Favorite Zoos – Photo Prompt

When my children were little (I mean, really little, like 1-3 years old), we lived in the Chicago suburbs and within an easy drive to the Brookfield Zoo. I don’t remember too much from those visits as I was too preoccupied keeping those two little ones corralled in a double stroller. However, I do know at that time, the Brookfield Zoo was known as one of the top zoos in the country.

By the time my children were in elementary school, we were living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo became a favorite pastime. Long gone were the days of that double stroller, and keeping my eyes peeled on the little kids. I was finally able to enjoy the zoo experience and focus on the animals. Our visits continued into adulthood …

giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Colorado Springs Colorado
My daughter feeding a giraffe at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is located in an absolutely beautiful place. But be forewarned, the zoo is built into the side of a mountain, and therefore, has some hilly walkways and elevation changes to navigate. Even for those of us used to the 6,000 foot plus altitude, those hills can make even the fittest person huff and puff.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Colorado Springs Colorado
Giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Now that my children live in Phoenix, Arizona, we like to make a day of it and visit the Wildlife World Zoo. This place is huge and constantly expanding.

ostrich at Wildlife World Zoo Phoenix

The first time my son introduced me to his then girlfriend, now wife, was during a visit to the Wildlife World Zoo. It was a great day watching their blossoming relationship.

Me and my son at Wildlife World Zoo – during this visit, I met his then girlfriend, now wife, for the first time.

monkey at the Wildlife World Zoo in Phoenix Arizona

During that particular visit to the Wildlife World Zoo, my focus was more on getting to know the young gal that my son was falling in love with than photographing the animals.

So a few months later, I connected with my blogging pal, Nancy, for a photographic day at the zoo. We enjoyed a very fun day and took tons of photographs, but guess what? I can’t find the images from that day 😥

ostrich Wildlife World Zoo Phoenix ArizonaThis past weekend, I spent well over an hour going through two external hard-drives looking for that file to no avail. I have one more external drive to check which is located at my son’s house.

It’s always a good idea to keep an external hard-drive filled with photographs and important documents off-site at another location.

If I still can’t find those photographs on that external hard-drive, that means Nancy and I will HAVE TO do a repeat. I’m sure neither of us will complain too loudly about a trip to the zoo. Will we Nancy? Maybe we’ll even throw in a visit to the Phoenix Zoo, which I haven’t visited yet.

Drive-through Wildlife Parks

Another great way to see animals up close is via a drive-through wildlife park. Of course, I always prefer to see animals in the wild, but we can’t nor shouldn’t get as close to the animals in the wild as we can in a park or zoo.

The first and only time I’ve visited a drive-through wildlife park was a couple of years ago when we were meandering around the state of Idaho. Yellowstone Bear World was a wonderful way to see a bunch of bears and cubs in addition to a variety of other animals.

Yellowstone Bear World Idaho
Gosh, I’m handsome!
Yellowstone Bear World Idaho
This moose was laying close to the fence, allowing me to get very close to her.

Yellowstone Bear World is a relatively small park and a two hour visit was enough to satisfy my camera. Even though small, I’m really glad I made time for this excursion. Next on my ‘must see’ list is Bearizonia in northern Arizona.

Since my sister and her daughter came to Arizona to attend my son’s wedding this past August, they not only visited the Grand Canyon but stopped in at Bearizonia per my recommendation. They were not disappointed and encouraged me to visit. As many times as Al and I have camped near the Grand Canyon and Williams, something has always come up that thwarted my visit to this wildlife park… sigh! Therefore, it still remains on ‘my list’.

Favorite zoo or wildlife park

Do you have a favorite zoo or wildlife park that you like to visit? For this weeks photo challenge / theme, I’ve chosen the prompt zoo. Feel free to share a link in the comments below or link back to this page on your own post.


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43 thoughts on “Favorite Zoos – Photo Prompt

    1. Yes, I do remember seeing that post, but thanks for sharing it here. Your walk with penguins still remains a favorite of mine, and you’re so right about connecting with animals and them brightening our day … love it!

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    1. Yes, the San Diego Zoo is world-class. The one and only time I visited that zoo was probably around 20 years ago and I don’t remember much about that visit other than dealing with my whinny children 😏 An adults only visit sounds great to me!

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  1. I currently don’t live close to a zoo but I can recommend some great ones! The Omaha Zoo is amazing and surprisingly an all day excursion! The next is the Minnesota Zoo, another large one. And another zoo that is much smaller but is absolutely beautiful is the Pueblo Zoo in Colorado. Love your pics, Ingrid and good luck on finding the lost files!

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    1. I lived in Pueblo West over ten years and never made it to the Pueblo Zoo … drove through the neighboring park many times, but never stopped in at the zoo. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. That’s an awesome close up of the Ostrich!
    I can only remember of two instances I visited a zoo, one at the San Diego Zoo decades ago before the digital camera was invented and the second time was at the 160 acres Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska (one of the best zoo in the world).
    Here is my link to Henry Doorly Zoo, although I only had two pictures for it was raining while we were there: http://lowestravels.com/2015/07/18/looking-for-fun-in-omaha-nebraska#link-target

    And I had a wonderful alone time at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park in Florida

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    1. Looks like a couple of fun spots. I always enjoy your bird photos. It has been years since I visited the San Diego Zoo – like you, before digital.


    1. Yeah, I think that was a fun way to be introduced. Hope you two have traveled far enough inland that you don’t encounter too much of “Florence”.


  3. I know those pictures are in AZ!
    But heck… we need another excuse to go talk to the animals, right?

    Your photos are splendid! And that MOOSE! I have never seen one in the wild. That my friend is my favorite.
    Thanks once again for hosting this fun wandering Wednesday!

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    1. Wildlife World is one of those places that takes an entire day and you still won’t have seen all. I’m hoping to revisit at least a couple of times this winter.


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