Backyard beauty

I believe I left my heart in Moab, Utah.  The awe-inspiring red rock formations, the huge arches, deep canyons, and ever vast vistas are indelibly etched in my memory.  There’s a beauty as well as a harshness to this intriguing land.

Weather extremes are common but sandblasting 40 mile per hour winds couldn’t keep this gal from enjoying the sights around Moab.  With the help of friend and fellow blogger, Cheryl, I found myself in some very unique spots.

We met Cheryl and hubby last winter while boondocking in Quartzsite, Arizona.  Cheryl has an infectious sense of humor as evidenced by her photos.  She sent me these photos letting me know it was fun putting me in some dangerous places.  Al and I could not contain our laughter and I just had to share the images.  Thanks, Cheryl 😆  Apparently, in addition to all my other talents, I’m a skilled rock climber.  Even better, no rock or vegetation was harmed during my endeavors.


My backyard camped just 10 miles south of Moab, Utah

Ah….that was Moab back in September.  We were camped at a BLM Campground with no services.  We were surrounded by views and nature.  Although I don’t have any serious complaints about our current location in Phoenix, it just doesn’t offer the same feel or inspiring scenery I’ve become accustomed to; scenery so stunning and motivating I can easily take over 400 photos a day.  Don’t get me wrong, the RV Park Resort is beautiful.  There’s plenty to do based on one’s interests.  Me personally, my interests lie in nature. Thus, I have to work a little harder to scope out the hidden beauties while staying in the RV Park.

I find myself drawn to this little spot in the Park routinely.  The Blue Heron was a pleasant surprise.  Hum, I wonder what other treasures I can find……RV Resort


54 thoughts on “Backyard beauty

  1. I don’t hear that arch cracking so It’s good to know you’re not doing a repeat of the gentlemen who rearranged the formation in Goblin Valley State Park so it wouldn’t fall on anyone. Could you sweep some Western wilderness into a package and ship it to me to fend off the impending endless winter stalking down my road?

  2. We haven’t been to Moab, but we’ve spent time in Southern Utah (Zion NP, Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks Nat’l Monument). All I can say is…I heart Utah. Unbelievably beautiful landscape – and a hiker’s paradise!

    • Oh, Cedar Breaks NM was a favorite of mine when we lived in Las Vegas in the 90’s. I would love to go back as well as Zion and Bryce….yes all beauties. That’s when I fell in love with Utah 🙂

  3. You look good up there, even though Pete is worried about your imminent arrest. I understand your being torn between nature and the luxury of the resort. We’re lucky here as we have huge dragonflies buzzing around and the sandhill crane fly overhead often. There are ibis in the water runoffs that surround us.

  4. You, RV’ers, live so vicariously. I love soooo it! I don’t mind doing those positions at all, even it means I end up to a hospital. With those views, to me, it’s worth it.

    • Oh dear, no hospitals please. Trust me when I say plenty of tourists do some seriously stupid things out there and then need to be rescued. Nope this gal will do the crazy stuff via photoshop… harm, no injury, and no arrest….lol 🙂

  5. That area with the Blue Heron looks like a grand place to start …maybe a close zoom on some of the cactus formations…If you ever get to South Texas, Falcon State Park is on Falcon Lake, the damned up Rio Grande..They have some of the most beautiful and unusual birds ..and there is actually a birding center in Roma. I love the Green Jays!

    • Hey thanks Donna. I think after Rockport we may stay at Canyon Lake via your recommendation. I have a bunch of SP also picked out as backups. I’ll look up Falcon Lake. In the past I think you also recommended a stop in Goliad? I should right these things down….grrr!

  6. Moab is special, and your balancing abilities fantastic lol, but as you know: Where ever you are, there you are. The blue heron gives lesson to that. Enjoy exploring.

    • Thank goodness winter doesn’t last forever….I’d go crazy. Already on the road for just a few days. Can’t keep this gal in one place too long!

    • Just another of my many talents….lol. Oops, you think I’ll get in trouble….hehe? I’m sure the NPS wishes all the crazy tourists would get their extreme shots via photoshot instead of the stupidity we’ve all seen 😉

  7. Those are great photos of you balancing on the red rocks! My, but you are one talented gal! Nice capture on that blue heron. Enjoy the good life there at El Mirage, then get back out to the wilderness. 🙂

  8. Very impressed with the rock climbing pictures! I think I may try the same creative way of getting to those rough places, sounds like it would be easy to ‘take along’ some wine or bourbon and not spill a drop!

    • No more balancing on rocks for this gal….Now I’m just down the lake/river from you enjoying the ducks and a beautiful sunrise. I really like the Lake Havasu area.

  9. I left my heart in southern Utah:) Just an amazing area.

    From research and several blogs, there is great hiking north and east of Phoenix. Of couse, you have to drive but there are a lot of crested saquaro to be found. Hope you find some good spots for quiet nature hiking!

    • I’m sure you did. You guys really dug in to the area and did some serious exploring. We barely touched the surface. Redo! Yes, we’ve done some hiking around Phoenix in the past. It just takes a little more motivation and driving 😉

  10. Ingrid – you will find what you need and then you’ll be back to Moab and other adventures soon. Enjoy the finds and I can’t wait to see what you uncover. As for me, I’ll be moving leaves and uncovering flat surfaces like the lawn, the deck, the driveway…. ohh life in the Midwest. Take care and enjoy your journey.

    • Ah yes, fall in the Midwest. I don’t miss the racking of the leaves. When you mentioned your deck I had to chuckle….Jeff Foxworthy and friends did a skit on “Big Decks”…..very funny, worth a Google.

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