Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow

Not only does it sound like we’re doing the Two-Step, it feels like we’re doing the Two-Step ….. country dancing across America’s Heartland.Two-stepping across the country


Our horse and buggy goes a little faster, but we stop and shop at the same store

Quick, quick across Wisconsin and Minnesota.Wall DrugSlow, slow as we explored South Dakota’s Badlands and Black Hills.


Badlands, South Dakota


Black Hills

Sylvan Lake, Black Hills, South Dakota

Quick, quick as we skirt through Nebraska,


Not Stonehenge, but rather Carhenge

Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock, Nebraska

and slow, slow as we settle into Colorado for the rest of the month.Monarch ButterflyAnd come the end of September, it’ll be back to a quick, quick pace to Phoenix, Arizona to settle in for the winter.  The slow meandering we had hoped to do on the way to the desert southwest won’t be possible due to assisting a family member.kidsSo once I catch my breath, I’ll fill you all in on our time between Door County, Wisconsin and Denver, Colorado.  In the meantime, enjoy some of my photographs from our journey as hubby and I get back to Two-Stepping down the road 🙂Nebraska
Wall Drug
Badlands, South Dakota
Game of Thrones: Season 5
Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill


83 thoughts on “Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow

    • Yes, we’ll be in Phoenix on and off most of the winter. We should be parked at the northwest end of town in November unless we run to Yuma for some work. Keep me posted and let me know where you’ll be staying 🙂

      • We will be at the Destiny RV Resort from November 8th to November 15th and other than the 13th to 15th when we are attending the Nascar Race we have no real plans. We are then heading to Yuma for three months so if you head that way maybe we can arrange to get together, we would love to meet you and Al 😊

  1. Welcome home – just in time for the Bronco’s season to begin! I’ve been following tour adventures and you and Al had a whale of a time. Looking forward to reading about those mountains and the west, again, Have a wonderful week.

    • Thanks Clay. We just finished setting up in the Denver area for the next 2 weeks. Time to chill a bit after a hectic but fun 6 weeks. Game time – GO BRONCOS!!!

  2. Thanks for the photo tour! I might steal…borrow….adapt your “quick, quick, slow, slow” observation about your travels. You’ve captured an experience many can identify with. I enjoy your photos and your writing.

    • Thank you. It is interesting how our travels turned out. I’m not sure we deliberately intended to set this quick, quick, slow, slow pace, it just evolved with our interests and weather in mind. Let me know when you give it a try 🙂

    • We’ve watched bits and pieces of Season 5 and can’t wait to watch it in it’s entirety. Love having DVD’s on hand when we’re camped in remote locations.

  3. Ingrid such amazing images. The bisons in particular captured me. I hope all is well for you and that assisting a family member is nothing too serious. Sending positive energy and a hug in case you should need an extra one.

    • Thank you Sue. I took a ton of bison photos but I wasn’t particularly pleased with any… thus the B & W.
      My dad seems to be doing much better now. I think some meds were causing issue. I appreciate your warm thoughts!

  4. We’ve been doing the quick, quick for awhile and now we are doing the slow, slow:) We needed to have some time. We generally don’t move that fast and always have days for down time. But we are anxious to get west I guess and have been moving right along. We are loving our place here in the Flaming Gorge and paid for five days but we are thinking of extending it out a little further. Such a beautiful area and it was a last minute change of plans that brought us here. Love that jello planning:)

    I love the effect in many of your photos today. That first photo is really cool! Beautiful shot of you overlooking the Badlands:) Of course, I love the mountain goats on the ball of rock:) Did you stay in Gering in the great city park?

    • We did NOT stay in Gering. We found some interesting spots in NE to overnight that I’ll eventually share. The goats were just too darn cute. I could’ve stayed for a while just watching them scrambling from rock to rock. Flaming Gorge has been at the top of our list for quite some time and Al and I have been talking about next summer. However, without any obligations for next summer, at this moment our thoughts are all over the place. Keep me posted if you’ll be back in Phx this winter 🙂

    • Yes the Jackalope was in the Wall Drug backyard. There were some real cute things back there.
      No, the rush back to CO isn’t for a wedding, but there is a big impending move for daughter that we’ll be helping her with.
      I fell in love with those adorable goats. They are similar to the ones I saw at Mt. Evans.

  5. Loved this post and love to travel that way ourselves. Seems like its the perfect way, too slow and it gets boring, too fast and life becomes exhausting. We’re moving up to Boulder on Monday until after the wedding, then back to Golden to pack up before heading west. Hope to cross paths this winter as I’m sure we’ll be in some of the same places. Have you made your winter reservations? I just did a couple weeks at McDowell for the big Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale but I guess I better get on the stick for the rest of the winter, right?

    • I have a couple of reservations made and then we’ll meander the rest of the time. I get bored staying in one spot too long. We’ll do a month and then change it up. Sending best wishes for all involved regarding the nuptials and look forward to some photos of the special day. (I’m having trouble commenting on any blogs on blogger, but do know I’m reading)

    • It must have been hot in July. We were in the Badlands the first week of September and it was in the 90’s. I was a little disappointed that it was too hot for me to do much exploring on foot. I guess I just need to return. I know, tough job 🙂

  6. I love that last photo of your fiver among the beautiful spired rock formations!! Hope all is OK with family…We do know how that goes…and is still going for us…Hugs.

    • Dad’s meds were changed and he seems to be doing much better, thank goodness. We had some stressful moments during our visit….. something you know all too well. We really enjoyed our time in the Badlands (last photo was of our campsite in the Badlands). With views like that, I can’t wait to go back!

  7. How nice to settle in for a while. It’s been a busy month with traveling with friends in Glacier and I have a lot of blog reading and blog writing to catch up on! We’re heading back through UT for a bit then onto Phoenix for a couple weeks to visit family before spending the holidays in CA. Jan -Mar will find us traipsing through AZ again though. Loved your pictures as always.

    • It appears it’s been a busy summer for many of us. Perhaps we’ll bump into each other in AZ this winter. While we were in Illinois, we camped near friends of yours. I’m already looking forward to the hiking in the Superstitions 🙂

  8. Your pictures are so fun to look through. It’s like my scrapbook of the country, even though I’ve never been to these places. I love the one of you riding the jackalope. Ha ha.

    • No complaints about spending the winter in Arizona. The only time I miss the snow is Christmas Eve, but that is short lived. Those goats were just so darn cute 🙂

    • Oh Rhonda, it’s so wonderful to hear from you. We just arrived at No. Sterling State Park in Colorado and will arrive in Denver on Sunday. I’ll send you an email. My internet is real iffy here, so bear with me 🙂

  9. That shot of your looking over the Badlands is the same one used in Dances With Wolves. There’s a scene using a close up of the Lt. going along with the wagon on his way to the post. The music is amazing. Then, Cosner has the camera zoom back to capture the vastness of the West. He must have been set up at the same turn out because it looks exactly like the same little valley they were going across. He probably saw the shot the same way hou did, driving along the highway. Small world. Rent the movie; hou’ll see.

    • Oh how interesting. There’s so many unique overlooks in the Badlands. It’s been a while since I saw that movie. We did enjoy lunch at Kevin Costner’s restaurant and casino in Deadwood. I’ll need to work on that post. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

    • Thanks Larry. I’ve enjoyed following along on your journey. Unfortunately, blogger has made it difficult for me to comment on your blog.
      It always feels good to return home!

  10. Loving the Captures 🙂 Enjoy Settling In!

    Both sets of parents will be doing the cross country migration to snow bird land. One set this month and the other set next month. Hoping the one set will come and snow bird with us a bit in the coming year.

    Happy Day!

    • Thanks Renee. With you in FL now, I would think one set would be interested in migrating your way. So many fantastic places to stay in Florida and escape the northern cold 🙂

  11. Looks like an amazing trip! Can you tell me how you get the fuzzy effect around the outside of your road and buffalo image? Just wondering what app or program you are using. Thank you!

    • I use Picasa for editing my photos and started playing around with some of the options. I wasn’t happy with the majority of my buffalo photos but by turning it into B & W with a soft focus, I liked the way it turned out. BTW… Picasa is a free Google download and very user friendly. Any changes you make are easily undone. Enjoy!

  12. Yes, sometimes it does feel like that!
    The Badlands were so vast and mind boggeljng to us as we drive the loop. We were happily surprised. Your photos as usual were terrific and… Funny.

    • Thanks Sharron. We can’t wait to go back to the Badlands…. when it isn’t in the 90 degree plus range. It was so much fun revisiting a place that I hadn’t been to since I was 14.

    • Even though Wall Drug was a tourist trap, we had fun exploring all the nooks and crannies. We found all the old photos posted on walls quite interesting.

    • There’s a couple of great boondocking spots in the Badlands that I know you would love (if you haven’t been there already). Unfortunately with temps in the 90’s we opted for an electrical site for A/C. BUT we’ll go back!

    • Thanks Judy. We’ll be doing a combo. We like taking advantage of monthly rates. So we’ll do a month than travel, then do another month and travel. We did that last winter and it worked great. I’m not ready to sit in one spot for several months in a row but the combo is nice and a little down time works well.

  13. Great pictures.
    You travel like I do: sometimes fast sometimes slow.
    For me it will be fast to Alabama and then slow to New Orleans.
    I overwinter in Alabama, Mississippi, and New Orleans.

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