A Celebration

After our four-day visit at Blue Mesa Reservoir, we somewhat reluctantly pulled out of camp.  Our stay was definitely too short.  However, I’m not complaining since our destination is another favorite of mine; Ridgway State Park.Rocky Mountains

We discovered this gem of a State Park this past July.  We reserved the same site – site 18 and a few days later my brother and his wife joined us in the same site they had previously and next to us – site 15.  Sister-in-law and I share birthdays within weeks of one another and we decided we should celebrate.  This was the perfect weekend to pick for the occasion.  And we both turned 39 again….go figure!Ridgway Lake

Ben & Jerry'sOver the years, time and distance had left very little opportunity for family get togethers.  As parents pass on, the realization time is precious has taken hold.  This activity we call “RVing” is contagious and also forms bonds with like minded folks.  Add the bond of siblings to the RV adventure and you have a recipe for one hell of a good time.  And what a great way to rekindle relationships.

It was a week of hiking, campfires, great food, fun drinks, yummy deserts and rainbows….. rainbows almost every night, sometimes double rainbows.


Oh, and we can’t forget the laughter, laughter that brought tears and stomach stitches, the kind of laughter that’s good for the soul.

It’s been wonderful rekindling a relationship with my brother, but it’s been even more fun with the addition of our spouses.  Since sister-in-law and I were referring to this trip as our birthday weekend, the guys pretty much rolled with whatever the ladies wanted.  Smart guys!Rainbow

One afternoon the girls decided to head into town for a little shopping. The guys remained back at camp cooking hotdogs over an open fire and drinking beer.  Every once in awhile they would jump up and yell as if they were watching a football game.  Since we don’t have satellite TV just yet and the antenna won’t pick up even one channel, we’re left to our own devises and imaginations.  And boy, did those guys have an imagination.  How many beers was that?Hot Dogs

The weather wasn’t always agreeable.  We were usually able to see the storms approaching and plan accordingly.  Some of the storms were pretty intense complete with thunder, lightning, and downpour.  During a couple of the storms, we were still able to enjoy a campfire sitting under the extended awning.  It was the storms with high winds that pushed us indoors.

One evening in particular caused us more excitement than we cared to experience.  The thunder and lightning got close, real close and brother and his wife retreated to their trailer while Al and I remained under the awning waiting for the fire to die down so it could be put out.  Lightning in Colorado is not to be taken lightly.  Plenty of folks each year get hit by lightning…..we know several.  The damage inflicted can be mild to debilitating to fatal.Ridgway

RidgwayAl and I were antsy to head indoors as well.  We weren’t comfortable and kept an eye on the sky.  We happened to look in the distance at the very time a huge lightning bolt struck the hill on the other side of highway 550.  Some pine trees started burning.  The flames flared then subsided then flared again.  We watched intently as images of this past summer’s wildfires flashed in our minds.  When it seemed to flare again and spread, we hopped in the vehicle to pay a visit to the camp host we befriended to inform him.  He was able to radio the ranger.  We felt the more eyes on this potential fire, the better.

Fortunately, the nightly rains with occasional downpours have left the forest saturated… thank goodness.  Mother Nature put the fire out within fifteen minutes, but it was watched for any possible flare up.

Emergency averted, the next day we were back in party mode, but we sure kept looking off in the distance for any signs of smoke, just to be sure.Colorado

With the consistent storms and cooler temperatures, fall is fast approaching in Colorado’s high country.  I think we’ll need to tour the area in search of some Colorado gold…..gold as in leaves!

Oh and by the way, all you fellow RVer’s…..what kind of satellite situation do you have and why?  Hubby had to watch replays of the Broncos on his laptop  😦   I guess that just won’t do….. he’d appreciate any recommendations!Colorado fall colors

No Invitation?

squirrelWell….I waited….and waited….and then waited some more.  But received no invitations from my good friends;  Ralph Lauren, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise.  These well-known folks all own property in or near Telluride, Colorado.

I remember watching Oprah’s special when she visited Ralph Lauren’s 17,000 acre ranch just outside the town of Ridgway.  The scenery resonated through the camera lens and was spectacular and it’s even more stunning in person.  Ah, to call this home!  Well, I can….at least for the week.

Ralph Lauren
part of this valley is the Double RL Ranch – Ralph Lauren’s Ranch

As Al and I head west on Highway 62; destination Telluride, hubby somewhat perturbed by my slow driving speed and wandering eye, finally asks, “What are you looking for?  You know we have at least 10 to 12 miles before our turn to the Last Dollar Road?”  “I’m looking for Ralph Lauren’s place”, I quietly comment.  In a rather sarcastic tone, Al says, “And why?  Oh, let me guess.  We’ve been invited for dinner…..whatever shall I wear!”

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren enjoys an unobstructed view of Mt. Sneffels

I proceed to tell Al about the Oprah special.  My natural curiosity in all things Real Estate related, has me being a nosey-kins.  Come on….I made my living by buying and selling Real Estate and just because I live in an RV does not negate my general interest in Real Estate.  I have and will always have an interest in Real Estate.Last Dollar

teepee at Ridgway SP

“Look Al, look…. that’s Ralph Laurens fence”, I exuberantly exclaim.  “Ooh, ah….and what a lovely fence it is”, Al responds in that I don’t give a crap kind of tone.  I’m happy.  I’m excited.  I comment, “Now look for Teepees, honey. I wonder if we can see his Teepees or buildings.  Wow, this fence just doesn’t end, does it”.  We turn onto Last Dollar Road and somewhere along the way the fence style changed, leading us to believe one ranch property ended and someone else’s began.

The land around here is gorgeous.  As we come around a bend in the road, I come to a screeching halt….well not exactly screeching…..  I’m on gravel after all.  I did form a cloud of dust though from the sudden stop.  “Now there’s a fixer upper”, I exclaim.  Al tilts his head to the side, raises an eyebrow, and smiles giving me that look of, “you can’t be serious”.  Ok, moving on.fixer upper

For the next hour and a half we travel through some gorgeous back country accompanied by numerous side roads clearly marked Private Property or No Trespassing.  During the 19th and early 20th centuries mining, agriculture, and ranching were the primary industries.  Mining disappeared, but ranching and agriculture are still big business around here, as evidenced by all the cattle we saw today.

Last Dollar Ranch- it’s actually For Sale….if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it –              So I’ve been told 😉


Aspen Tree

As we exit the forest of Aspen trees, we are greeted with an amazing vista.  The road eventually widens and improves.  We start passing a home here and there.  Some small and some LARGE.  I’m drawn to a huge house positioned on a mesa surrounded by mountain views.  It has all the rustic elements of Colorado architecture with all the grandeur you would expect from a celebrity.  “Now THAT has got to be Tom Cruise’s house”, I matter of factly exclaim.  Al says, “How do you know?”  “It kind of looks like it from Oprah’s show“, I respond.  “Sounds like you and Oprah have been spending a lot of time together”, Al quizzically comments.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise’s house – well it could be!

In all reality, I rarely watched Oprah but when she would visit a celebrity in their home, well this nosey Real Estate loving person just couldn’t resist watching.  Since we’ve already established I’m nosey about Real Estate, allow me to share some information I found extremely interesting regarding Telluride Real Estate.  First, between two Real Estate offices, I counted 81 Real Estate Agents and there are more than 2 offices….

  • For the first six months of 2013 – Jan-Jun
  • Number of houses sold – 7 ; average sold price $1,700,000
  • Number of condos sold – 16 ; average sold price $650,000
  • Residential land sold – 4 ; average sold price $1,500,000

Suffice it to say, I won’t be getting involved in Real Estate in Telluride in any way shape or form anytime soon.  The amount of Real Estate available For Sale is incredible.  I guess one can make a purchase in five minutes, but it could take five years to sell.  Not my kind of odds.  Architecturally speaking, most of the homes are stunning……old and new and it’s always fun to look.Rocky Mountains

Although we didn’t receive an invitation from any famous people, we did receive an invitation from my brother and his wife.  They pulled into camp late yesterday and invited us over for dinner; New York Strip Steaks….yum.  And the company wasn’t too bad either!

Oh, and FYI….on our return to Ridgway State Park, we saw the Double RL Ranch entrance and the teepees.  Fun ending to a great day 😀

Rocky Mountains