Backyard beauty

Backyard beauty

I believe I left my heart in Moab, Utah.  The awe-inspiring red rock formations, the huge arches, deep canyons, and ever vast vistas are indelibly etched in my memory.  There’s a beauty as well as a harshness to this intriguing land.

Weather extremes are common but sandblasting 40 mile per hour winds couldn’t keep this gal from enjoying the sights around Moab.  With the help of friend and fellow blogger, Cheryl, I found myself in some very unique spots.

We met Cheryl and hubby last winter while boondocking in Quartzsite, Arizona.  Cheryl has an infectious sense of humor as evidenced by her photos.  She sent me these photos letting me know it was fun putting me in some dangerous places.  Al and I could not contain our laughter and I just had to share the images.  Thanks, Cheryl 😆  Apparently, in addition to all my other talents, I’m a skilled rock climber.  Even better, no rock or vegetation was harmed during my endeavors.

My backyard camped just 10 miles south of Moab, Utah

Ah….that was Moab back in September.  We were camped at a BLM Campground with no services.  We were surrounded by views and nature.  Although I don’t have any serious complaints about our current location in Phoenix, it just doesn’t offer the same feel or inspiring scenery I’ve become accustomed to; scenery so stunning and motivating I can easily take over 400 photos a day.  Don’t get me wrong, the RV Park Resort is beautiful.  There’s plenty to do based on one’s interests.  Me personally, my interests lie in nature. Thus, I have to work a little harder to scope out the hidden beauties while staying in the RV Park.

I find myself drawn to this little spot in the Park routinely.  The Blue Heron was a pleasant surprise.  Hum, I wonder what other treasures I can find……RV Resort

Resort Living in a RV

Resort Living in a RV

I promised Al I would approach the RV Park with an open mind.  Life around a full-fledged RV Park is very different from that of a National Forest Campground, State Park, or parking on BLM Land.

Don’t get me wrong, the full hook-ups are wonderful.  I don’t have to worry about water usage.  This particular RV Park is also loaded with amenities.  I guess that’s why they call it a RV Resort.

Phoenix RV Park
Entrance to Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort, Phoenix AZ

When we first turned into the Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort, we were greeted by a grand, Halloween decorated, security entrance complete with “guard” aka volunteer workamper.  We were enthusiastically welcomed and escorted to our site.  Once we were parked, we headed to the registration office.  Check-in was quick and we were given our ‘welcome packet’ complete with name badges and event schedule.

RV Park Phoenix
Registration Building

RV Park El MirageHum, event schedule?  First let’s start with the fact the RV Park Resort has its own 18 hole golf course complete with restaurant.  Many of the guests have their own golf carts; whether they play golf or not. This is a large park and golf carts seem to be the popular mode of transportation.   More than half the park consists of Park Models (mobile homes) and the rest are RVer’s like myself.

RVer’s are able to book their stay nightly, weekly, or monthly.   Somehow we heard of the special the Pueblo El Mirage Resort was running for the fall season.  Stay for 4 months during September, October, November, and December for a total cost of $750.00.  That figures out to be less than $190 a month.

RV ParkWhen we hit the road at the end of June, we were in a daze and state of exhaustion.  The idea of parking in one spot not far from our son’s home and the sweet deal on price sounded perfect.  We booked our reservation, but decided Phoenix was still too warm in September, as well as I had way to many other exciting places I wanted to visit along the way.   Therefore, we showed up October 2 bringing our monthly stay to $250 a month; still a heck of a deal.  Once January rolls around, this same RV site goes for more than $800 a month….yikes.

Pueblo El Mirage 18 hole golf course

The mass RV migration to Phoenix happens right after the Christmas holiday.  We learned the hard way last winter to make reservations for the months of January, February, and March or you’ll need to find a spot out in the desert and boondock…. which in itself does have its perk’s, but in a very different way.

RV Park
You won’t find this boondocking in the middle of the desert

Back to the resort life……. The grounds are beautiful.  The buildings, restrooms, pool area, and workout facility are kept spotless.  Plenty of shopping is nearby.  I even went to my very first “Trader Joe’s“.

Since it’s still considered early in the ‘season’, for now we have plenty of elbow room with no immediate neighbors to our sides.  However, each day more and more rigs pull-in so that could change any day.

There is one major drawback to the Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort location; it’s very close to Luke Air Force Base.  Now mind you living with a former Naval Aviator, the low flying jets roaring above the RV don’t seem to bother us as much as some of the other guests.  Saturdays and Sundays are quiet but Monday through Friday the boys might start flying as early as 7 in the morning.  How loud are these guys?  Loud enough to be forced to stop a conversation mid sentence, unless you’re good at reading lips.

For Al and I it’s a form of entertainment as we watch these young men and women practice their maneuver’s and live their dream.  Al remembers the excitement and adrenaline rush these young folks are experiencing.  In a strange way it makes us feel young each time our head tilts skyward.  I did say ‘strange’.

We reminisce about our airline days and how our dreams have changed over the years.  We haven’t lost our wanderlust, we’ve just changed the mode of transportation and sleeping accommodation’s.   No bed bugs to worry about in the RV.

Although the Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort wasn’t my first choice of places to call home, it is growing on me.  Besides, in two months it’ll be time to roll on down the road.  I do believe I’ll end the post here…..that pool is calling to me……

RV Park
80 degrees, sunny, and no crowd