Two Birders of a Feather – Port Aransas, TX

My friend, fellow blogger and RVer, MonaLiza just wrote a great post with some gorgeous photos that I just had to share. Hope you enjoy her post as much as I did.

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Northern Mockingbird Is this mockingbird unhappy to see us?

Two deep-south states – Texas and Florida – are known for their amazing assemblage of birds and other animals.  The “Sister States in Birds”, as they are sometimes called, share many of the same birds – even going so far as to both claim the Northern Mockingbird as their state bird.

Texas gets more western birds, while Florida hosts some Carribbean species and Atlantic sea birds.  Both states have extensive birding trails throughout the state, and I’ve seen many birds here that were also present in Florida.  But those are just some birding facts; today I’m writing about “human” sisters in birds, Ingrid and I.

American Alligator This guy made sure we kept our distance from the water!

I can probably be most accurately labeled as a “wanna-be birder”, who just loves to photograph them.  When two lady bloggers share the same interests they instantly become sisters – in this case…

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11 thoughts on “Two Birders of a Feather – Port Aransas, TX

  1. Ingrid, I haven’t been receiving your posts in my reader forever. I’m going to unfollow and follow you again…I’ve had to do this with quite a few other bloggers I follow. I’m not sure it’s working, though!


    1. That too has happened to me. I’ve gone through my reader in the edit section to make sure I have the settings correct. Still can’t figure out what happens sometimes. Thanks 🙂


  2. So much fun! You two are definitely sisters in spirit! (I still wish I could have been there with you.) Are you going to Mission to meet up with ML and Steve? We had a fabulous time birding there a few years ago. Surely the weather will be warmer there since it’s almost in Mexico! 🙂


    1. No, we won’t be heading to Mission. February will find us meandering around southern AZ doing some boondocking. March we’ll be back in Phoenix. We hope to run into ML and Steve again in CO but it’s looking like we’ll just miss each other. Oh well, it’s just a matter of time and we’ll ALL bump into each other 🙂


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