Three’s company, or not!

I Googled the meaning of adventure.  The word adventure could be used to describe an unusual and exciting, sometimes hazardous, experience or activity.  Hmm, I pondered that for a moment.  Quite frankly, I think life’s an adventure it’s just some days are filled with more excitement than others.

hot air balloons

This photo was taken right out my RV door while still in my nighty!

It’s been an interesting couple of days around our little home.  One might even use the term adventurous to describe our exciting and unusual morning(s).

adventureIt was around 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning as I laid in bed.  I wasn’t in a deep sleep, but not necessarily awake.  I’m laying on my side with my back to hubby when I feel Al lightly drum his fingers down my arm.  Then he rested his hand before continuing the light drumming back up, then down, then gone.  As I laid their half asleep yet half awake, I thought to myself…. how strange.  He’s never done that before.  Oh well, and quickly fell into a deep slumber.

Around 5:30 a.m. I’m awakened by Al’s chuckling.  He says, “What are you doing?”  Groggily, I responded with a, “What are you talking about”.  He says, “You know… that light tickling drumming with your fingers down my arm”.  “Honey, I’m laying on my stomach and in this position even the most talented of contortionists wouldn’t be able to even touch your arm let alone roll fingers”.

Say what?  Somewhat startled, we quickly became WIDE awake.  We swiftly sat up and looked around.  Apparently, we weren’t alone.  It became obvious I wouldn’t be going back to sleep anytime soon, and thus I got up to start the coffee and frantically looked around for any unwanted guest.

It was a particularly beautiful morning.  While looking out the RV bedroom window, I sat in bed having my coffee. The lovely sight of colorful balloons temporarily eased any concerns of a third party in bed with us. It was the perfect day for an adventurous hot air balloon ride. I watched as a dozen balloons floated by.  Ah, one day I’ll go up in one of those baskets.


the view out my bedroom window

While I was enjoying coffee with a view, Al continued the critter hunt to no avail and eventually we went about our day…. that is until it was time for lunch.  Was it the smell of food that finally lured Lorenzo out into the open?  The next five minutes unfolded like a scene out of an episode of the Three Stooges as Al and I escorted Mr. Lorenzo Lizard to the nearest exit.


“Hey, you could’ve at least fed me before kicking me out!”

With the bedroom mystery solved, that night we were able to enjoy a good nights sleep… that is until about 3:00 a.m.  That’s when Donatella Donkey and her family decided to munch on the weeds next to our RV.


Dad on the left (yes that’s dad, I double checked – he’s just cold or shy at the moment), mom middle, child on the right

donkeyWith the beautiful spring weather we’ve enjoyed in Phoenix, we’ve slept with the windows open at night.  Therefore, the braying …. hee-haw sound of the donkey right outside our window had Al and me laughing.  We literally could hear them pulling the grass and munching, but that braying sound was/is hysterical. And it’s loud.

If you’ve never heard a donkey bray, click here to be entertained.  Trust me, it’s worth the click to listen to these guys.

These donkeys aka wild burros casually roam about the desert in the northwest part of the Phoenix valley near Lake Pleasant.

Ah, but our little adventurous encounters didn’t end there.  We have the tale of Millie who was so brazenly bold as to mosey from behind my chair over to the slatted vent under the frig all the while exchanging eye contact with hubby….. the hussy!

mouseOnce behind the vent, she continued looking at Al for another minute before disappearing.  Al found the encounter rather humorous but that didn’t stop him from setting a mouse trap that night.  It remained empty the next morning.  Perhaps Miss Millie heeded the evacuation notice.

The next day it was time for me to bake.  Since I’ve been following a Paleo based diet, I like to keep the freezer stocked with fresh-baked scones or muffins made from almond or coconut flour.  I recently purchased a special silicon bagel/donut mold and was looking forward to giving it a try.  In an RV, storage needs to be fully utilized.  I stow my cookie sheets and muffin pans including the new donut mold in the RV oven when not in use.  When I emptied the oven to lite the pilot light, I excitedly reached for my new bagel mold….. “What’s this – crumbs?”  Miss Millie Mouse had nibbled on my brand new, never been used silicon donut mold and chewed a hole in one of the rings.fuming madTo say I was fuming is putting it mildly.  Expletives were flying out of my mouth.  Words that would make a sailor blush.  Millie was immediately sentenced to death via the guillotine.  The next day, it was another very early morning wake up for me when a SNAP was heard!  Remember, adventure sometimes means hazardous?

So there you have it.  Adventure comes in many forms.  Just another day in the life of an RV’er and why do things always seem to happen in threes?

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102 thoughts on “Three’s company, or not!

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  2. I read this post a couple days ago and I still can’t stop thinking about that lizard! Eek! I would absolutely die if that happened to me. We’ve had a few mice, but so far (knock on wood) I’ve never seen one – only evidence of them. What crazy stories!

    • I’ve only seen the mice in a trap when Al doesn’t get it disposed of soon enough. The mice and lizards can be cute BUT outside the RV. Adventure comes in many forms 🙂

  3. Good heavens it’s like a three ring circus RV style. Glad to hear the donkeys didn’t want to snuggle up beside you! Such a funny post Ingrid. I really enjoyed it. 🙂

    • Now that would’ve made a nice title, “three ring circus RV style”. Why didn’t I think of that? 😉 I’m glad the donkeys didn’t find a way to wiggle their way INTO the RV…. that would’ve made quite the story 😆

  4. Hilarious! Here a critter, there a critter, everywhere a critter, critter! The lizard and going up the arm thing. I think I would have had a hard time getting back into bed that night.
    But to have been a fly on the wall watching you and Al try to get him out of the Rv. ~~I would have loved it!
    I too am going to get into one of those baskets. It is at the top of my bucket lists!
    Cute Post!!!

    • Thanks Nancy. It’s been a wild time around the RV lately. Keeps us on our toes. I know, I too keep eyeing those balloons but I think I’d like to go up in one in Page or Lake Havasu. I’ll ponder that thought 🙂

      • I am pondering the same… but going by the house could be cool. The other day… I heard a noise that sounded like a car in the back yard. I looked out the window and to my amazement I saw the people in the basket practically touching the neighbors roof. Unbelievable…and could not get to my camera soon enough.

        • Wow… how wonderful. I did notice them flying to the north of us the other day. Need to keep the camera on the counter at all times 🙂

  5. Thanks for making me laugh! We’ve had mice more than once and hubby has gotten good at setting the traps under the sink. We had one hitch hike from Texas to Louisiana this trip. It sure was good to hear the sound of that SNAP! So glad there was only one!

    • You welcome! I think because of the remote places we like to park, we put ourselves in a situation where critters can be expected. As much as we’ve sealed and resealed, I think it’s just something to be dealt with…. snap! I too am glad there was only one…. at least for now 😉

  6. Oh, my… things are getting wild out there in the west. And, what a rock you are, Ingrid… finding anything that size in my bed would be very unsettling. The wild burros are just wonderful. As long as they don’t spend all their time braying : ) I hope you and Al continue to have happy travels, great sights, and wonderful experiences. Please, keep the smiles coming.

    • Thanks Holly…. gotta maintain a sense of humor. They don’t call it the wild west for nothing. Those donkeys have kept me laughing. Hope the house hunting has been a success 🙂

      • No success yet… recenly we have been looking at 55+ communities, and bouncing around ideas so we could just stay here. A new powder room, and a couple elevators are all we would need. And, we would need to lose the eight inch step down to the living room! 😉

  7. Lizards don’t bother me but the thought of having one in my bed would freak me out! We are fortunate to not have had any mice in our rigs while we have been living in them. We did have evidence of a squatter who moved in while we had our first RV in storage. Hope you have now “de-critterized” your home.

    • We are currently critter free…. or so it seems. I think it’s the places we like to park that make us a little more susceptible to unwanted guests. All part of the adventure, huh!

  8. Haha, I had a good laugh, picturing the scene, thanks for that 😀 I think I would have screamed so hard realizing I have an unwanted guest in my bed 😀 I much prefer lizards and insects than spiders as well.

    • Glad I could provide a little entertainment. I had the tiniest white spider on my computer the other day and shrieked. Hubby thought it was hysterical. So obviously I can handle lizards and mice but bugs/spiders are another thing.

  9. Now you have me thinking maybe we should take two cats on the road with us! There is a small lizard somewhere in our garage – I think. He/she/it ran in under the door yesterday and I did not see anything run out. Suppose I should leave one of the cats in the garage tonight? One cat is older and a little slow. The newer cat has plenty of energy to catch a lizard. Assuming he does not run from lizards that is. I call him loaner cat because Karen took him in as a foster till she finds him a home. Hay Ingrid – do want me to mail you a cat?

    • Hahaha…. thanks for the cat offer. Fortunately, I’m confident we are currently critter free….. at least for a little while. It’s always fun traveling with pets. They add a whole other kind of ‘adventure’ 🙂

  10. 🎂oh my goodness! I think I would have freaked out when I realised I’d been sharing a bed with a lizard. Gate crashers are never welcome in my house, but I did share my shower with a lizard a few weeks ago. Hubby was impressed that I didn’t scream. There was no point, as Lizzie and I were the only’ ‘people’ within earshot. I haven’t had a mouse in the house, but have had a snake in my dining room.

    • I’m impressed Lizzie didn’t have you uttering at least a little scream. I didn’t see Lorenzo in my bed. I saw him after the fact on the wall or I assure you there would’ve been some jumping around. A snake? A mouse? Equally unwanted guests!

  11. We’ve had a spider in the bed but never a lizard. I know they won’t hurt you but still!
    We had a bold mouse in Death Valley that came out of the bathroom and drank from the cat’s water dish while the cats watched. Luckily it didn’t eat my silicone bakeware.

    • Now that’s a bold mouse. We’ve had mice in the past but thought we sealed up any openings. We’re still looking for any spots that need additional sealing. I find the lizards cute BUT on the outside of the RV 🙂

  12. Well you certainly retained your sense of humor through all this & I appreciate the laugh. Although I would have fiound the burros visit delightful, the lizard & mouse? Not so much. I believe an underbelly investigation for any & all minute holes is called for. God only knows what else might come calling.

    • Yes, an underbelly investigation is in progress. We’re pretty sure the lizard entered via the open screen door (my doing) but the mouse is another story. The donkeys on the other hand are a constant source of entertainment that continue to make us laugh.

  13. What a great story! We have always referred to times like this while on vacation as “making memories.” No doubt this is one you won’t soon forget. There is a small farm next to the place where we store our RV, and we often get to hear the donkeys bellow while there. It is so funny to listen to them.

    • Well, we sure have been “making memories” around here lately…. never a dull moment and wouldn’t have it any other way…. except for the mouse that is. I can’t handle mice in the RV. We all know one can quickly turn into a dozen – yikes!

    • This was the first time we had a ‘bold’ mouse. It’s been quite a while since our last uninvited guest encounter. Fortunately, it seems to have been just one has the traps have remained empty… thank goodness 🙂

  14. Hilarious! We could not agree with you more on the “adventure” in this lifestyle, it is what you make of it so why not make it fun and adventurous? I meant to respond to your last post on blogging…… the reason we started blogging as more of a personal diary and to keep family and friends up to date. It is truly amazing some of the people you meet virtually. We have not met any “haters” yet but it is still early……

    • Adventure takes many forms and some are more fun (funnier) than others. Totally agree about the making of some wonderful friends along this journey. What a pleasant surprise!

  15. What a hoot, after the thought more so. Looks like our grandkids pet lizard…how big was it?! Unreal it climbed in bed! Watch a lot of Morticia Adamms back in the day…how did you get her so smoking hot! You tell some hilarious stories…going to have to share this with our Jackson 🙂 Be safe!!

    • Thanks C. The lizard in the RV was pretty small maybe 4″ not including tail. I find them more entertaining than negative. It’s the mice that really bother me and I tend to freak out a bit more seeing a mouse in the house. I was a huge fan of the Adams Family and the Monsters. Hey, come to think of it, I’m sporting a Lily Monster hair style 😆

  16. meant to say, i saw you top 50 badge(well deserved) and linked to see other RV bloggers. i tried the link on the little piece about you and it doesn’t seem to work. i know its not your site but thought you might want to know 🙂

    • Thanks Anne. I noticed the majority of blogs weren’t linking up. Oh well, I removed the badge from my sidebar. I thought it was a nice way to discover other RV blogs but if they won’t link what’s the point.

  17. i could have copied with the lizard, ingrid, and the burros but the mouse – oh no, i’d have been checking in to the nearest hilton. i bet when you saw the silicone bakeware you wished you’d bought metal 😦 hope you survived the storm – so exciting to have rain!

    • Yep, the mouse in the house is never ok. The silicone bakeware works really well when baking with alternative flours. I have since found a new place to stow them. The storms weren’t too bad. The winds had us rocking a little but it’s always nice to have the rain knock the dust down. We’re heading out of town soon. How about you?

  18. It was the smell of the almond flour that gets the critter mossy in your rig 🙂 As for the donkey we heard them in Roswell and yes they are hilarious and Steve enjoyed them.
    A few days ago I bought a bag of Almond flour hoping to bake a cookie, maybe someone will send me a copy of her recipe 🙂 not now but when I get back,

    • I’m hoping to see you when you get back to Colorado. We’d love for you guys to drive up to Dillon for a visit (last week of May). It’s beautiful and the drive should take less than an hour from Golden. If we need to entice Steve, I can make bananas foster 😆

  19. Ingrid, this was a hilarious post!!! We had an adventure in the middle of the night with mice several years ago. Eric lured one out of the cabinet with corn chips and we swept it out the door so that it could go back to the woods where it belonged. But then we woke an hour later to the pitter patter of more little feet. 😦 I’m now obsessed with keeping all of the outside storage doors closed so that they can’t gain access. Your donkey family is adorable.

    • Glad I could provide a chuckle. Usually when there’s one mouse there’s two or three more. We had some belly work done last fall so hubby’s thinking there’s an opening somewhere that wasn’t there before. The hunt is on. And yes the donkey’s are adorable. I can always count on them to bring a smile to my face.

  20. Oh my that is a funny story, although funny because it didn’t happen to me. I can’t imagine what I would have done and you seem so calm about it. I am glad you got rid of them all for now, maybe put a spring on your Rv sceen so you can’t leave it open.

    • I find the donkey’s and lizard entertaining, the mouse not so, but I do need to find the humor in the encounters. Insects however are the worst for me 🙂

  21. OMG! A lizard in bed with me is NOT a pleasant thought…and I keep bottles of wine in my “Barbie oven” when not using it..We have never had a mouse…but a snake is what I worried about in Louisiana in the swamp..We have had birds trying to nest in our hitch though…You are a better woman than I with that lizard..I would NOT find that entertaining!!!

      • We’re not sure where the mouse came in. Al’s been crawling around underneath but let’s face it it doesn’t take a big opening for those little guys. The lizard I think came in through the door. I’ve been know to leave the screen open while grilling or bringing in groceries. I did the same thing at our son’s home and he yelled as a lizard entered. That was another hysterical moment.
        “Barbie oven” I call mine my “easy bake oven”.

  22. Love the “blooming” desert. Be very thankful that your little mouse friend didn’t eat through your electrical wires!

    • That is always a concern that a mouse will do some serious damage. Thus, we’re quick to put out a trap if we even think there might be one in the house. The saguaro are just starting to bloom in the wild and we’ll be here another week maybe two so I’m hoping to see a bunch blooming…. fingers crossed!

  23. Thanks for the laugh:) I am sure it wasn’t funny at the time but we roared reading it. That lizard was the worst. I know I would have had nightmares for quite awhile. I am very wimpy when it comes to little living creatures. But all you excitement did make for a super post:) Love those hot air balloons as your view in the early morning:) Boy, is the desert every blooming…gorgeous!

    • You welcome…. it’s been quite entertaining around here lately. That photo of the desert blooming was taken at the Botanical Garden a little over a week ago. Since then, the blooms in the wild are long gone but the saguaro are starting (note; happy dance). We’ll be hanging in Phx another ten days so hoping to see some saguaro action 🙂

    • Glad I could provide a little entertainment. Yes, I give the critters names but there’s usually an added word/name in addition which I failed to mention due to inappropriate blog language 😆

  24. Haha..our weekend has been less than adventurous so glad you had more excitement! I wonder what would have happened if you’d noticed the lizard while still in bed. I can just imagine the chaos that would play out. Seems you are having lot of critters and wildlife experiences:) I wouldn’t mind the burros, but lizards and mice inside would probably ruin my night sleep…

    • If I had actually seen the lizard in bed, I can assure you the screaming would’ve out done any donkey braying not to mention the jumping around. Fortunately, the lizard was a little guy with a body less than 4″ long but still not welcome inside the RV let alone the bed.
      Here’s hoping you manage some fantastic wildlife sightings this summer in the great OUTDOORS 🙂

  25. Sorry but I had to laugh at the wildlife encounters. I know what that feels like, especially regarding mice. We’d have plagues of them out on the farm and nothing was safe from their gnawing! Argh! Donkeys are incredibly loud when they bray. That would have given me a fright. The lizard is probably the least annoying guest but could still give you quite a surprise. I agree, life is just one big adventure! 🙂

    • The mice scare me as I know their gnawing can cause severe damage… damage to electrical wires. Thus, we are always on the look out for them. The donkeys are just hysterical and always provide a laugh and smile. Never a dull moment in the RVing world 🙂

    • No hotels for this gal anymore. The idea of a hotel actually creeps me out more these days than a lizard or mouse running around my home. Hmm, whatever has gotten into me! 😆

      • I’m with you Ingrid! I run around the hotel room with my clorox wipes, trying to disinfect every surface – it exhausts me!

  26. Hahahahaha! Too funny Ingrid. I suppose it wasn’t funny at the time but it gave me a hoot when I read it. I know all to well the sound of a donkey bray. A dear neighbor at the farm (Cindy P) has a little donkey along with her miniature horses and when she goes down to the barn to feed I can always tell! Awwwwwwww ee awwwwwwwww, that sound carries a long way I can tell you.

    We’re stopped for the night at the Elks in Lamar, CO. Wind driven cold cold rain and mist – Ugh!

    • Yes, those donkeys can be heard from a long distance away. Don’t they make you laugh? Sounds like a spring storm is hitting Colorado. Those storms usually pass quickly so it’s best to let them move out before traveling. It’s the time of year where it can be 80 one day and 30 the next. Keeps ya on your toes 😉

  27. Poor mousie!
    That tapping thing – I had a similar thing happen with a rat in bed with me. The four-legged kind! I was staying in the basement guest room of an apartment building. I lept out of bed right quick and spent the rest of the night on my friend’s sofa after waking up the whole household.
    Hope you’ll stay pest free now.

    • Oh that’s horrible Carol. It dawned on us that it might have been a mouse as well, but I think I handle the idea of the lizard better for some reason. I too am hoping we are pest free for a while. The traps have been empty 🙂

  28. Too funny Ingrid. You’re a regular traveling wildlife hazard. You’ll have to post a sign warning the wildlife that you’re coming and not to mess with your RV!

  29. Ingrid – that’s just way too many friends to share your coach. So far, with 2 dogs and 1 cat, we haven’t experienced any uninvited guests.

    • I think we’ve encountered our fair share of uninvited guests because of some of the places we like to stay and we no longer have a pet to help shoo the critters away 🙂

  30. Oh my goodness Ingrid! This is so funny. At least Mr. Lorenzo didn’t get caught in the trap, that would have just been nasty!

    • Fortunately the trap wasn’t set until after Lorenzo exited. I’ve learned since to keep the screen door closed now all the time. I’ve been known to leave it open when I’m grilling. We don’t have too many bugs to worry about in Phoenix, just lizards and mice 😉

  31. Hee, hee, hee! Rosie has not yet had the pleasure of a mouse or lizard inside! She would be in heaven!

    Having heard a donkey braying on and off all day in Roswell, I can imagine how it must sound right outside your window…!

    • The serenade just outside the RV had Al and me in stitches. It’s one thing to hear the donkey’s in the distance and a whole other experience when close by.
      You are lucky in the mouse dept. We thought we had things sealed up pretty good but perhaps after some work last fall there’s a little opening. We’re keeping an eye on things 🙂

  32. Hahaha. One of the most entertaining posts I have ever read. You sure you aren’t opening a zoo? They say all bad things come in threes. I think you two are done for a while with your critter adventures.

    • I sure do hope we’re done with the inside critters for a while. We have an August trip planned to IL and WI and I’m already dreading the insect encounters. Glad you enjoyed our shenanigans Marsha 🙂

  33. Greg and I were both laughing and cringing at your story this morning. I love the cactus flower picture! Beautiful! Yesterday was beautiful here – great day for a long hike. But, this morning, we have slushy snow and thunder. Crazy weather. Have a great week

    • Thanks Karen. Glad I could bring a chuckle to your day. We’ve had some rain and wind in Phoenix yesterday and today but it’s quick to move on. It’s that transitional time of year where one never knows what Mother Nature has in store 🙂

  34. Okay, now I know what hee haw really sounds like! Hard to ignore. 🙂 Mice are too smart for their own good. I made a sincere effort to use no kill traps a while back. Caught one and the others wouldn’t go near it. Back to snap!

    • Unfortunately, the old fashion way is the only way to get rid of the little mice before one turns into a dozen. Every time we hear those donkeys (usually in the distance) Al and I can’t contain our chuckles. Their sound is just so funny!

  35. Outdoor critters, yay! The ones inside??? I would not be laughing about lizards running down my arm in the middle of the night. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

    • Spiders and insects creep me out much more than lizards or mice. But the four legged critters are much cuter when seen on the OUTSIDE of the RV…. where they belong 🙂

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