A Celebration

After our four-day visit at Blue Mesa Reservoir, we somewhat reluctantly pulled out of camp.  Our stay was definitely too short.  However, I’m not complaining since our destination is another favorite of mine; Ridgway State Park.Rocky Mountains

We discovered this gem of a State Park this past July.  We reserved the same site – site 18 and a few days later my brother and his wife joined us in the same site they had previously and next to us – site 15.  Sister-in-law and I share birthdays within weeks of one another and we decided we should celebrate.  This was the perfect weekend to pick for the occasion.  And we both turned 39 again….go figure!Ridgway Lake

Ben & Jerry'sOver the years, time and distance had left very little opportunity for family get togethers.  As parents pass on, the realization time is precious has taken hold.  This activity we call “RVing” is contagious and also forms bonds with like minded folks.  Add the bond of siblings to the RV adventure and you have a recipe for one hell of a good time.  And what a great way to rekindle relationships.

It was a week of hiking, campfires, great food, fun drinks, yummy deserts and rainbows….. rainbows almost every night, sometimes double rainbows.


Oh, and we can’t forget the laughter, laughter that brought tears and stomach stitches, the kind of laughter that’s good for the soul.

It’s been wonderful rekindling a relationship with my brother, but it’s been even more fun with the addition of our spouses.  Since sister-in-law and I were referring to this trip as our birthday weekend, the guys pretty much rolled with whatever the ladies wanted.  Smart guys!Rainbow

One afternoon the girls decided to head into town for a little shopping. The guys remained back at camp cooking hotdogs over an open fire and drinking beer.  Every once in awhile they would jump up and yell as if they were watching a football game.  Since we don’t have satellite TV just yet and the antenna won’t pick up even one channel, we’re left to our own devises and imaginations.  And boy, did those guys have an imagination.  How many beers was that?Hot Dogs

The weather wasn’t always agreeable.  We were usually able to see the storms approaching and plan accordingly.  Some of the storms were pretty intense complete with thunder, lightning, and downpour.  During a couple of the storms, we were still able to enjoy a campfire sitting under the extended awning.  It was the storms with high winds that pushed us indoors.

One evening in particular caused us more excitement than we cared to experience.  The thunder and lightning got close, real close and brother and his wife retreated to their trailer while Al and I remained under the awning waiting for the fire to die down so it could be put out.  Lightning in Colorado is not to be taken lightly.  Plenty of folks each year get hit by lightning…..we know several.  The damage inflicted can be mild to debilitating to fatal.Ridgway

RidgwayAl and I were antsy to head indoors as well.  We weren’t comfortable and kept an eye on the sky.  We happened to look in the distance at the very time a huge lightning bolt struck the hill on the other side of highway 550.  Some pine trees started burning.  The flames flared then subsided then flared again.  We watched intently as images of this past summer’s wildfires flashed in our minds.  When it seemed to flare again and spread, we hopped in the vehicle to pay a visit to the camp host we befriended to inform him.  He was able to radio the ranger.  We felt the more eyes on this potential fire, the better.

Fortunately, the nightly rains with occasional downpours have left the forest saturated… thank goodness.  Mother Nature put the fire out within fifteen minutes, but it was watched for any possible flare up.

Emergency averted, the next day we were back in party mode, but we sure kept looking off in the distance for any signs of smoke, just to be sure.Colorado

With the consistent storms and cooler temperatures, fall is fast approaching in Colorado’s high country.  I think we’ll need to tour the area in search of some Colorado gold…..gold as in leaves!

Oh and by the way, all you fellow RVer’s…..what kind of satellite situation do you have and why?  Hubby had to watch replays of the Broncos on his laptop  😦   I guess that just won’t do….. he’d appreciate any recommendations!Colorado fall colors


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    • I talk to them…..”now tilt your head this way, etc” In all seriousness, I took a ton of shots and hung out for a while and yes I did talk to them. Gosh they were beautiful animals.

  1. We have Dish. Most people like Direct, but one thing that Dish will do for you is change your locals. Yes, you can get east and west feeds, but then you don’t get local weather. When we hit Tucson, we will change our locals to Tucson, and get local news. Direct has more HD, but that’s not a biggie for me. What ever you choose, make sure the antenna is self aiming. Very important!

    • Thank you so much for this info. HD not a biggie for us either. We like watching local news and weather. ‘self aiming’ also good to know. Thanks again 🙂

  2. My brother and his wife were out west last week and I followed along on FBook… I love your photos… it reminds me of possibilities and what awaits ahead. Enjoy and good luck. I am rooting for Peyton and the Broncos this afternoon. Go Broncos!

    • Yep….Go Broncos. We’re hanging in my brother’s driveway for a few days so the guys are watching the game. Colorado will be here when you’re ready to visit 🙂

  3. Your header photo of horses with layers of mountains as backdrop is stunning! I keep looking back at it. We got Dish, at the time they were the only ones that offered HD and they were cheaper. But you have to call from each location to get local channels, and many of the agents are not informed about this process so it can be frustrating. We finally cut off TV while in Canada for 2 1/2 months, and haven’t missed it much. Since we watch so little, we’re going to look into an Apple TV solution, and just download shows.

    • Thank you. I could have stayed photographing those horses for hours. After 15 minutes, I was being pulled away. We had Dish for years at our sticks n bricks and were very happy but this mobile lifestyle is a whole other thing. Thanks for the input. We’re not Apple users but that could change 🙂

  4. Looks like a beautiful place to camp!

    We’ve had two dealings with fires this week, rving here by Glacier Park. We went to our favorite off the grid area the other night, only to discover the mountain right across the road was smoking. Then yesterday, while driving back to our private site in the woods, saw smoke rising behind the mountain. It was 90 degrees in Montana yesterday! Unheard of temps for this time of year. Hopefully the cool they are forecasting will come in a few days, as they are predicting – and will cool everything down permanently.

    • We’re loving this part of Colorado.

      Fires….. always scary. It’s been pretty warm in Colorado this summer and is just now starting to cool. Montana will probably go from summer to winter with a few days of fall. We’ve seen that in CO before. Hopefully it won’t be a nasty winter. Will you travel south for the winter?

  5. Great post! All the photos are beautiful. What a nice family gathering and in such a wonderful place to boot. I bet it is fun to hang out with the bro and sil; I love doing the very same thing. Wishing you both a Happy Birthday! Howard and I were in Moab a few years ago and experienced a fun evening observing the night sky up on Dead Horse Mesa! It was spectacular. Safe Travels and Fun Times!

    • Thanks. We will definitely be checking out Dead Horse. We’ve heard about how pretty it is. Hope you’re staying dry and safe….very scary along Colorado’s front range.

  6. Moab on the 24th!!!! Wahoo……wish it were us too. I still dream about the jet boat ride, and the sensory overload on the colors orange and blue. Speaking of cooking shows, which you did above, do you catch Ree Drummond, PioneerWoman.com? Fell in love with her website a few years ago, and now she has a show on Food network. She lives on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma and her food is real………..real family, sometimes real cowboy, sometimes real ladies-only, but mostly just always so darn good. Looking forward to hearing more on your satellite choice as we are thinking we need to do something as well. Have fun, thanks for the great pictures.

    • I have both of Ree’s books and have watched her show and occasionally get on her blog. The cooking channel gets me inspired in the kitchen otherwise it’s same ole, same ole. I’ll be sure and post what we decide regarding satellite.

      You haven’t been out traveling in awhile….hope all is well.

  7. Great pics and blog update! Can’t wait till we can move this rig next Spring and do exactly what you are doing. Keeping an eye on you to get all the good places to go! thanks 🙂

  8. Beautiful Captures – have to check into this State Park:) We usually have no technology when we go camping – loved being outdoors for 9 days with no technology while in Yellowstone last Summer. Happy Weekend:)

    • We don’t mind going awhile here and there without TV especially on vacation, but this is no longer vacation, this is our every day life. So yes we miss the TV. When you do visit CO I would recommend Ridgway State Park. The location is convenient to visiting some amazing country without taking a RV on any white knuckle highways.

  9. We have Direct TV..MacGyver mounted the dish on a wooden platform he built that sits on the ground with tent spikes through it..That way it never “tips over” or blows away. If you want I can email you a picture of this. Dennis sets this up quickly. We use to have Hughesnet for our computer and that was a major pain in the arse to set up..tripod, tilting, gadgets galore. Now we have Verizon air card…Sooooo much easier! HAPPY BIRTHDAY…YOU LOOK MAAAAVALOUS!

    • It seems like everyone prefers Direct. Yes please do send a photo….email address livelaughrv@hotmail.com How and where do you carry the satellite? We’re set up with Millencom for internet and thus far very happy (Verizon reseller). We may eventually get a Wilson Truck antenna for boosting internet if we keep picking spots in the hinterland 😉

  10. We wanted a potable satellite dish cause we prefer parking under trees. First had a Winegard MP1, totally manual setup. Last fall got their new Anser, semi automatic. Dial the elevation, plug into 12v, & it searches for your bird. Had both Dish & DirecTv & MUCH prefer DirecTv’s customer service.

    • Great info….thank you. In our sticks n bricks we had Dish but it seems most RVer’s prefer Direct. That’s why we thought we’d ask. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Great pictures and stories of fun and laughter on the road! Who needs tv when you are surrounded by all these beauties! Anyhow, we suspended our Direct TV twice in the last two years. Neither one of us are sports fun but we love our cooking/food/cop shows if we can get them.
    Anyhow, Steve replaced the dome satellite that came with it, with a Winegard Travler RV HD Directv Slimline Satellite Dish. He also replaced the over the air antenna with a Jacks over the air HDTV Antenna to get local programming for Free, http://www.kingcontrols.com/jack/digital_tv_signal_finder.asp

    Happy 39th birthday, I did not realize you are older than me!

    • Al and I have some TV shows we enjoy especially in the winter when it gets dark so early. I’m missing the cooking shows I use for inspiration. The longer I’m away from the cooking channel the more we go out to eat 🙄
      What, I’m older than you? Hum, then you must be 38 again…..lol..
      Thanks for the satellite info.

  12. Oh my! Your pictures are so beautiful! We’re getting pretty soggy here in Bayfield with all the rain, but love being in Colorado. Saw a movie in Durango yesterday just to get out of the RV for awhile. Can’t wait for things to dry out a bit so we can do some hiking and biking! BTW, Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great time!

    • Thank you. This weather is out of the ordinary. It rained bucket loads last night at Ridgway. Now we’re back in Grand Junction and it’s warm and sunny. Hope this weather clears so you can explore the area….it’s so pretty when the sky is clear!

    • Thanks Kevin. It sure is gorgeous country around here. You and Tracy should bring the Class C sometime…..although Oregon looks pretty good also.

  13. Oh, my, I am 39 again, also!! What a coincidence! Looks like a great birthday time even if the weather wasn’t the best. That ever changing sky made for some dramatically beautiful photos. Glad all worked out with the fire. I guess that is one advantage to the very wet conditions.

    Our motorhome came with a dish under a dome on the roof. We do carry a portable dish in case we can’t get satellite because of trees…don’t want to miss a show! John uses an app on the phone to set up the portable dish properly. We have Direct TV. Also, we were grandfathered in to be able to get both west coast and east coast feeds which really helps during football season! Usually somewhere John can find the Eagles and/or the Ravens…yes two teams! We’ve been very happy with it for the past three years. We don’t have HD. We need a $1500 makeover. Maybe down the road. We can get HD as long as we get over the air.

    • Wow….we do have a lot in common…lol. Thanks so much about the satellite info. We do like our TV and even though we have our laptops, we felt a little disconnected.
      Last night rained bucket loads….this was one time I was glad we weren’t parked near water. Moab on the 24th 🙂

      • How exciting!! You are almost to Moab!! Where are you staying? If you aren’t boondocking, checkout the Portal RV Resort. They have two parts. Both are nice but the back part are lots for sale with huge concrete sites. It is VERY nice!! We love it.

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PIC AND YOUR STORIES. Now about the satellite…..we have had both Dish and Direct. Most recently Direct (only because of our new to us rig system and that damn contract). We bought a rig that had a King Dome and our only solution was Dish. We originally thought great we can go with the hopper and be in pig tv heaven. The didn’t tell us the hopper wouldn’t work with the King Dome. Our DVR is a external hard drive ( what a total let down). If we had to do it all over again we would have taken the King Dome off and replaced it with a system that would work with Direct TV which is the much better choice for RV’ers. As far as installers I know that there is a man in Yuma AZ that is very proficient in installing satellites in RV’s (yes you have to be picky on who installs) and will make arrangements so that you get both East and West feeds (which is HUGE Bonus). If you need a name I can get you one, I think this guy is set up with another outfit on the East coast that does the same thing (if not probably can recommend). Good luck 🙂

    • Thanks Diana, I appreciate your input. Once we get to Phoenix, we’ll make our decision. We’ll be in Phx 3 months before heading over to Texas. If we need to make a trip to Yuma, I know we can fit that in somewhere because we definitely want a good installer. We want it done right the first time. There’s nothing worse than redoing and repairing. I know you can relate!

  15. The horse photos are awesome! And I do love the sun’s rays through the clouds. It’s fun to read about family gatherings and Happy Birthday to you and your SIL. Ridgway looks beautiful. We will,have to check it out for next year. I’m guessing there is no doggie park, but perhaps places for the pups to play.

    About the TV situation….satellite receiver was mounted when we bought our MH. It was a Wineguard Traveler Antenna….automatic multi-satellite antenna. We got a Dish program….receiver we acquired ( actually it was free with a 2 year contract) that is a VIP 211K. If our bus had not been equipped with the satellite already, we would have bought the Tailgater…a Dish product that is also a multi-satellite receiver. It does everything the one mounted on top does.

    The weather here in Durango is still iffy! I know what you mean about the lightening…it sure pops around here too! Don’t want to get caught on a trail if that happens!

    • We pulled out of Ridgway this morning and are back in Grand Junction….warm and sunny. Thanks for the satellite info. Once we get to Phoenix, I think we’ll put something together. We do like our TV.

      Since Ridgway is a State Park they don’t have designated dog runs but the sites are spaced apart and grassy plus lots of trails. Centennial RV park is up the road a ways and doesn’t look bad. After our trip to Silverton via the Million Dollar Highway we will NOT be pulling our rig on that road. So I think we’ll return to Ridgway next summer and explore the 4×4 roads from there.

    • I thought that may have been you rustling in the bushes…..alas it was a deer. Those horses were so fun to photograph and friendly as can be. It was tough pulling myself away.

    • Thanks Lisa, I appreciate the input. Yesterday Hubby and I hiked Enchanted trail at Ridgway. Great hike and scenery. I can see why you guys liked it.

  16. Don’t suppose radio listening of the game is a go either? Can’t help you on reception… I wondered about lightening hitting while deep asleep, causing fire. Glad all were safe… Thumbs up to family gatherings! Headed to IN Monday for last minute good-byes for the next few seasons and a squeeze with my new niece. Enjoy Ridgeway….sure the colors are going to be magnificent!

    • SIL and I had a great time photographing the horses. They were absolutely beautiful and friendly. She and I took off down a gravel road exploring while the guys pretended to watch football. Fun times!

    • The camp hosts all had a final get together/campfire and we were invited and encouraged to put in an app for next summer. We’re considering. Each time I went to the office volunteer JoAnn was working….super sweet gal. Everyone there is great. Can see why you’re such a big fan. We are now as well.

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