It’s a new day.  I awake to Bear’s restlessness.  I look at the clock…exactly 6:30.  That dog’s internal clock is spot on…same time every morning, give or take five minutes at the most.  I throw on some clothes and take Bear for his morning walk.  I decide to head up the road toward the Archery Range and throw my camera in my pocket.  Yesterday on this very walk, I noticed a cactus with a pink bloom.  I hope to capture this blooming cactus 😉

It’s a brisk, calm morning.  As we head up the road, I take in the amazing array of cactus and vegetation as a bunny darts across the road.  I’m in my own little world…still waking up….day dreaming a tad.  Suddenly I’m startled by some screaming girls in the distance.  I know it’s spring break, but screaming girls this early in the morning?  Nope, that’d be coyotes!  Sounds like quite a few coyotes!!!  Bear and I swiftly return to our parking lot where his walk consists of a couple of laps around the lot.  Sorry boy, not in mom’s plan to come face to face with a pack of coyotes.  The flowering cactus?  Long forgotten as well.

Bear and I return to a warm Rig.  Al started the coffee…ummm.  We discuss the plan for the day.  We’ve learned the hard way, Phoenix in March is busy with snowbirders and spring breakers.  Thus the campgrounds are full.  Before hooking up and driving off, Al thinks it prudent to call Lost Dutchman State Park and verify they have room for us.  Al talks to the head Ranger and the Ranger informs him no group is booked in the “group campground” prior to our Escapees group.  Thus giving us permission to set up early in the “group area”.

Fifteen minutes after this phone call, we’re on the road.  Wow, we’ve gotten good at this RVing thing.  We arrive at Lost Dutchman less than thirty minutes later.  We check in….oops….the Ranger made a mistake and yes indeed there was a private group who reserved the area prior to the Escapees group.  Humm….what to do?

We head to the “group camp area” and set up in a corner and know we can stay in this spot for the night.  The next day the “Superstition Square Wheelers” start showing up.  If the group requests we move, then obviously move we must.  The Rangers left the decision in the groups hands.

The “Superstition Square Wheelers” are a local group of square dancers.  Not only do they allow us to remain in our camp spot, they graciously embrace us and include us in

our backyard!

their activities.  NO, this did not involve square dancing.  They reserve that activity for the hall.  Al plays cards with the guys, we enjoy campfires, and are invited to the potluck.  They share local information and make numerous recommendations.

What an incredibly warm and generous group of folks…..we had a wonderful time.  By Sunday morning, we were exchanging contact information and hugs good-bye.  Two of the couples have plans to be in Colorado Springs this June and we have tentative plans to meet for lunch 🙂  Sunday also brought some rather inclement weather.

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