Best Spot for Lunch near Page, AZ

After our amazing slot canyon hike just two days earlier, I wasn’t expecting any more epic adventures. Boy, was I wrong! Our back country 4×4 excursion to Alstrom Point was packed with plenty of adventure and spectacular scenery.

Alstrom Point

Best overlook on Lake Powell

Before arriving in Page, Arizona, I did a little Googling on best photographic spots near Lake Powell. Alstrom Point kept popping up and my interest was piqued. It’s known as the best scenic overlook on Lake Powell, and therefore, my camera demanded she be taken there. Needless to say, a drive out to Alstrom Point was put on my ‘must-do‘ list during our time in northern Arizona.

Our friends, Faye and Dave, were still in the area, and after spending a couple of nights at the Wahweap Campground, they joined us out at the Lone Rock Beach area for a little dry camping. This would be Dave’s opportunity to try out his new portable solar panel and new generator. Yep, he and Faye were ready for a little boondocking.

camping with friends

Once they were comfortably parked, the four of us set about planning a few exploratory adventures. Since Alstrom Point was at the top of my list, the next day we packed a picnic lunch, a cooler full of water, and jumped in my Toyota Tacoma for a little backcountry exploring.

Lake Powell, Page, Arizona

The scenic two-lane highway from the town of Page, Arizona, to our turn off in Big Water, Utah, was about 15 miles. Once in the town of Big Water, we turned east …. opposite direction from the nice visitor center. It wasn’t long before the pavement ended and we crossed a small trickling stream and were greeted with the most perplexing and fascinating landscape.

Lots of stopping for photo-ops. Dave can be seen in the photo, giving scale to the landscape
four-wheel drive was not necessary on this fine weather day

About an hour and a half and a few turns later, this foursome were uttering wow’s at the most incredible jaw dropping scenery laid out before us. The truck was quickly parked, so we could all walk over to the edge and take in the stunning sight.

We weren’t quite to Alstrom Point just yet. So after a few photo-ops, we hopped back into the truck to continue the journey, but we didn’t get much further before needing to stop to assess the road condition. There was a section of road that we all agreed the Tacoma was unable to traverse safely. The length of her wheelbase was just a little too long for the hill, rocks, and deep ruts, and going any further might result in the Tacoma turning into a teeter-totter.

Oh well, time to park the truck, strap on the hiking shoes, and get in a little walking. I don’t think we made it all the way to the official Alstrom Point, but none of us were complaining. The views were fantastic and Dave and I were giving our cameras a good working out.

The four of us were enjoying a near-perfect weather day. The temperature was in the low 70’s with a slight breeze, and clear blue skies. But at 4,000 feet in elevation the sun was intense, but we were all well prepared. The day before, I got a little too much sun on the left side of my face and neck. Thus, the big hat and cover, but this was definitely T-shirt and shorts weather here in northern Arizona at the end of March.

Our little stroll along the canyon edge had us working up an appetite, and therefore, it was time to find the perfect spot for lunch. And I believe we found it!

lunch at Alstrom Point
The perfect spot for lunch near Page, Arizona (well, 90 minutes from Page, but who’s counting)

I think this has to be the best spot I’ve ever had lunch. We admired the beauty and enjoyed our sandwiches in near silence, which if you knew Al or Dave is a rarity 🤣 After letting our food settle and savoring the scenery, it was time to slowly head back to camp.

But not without a few more photo-ops ….. what a fun day!

Memories of a bucket list destination

I remember well the first time I heard about Lake Powell. It was the early 1980’s. I was a Flight Attendant for a regional airline based in Chicago, and a die-hard magazine reader at the time. One day, in-between flights, I was at one of the airport’s newsstands scouring the racks of magazines when I picked up a copy of Outside Magazine.

Lake Powell

This was definitely a far cry from my usual choice of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, or any number of fashion magazines that I was partial to reading, but the photograph on the cover captivated my attention. I had to learn more about where that photograph was taken. Hmm, Lake Powell???

I didn’t know how or when I’d have a chance to visit Lake Powell, after all, it seemed so remote and out-of-the-way from my home in the Chicago suburbs. At that point in my life, my vacation travels revolved mostly around cities with trips to Florida, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and even Europe, but somewhere in the recesses of my mind, Lake Powell was stored as a must-see travel destination.

Lake Powell

That magazine was stored in a dresser drawer for the longest time, but by the late ’80s Lake Powell was forgotten when my focus was juggling a job, children, and a household …. until…. until 1993 when Michael Bolton filmed a music video there.

Lake PowellBack then I would use the television for background noise, and quite often, I would have the TV channel set to either MTV or VH1. I don’t think those channels even exist anymore.

No judging here! Those were the days when these channels played music all day long and it was cool at the time and so was Michael Bolton. Therefore, that was my form of background music while doing household chores.

It didn’t matter what I was doing when the video for “Said I loved you but I lied” came on, I sat down and watched and listened and dreamed.

The video renewed my interest in Lake Powell. At the time, we were living in Las Vegas, Nevada, and all of a sudden, Lake Powell didn’t seem so far away. The following April, we packed up our camping gear, two little kids, and dog and headed to the Wahweap Campground along the shores of Lake Powell near Page, Arizona, for a camping trip and the fulfillment of a dream.

Still being a bonafide flatlander at the time, I hadn’t wrapped my head around elevation and weather. In Illinois, if you want colder weather, you head north. If you want warmer weather, you go south. Ah, not in the west! It’s all about elevation. You go up in elevation, it gets colder. You go down in elevation, it gets warmer. With that said, it may have been 90 degrees in Las Vegas in April, but not so hot yet in this northern part of Arizona.

So although I did get to set my eyes on Lake Powell near Page, Arizona, and it was amazing, it wasn’t the kind of trip or experience I had hoped for. The overnight temperatures were still a little too cold for tent camping, and the needs of small children and care of a dog took priority over my scenic quest.

boating on Lake Powell

Fast forward

It was somewhere around 2006 or 2007. One child was off to college and another was staying at a friend’s house while Al and I loaded up the truck camper, hitched up the boat and headed for Lake Powell. Finally, I’d be able to delve into this fascinating landscape…. only twenty-five years after first hearing about this unique lake. Better late than never, huh!

We were living in Colorado at that time, and therefore the Bullfrog Marina would be the closest location for us to access Lake Powell. It is also in the fricken middle of nowhere which made this former city slicker a little uncomfortable. My how times have changed, or rather, how I have changed. Back then, I found the harsh and barren landscape foreboding, and now I love it and embrace its unique beauty.

Unfortunately, that boating excursion out of Bullfrog didn’t meet my high expectations. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a great trip exploring Lake Powell, but the lake feels more river-like than lake like around this section of Lake Powell. We loved exploring the various canyons via our boat, but those tall canyon walls had an interesting effect on the water that Al and I had never experienced before and made us feel a little uncomfortable.

houseboats on Lake Powell
lots of houseboats on Lake Powell

Think of sitting in a bathtub full of water and pushing your hands through the water making waves. The walls of the tub don’t allow the waves to disperse creating bigger and bigger waves the more you push the water. Hence, boating through the smaller canyons with a bunch of other boat traffic, boats much larger than our small 20-foot bow-rider, putting out a steady stream of wake, results in the water swishing back and forth between the canyon walls creating constant wave activity which was scary at times in our little boat. The thought of being capsized was not entertaining!

Antelope Point
Lake Powell near Antelope Point Marina

We learned to head out onto the water early in the morning before the boating traffic picked up and returned to the camper around lunchtime. By then, the temps were already nearing the 100 degrees F range, and we were ready for a little A/C.  After all, it was July. Another lesson learned …. it’s hot 🔥 at Lake Powell during the summer …. and crazy busy.

Although I wasn’t wowed by that section of Lake Powell, it was still a worthwhile and memorable trip.

camping near the shores of Lake Powell

I’m finally wowed!

The boat was sold along with the wave runners and canoe. As of 2010, we were no longer proud owners of a watercraft 😔 So a few years later, what do we do? We head to Lake Powell with an RV and camp along her shores.

This has become one of my favorite stops while passing through northern Arizona and this recent visit finally left me wowed … seriously wowed! Although I believe the scenery was more breathtaking when the water level was higher, this gal ain’t complaining. Yeah, the water level is somewhere around 60 to 70 feet below the full level established back in 1980.

It’s been a great couple of weeks and I already look forward to returning. Hmm, but next time we may need to rent a boat! Anyone care to join us? 😀

Alstrom Point and Gunsight Butte can be seen from the Antelope Point Marina. To think, we were driving somewhere up on that mesa. Although, we didn’t make it all the way to the point, fun none the less!

Alstrom Point

Me with Lake Powell and Gunsight Butte in the background. Somewhere off to the top far right is where Michael Bolton stood while filming that music video. Gunsight Butte can be seen in his video as well as he filmed in a slot canyon. 

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have, if we only seek them with our eyes open – Jawaharlal Nehru

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50 thoughts on “Best Spot for Lunch near Page, AZ

  1. I agree with Pam, some gorgeous photos, but that one of the four of you eating lunch was something else. I could almost breath the fresh air. Even just looking through your photos was ‘wow’ inspiring. Can only imagine what it must have like to actually experience it. Stunning.


    1. We enjoyed a pretty spectacular day. Such a rarity in this day and age to be able to enjoy such a wonderful spot all to ourselves. It was indeed a special day!


  2. Best lookin’ dirt I’ve seen, aside from the Grand Canyon. All it took was wind. And water. And a million years or so. Great photos.


    1. And let me say, the wind and I have become well acquainted, much to my chagrin 😄 Next up, we explore Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument where the land was the last to be surveyed (in the lower 48) and the years are talked about in millions. Makes one feel like a tiny blip in history!


  3. OMG!!!! I am speechless!! What a gorgeous place!! I can’t imagine eating lunch with those views!! Thanks for sharing and this place is now on our “to see” list!!


    1. That scenery left us speechless as well. This was another time, I had wished we hadn’t sold our truck camper. I’d love to spend the night there, but somehow a tent doesn’t seem appealing. My RV has spoiled me. Can you imagine the sunrises and sunsets and the photo-op possibilities?


  4. Michael Bolton eh? Won’t comment, I’ve enjoyed some of his music over the years. Loved our time spent at Lake Powell with you guys, don’t think we’ll ever find quite that same kind of lunch place again. Thanks for the memories. We need to talk houseboats and the Crazy 6 Tribe.


    1. Haha!!! No comment about Michael Bolton? The six of us on a houseboat? Fun time, for sure. We’ll need to make it happen. I hear September is the perfect month. Now have to figure out the year!

      Once you guys left, the tourism traffic dropped off, but not the wind 😯 We plan our explorations around that wind. I was able to go to Horseshoe Bend for sunset last week – plenty of available parking. Seems you were here during spring break and the ‘season’ starts in May. Thus, April has a lull in tourism.


  5. That scenery is definitely wow-inspiring, Ingrid! Determination to get there and inflict the right feelings and emotions, girl! It was a long time coming.

    I see you like to balance on the edge as well. 🙂 And, that paved road is mighty new and shiny. As we sit in windy Santa Fe, you have us wonder whether we made the wrong decision about our winter and spring plans. Next year, we will definitely add Arizona to our winter plans!


    1. Yes, the scenery has been wowing. Arizona and southern Utah never disappoint, but be forewarned, it can be nasty windy. Right now, we’re been sandblasted with 25 mph winds and waiting it out. Thanks to that wind, the sandstone is craved into fascinating hoodoos, buttes, and mesas. We check the weather regularly and plan our explorations accordingly.

      Hope when your plans include AZ that we’ll finally be able to connect.


  6. I too watched MTV back in the day. I don’t recall this particular video but the scenery is indeed compelling. It fades in comparison to the spectacular vistas your pics portray though. I do believe I need to rethink my trip west to include a visit to Lake Powell. You know, it was a magazine article I across in my doctor’s waiting room that influenced me to try this gypsy lifestyle. I guess it’s true, the written word (with pics) can influence us, eh?


    1. Awe, thank you Gayle. Yes, you’ll definitely want to include Page, AZ in your westward travels. The landscape around here is like none other. Keep me posted when your plans have you heading this way and let me know if I can offer any suggestions.


  7. Your pics a spectacular! Lake Powell and Lone Rock are one of our favourite stops. Safe travels!


    1. I think it’s hard to take a bad photograph when the subject matter offers such stunning views. Agree – Lone Rock is one of our favorite stops too…. when the winds aren’t gusting 😀


  8. Wow, your photos are fabulous! I am trying to imagine how gorgeous that would be for a lunch spot. I will keep this place in mind the next time we are near Page. Thanks!


  9. Oh man… you’re really not gonna let me make snarky comments about Michael Bolton?? No fair…. 😂 Seriously, that is one epic lunch spot and I can see why you felt the need to go find that overlook. What an awesome view! Great photos as always!


    1. Thanks Laura … have at it – I enjoy your humor and would love one of your snarky comments 😆 With your Xterra, you’d be able to drive to this spot as long as it hadn’t rain in the previous days. The road to the Desert Bar was rougher. Just email me if you’d like more info. Incredible country!


    1. There is such a raw untapped beauty around here. The land is harsh and unforgiving, and makes one feel like a blip in history. Do visit!


  10. Holy Crapola! I did not know Michael Bolton sold you the place not this looks 🙂 ha ha, ha. I think that was Waterholes Canyon not Antelope in that video, very cool. Great post and a great lunch view, but another couple were missing in that picture!


    1. There are so many slot canyons on Navajo land that I think it’s hard to figure out which one the Michael Bolton video was shot in. Very cool, none the less. Faye and I tried to talk you into staying … you would’ve loved our campfires – lots of laughter. Hope we can get the six of us together again for more adventures.


  11. Loved the post and the song! A favorite picture is the one of the four of you at your lunch spot looking at the view. Wow! Never thought about the waves sloshing around problem while in a boat. We plan on taking the tour boat out from the marina. As for finally getting someplace, we planned from the time we were in college to get to Iceland someday – only took 30 years! Third visit is in the planning stages for next year. Are you leaving Page? So many great places to see!


    1. We’re still here and probably will be through next week. We have a few more adventures planned. I think you’ll enjoy the boat trip to Rainbow Bridge (if that’s the one you booked). Yesterday we explored Grand-Staircase Escalante NM. Incredible land!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. WOW! What a gorgeous countryside! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your observations in words and pictures. Makes me want to explore something like this, too. Well, for us it’ll be a “regular” road trip soon, with some bicycling on rail trails. I’m looking forward to it – a lot.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,


      1. I agree, Ingrid: there are landscapes in te US that look harsh and foreboding. But also beautiful just in that.
        We’re really looking forward to our trip.
        Take care,

        Liked by 1 person

  13. I was completely enchanted by this post, Ingrid, and I loved the order it came to us in. The frolicking at Lake Powell with your friends was so inspiring, seeing and reading about your camping together, then jumping in the Tacoma and exploring. And the picnic on the edge of cliff, with all four of you looking out into that rocky abyss, left me smiling for all the fun and joy you had together. Then the back story of Lake Powell, in your flight attendant past life looking through the magazine; and then the video while you did chores, in both instances Lake Powell rising to the surface of your busy life. And then subsequent camping there. A beautiful tale of love, adventure, courage, and joy. Cheers, my friend–


    1. Awe, thank you Jet. I feel fortunate that my parents passed down their wanderlust genes and I can live this adventurous lifestyle. More stories of our escapades in the back country forthcoming. Now the only thing missing during my Lake Powell visit has been time out on the water. Hmm! Still a tad too cold for my desert blood but may have to plan a return visit when boating temps are to my liking 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I agree! You found a wonderful lunch spot. I love the story of wanting to visit Lake Powell after watching the Michael Bolton video. It’s great you were able to get there to see it in person more than once.


    1. Yes Beth, I’m glad I was finally able to explore Lake Powell. This particular visit has been a joy. The only thing missing – a boat ride, but then again, it has been a tad too chilly for my blood. Guess that means, I’ll have to come back 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  15. I’ll have to remember that place, looks beautiful. We never stay very long in that area. Two day stop on our way north usually. We’ve kinda looked at Big Water though, as a place to relocate the shop. We have always liked the area around Kanab, but finding property there is a no go.


    1. We just spent yesterday driving from Lone Rock to Kodachrome SP via Cottonwood Road … amazing land. Grand Staircase Escalante NM is indeed grand and a photographers delight. I could see how Big Water might work for your needs. You should spend more time in the area and see how you guys like it. What started off as a two-week visit for us, is turning into a month with talks of coming back in the fall.


  16. I loved this post! I too was a fan of Michael Bolton and remember that video. And another commonality, we are from Rockford, Il and when we decided to move to Arizona in the late 90’s, 2 things were on the bucket list, hiking the Grand Canyon and renting a houseboat at Lake Powell. Well, the hike happened 4 times, but never did the houseboat. However, camping on the shores of Lone Rock was just as good.
    We’ll definitely have to check out Alstrom Point next visit. I love reading RV blogs and learning about new places to explore.
    Aren’t we the lucky ones who have the opportunity to travel and experience all these amazing places?
    Will take you up on the boat renting!


    1. Small world sometimes in this RVing community. I’m so enjoying my time boondocking at Lone Rock. So much so, that we’re already talking about returning in the fall so we can rent a powerboat for the day and do a little lake cruising. Still so much more to explore around here.


  17. Funny you 🙂 enjoyed your stories, video music, fabulous photos of course! and since I already did the small boat thing from the Halls Crossing Marina and south exploring all the nooks and crannies and tall walls for about 30 miles for a couple days in October about 10 yrs ago (not the tourist season), I understood perfectly about the “washing machine” tendency in that part of the lake and feeling grateful we had the lake mostly to ourselves. It’s a beauty that has to be found, and you found it!


    1. I bet October was a good time to visit – like you said, off season. We’ve talked about coming back to Page in mid-late September. I’m dying to get out on the water… just for a day in a powerboat. This area of the lake seems prettier than up by Bullfrog and Halls Crossing. Probably because the body of water is bigger.


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