at a point where I’m ready to let go of everything and give up the storage units (yes, plural 🤔).  I retrieved some stuff and left other stuff behind.  As I looked into the storage units, my thoughts were mixed.  Some things I’m glad I’ve kept and others make me wonder whatever was I thinking.  We really do need to think about consolidating and purging.  But not today!  I know it’s only stuff, but I like my stuff and I like embracing it once a year.  Hug, hug, kiss, kiss moving on ….

We had the opportunity to see Al’s sister’s new condo in the Denver area.  In the spring of ’16 she moved from northern Illinois to Denver, Colorado and hasn’t looked back.  She’s loving every minute of her new home state.  It was also very convenient for us to spend the night with her so Al could drop me off at the airport for my early morning flight from Denver to Chicago.

While camped at Lake Pueblo State Park, the A/C needed some maintenance.

While camped at Lake Pueblo State Park, the A/C needed some maintenance. That’s why Al’s on the roof.   My photo is not crooked, the lay of the land was.  It was a sloping site but offered delightful views.

During our stay in Denver, the RV was comfortably parked at the Lake Pueblo State Park, a two hour drive south of Denver.

DadMy visit with my 89 year old dad was very special as I escorted him to his grandson’s  wedding (my nephew).  Dad beamed as he watched the first of five grandchildren get married.  The wedding was beautiful and the day was absolutely perfect.

Initially, I wasn’t exactly excited about returning to Illinois, but little did I realize, I was in for a special treat ……

I flew back to Chicago on a Wednesday.  The Monday before, I received an interesting email.  Turns out my bestfriend from junior high and high school was trying to track me down.  We’d lost touch twenty-eight years ago and after several failed attempts she finally succeeded in finding my correct address.  Talk about timing.  That Thursday we enjoyed a four hour lunch filled with non stop talking. After all, we had a lot of catching up to do.  How fun was that!  Now we stay in touch via Facebook.

The day dad and I did a little yard work together was laughable.  It was literally a frick and frack moment.  Words like hootchie and jigma jig were used in regards to starting the lawn mowers. At 89 Dad’s brain is as sharp as a tack but he occasionally has trouble finding the right words and as far as I’m concerned, you can call it a primer, a gas thingy, or a jigma jig … I didn’t care.  I just wanted to get the things started.Lawn mowind

And once we had both the rider and push mowers started, the necessary sign language used to communicate with one another over the loud engine noise was incomprehensible to each other.  I guess I don’t need to tell you which one of us used the pusher 😎  Yep, a lot of laughing took place that day and the yard work eventually got done.  Without a doubt, it was a wonderful and memorable trip.

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National MonumentBut I encountered the highlight of my year in mid August near Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I’m convinced travel is all about timing.  Ever read someone’s blog post where they gush about a place and then when you visit you just don’t get it?  Sure, it might be a nice place, but not over the top ‘oh my gosh gotta visit’ worthy.  I firmly believe it’s all about what’s going on in one’s personal life that makes a place resonate with ones soul.

Another year, another time and Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument may not have touched me in the same way it did.  Guess it was just what I needed at the time.  As much as I was enjoying the summer, it was filled with many stressful moments.  Unexpected twists and turns can be a ton of fun, but they can also be a trigger for stress.

I really should have my arms out stretched as I sing "Let it Go". Yes, I was having an "Elsa" moment! (Disney animated movie, 'Frozen')

I really should have my arms out stretched as I sing “Let it Go”. Yes, I was having an “Elsa” moment! (reference=Disney animated movie, ‘Frozen’)

So you could say, by this point in our travels, I needed to recharge.  Santa Fe and Kasha-Katuwe were my salvation, just what the doctor ordered, and remains my all time favorite moment of the year.  I’m sure it was all about the timing for me.

How about politics?  Although I wasn’t exactly stressed by the political climate, the commercials and news stories became an irritating annoyance.  But it did make for one heck of an entertaining and memorable year in America!Route 66

Although the rest of 2016 brought about some fun adventures worth writing about, I’ll leave those tales for another post.

In the meantime, keep in mind, life may take a bunch of unexpected twists and turns and we may not always understand why, but remember, we are a resilient thriving bunch just like those mighty oak trees.

Light at the end of the tunnel

A light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

I send you warm wishes for a wonderful New Year.  Let’s start filling in our calendars with intriguing travel adventures … cheers!

1,000 Places to See Before You Die: Revised Second Edition


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  1. I’ve written to you before, yours is the first blog we found 2 years ago when researching going to southern AZ for the first time. Now I just opened it today and was so interested to find that you found out about Tent Rocks Monument near Sante Fe by reading someone else’s blog, cuz we did the same thing that year! I had never heard of it, it wasn’t on our atlas, but I wrote it down and we went there and found it the most incredible place! We also just went to Bryce last April for our first time there, too! Back to UT this spring again so we can end up in CO where our daughter and son-in-law live in Boulder and we’ll attend his graduation from Law School in May there. So much to see in UT, we’ve been there several times and still find a new area to explore. Always enjoy your blog and photos!

    • Thanks – small world isn’t it? Our son received his bachelor’s degree at CU Boulder and the daughter went to Fort Collins CSU. After being Colorado residents for 20+ years, it was hard for me to give up those CO license plates LOL. But oh so many places to see and explore

      • It is a small world! We watch for your camper now since we’ve followed your blog and have been in many of the same places! We were in Rifle Gap, Fruita at the SP there, all this past spring and probably will be in the BLM biking area in Fruita this May! And Valley of the Gods area and SE UT in the spring. Enjoy your trips, maybe we’ll cross paths someday. Next year back to the SE beaches to meet up with many friends from here in MN that travel that way every year. But we love to see it all, more out west in future years we hope! Went to NY and PA this fall for anniversary trip, too, for first time, gorgeous!

        • Sounds like you’re getting around. During our younger years we spent our vacations in the Boundary Waters out of Grand Marais MN… loved it. 2017 our travels will be short and mostly around AZ. Need a little time to regroup!

      • I will be sure to put Kasha Katuwe on my list! Slot canyons are so much fun…I have been fortunate to find them at Valley of Fire, Anza Borrego (there’s at least a couple there…one was harder to find at the Calcite Mines which I will write about soon), a small marble one at Death Valley, and I’m looking forward to more! It’s absolutely fabulous to be among all these beauties of nature. Thanks for your marvelous photos and inspiration to check out Kasha -Katuwe…awesome!

  2. Rarely see you posts these days – as my blogging is sporadic – so catch up is my style – following your blog is like driving through the US makes me hungry for travel and oh what a diary – well done

  3. What a great refresher of your year! No mention of your laptop issues, though-maybe like politics! Sore subject! Glad to learn the “back” story to your work camping. We were tempted at one place but it’s nearly impossible to get on as a volunteer….with my hubby’s back issue this summer, maybe we should just avoid it! Tell Al thanks!

    • I don’t think I could convince Al to work camp again. It just doesn’t seem worth it/cost effective. I read the postings on Workamper news all the time and if you really dive into the meat and analyze, in many cases it works out to be less than seven dollars an hour. One job I analyzed was 3. Ah, I could share so much more but best I zip my lips. However, I do love my new Dell Inspiron 7000. Unfortunately it gobbles up more data curtailing my blog habit. Right now this RV park offers fantastic free WiFi and I’m in heaven.

      • We were tempted at a prime beach state park. But we’ll count our blessings, it was for the best we couldn’t get on board!
        Glad to hear about your Dell Inspiron! Maybe Bill will go with a Dell. He just does our travel research and simple functions. I’m still loving my Mac.
        We’re low on data right now so need to get into a park with free wifi! We’re doing four state parks and one private for a few weeks….

  4. Loved this post Ingrid. I’m much too lazy to do a formal recap of the retreating year, but I love to read about what other’s have done. Its wonderful to be able to change direction at a moment’s notice out of whimsy or necessity. Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear is a valuable ability! Glad Al is well now….back problems are always lurking in the background and one never knows what will bring them forward. I think we humans have evolved too fast, we really should still be walking with our knuckles on the ground for support! I look forward to seeing you two sometime this March. We’ll be at Cave Creek and then White Tank before starting to move east for the summer.

    • I wasn’t originally going to do a recap but because of the limited number of posts I did last year due to data issues, I needed to do the write up more as a reminder to myself 😆 Definitely hoping to meet up with you two in March as well as those designer coffee drinkers we both know. I’ll keep you posted when we get back to Phx. In the meantime, watch out for stray bullets!

  5. Your travels are very interesting as is your blog! I hope to see a lot of the U.S. when our boys get older. That 1000 yr old tree is amazing! I look forward to reading your posts about food and travel. I blog about both of those too.

  6. What an inspiring year you’ve had, Ingrid — a little of this, a little of that… 🙂 And your photos, as always, are stunning!

    • Thank you Ellen. During the process of my computer woes, I think I’ve lost some photos. Normally, I would be very upset (well I’m a little miffed) but I told Al, “guess we’ll NEED to go back to some of those amazing places”. Now if I’d lost photos of the kids… oh dear, don’t even go there 😆

  7. Such a beautiful reminder that, even with all the twists and turns, we do remain strong and continue to grow. We too are in the process of planning our travels for 2017 and Utah and Colorado are our summer/fall destinations. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences from some of the most beautiful places that we will be sure to visit.

    • Colorado and Utah are amazing, but don’t overlook New Mexico. There’s some real hidden gems to see in that state. Oh and when planning, keep an eye on elevation. Even in July, we encountered a mild dusting of snow and freezing temps in the Tetons. All part of the adventure, huh! Safe travels 🙂

  8. So many great memories, Ingrid! I love seeing all the pictures of you and your family…Happy Trails, my friend!

  9. Love reliving that wonderful area..I do believe I could enjoy a home somewhere around Rockport, Fulton or Port Aransas…We had planned to do Texas this year and it didn’t turn out….You two do it for us!!

    • I’m so sorry you weren’t able to visit Texas this winter. I know it’s a bummer. If it makes you feel any better, we did have some nights of a deep freeze followed by a couple of days where it didn’t get above 40…. brrrr! These RV’s were NOT designed for that kind of weather. Thankfully nicer weather is here. I’ll try and keep you entered with photos of the area.

  10. Hi we have a 2012 Laredo also and have been having a problem with hooking up the TV in the bedroom. I was wondering if you have any input that could help me Thank you

    • Hi there. Wish I could help but we’ve never hooked up a TV in the bedroom. We use the cabinet for laundry. Sorry and good luck. These RV’s can be a puzzle at times.

  11. Ingrid, I enjoyed reading again and again this post about those great moments for you both during 2016, your thoughts and reflections. Your photos were beautiful as well. You are an inspiration to RVers everywhere, you certainly have been for me! 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful 2017 adventure!

    • Awe…. you are too kind! Thank you. Although I do my very best to share the upside, we all know it ain’t all rainbows and unicorns. Although I have photographed my share of rainbows the quest for unicorns has eluded me… I shall continue the search 😂

  12. I have greatly enjoyed following your adventures in 2016! We live in Colorado Springs, so I feel like everything you mention is within reach. I dream of the day we can load up an RV and go! Thanks for sharing!

    • I loved living in Colorado Springs. Those views never got old, but I sure don’t miss the winters. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  13. Happy New Year!! It was great reading about your year since I’ve been off here for a year! Where in the Chicago area did you grow up? I grew up in Westmont which is a suburb of Chicago near Oak Brook and Downers Grove.

    • Nice to hear from you Carol. How’s your health these days and are you still enjoying Colorado? As a newlywed, we lived in Hinsdale (your neck of the woods) but I grew up in Schaumburg. I sure don’t miss those winters!

    • The mobile lifestyle certainly is NOT for everyone, but it was an easy decision for us when we didn’t want to stay where we were. I’m still in search of a home base, and getting more ready every year to find it 🙂

  14. So glad you made it to Kasha-Ketuwe—it was a very special place for us, as well. And now you’re back in Rockport—another of our favorites! We’ve been there twice over the past few years, but it’s still on our list for a return visit. I’m looking forward to your birding adventures and photography. Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

    • I remember your post well on Kasha-Katuwe and it served as inspiration. My thoughts were with you early this morning as we awoke to 23 degrees outside and a balmy 58 inside… brrrr. These rigs were NOT designed for winter camping as you well know. Fortunately for us, it’ll be warming up tomorrow. Hang in there. Sending warm thoughts your way!

  15. A great year indeed for you and Al despite some unexpected turn of events, but you had a grand time with Dad and family.
    I sure hope we cross paths between Feb -April, its been a long time already and we missed you guys.

    • It was really nice to see my dad and be able to attend the wedding. I had lunch with Faye last week and the four of us are getting together for BBQ next week. You guys will be missed and we’ll need to target a get together with all of us next winter in Phoenix. Mark your calendar. But for now, you and I need to come up with a plan to get together. I’ll email you soon!

  16. You and Al had one wonderful year. Hope 2017 is a year filled with adventure, great health, and lots of love and laughter for you both.

    • Thank you Lu and the same to you. We’re thinking about forgoing any exciting travels this year and hanging in AZ mostly. Sometimes regrouping is necessary. After your epic European excursion last year, do you have anything special planned this year?

      • We are thinking about something very similar Ingrid. We have applied to volunteer in Yellowstone this summer. If that works out we would be there for ~ 4 months, saving us some money for more extensive travel the following year. Regrouping isn’t a bad thing. 🙂

  17. What a year you’ve had! I love the photo of the old oak. It’s so big it can’t fit into the entire screen 🙂 One of my favorite places is the beach. We just got back from a week on the California coast town of Fort Bragg. Our campground was across the street from a small beach. If it were warmer I could definitely sit there for hours listening to the waves roll in while enjoying the sun and a good kindle book. I was able to fill in some of my new calendar squares. We’ll be taking a trip to Japan in March/April to visit our son and his fiance 🙂 Here’s to a full and memorable calendar!!

    • I know, that tree is huge. I tried photographing it from all sorts of angles… what a challenge. Congratulations on your son’s engagement. A trip to Japan sounds fantastic. Enjoy!

  18. Even with a few twists and turns, it sounds like you had a great year. Wishing the two of you all the best in this new year. Happy traveling.

    • Thank you Karen. A little flexibility can turn those twists and turns into an adventure. I look forward to what you’ll be sharing with us this year… new recipes? Another trip to Europe? Any new tweaks to the new home?

  19. What a year you have had Ingrid. I am sorry to hear about Al’s back injury. Hopefully no long term effects. I love the photo of you and your Dad. How special that you were able to connect with your high school friend.
    Wishing you a very happy year ahead full of adventures. May the twists and turns bring you positive experiences.

    • It took a couple of months, but Al is back to his ornery self… oops, meant jovial 😄 Ya know, we get to a certain age and things don’t bounce back like they used to, but all is well around our home on wheels. This year might find us in the slow lane hanging around the desert southwest void of any epic adventures. I’m sure you’ll make up for my lack of adventure.

  20. So good to see you here again and catch up with all your 2016 adventures. I remember you visiting that place near Santa Fe and how much you loved it. Will try to add that to our own adventures sometime, too. Enjoy your time in South Texas again. We have snow coming down right now, and it’s 13 balmy degrees. Wish I was down there with you! lol

    • It’s only 36 degrees here in Rockport today… brrrr. This gal ain’t used to these kind of temps anymore 😆 Should be looking much better by Sunday and only improving as the week progresses. I see some walking on the beach in my future!

  21. What an adventure y’all were on in 2016. Wishing you the very best in 2017 filled with fun, love, peace and lots of new adventures.

  22. A beautiful wrap uo for your 2016! Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories, beautiful photos, and travel adventures. All the best for 2017!
    Stay warm, Ingrid. Hope to see bird photos soon. 🙂

    • Thank you Amy. I’m afraid the birds and I are hunkered down at the moment with this cold front, but by Sunday I should be strolling in search of photo ops again.

    • I can’t wait to see what new creations you and Al come up with this year. My daughter LOVED your photos. Here’s to exciting new inspiration this year. Hope Torrey is feeling better!

  23. Looks like you are a “WinterTexan” just now! 😉 How’s the weather in Rockport? Did the cold air get down there, too? Here its just 23F.
    Have a wonderful year! I’m looking forward to reading about your travels again.

    • Yep, Winter Texan! This year we’re staying for Jan and Feb and yes it is brrrr cold this morning along with windy. The guys aren’t taking the boat out today. Next week is looking to be nice and I plan on visiting Port A ….a favorite you and I share 🙂

  24. Sounds like a very enjoyable year for you guys – not only are you a good photographer, you also write very well – never told you that.

    • Those ancient oaks are truly lovely. I find myself admiring them. Wishing you a relaxing 2017. I know last year you endured some rough patches.

  25. You had a very good year and I enjoyed reading about it and seeing your beautiful photos. When I saw the dock in your first photo I knew you must be back in Rockport! Hoping you have an even better 2017!

  26. What an amazing year you had…and suc beautiful landscapes! Looking forward to seeing where 2017 takes you.


    • Thank you Nina. We’re actually leaning toward a year of very slow and little travel. Although that could change swiftly knowing my history with hitch itch 😅

  27. We really love following your travels throughout the year, adding new places to go and getting inspired by your fantastic photography. Hopefully we get to meet up one of these days would love to meet you guys, talk to you about photography and Al about the ducks!

    • We’ll be back in Phoenix in March and may return to Yuma in April for a repeat of last year of wash, wax, dental. May might find us back in Prescott Valley. So keep me posted on your where abouts, would love to meet. The guys are limiting every day – redheads and yesterday a couple of pintails. This year we’re staying in Rockport thru Feb for the guys to go fishing. I’m hoping to give the camera a real workout this winter…. again!

    • Haha, there are times it feels more like a nightmare than a dream, but it is more positive than negative. That’s life! Hope you’re still enjoying your new career path. I miss your posts.

  28. A very reflective narrative on your 2016, beautifully written:) I totally agree about certain places having a different appeal depending on what is going on in our lives. I hope you fill your 2017 with many more awesome adventures. We are working on filling our calendar with new locations for us. Maybe one of these adventures will bring us together:)

    • Awe, thank you for the kind words. We’ll be back in Phoenix in early March. Perhaps we can meet up with you and Sue when your at the White Tanks …. that is, if you have any free time 😉

    • I don’t envy you sitting through another northern Illinois winter. My sister-in-law is loving the winter in Denver. She can’t believe how pleasant it is in comparison to Rockford.
      My thoughts to you, “Come on down. The weather is great. We’ll save a spot for you”.

    • I know I did not get my fill of Bryce Canyon. We had every intention of returning in the fall, but those twists and turns came into play and instead I discovered Kasha-Katuwe. Now I have two places that pull at my heartstrings!

  29. Now that was a fascinating and eventful and varied 2016 for you guys! I agree with the correlation of moods and favorite places. I always add the weather, the company and the health factor to that as well. Timing is everything when it comes to experiencing “perfect”. 🙂 Your take on the risks vs gains in regards to the work camp (and so much more in life) is interesting. I never looked at it that way. Just that many times positives come with negatives; real perfect does not exist. No matter what the mood! But, one can come to close to perfect, of course. Or, just enjoy and not think too much. 🙂

    • Agree – perfect does not exist, but we sure do come close from time to time. There’s always those variables to consider in all aspects of life because what may work for me, may not work for you. The freedom of choice is wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you guys do this year.

  30. I am looking so forward to the travel in the upcoming year for my son and me. Your photographs were excellent. Your excitement about traveling is contagious!

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Your new journey sounds exciting and I plan on following along but I didn’t see a “follow” link on your site. I’ll look again!

      • I have to admit I am very new to this. I can’t figure out how to get the follow link on my site. On my website people can subscribe, but I don’t know why the follow isn’t there on my wordpress site.

        • You DO have a follow via email in your sidebar. If you’re looking for a different ‘follow’ to add to your site, peruse the widgets and play around. Good luck!

  31. Sounds like a pretty fantastic year, even if there were some unexpected twists and turns. Love your photographs – especially the sunrise at the pier and the Grand Tetons.

    Your comments regarding work camping were interesting. It’s something we might consider doing some day, just to try it. But you’re right, there is definitely a risk/reward calculation that should be made. I haven’t seen many other people discuss the potential downsides. Certainly something to think about…

    • Those twists and turns allowed us to discover some pretty spectacular scenery. Places we hope to return to.
      We too were curious about work camping and this was our first go around. We’ve talked to lots of folks who do and have work camped and hear A LOT of negatives but I don’t think folks want to blog about those experiences. Thus, we usually read about the good. I had fun and am very glad I did it!

  32. Great recap of the year. Hope to visit Tent-Rocks in the fall on the way to AZ. Good to see you this week, another one soon.

    • I’ll be sure and text message you later. I want to share a couple of good sites at Cochiti CG to reserve and let’s see what works for a get together next week 🙂

  33. What a wonderful reflection on your 2016 Ingrid. I love your enthusiasm & am so glad to have connected with you & your adventures. Wishing you & Al the very best in 2017💛

    • Awe, how sweet. Thank you so much. Your trip with your daughter has sparked talks between my daughter and me. The possibilities are endless, but unfortunately the budget is not 😆 Here’s to fun times in 2017!

    • We use to live less than five miles from that campsite. As we drove by our former houses, it felt like a lifetime ago. Lots of fond memories but no regrets about moving on.

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