There’s something mysterious about a foggy morning…..  conjures up memories of a spooky Scooby Do cartoon. “Scooby Do, where are you?”mysteryWe’re currently visiting Galveston Island, Texas, and although I’m excited to get out and about to explore, the cold and rain has keep me RV bound for the past few 101So as soon as this polar vortex moves on, you can bet I’ll be out hunting down the local wildlife ….. egrets, herons, sandhills oh my!mysteryToday’s photo 101 word is ‘Mystery’ and a foggy morning along the Gulf Coast seems fitting to 101

Exploring the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail: Highlights Of A Birding Mecca (Exploring Series)
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79 thoughts on “Mystery

  1. What is it about mist, fog and water that stirs the inner soul and has us longing to find the mystery of it all? Hope there is a mystery to be solved in looking at your beautiful photos!

  2. Love the mystery of your Galveston pics! Loved near there, in clear lake for a few years. Visiting NASA is a good indoor/outdoor trip should you start getting cabin fever. Hope to run into you somewhere on the road In GA on the way to Fla. Also hoping polar weather moves on quickly. Cold has us hibernating more than we are used to but enjoying the sleep!

    • I think we’ll need to start looking into indoor activities if this rain doesn’t let up soon. Galveston is as far east as we’re going this year and if this weather doesn’t improve, we may head back to the desert sooner rather than later LOL.

  3. Cool pics, crazy weather down here-sure hope it changes soon. Dave froze trying to fish out at Goose Island, at least he caught some. AZ is looking better and better next winter.

    • I already told Al I want to meander around the desert southwest next winter LOL. However, if we once get a break in this weather and I’m able to get out with the birds….. well, might change my mind. Stay warm 🙂

    • The mystery of a foggy morning at sunrise along the coast and the beauty of a stunning desert sunset ….. sure love this lifestyle as it allows me to experience it all 🙂

  4. The polar vortex was probably in the desert area, too, Ingrid. It is very far reaching… Just bundle up and enjoy the fog. And, get ready for round II next week. It’s supposed to be in the teens in Atlanta, and not get out of the thirties all day 😳

      • Me, too. ingrid. In weather like this, I am happy to be home next to a roaring fire in the fireplace. I have been really busy Christmas Shopping this week and getting ready for my sister to visit over Thanksgiving. I have been giving a lot of though about all you full-time RVers. It must be hard Christmas shopping and dealing with all the extras over the holidays. I am using a whole room just to wrap and lay out gift bags.

        How do you RVers deal with it all?! I am glad for the extra space and having an address for all my e-shopping. Ingrid, do you usually stay with family for the holidays? Or, have you tried meeting up with RV friends to share holiday meals?

        • This year we’ll hang with fellow RVer’s. I come from a super small family and thus holidays were never a big deal and during our working days it wasn’t uncommon for hubby and me to work on Christmas or Thanksgiving. So our family celebrates whenever we can get together.
          And as for shopping – it’s just small stuff for my two grown children. Pretty low key. I think I’ve set up a Christmas tree twice in the last 20 years because we would always rent a cabin in the mountains for the holiday. My kids are used to traveling but with their work schedules this year, they aren’t able to get away. They’ll be missed for sure….. Skype it is!

          • Well, that simplifies things! I like having a tree, even though we will be away for Christmas at daughter Susie’s. Shopping has gotten to be a bigger deal for us with the addition of five grandchildren. I have always enjoyed celebrating holidays and always miss the kids at these times. (I secretly envy your low-key holidays… You are probably not bummed if you don’t spend them with family! Makes life simpler, easier : )

            • Oh, I’m bummed not seeing the kids, but I think it would be different with little ones. So I can assure you once we have grandkids, we’ll be going the extra mile to be with them. Perhaps even back to the mountains for sledding, snowmobiling, and ‘watching’ little ones learn to ski. Oh, how I miss those days…. I don’t like this getting old stuff LOL.

            • You come from the perfect place for snow fun with little ones… We moved to Atlanta in 1980 from Hoboken, NJ (just across the Hudson River from New York City.). I have always loved snow. I still pine for snow down here, but when the kids were little, we would jump in the car and drive a few hours to find snow and sledding. The best times were the high school years when we checked out skiing in Salt Lake. Snow to the rooftops! Driveways dug out with 10 foot walls… I had never seen anything like that.

            • Totally agree – when the kids were teenagers we had a blast vacationing near Winter Park, Colorado in the winter. I’m sure those traditions will return once grandkids are around. For now, we’re enjoying a snow free winter 🙂

    • Thanks Larry. That boat was just bobbing all by itself….. my imagination went crazy – I think I’ve watched way too many CSI shows or Scooby Do cartoons LOL

    • Thanks Wayne. I’m beginning to wonder why I’m sitting along the Texas Coast freezing instead of the warmth of the desert in Anza Borrego Springs 😉

    • Thank you Amy. It was warmer near the ocean, but still cold. I haven’t taken my UGG’s off all day. It’s almost time for some birding 🙂

  5. Great photos. When the weather clears, go to the Visitors Center, and get a map of the tree carvings. You can do a terrific cycling or walking tour of these carvings, generally clustered in one neighbohood. They are carved from stumps left from the Hurricane of 1900, and also from the more recent one in 2008. This is a great way to spend an afternoon wandering around the Island. Not fancy, but we also loved Leon’s BBQ. Queenies pretty good, too.

    • Thank you so much Judy. We’re actually going to try a walking tour tomorrow if the weather cooperates. So wonderful timing on your comment…. appreciate 🙂

  6. I, for one, am glad you’re having a foggy time there…..the result is some pretty wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    • I would shoot for Arizona as it seems to be the only place this polar vortex is by passing. Same thing happened last winter. That desert is looking mighty alluring right now 🙂

  7. Ingrid, you’ve certainly made the most of your foggy days in Galveston. Your photos are beautiful and definitely have an air of mystery. That last one is especially lovely. Enjoy your cozy time — you’ll be out with the wildlife soon!

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