Weekly photo challenge: Reflections

In the past there just never seemed to be the right opportunity to participate in one of these weekly photo challenges.  I’m either behind on posts or my internet connection is sketchy due to our location.

photo challenge reflections


Now that I’ve brought you all up to date on our happenings and this weeks photo challenge is “reflections”, it seems like the perfect opportunity to jump into the WordPress weekly photo challenge arena.

I enjoy this type of photography.  Whiling reviewing my photos and narrowing down the choices for this post, I reflected on my emotions at the time each photo was taken.  Under each photograph is one word depicting my feelings at that particular moment…. what I felt the moment I clicked on that shutter.

reflection photo challenge


reflections photo challenge


reflections photo challenge


photography reflections


Hope you enjoy my take on reflections 🙂


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  2. behind on my reading and hoping to catch up – love the photos….especially spiritual. I love the perspective of the pier and the calmness of the water…. it is that time of the day when it is quiet calming and a feeling of peace comes over us…..thanks. I hope you are feeling much better and getting to do the things that make you tick!

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    • Thanks Nina. Enjoy ability at Lake Pleasant can be hit or miss based on local traffic. It’s a nice back up when one doesn’t make a reservation at another Maricopa County Reg Parks but be sure there’s no fishing tournament happening 🙂

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  5. Beautiful photos, one of these days I’m going to have to get my brother to give me some pointers though it’s Dave who takes the pictures.

    • If you have an interest, perhaps we can spend a little time running around Port A next winter with our cameras. We just might have fun 🙂

  6. I have learned something new. With every photo I take, well with most photos, I shall try to feel the emotions. Sometimes we get caught up in the moment and do not “reflect.” Thanks for sharing! All the photos are beauties. The spiritual bridge is my favorite.

    • Thank you. You are so right. Sometimes I just snap away with little emotion but with these photos it was different. Perhaps it’s all about timing and just being in the moment.

  7. Did you get your new camera or what are you using?! Just beautiful Ingrid…. I got my first alligator and eagle today….still my imagery never as good as yours!

    • Nope, still using the two point and shoot Lumix’. I have a tab at the top of blog, just over from ‘about us’ titled ‘items we use’ and it tells you the cameras I use and will link over to Amazon for more in depth info (plus I’m an Affiliate)
      Thanks C and don’t ever knock your shots….looking good 🙂

  8. Great idea..Sometimes I have said that (especially photographing wildlife), it’s best to take a picture in your brain at that moment in time and know you cannot duplicate your emotions in a photo..I found in Alaska, that one picture is sometimes NOT worth 1,000 words. I was so caught up in trying to get a great picture that I missed that great “feeling”…

    • Oh that’s too bad. Perhaps a repeat to Alaska is in order lol. All these photos were taken when I was by myself and in no hurry to get anywhere. I was able to savor the moment and snap away in the process 🙂

    • Thank you Jet. I appreciate such a kind comment. I’m so disappointed I won’t make it to the Chihuly exhibit at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens. The gardens should be beautiful this time of year.

  9. The photos are beautiful, but I almost wish that you had told us where they were taken. I probably will never get the chance to visit them, but it does kind of leave us hanging.

    • All but one were taken this past winter near Rockport Texas. The last one was taken at my current location at Lake Pleasant near Phoenix AZ. Thank you 🙂

    • That photo was taken on Schoenstatt Chapel property and I had just spent a little time in the chapel. It was a foggy and peaceful morning. Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  10. I enjoyed your pictures on reflections. I especially loved your use of words in this paragraph.

    “Whiling reviewing my photos and narrowing down the choices for this post, I reflected on my emotions at the time each photo was taken.”

    Was the pun intended? It made me smile! Thanks for the updates!


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