Attention WordPress Bloggers: Don’t forget to link your gravatar


Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 5.27.57 PMIngrid, of Live Laugh RV, brought up an issue the other day that is important for all of us WordPress bloggers.

Perhaps you have had the same problem? Ingrid remarked that she will often click on a gravatar in order to visit that person’s blog. This should bring you to the gravatar’s profile page with links to the associated blog(s). However, sometimes this clicking brings her to the profile page with no links. No way to find the blog of the person who left the “like” or who otherwise piqued your interest with their gravatar.

So, WordPress bloggers … make sure that you are linked. Otherwise you may be missing many visitors who have tried but failed to find your blog.

To check and see, I suggest you leave a like on someone’s page, then click on your own gravatar and see what you see. Hopefully, when you…

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11 thoughts on “Attention WordPress Bloggers: Don’t forget to link your gravatar

  1. Whenever I see a commentator on my blog that don’t link their blog to their gravatar, I always tell the blogger. It’s quite a big deal when you want to build relationship, readership and be part of WP community.


    1. It really is a big deal. When I notice someone new liked or commented on my blog, I’m interested in visiting their blog. If they haven’t linked it’s hard to find.


    1. I’ve had quite a few bloggers ‘like’ my post. In return, I’d like to check out their blog but can’t find it. I know my gravatar wasn’t linked the first few months. Learning new stuff all the time.


  2. I had no idea! Thanks for the information! I’m new to blogging. I maintained a website to share our pictures and stories when we lived on our sailboat. Now that we’re in a motorhome, I have to learn how to do the blog thing. I’ve still got a lot to learn!


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