Thank you for your service!

It’s Veteran’s Day … a day we honor the men and women who have served our country. I’m married to a Veteran and have a small understanding of the sacrifices military personnel make to serve our country.

Veterans Memorial in Anthem Arizona
Veterans Memorial in Anthem, Arizona

My dad served in WWII. He was wounded and the only survivor in his squad. Al served during the Vietnam era.

Unfortunately, times were very different in the 1970’s when my husband served. Military service members returning from a tour in Vietnam were not treated well. Instead of thanking them for their service, they were scorned, spit on, cussed at, and even had eggs thrown at them. It was not America’s finest hour, to say the least.

Thank goodness we’ve moved beyond those times, and we now thank those that have served in the military, current and past.

All give some, some give all. Thank you for your service!

In honor to those that have served, I share with you a very unique and interesting Veterans Memorial located in the town of Anthem, Arizona.

Veterans Memorial in Anthem, Arizona

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32 thoughts on “Thank you for your service!

  1. That’s an amazing memorial. Thanks for sharing this special place in Arizona and for paying such a nice tribute to veterans. My granddad served in WWII as well and was a POW in Germany, but all my family from that generation has passed away. Many stories, photos and medals remain. I have a lot of gratitude for those who served. My favorite quote I’ve seen at memorials is “They gave their tomorrow for our today.”


    1. Love that quote! My dad (German) was also a POW. He spent his 18th year in a prison camp run by the French and Americans. His early knowledge of the English language was rather colorful 😄

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  2. Diane and I marked the occasion by attending a commemoration of the end of the first World War on the front terrace of the Alabama Department of Archives and History across the street from the Capitol building in Montgomery. The 151st Army Band of the Alabama National Guard performed and there were dramatic readings by actors from the Alabama Shakespeare Festival including letters to and from servicemen and newspaper articles from the period.

    While the focus of that event was on WW I and servicemen and women from Alabama in that conflict all of those who have served and serve currently were paid tribute. It was a deeply moving experience and important reminder.

    Our deepest gratitude goes out to all of those who have served and are serving.


    1. Sounds like a special, well done event. Thank you for sharing and commenting. Hope you and Diane are enjoying your journey and keeping the wheels rolling and camera clicking.


  3. Lest We Forget…
    The Remembrance Day Ceremony in our city was a special one – 100 years since the end of the First World War. Fittingly, perhaps, it was cold and snowing but many braved the weather to pay tribute to all those who have ever served.


    1. For me, the math behind the memorial makes my head spin. To the NASA scientist who did the figuring, it was easy. Guess that’s why he works for NASA and I don’t 🤣

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  4. What a truly unique memorial this is, with the alignment and light and patriotic message. I have never heard of this monument, Ingrid, and find it fascinating. Many thanks for this salute to our veterans, and a nod to Al, too. I think there are still too many Americans who do not know properly acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices of our nation’s veterans, so it is with great honor that I thank you for this beautiful post.


    1. I’d love to visit the memorial on the 11th, but the town of Anthem always holds a big event at the monument which means crowds … I do my best to avoid crowds!


  5. Thank you for your service Al, you in the air and I on the sea. 15 years ago Oct.31 was Micah’s IED and bullet wound. Great people at Operation MEND in California have returned much use to his hand after 3 surgical procedures at UCLA Medical. That all private, no federal. I thank them as well for their support of our wounded warriors.


    1. Thank you Roger for your comment and your service. How wonderful to hear about Micah’s progress and the successful surgeries. Prayers for continued improvement.


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