Wildlife, Views, and Friendships

Bighorn SheepRocky Mountain National ParkAlas, our five glorious days spent at Rocky Mountain National Park had come to an end.

Hubby and I were definitely not ready to leave and since the campground was only half full, we figured if we really wanted to extend our stay at the Glacier Basin Campground, we probably could.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Time to move on!

Rocky Mountain National Park

The view from our campsite… weather approaching

But as we were enjoying our morning coffee, we watched the wall of weather move ever more closely toward our camp. That was our cue that it was indeed time to move on. That sky looked nasty and I assure you a dusting of snow that third week of August was not out of the question.

Rocky Mountain National Park

leaving Glacier Basin Campground before the bad weather hits

We arrived back at the Westminster Elks Lodge and set up residency in ‘our’ spot. The camp host informed us some folks arrived the previous day asking about us.  Hmm, were these blog followers or folks we’d already met somewhere along our travels?  Turns out both.

Rocky Mountain National ParkWe met Bob and Kathy a couple of winters ago at Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona. We were RV newbies with our new fifth wheel and had been on a six week road trip.  We credit Kathy for fixing our TV.

You see, no matter what we tried or who we asked, we couldn’t get any reception with the RV antenna.  That is until Kathy asked, “Did you push the little button and get a green light”.  Say what?  Ah ha, all this time Al and I had been focused on the living room area around our one and only TV and the magic button was located in a cabinet in the bedroom.  There sure is a learning curve to this RVing thing but once learned, you don’t forget 😉

We had a great time visiting with this couple and swapping travel tales before it was time for them to hit the road and start their slow meander back to Phoenix, AZ.  You can read about how we met Bob and Kathy here.

Rocky Mountain National Park

As beautiful as the mountains are… the weather can get ugly. Check out that wall of dark clouds… Thunder, lightening, wind, rain, AND snow 😦

Although the Elks campground facility has worked out beautifully this summer allowing us to park close to our daughters place, it isn’t the most scenic and I’m all about the views.  I’m happiest when I have lovely scenery around me and if we get to park near water to boot…. well let’s just say, I’m in my element.

Rocky Mountains

Marmot – Rocky Mountain National Park

So when I heard fellow blogger LuAnn was going to be camped just north of Denver at the St. Vrain State Park which has mountain views AND ponds, I couldn’t make a reservation fast enough, even if for just a few days….

coffee with a view

I enjoy morning coffee and a sunrise at St. Vrain State Park, Colorado

Keurig K130/B130 Brewing System



32 thoughts on “Wildlife, Views, and Friendships

  1. Looks like you are having great fun in your home state!! The weather has been different, cool, hot, cold, rainy, etc. Love your photos of the Marmot! Just beautiful!

    • Ah, life in Colorado…. what’s that saying, “Wait ten minutes and the weather will change”. Lately, we have found ourselves changing clothes 3 times a day LOL, but I’m really not complaining… love CO!

  2. I visited Rocky Mtn. Nat Park many years ago and loved it! Your photos brought back some good memories. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! 🙂

    • Rocky Mountain National Park has definitely become one of my favorite stops in our travels. Next season we’re hoping to make it back to the Black Hills…. another fave of ours 🙂

  3. Okay, I am so jealous!!! We are so anxious to get back together with LuAnn and Terry, finally meet you and Al, and visit the REI in Denver. We need to be there too!! Oh, well, one day soon I hope. Hope you four have a great time together when LuAnn and Terry get back:)

    John said to take a drive up to the little town of Lyons, which is near you, and see if there is anything left or if they are rebuilding. This little town was destroyed in the flood 2013. John said a lot of the roads were destroyed.

    • I’m wondering if your ears where ringing because LuAnn and I were talking about you guys. Yep, talking behind your backs LOL. Perhaps we’ll run into you guys in Colorado next summer. It would be fun to arrange a little blogger rally.

      To get to Estes Park, we’ve needed to pick up Hwy 7 in the town of Lyons. 36 is only open on weekends and is mostly dirt as a large portion was wiped out from last years flood and is being rebuilt. Lyons itself has been cleaned up but evidence in the creek/river is clear something happened.

  4. That was a storm blowing in, for sure. I also saw this morning where Glacier Basin was covered in snow earlier today, too. I have enjoyed all of your photos very much, as well as your interesting take on RMNP. We are ready to go back.

    • We too are ready to go back. Glacier Basin CG is now closed for the season. I’m hoping to get in a day trip back to RMNP before we head south. I need to time the weather though as I don’t want to be snowed on 🙂

    • It’s always fun meeting up with fellow bloggers. That wall of weather contained snow which had us running in another direction LOL. But I think it’s caught up with us today. Cold, rainy, with light flurries in the Denver area 😦

  5. Beautiful views. How do you get those photos of the RV leaving? Does Al forget you occasionally and you need to run to catch up? I like those images, just not sure I’d trust Pete to remember to stop for me later.

    • A lot of the time we’re traveling with two trucks and I like to follow Al and take photos while I drive. I’m a multi tasker LOL We’ll leave my little red truck at our son’s home in Phoenix when we travel to Texas and sometimes I’ll leave it at daughter’s in Denver. There’s pros and cons to our set up!

    • There was snow in those clouds meaning we were high tailing it outta there. I really freak out my passengers when I take photos while driving mountain roads like Mt. Evans. Daughter, Ashton, ended up screaming at me in fear on that Mt. Evans road, which just encouraged more photo taking on my part. That’s called payback, dear child…. hehe!

  6. We are thinking of staying at Lost Dutchman State Park this winter for a week. We were told that the sites are very big. Any insight on the park?

    Enjoy your time with LuAnn. She just seems to be such a nice person.

    • LuAnn and Terry are awesome. I never seem to get enough time with LuAnn as our travels keep us moving in different directions too soon. I love Lost Dutchman State Park. Most of the sites should accommodate you. Some are set up a little weird regarding the hook ups but the views make up for any inconveniences. I’m sorry, but since it’s been a while since our last visit, I can’t remember the better sites and I’m so bad about taking notes. When do you think you’ll be there?

  7. Winter seems to be coming early this year, at least for awhile. This time last year, we were at Yellowstone and had just left Northern MT – glad we’re not there this year. If staying south of town is ever an option for you, we really enjoyed our stay at Chatfield State Park – lot’s of room and view of the foothills to the west – http://bigdudesramblings.blogspot.com/2013/10/2013-western-trip-lets-go-to-to-denver.html. We also stayed at Dakota Ridge on northwest side but felt like a sardine packed in there.

    • Yes, this weather is crazy. I’m not ready for winter! We’re moving to Chatfield State Park on the 22nd for a week and we stayed at Dakota Ridge a couple of years ago. I 100% agree with your take on both places. It’s always nice to share campground info and I appreciate your thoughts 🙂

  8. Ha Ha! we can relate to the search for the green button, During our PDI we spent an hour looking for it. Who would have thought to look in the kitchen when we have TV’s in the LR and bedroom.

    Great sunset photo across the lake.

  9. Colorado weather can change on a dime, can’t it? It was so good to see you both this past week. We look forward to catching up with you again in the next couple of weeks. 🙂

    • Monday and Tuesday look to be lovely days so I’m hoping to get in a day trip back up to RMNP. With this wet cold weather, I’m hoping the leaves are turning and they say the rut will be early this year. So hopefully the weather will be good upon your return. We’ll need to do another girls day before our travels take us in opposite directions 🙂

    • General delivery works but we’ve usually been able to use the RV Park address or when we’re in Denver, Phoenix or Grand Junction we use family. We’ve also gone paperless with almost everything we can. Thus we only need mail sent about once a month if that. Scanning and email also saves on snail mail.

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