My, Those are Big Ones

When Al and I set off in the RV full-time three years ago, we didn’t have a long bucket list of places we wanted to see.  We didn’t even have a list per se, but we did have a few places on our radar that, over the years, we had talked about wanting to visit.Grand Teton

One such place – Jackson, Wyoming, and Grand Teton National Park.  Having lived in the neighboring state of Colorado for nearly twenty-five years,  I’d say this visit was long overdue.  And it did not disappoint.

I mean really…. how could anyone be disappointed with views like these?Grand TetonsAt 13,775 feet, Grand Teton is the tallest mountain peak in the Teton Range, which is a subrange of the Rocky Mountains.  Although I don’t speak French, it is common knowledge that Grand Teton means large breast.  Earlier settlers also referred to this range as Le Trois Tetons = the three breasts.   Regardless of the name, these large, pointy, granite rock mountains are big and beautiful and a sight to behold.Grand TetonsWe visited this stunning landscape the first week in June, just in time for a lovely showing of wildflowers.Grand Teton

The wildflowers were just beginning to bloom, and added a special touch to the already breathtaking landscape.

TetonWe camped at the popular Gros Ventre National Forest Campground (pronounced; gro vont).  This is a first come, first serve campground meaning no reservations accepted.

Although the campground does offer a loop with electric hook-up, we opted for a dry camping site.  After all, our intentions were to spend the majority of our time out exploring.  For me, that meant a lot of picture-taking.

A selfie - Me sitting on the bike trail with my other little camera on a tripod - two cameras and two Joby Gorilla tripods. I did attract a little attention with my antics.

A selfie – Me sitting on the bike trail with my other little camera on a tripod – two cameras and two Joby Gorilla tripods. I did attract a little attention with my antics.

More than once, Al remained back at camp so I could flit about with my cameras.  The Jackson Hole area is a photographers delight and so worth visiting.

The barns at Morman row are a popular location.

A popular photo-op location – the barns at Mormon row.

For information on photographing the Tetons, I found Nina’s blog post  extremely helpful.  I even dragged myself out of bed a half hour before sunrise one morning.  It didn’t take long for disappointment to set in by a thick layer of cloud cover which made for less than favorable light.Pronghorn

The alpenglow may have been elusive, but coming across a couple of pronghorn sparring  made the early morning rise well worth the effort.pronghorn


With sunrise photos a bust, I was on my way back to camp when I spotted the pronghorn, aka antelope, a short distance from the road.  Excitedly I stopped the truck, rolled down the window, and turned off the diesel engine.  I felt privileged to watch and photograph these magnificent animals until they decided it was time to move on. Grand Tetons

Jackson Wyoming

Our visit was over way too soon.  And although we did manage to get in a great deal of explorations, Al and I both agree Jackson, Wyoming, is a place we look forward to revisiting time and again.Jackson, Wyoming

Update: We ended our work camping gig in Arco, Idaho on July 5th, a little sooner than planned.  Although the gig was going fine, Al and I did consider shortening our stay in SLEEPY Arco.  With oscillating plans, it was an unexpected phone call that catapulted our exit.  We love the flexibility of our home on wheels.  It allows us the ability to change direction easily.  Crisis averted, we have no complaints about our unanticipated summer detour.   All is well….. P1030431

that is with the exception of my on going computer saga.  I’m still dealing with an old laptop that my son gave me when my computer crashed last spring.  It sometimes takes me four tries just to log on to my blog.  Thus, my blogosphere habit has been temporarily curtailed, but do know I’m still here and reading posts when my computer allows.  In the meantime, I guess I’ll be spending more time with the camera.  I know, it’s a tough job!Jackson Hole

JOBY GorillaPod Hybrid Tripod for Mirrorless and 360 Cameras – A Flexible, Portable and Lightweight Tripod With a Ball Head and Bubble Level


97 thoughts on “My, Those are Big Ones

  1. Hmmm…back to school and Labor day…must be some great sales right now. I might just check out those computers. Mine still is groaning along but I think it would be prudent to get a replacement before it expires. Let me know if you got one too.

      • Wow… that is a lot of info to take in. Thanks for sending the link. Which laptop did you end up buying? We’ve been on the move so much since July 5th that I decided to just muddle along with this dinosaur until we slow down our travels which we’ll do starting next week. Every place we’ve been if there’s a Best Buy, I stop to look. So far, I’m unsure. I think I’ll be fine with the Intel i5 processor but a 15″ monitor is a must. Please keep me posted on how you like your new computer. I really miss the blogosphere and look forward to returning, but need a new computer first 🙂

        • I have to admit, I just skimmed the top half. Having read some of the specs from earlier photographers (read head spinning), I knew this guy knew what he was talking about. He’s talking to prima donna pros for the most part but breaks it down to us simple folk in the end. In the latter half he discusses his picks for out of the box computers. When I saw the laptops and desktops were compatible in price I decided to go for a laptop so That I could used it on the go as well. I got the Dell XPS 15. I too, needed the big screen. Since I also write books, I added adobe and Microsoft Word. Thunderbolt will allow me to hook it up to any TV for streaming purposes. So it fits all my needs.

  2. I sure enjoyed seeing your stunning photos, Ingrid. The Grand Tetons are so breathtaking, and although I have been there, it was in Sept. So I really enjoyed seeing wildflowers. I would imagine you are no longer there, but I appreciate you sharing your visit…and all your hard work on the photos. I especially liked the sparring pronghorns — woohoo!

    • We absolutely fell in love with the Tetons and enjoyed a couple of visits. We’re back in Colorado now so I can commune with all my stuff in storage and catch a flight back to Chicago for a wedding. It’s great getting my mountain and wildlife fix!

  3. Awesome shots as usual! What an awesome place, love the scenery with the wildflowers. The pronghorns are a really cool animal to watch and photograph as well. They are usually shy and elusive, you got some great close-ups during your visit!

    • Thanks Jim. Yeah, I was really surprised the pronghorns weren’t bothered by my presence. It was a super quiet morning without any other tourists around and I remained rather still in the drivers seat with the truck engine off. Loved watching them.

  4. I am loving all these beautiful photos Ingrid! Unfortunately we had a lot of rain, combined with a little bit of flu, when we visited so not that many good photos. But as you say, despite that Grand Teton National Park was still not a disappointment:)

    • Traveling and trying to see sights while ill is never fun. Sorry you weren’t able to enjoy the visit to the fullest. The weather in Jackson Hole can present problems and range from extremes. I guess that adds to the adventure 🙂

  5. Breathtaking! Thanks for taking me back there and sharing your wonderful photos! The Tetons even looked better than I remembered.
    If you were using your old cam with this, how much more beautiful could it have been if you were playing with your Canon!

    • You welcome! I’m still partial to the old Panny cam. Love the range of the zoom. However, I was missing that F22 aperture for those landscape shots. Guess that means I’ll need to return to take more photos. Oh, darn 😆

  6. We’ve only been to the Tetons on a motorcycle. I am looking forward to spending time there with the MH so we can do some hiking. So glad you got to visit while there was still a lot of snow on the mountains:) Beautiful photos! Love the reflections:)

    • Thanks Pam. I can’t believe you haven’t returned to the Tetons for the great hiking. Perhaps a return with the MH is in order 🙂

  7. I have been there many times and have always enjoyed it. Especially the 3 sisters area and camping on the side of the mountain over looking Jackson. It has been about 8 or 9 years since I was last there.

    • We’re hoping to return soon and are looking at various camping options…. hopefully overlooking the area. Hmm, 3 sisters area in WY??? I’ll need to research that.

  8. Just amazing! We have to make it there one day, sooner rather than later! You’re a natural photographer. Hard to think of you as an amateur!

    • Awe, thank you. Some days I get lucky with my shots and other days I need to practice more. Photography is a fun hobby that I enjoy. The Tetons are beautiful and worth visiting. I know it took us a long time to get to, which I regret.

  9. Gorgeous photos as usual. The Tetons are magical for me. It’s one place I love going back to. You got great reflection shots. Every time we’re there there seems to be just enough of a breeze to foil my pics. I’d love to do more backcountry hiking there too.

    • I didn’t get in much hiking during our short stay – instead focused on photo taking. It took several outings to finally capture that calm water. Love those mountains and can’t wait to go back for a repeat.

  10. Great photos! I’m only a marginal photographer but my skills seem better when I’m in the National Parks. Such great subject matter all around.

    • When there’s so much beauty, I think it’s difficult to capture a bad image. I’m a novice when it comes to photography and am always trying to improve. National Parks are a great place to practice.

  11. Great shots of a gorgeous area Ingrid. After several trips to the area during our skiing days, we finally made a summer visit a couple of years ago and liked it even more.

    • I love being able to see mountain areas in both summer and winter. A thick layer of white snow versus mountain meadows filled with wildflowers makes the same landscape look extremely different. What a joy to see it both ways 🙂

    • Thank you Nancy and yes they are magnificent. I’m already planning on returning. I’ll keep you posted when we’re back in AZ and you do the same. Already looking forward to visiting with you 🙂

  12. A great post as always, I love those mountains! So this is another place on our bucket list if we get back to the USA.(from Australia)…….have fun with your photography and enjoy your travels.

    • Those mountains are indeed a sight to behold. My daughter spent a college semester studying in Sydney. It’s on her list for the two of us to tour Australia one of these years. I guess you and I are both lucky to live in such beautiful countries 🙂

  13. So familiar – love that place! We went the second week of May one time and the snow was still waist deep in some places!

    • May in the high country can present some challenges. The Teton peaks just received a dusting of snow Sunday having us keep our distance until the weather rolls through. Your Rosie photos have me looking forward to my return to the coast, but AFTER I get my fill of the mountains 🙂

  14. Ingrid…I never would have guessed that you could take any more beautiful photos than the ones you took of the waterfalls, but I WAS WRONG. The photos in this post are gorgeous. That isn’t even the right word. I am really speechless. I found myself just starring and starring and starring at them. I love them! What an eye for beauty you have. That is a gift! Thanks for making my good day…great!

    • I always love hearing from you Marsha and never get tired of your compliments. The fabulous scenery makes it easy to take a great pic, but keep those ego stroking comments coming 😆

  15. It’s been years since we were there..pre camping era. I loved Jackson and those amazing mountain peaks..We stayed in a log cabin near there, but cannot remember where. Someday you and Al need to do The Canadian Rockies, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper…Still one of our favorite spots ever!!

    • It’s amazing how the more we travel, the longer our destination list grows. The Canadian Rockies seem to be a favorite with many. We’ve made it as far north as Calgary and the Canadian section of Glacier National Park, but that was years ago. You haven’t steered me wrong yet on your numerous recommendations. So many places, so little time!

    • My photos don’t do the scenery justice. We strolled several art galleries in Jackson and some of the photographs had me drooling. Something to aspire to 🙂

  16. I LOVE the Tetons! Saw them on my honeymoon….so cool you got the shot with the wildflowers and the Tetons behind…and the elk…magnificent creatures!

    You are my guinea pig on computers. I’m still waiting for you to test out your next one. 😉 I’m still babying mine hoping to get good news on the newer computers…so far, I haven’t.

    • Wildflowers, antelope, and mountains…. score! I was loving it. Sounds like a return visit to the Tetons is long overdo for you. I’m already planning my next visit. I barely touched the surface of sights I wanted to see.
      I have a Dell computer picked out…. I think, and just waiting for back to school sales to start. However, a gal can change her mind 😆

  17. I didn’t know that’s what Grand Teton meant, not sure if I’ll share that with Dave. Did you go in the church, one of my favorite photo of our trip was taken from inside of the church through the large glass window. You beautifully captured some real iconic photos of the Tetons.

    Sorry the workamping gig didn’t work out but that’s the joy of having our houses on wheels, we can move on when needed.

    • Well, you can image what Dave might say, which means Al is saying it LOL. I did go in that church and took an interesting photo. I took so many photos during our visit that it was tough to narrow down for the blog post.
      No regrets on the gig but next time we’ll be more selective about location.

  18. There are no words that aptly describes all the breathtaking scenery but your photographs are stunning. I think spotting the pronghorns was the best pay off for rising early on a cloudy day that you thought was a bust. I have a confession to make, I too read Nina’s blog & not only do I recall the post you referred to, I saved it. I intend to review it again when I reach the Tetons. Again, glad all is right with your world, except for the computer woes.

  19. Those Tetons are magnificent! Your photos are making me wish that we’d planned a trip out there this year. Ah well, maybe next 😊 I hope your computer woes are resolved soon.

    • I’m afraid I’ll be dealing with the frustrations of this old laptop until we get back to Phoenix in the fall. Hopefully you’ll be able to plan that trip to the Tetons next year. You won’t be disappointed.

  20. My husband and I are setting out on our inaugural RV road trip in a few short days. We will be passing through the Tetons in our journey west and these pictures have heightened our excitement for the beauty we will be a witness to. Breathtaking!

  21. Great photo’s Ingrid. I’m planning on stopping here as I travel South from Montana this year. Was the campground full or plenty of spaces for larger 5th wheels? Thanks, always enjoy your posts.

    • Thanks Gary. There were plenty of open sites but they are a real mixed bag of quality. Nina did a great review on the campground that you may want to check out. We also had a boondocking spot scoped out as a backup. Always nice to have choices. Beautiful country, worth seeing.

  22. The timing of this post couldn’t have been better. I was just thinking about you this morning and hoping all was well with you two. So glad to know you are ok. I really enjoyed your spectacular photos of the Tetons. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    • Awe, thank you Beth for thinking of me. This computer has been real frustrating to deal with, but when there’s amazing scenery to explore, I won’t complain. We have some familiar places and some new places lined up for the rest of the summer which also includes seeing extended family. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep y’all updated.

  23. Wow Ingrid, I can see why you were feeling camera happy. With such a gorgeous backdrop, you could just stay out there all day & shoot away!

    • And I DID stay out and about all day shooting away which is why Al didn’t mind staying behind from time to time. I was in my element and having a blast 🙂

  24. Wow Ingrid those Tetons are quite the show offs! Fabulous images and it looks like your photography skills are shooting over the moon. Glad to hear the crisis was averted and that you are now enjoying your summer. Give that computer a firm talking to and a finger wag from me. Must be frustrating.

    • For some reason that finger wagging and firm talking to doesn’t seem to have an impact on this dang computer. Oh well, at least I have a computer to use….. half the time. The Tetons are spectacular and have increased my desire to visit other mountain ranges. Now where’s my atlas!!!

  25. I agree. The Tetons are amazing. So scenic. You and Al will have to travel up north to Banff eventually. Someone told me that it is like the Tetons for hundreds of miles–neverending craggy mountains. I am dying to see it someday.

    • The Sawtooths are pretty spectacular as well and I can totally understand why you love Redfish Lake. I could’ve sat on that beach for hours but unfortunately didn’t have the time. Banff and Lake Louise are on our radar 🙂

  26. These are stunning photographs, Ingrid and I love, love, love the blue skies and reflections. Now, I have to add this area to my mental “places I want to explore” list as well. Maybe it is time to buy a new computer? I had to do that last week as well and am looking forward to using a faster and happier machine! Happy next camping and exploration chapter!

    Liesbet @ Roaming About

    • I did buy a brand new computer last spring and that one crashed after 10 days. Must be pretty bad when HP support recommends it be returned :lol:. After that experience, I decided to wait until we return to Phoenix just in case I have a similar event.
      Not only is the scenery in western Wyoming breathtaking, the town of Jackson is enjoyable. Worthy of anyone’s “list”.

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