Photo Challenge: Monument

When Friday’s photo challenge popped up and the subject was “monument”, I knew I had to post photos of Independence Monument.  Next week we’ll be back in Colorado and the Colorado National Monument will once again be in our backyard.

photo challenge monument

photo taken from the scenic Rim Rock Road. The town of Grand Junction seen in the distance

This monolith called ‘Independence Monument’ is probably the most photographed subject in the Colorado National Monument.  Every 4th of July, rock climbers scale this rock and erect an American Flag.colorado independence monumentLast summer, my sister-in-law and I hiked to the base of Independence Monument, something I had been wanting to do for a long time.  You can read about that 5 mile hike here.independence monument photo challengeYep, I’m looking forward to hiking in “the Monument” again real soon :-)hiking in colorado photo challengeFYI…..I’m not sure why I have ads popping up on my photos, but my apologies and I’m looking into it.  Next post, we’re back to our travels…..
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42 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Monument

  1. Looking forward to the day we can spend time in CO when our summer travels don’t take us back to VT.

  2. Your photos piqued my interest, and I had to go back to read about your hike. Wow, what a gorgeous place! And the bighorn sheep! I definitely want to do that hike. We’ve not spent hardly any time in Colorado, but it’s definitely on our list. Glad you’re showing us all the good places to go. 😉

    • You MUST visit Colorado. Last summer we really started exploring more of our home state. Prior we were always busy working, kids, etc. We’re hoping to find some more hidden gems this summer. That was a great 5 mile hike and I’m hoping for a repeat in a couple of months.

  3. I wasn’t getting any ads. Did you fix it? Annoying little things with (w), but worthwhile to get to see blogs like yours even if it’s not always all we might hope for! 🙂

    • Hum…..not sure what’s going on with the ads. Those photo overlay ads I guess were being tried out. Sometimes they pop up and sometimes they don’t. At least there’s a little x to close the ad. Glad you didn’t get any.

  4. I love it when a challenge is issued and I know exactly what my response will be!

    You aren’t climbing up the rock, neck time…are you? I would be way too scared to do that!

    • I’m a comfortable observer, thank you lol. I have enough problems on hiking trails let alone scaling the side of a rock. It is cool to watch. I will say that last mile was the toughest. We’ll see if we do it again this summer 🙂

    • That final mile was beyond challenging. I was ready for it to be done but the surroundings were absolutely beautiful so I may actually hike it again 🙂

    • I was quite content looking up at it on the hike and looking down on it from the scenic overlook….no rock scaling for this gal 🙂

    • Actually, if you look at the last photo that’s the side that they start the climb. There’s supposedly a trail half way up before the real scaling begins. I guess those ledges offer very good footing. I’ll stick to looking up at it!

      • Often Ingrid the ‘approach’ is more dangerous than the actual roped climbing! Definitely looks like far more than I would be willing to take on even at the peak of my abilities.

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