A Wedding to Remember

Okay, I’ll admit, I struggled with the title of this post. After all, aren’t all weddings memorable? However, this wedding for me was one for the books, one I’ll remember and cherish, one that brings a smile to my face … my eldest child, favorite son, only son got married.

Weddings in Arizona

There’s something about your child getting married that brings about an awareness, a knowledge that your child is entering into a new chapter in their life. As parents, we all know these mile-stones in life are forthcoming, and there’s nothing we can do to slow things down … kindergarten, high school, a driver’s license, college. We can only hope and pray that we prepared our child to handle these life changing moments.

They grow up so fast!

I’ve never considered myself a conventional mother. When the children were little, we were active in various play groups. When we moved to Colorado Springs, we even joined a bible study group, but eventually, I was ostracized from that group 🤦‍♀️ – ah, but that’s a tale for another time.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Minnesota
Al and a four-year old, Logan, head out into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in MN for an overnight.

While most mother’s were censoring their children’s videos, books, and treats, I was open to exposing my children to whatever they were curious about and discussing the pros, cons, and issues. I was once met with perplexed stares at a play group when I commented, “It’s not my job to protect my children from society; it’s my job to prepare them for it”.

With that said, I can honesty say on my son’s wedding day, he was ready and excited to walk down that isle. I felt I had done my job, and prepared him the best I could for this next phase in his life.

During the weeks months leading up to the wedding, I had enjoyed numerous mother/son luncheons and embraced the opportunity to discuss various topics with my son.  As a mother, I felt I needed to ask the important questions and pose a number of scenarios for him to think about.

Some conversations, he clearly didn’t appreciate, but he always understood where I was coming from. Obviously with over thirty years of experience coping with my mothering style, he had plenty of practice dealing with me. Poor kid! Therefore, none of this came as a shock to him, nor were these conversations based specifically on his bride.

The Big Day!

It was a warm sunny day in August, and the Van Dickson Ranch in Skull Valley, Arizona, served as a beautiful place for a wedding. Al and I arrived at the wedding venue a few hours before the ceremony (per request).

Wedding venue Van Dickson Ranch, Skull Valley Arizona
Van Dickson Ranch, Skull Valley, Arizona

We quickly found Logan and his groomsmen. After a big hug from Logan, his attention turned toward me to see how I was feeling and if I needed something to drink (meaning water). WTF? When did he grow up and turn into such a thoughtful young man? He was so relaxed, caring, and confident, and he didn’t stop smiling. I was overcome with pride and joy.

He was happy … I was happy … and we were ready to officially welcome Jessica into our family. The ceremony was perfect, personal, and performed by a good friend. We all witnessed some tender moments and some jovial moments.

exchanging of wedding vows
Exchanging of vows!

And I pronounce you husband and wife 🥂

Just as the ceremony was coming to an end, dark ominous clouds started rolling in accompanied by the sound of low rumbling thunder. While the wedding guests made their way to the pavilion, the wedding party managed to get in professional photographs before the first drops of rain fell.

van dickson ranch skull valley arizona wedding venue
heading toward the pavilion for the reception before the storm rolls in

And then it was time to celebrate ….

While we did get hit with a summer storm accompanied by rain, winds, thunder, and lightening, everyone was safely under cover and enjoying the delicious food, desserts, and open bar. The storm didn’t last long and the sky even graced us with a rainbow.

Our daughter, Ashton, was a bridesmaid

With the exception of a few gusts of wind knocking over some things, it was a beautiful wedding overall, and I’m so happy for the newlyweds.

And now that Jess is officially part of our family, I have every intention of treating her like a daughter 😲 Do you think Logan warned her about me and my parenting? Too late, Jess! You’re part of the family now. Perhaps, you can consult your sister-in-law, Ashton, for advice on managing your new mother-in-law 🤣

Out of town guests …

One of the best things about a wedding is the bringing together of family and friends from around the country.

We were thrilled to have members from our own wedding party, from 35 years ago, attend this wedding, along with other family members. We loved seeing everyone and having the opportunity to reconnect and catch up. This was long overdue!

My wedding – We too had an outdoor wedding. It was great seeing everyone again for Logan’s wedding (sadly with the exception of one bridesmaid who passed away)

I absolutely loved hanging out with everyone, but the highlight of my evening was dancing with my son. I seriously can’t recall ever dancing with him before, so this was a first. Can you believe, I didn’t shed a tear the entire day? Nope, not even when we danced, but I guess, we made a couple of other folks teary eyed.

Me dancing with my son

I’d like to send a huge shout out to my brother for recommending the song “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was the perfect song for our Mother – Son dance.

So there you have it – my wedding to remember. I wish I had more photographs to share with you all, but I’m afraid there was a camera intervention on my children’s part. My sister provided the first photo and the mother/son photos and the other’s were quickly taken by me when my kids weren’t looking … not an easy task!

My sincere congratulations go out to Logan and Jess. I wish them many years of joy and happiness together 💞 and if you need any advice ……   😉

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87 thoughts on “A Wedding to Remember

  1. An appropriate post for me to run across today as my oldest son got married over the weekend in Colorado! We had a wonderful time, and yours looks just beautiful!


  2. What a wonderful party and celebration, Ingrid. I’m sure you are extremely proud and I can imagine some mixed emotions occurred. I also love and respect your way of parenting, which is how I would raise kids if I were to have any. Your expression “It’s not my job to protect my children from society; it’s my job to prepare them for it” is right on! Congratulations to the attractive couple and the parents. 🙂

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  3. I can’t seem to choose the right word to define the gorgeous setting of the wedding. Fantastic, beautiful, stunning….
    The couple looks so happy. The bride is just beautiful. I wish them all the luck in the world. May God be with them and bless their marriage.

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  4. Congratulations…What a beautiful and joyous day for you and your family. The photos are wonderful and I especially loved the Lynard Skynyrd video…such a profound message, one every parent should give to there sons.

    Wishing Logan and Jessica many, many, many years of happiness together.

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    1. Thank you Brenda. I find myself re-watching that Lynard Skynard video, and although I didn’t get teary eyed at the wedding, I do when I watch the video … silly me!


  5. Awwww….Congratulations to the whole family. I can see why it’s a wedding for the memories. How come we sometimes only see family at weddings and funerals. Now time to destress.

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    1. Thanks and we had such a fabulous visit with family members that we’re in talks to make it happen more frequently. There’s something humbling that happens when all the parents are gone …. you realize you’re next! 😲 AND I am indeed in full de-stress mode!


    1. I admit, I was stressing about the weather. After spending the summer in the area, we were well acquainted with the weather patterns. We really lucked out with the storm holding out until the ceremony was over. Great day!


    1. Thank you Donna. When I planned our wedding, I was really into everything ‘turn of the century’ therefore, went with that kind of theme and the hat and parasol were a must. I love weddings!

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  6. What a beautiful wedding Ingrid. Thank you for sharing this along with your special sense of humor. Sometimes being a Mother-In-Law is tough (hard to keep your mouth shut) but I know you will be wonderful! Here’s to many adventures with the new couple!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jeanette. I may need to ask you for some advice on keeping my mouth shut 🤣 In reality, they make a great couple and are level headed so they don’t need my opinion. Very happy for them!


  7. What a gorgeous wedding, venue, bride, bridesmaid and mother of the groom! I looked closely for some of the things you thought were rather unconventional! And then look at your gorgeous wedding picture! Now I am inspired to write about the outdoor wedding we flew to Sacramento to attend!

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        1. I hate the photos out of my iPhone 5 and am thinking about upgrading to the 8, but not sure it’ll be worth the cost for me when I’m almost always caring a camera 🤔 My daughter takes great photos with her iPhone 8.

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          1. I now have an 8. I just published our trip to Sacramento post. I think all but one pic we’re from my iPhone. But if you always have your camera, you don’t need a good iPhone camera. I always have my iPhone on me!

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  8. Beautiful bride and groom, beautiful setting, beautiful mother of the groom, perfect day. You will always remember this day. I love the picture of you and your son dancing. Congratulations to the happy couple!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Beth. I was thrilled my sister managed to capture that photo of my son and me dancing. Now I’m looking forward to seeing the professional photographer’s photos.

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  9. I love your philosophy in raising your children Ingrid. Giving our children the opportunity to explore & find their way is a gift in my books.

    It looks like you had such a beautiful day celebrating your sons wedding. It is such a special occasion to share with our children, one of so many wonderful milestones we get to be a part of.

    Thank you for sharing & best wishes for a long & happy marriage to the newlyweds!💕

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      1. I didn’t share any info regarding the story behind the bible study group. Let’s just say, my actions, views, and child rearing ways didn’t always mesh with that Bible based group. I was fine with that, but it seemed to bother others that I couldn’t ‘see the light’.

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        1. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m not sure how clear the Bible about raising children-so many interpretations. It’s important to maintain a relationship with them as adults and you’ve got that covered!


    1. Raising children is the most difficult job there is and one size does not fit all. My kids are happy, productive adults so I guess I did something right 😏 Ah, not wanting to ruffle feathers, it’s probably best for me to stay clear of religion 🤣 although, I am curious about your friend’s story!


    1. Funny how our children turn out. My son and I are more similar and my daughter is more like my husband. The ranch in Skull Valley turned out to be a beautiful venue and I know the newlyweds were very happy with everything.


  10. Good morning, Ingrid,
    preparing your childern for life IS, in fact, protecting them> only children that have been well prepared can later cope with life.
    Enjoy your day,

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    1. Thank you Jim and I think some stories are best not posted 🤣 Let’s just say my personality leans more toward that of a wolf than a sheep!


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