Eat Clean, Train Dirty

Our daughter, Ashton, along with a couple of friends signed up for a 5K. This was our daughter’s first 5K and she seemed a tad nervous as to what she might have gotten herself into because this wasn’t just any 5K. Nope, this was a “mud run”.

Survivor Mud Run 5K

Stephanie, Sarah, daughter Ashton BEFORE the run

5K Survivor Mud Run

Stephanie, Ashton, and Sarah checking out one of the obstacles prior to start

The Survivor Mud Run is a 5K run plus obstacle course. Most of these obstacles entail a series of ropes, tunnels, or slides through water and mud.Survivor Mud Run 5Ksurvivor mud run 5K obstacle courseThis is more of a social 5K than a competitive event. Teams seem to coordinate their attire. Our girls went with a lime green shirt – Eat Clean, Train Dirty!

5K mud run ColoradoSome go to the extent of a pseudo type of costume; wearing anything from tutu’s, to superman t-shirts, or even a kilt – check out the guy in the photo above, on the right.

This sixty year old high school teacher from Boulder is covered in royal blue from head to toe and sporting a kilt for added character.  According to his wife (we happen to be spectators standing next to each other) if there’s a 5K or 10K happening anywhere near Denver, he’s in!

It took my gals about an hour and a half to complete the course.  They had a fun time and would do it again in a heart beat.

Ashton did end up sporting a couple of scrapes and bruises, but nothing that would stop her from competing again.

5K Survivor mud runAfter the gals crossed the finish line, they couldn’t contain their glee and it was hugs all around.mud run

survivor mud runAnd to think, I thought I’d be able to walk away unscathed.5K survivor mud run
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57 thoughts on “Eat Clean, Train Dirty

  1. Good grief, what a great mom you are, Ingrid! I don’t know if I could do that (let the family princess engulf me in her muddiness – I cringe at admitting that, but the truth should always be told . . .) And what an awesomely good sport your girl was, for her first ever 5 K. I am SO impressed. Just love this post!!

  2. Wow, that is impressive! I don’t know how it’s like to get this muddy… Are you going to join them next year 🙂

    • My daughter wants me to join them, but we’ll see. I certainly need to get in better shape so I don’t hold up the team 🙂

    • I was too afraid to take the new camera for fear of mud so just used the trusty point n shoot that’s always in my purse. The gals certainly had fun and since it was 90 degrees they didn’t mind getting wet 🙂

    • I’m not sure I had a choice about the mud hug LOL. I’m just glad I wasn’t pulled into a mud pit…. I can thank my camera for saving me 🙂

  3. You’re not too old. My hubby and I ran our first 5K mud run in April and we’re 50 and 51. Yes, most of the participants were younger but we still had a great time. YOU CAN DO IT!!

    • Ah, we’re close in age and if I keep up with the regular hiking I think I just might be up for some kind of fun run. Still not sure about crawling in mud, but I’m not ruling it out 🙂

      • The best part is that you can choose to go around the obstacle. I’d like to try a color run next. I’m not into timed races. But the fun ones are right up my alley.

  4. I was thinking as I was reading this that mom should have joined in. I can just picture you covered in mud from head-to-toe! Hope you get all the mud out of your clothes. 🙂

  5. Congratulations to Ashton and her friends. Our daughter, Carrie, did a mud run just like this one. She loved it. What fun to be young.

    • It appears this particular organization tours the country setting up these fun runs. Next up Ashton is doing a ‘color run’. That one should be interesting also. Yes, to be young again!

  6. What a great event! Our daughter, Jessica, took up running over two years ago. She loved participating in the mud run. You can see how much fun Ashton and her friends were having. So glad you joined the group hug:)

    • Ashton really enjoyed the run and I see her doing more of it. Perhaps a trip to the Rockies in conjunction with a mud run is something you might consider for next summer 😉 Just think about the blog material we’d have …. Pam and Jessica could join Ingrid and Ashton???

    • In general, the majority of participants were young with the older crowd being spectators 😉 My daughter wants me to join her next time, but she hasn’t convinced me yet!

  7. How fun was that! Glad you were there to share it. I have a quick question for you, assuming you are still in the Denver area. Have you visited Golden Gate Canyon State Park yet? We are wondering if it would be worth the long drive for a week of vacation to use as a base to see the Denver area and Rocky Mountain National Park. Have fun!

    • Yep, still in Denver. Nope, have not visited Golden Gate Canyon SP yet. Personally, I would recommend staying at Cherry Creek State Park for a few days to explore Denver and then move to Rocky Mountain NP to stay and explore. By staying close to the areas you want to explore, you won’t be spending half your time driving from point a to point b. And summertime afternoon storms can quite often shorten your day. Lightening is a serious thing around here. Feel free to email me for more info; We have a reservation in Rocky Mtn NP Aug 15th. Last week we drove through looking at campsites to note sites we would fit into.

      • Thanks for that suggestion! We are looking for a place where we can meet our California kids for a trip next year that works for all of us. We really need electric hookups, so that takes away the national park for us as far as camping, except to see it by car. Hubby and I may make a quick trip to the area by plane sometime soon to check it out, as it is still a long drive in the RV to go to a place that might not work out for us. We would likely only be in the area for about a week and would rather spend time in the parks than the city on the trip with the kids. 😉

        • Just came back from Golden Gate Canyon SP. It’s very pretty. Sites are nice and located in a pine forest. However, it’s in the middle of no where – 20 miles from Golden and one heck of a roller coaster drive to Rocky Mtn NP. (2 weeks ago we took that back route to the NP). How about one of the RV Parks in Estes Park?

          • Thank you so much for checking it out! That is such a nice gesture! The park sounds great for us to enjoy camping with the kids, and being in the middle of nowhere is good, too. 20 miles is a short drive for us. Is that the Peak to Peak scenic highway that you drove on? Sorry to have so many questions. Maybe I can return the favor sometime.

            • Yes, Peak to Peak hwy. The town of Nederland is cute in a hippie way and I love Golden. I’ve done some posts on Golden. I plan to revisit Golden Gate Canyon SP with hubby for some hiking. Thanks for the nudge to check it out 🙂

    • Hubby had to do stuff like this in the military and thus he couldn’t figure out why anyone would pay and do this voluntarily LOL.

  8. Fantastic! My daughter did a Spartan Race about a year ago. It was a very muddy event. However, the crawling under barbed wire, jumping through fire, swimming in freezing water and getting wacked with padded sticks would prevent me from EVER offering to join her. It was brutal! Your daughter’s event looks like a fun challenge. You would have to put Al in charge of the camera, because we would NEED to see those pics of you!

    • There’s no way I would even consider what your daughter did. That sounds brutal. This event seemed somewhat fun and not all contestants did all the obstacles. That was the only reason I told Ashton I would consider doing it with her next time BUT I do need to get back in shape 😉

  9. OMG how much fun is that? Our kids and spouses did that a couple years ago..called The Warrior Dash…They looked like muddy pigs when they were done. I think this kind of stuff is just great for young people to do…Team sports, making memories , having a good time! Your daughter and her friends might just be addicted. Ashton is lovely, by the way..I can see both of you in her….

    • Aw, thanks Donna. She definitely takes after the Somonauk side though – crazy like her aunts 😉 Next up, she has the ‘color run’ so I think she’s already addicted to this kind of activity. Ah, to be young again…

  10. Absolutely hilarious! What a fun event — never heard of a “mud run.” I bet you’ll participate if you’re anywhere nearby! 🙂

    • I did tell the daughter I would join her next time. No promise I’ll do ALL the obstacles but I’ll be a sport and attempt most. Oh, dear…. what have I gotten myself into? LOL

    • I made the mistake of telling my daughter I’d join her on the next one. Yikes….. I’ll need to plan on being out of town 🙂

  11. Ha! – love the last capture – at least they hugged you and just did not take you down in a mud pond 🙂 Looks like fun actually with it being more social than competitive. Happy Week!

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