Mixed Emotions

When one lives a nomadic lifestyle, the time to move on is inevitable.  Eventually, we always embrace pulling up stakes and hitting the road in search of ‘greener pastures’. For Al and I that time has come. That itch to move on started presenting itself weeks ago. However, the down time was just what the doctor ordered.Phoenix ArizonaWe’ve been happily camped on the northwest side of Phoenix for the past six weeks allowing me the opportunity to recover from a nasty bout of the flu. The warm temps, blue skies, stunning sunsets, and wonderful company have rejuvenated me and I’m ready to hit the road.flowering cactusJust because I may be ready to hit the road doesn’t mean I don’t have mixed emotions about doing so. As much as I’m looking forward to our wheels rolling again, there’s a part of me sad and reluctant to leave. We’ve had the pleasure of connecting with some fantastic folks during this long stay in Phoenix, as well as managed to fit in plenty of visits with our son. The weather has been near perfect and the scenery very pleasant.

saguaro cactus

Hugs and kisses goodbye to everyone and everything I love in Phoenix

That said, we have mixed emotions as we bid farewell to Phoenix…..as we say so long dear friends…..toodles stunning sunsets….see ya later blooming cacti.….bye-bye wonderful son….adios Arizona….till we meet again.

Phoenix Arizona

This is the hardest part about leaving Phoenix – saying goodbye to our son

Tomorrow we’ll be pointing the RV in a northerly direction and venturing into some less than populated areas. Some might even call these areas remote. Let’s just say, internet and cell phone service will be hit and miss…..more miss than hit.

RV in Utah

Look where we’re going!

So today, Al and I sit in front of our computers making a plan….a plan with a backup and a backup to the backup and all jotted down on paper – hard copies. We have a tendency to still do things the ‘old school’ way – you know – an old fashioned atlas, paper maps, and real books.
Benchmark Utah Road & Recreation Atlas, 4th editionThe Benchmark Atlas’ are great.  We won’t travel off the interstate without one of these in the vehicle for the appropriate state.  They’re an invaluable tool for exploring.

The old way has served us well when modern technology is elusive and elusive it shall be.  We’re prepared to not be connected for the next two weeks…..eek blogging withdrawals!Arizona sunsetsWe have our route planned out, our camp spots pinned down, and hope the weather doesn’t play havoc with us. Fingers crossed!

Monument Valley

On the road again…Goin’ places that I’ve never been…Seein’ things that I may never see again…And I can’t wait to get on the road again….

Note:  I still enjoy ‘real’ books and knowing we won’t be connected for a while I like them even more.  I have the Kindle app downloaded on my laptop and went to read one of my books the other night and couldn’t.  Apparently I needed to download the latest Kindle version….. really?  Grrr!  Thank goodness I travel with some REAL books.  I pulled out one of my Moon Handbooks, the one for Utah.  I stumbled across these great travel books twenty some years ago long before our RV days or internet and recently I purchased up to date versions of several different states.  These books are small, they don’t take up much room, available on Kindle, and are packed with tons of info; sights to see, places to dine, available sleeping accommodation’s, maps, history, plus so much more.  These Moon Handbooks are a great resource for anyone who loves to travel ♥

Moon Utah (Moon Handbooks)


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  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, one of these days we hope to spend spring in the desert and see the cactus in bloom. Safe travels to UT, one of our favorite places, my brother the photographer has spent lots of time in Moab holding photo tours there.

    • Yes, Moab is a pretty amazing state and best seen slowly. We have so much more in the state of Utah we’d like to explore.
      The desert comes alive in the spring in AZ and should be seen at least once. Photo tours in Utah? I sure wouldn’t mind tagging along on one of those 🙂

  2. Can you plan my travel destinations as well? I’m horrible at it.
    Have fun, Ingrid and travel safe. Will look forward for all your adventures. I’d talk to the weather gods but I can’t promise they’d cooperate as they do to me. 🙂

    • Haha…… of course I can plan a travel itinerary for you, but as you said…..no promises on the weather. Now if only I could get this internet to quit booting me off…..

  3. Because of you… we had “Date Night” at Lake Pleasant. It was fabulous! I was looking around every cactus for you!! Glad to see you are back on the road. Enjoy Utah and hopefully you can go to Moab, Utah! One of my most favorite spots on this earth. Delicate Arch is GORGEOUS! Please try to go there if you can! Safe Travels!

    • We just made it to Moab after spending 4 nights at Goosenecks State Park camped a thousand feet above the San Juan River – stunning. We left Lake Pleasant Thursday…..hope you enjoyed your date night and a lovely sunset. Sorry we missed you 🙂

    • I think it would be hard not to press that shutter button now that we’re in Moab. Safe travels to you as well. Once I get a better internet connection, I’ll have to catch up with everyone’s travels.

  4. I think the desert in bloom is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Hope we get to see it again next winter.

    I have never heard of the Moon Handbooks. Thanks so much for the suggestion. Did you just purchase them at the local bookstore or online?

    Safe travels dear friends.

    • I got mine online. If you click on the book or blue link on this post it’ll take you over to Amazon – I get store credit if you then purchase 🙂 My Utah book came in real handy since we had no internet or cell connection the last 5 days. They aren’t geared toward RVer’s but more towards travelers in general.
      We’re in Moab now, working our way back to Colorado and trying to avoid any snow 🙂

    • It’s always great to be back on the road. I’ve had trouble finding your blog. Your gravatar isn’t linked and I haven’t received any updates in my reader. Not sure why 😦 Hope you’ve been tangoing plenty 🙂

  5. I was not familiar with the Moon travel books until I discovered one for the Pacific Coast at Camping World. You’re right – they are a nice size to travel with and full of interesting places to see and things to do.

    • They’re packed with tons of info and we used them many years ago for hotel / B&B info and general sights to see. The previous ones I had were so old there was no mention of website or internet. Quite funny actually. Now I have new updated ones to aid in our travels 🙂

  6. I understand so well the mixed emotions — we’re leaving my parents and Florida behind in a couple of days, and traveling to the San Juan Islands to hang out near our daughter and grandson for the summer. And then we’ll leave them behind in the fall to travel to Florida again. The adventures along the journey are fantastic, but the saying goodbye is difficult. Hoping the winds settle soon and that you don’t end up in Kansas, haha!

    • Yep, no Kansas in our travel plans (I left my red glittery shoes behind) but we can’t travel amongst those amazing red rock buttes and spires without encountering some wind. I’m hoping they stay under 15 mph. That I can handle.
      Seems you have a similar situation with family; goodbyes to one and hello to another. The summer with a grandchild should be wonderful. Enjoy your travel journey and I look forward to following along.

  7. It is hard to say so long when you have had such a great time with family but this nomadic lifestyle always allows us to come back when we want. Safe travels as you head to Utah, a state we dearly love. Will look forward to seeing many more lovely images from you Ingrid. 🙂

    • I love Utah and was first exposed to it back in the early nineties. Now that we have a RV I’m hoping to explore the state more leisurely. It needs to be explored slowly to take in all those hidden gems. Do you have a favorite Utah spot? I know, too hard to pick just one 🙂

      • I can’t say that I do Ingrid, there are so many. I think the red rocks just draw me in and that’s why I also love Sedona so much. Glad to hear you have fully recovered. 🙂

    • Welcome back Bulldog….oh, how I’ve missed you and your posts. I do hope each day is getting better for you. I’ve finally gotten my strength back after being ill for a month. I really appreciate good health more than ever. Sending warm wishes and a smile your way 🙂

    • Thanks. I have to admit as excited as I am to be exploring Utah there’s a part of me really missing the birds of the Gulf Coast. I never realized how addicting birding can be, but for now those red rocks are calling!

  8. Al and Ingrid on the move again! Yeah and looking forward to great photos of rock formations.
    I can tell by your picture hugging the saguaro that half of you don’t want to leave AZ but the other half is gearing towards new adventures.
    You have a good looking son, too bad we missed him when we were there last year.

    • Thanks ML…..he’s turned into quite a gentleman and I’m a very proud mama. Yep, I’m so ready to get those wheels rolling again. We’ve been put longer than intended due to illness and weather so I am soooo ready to hit the road. I’m just hoping those winds don’t take me to Kansas lol.

  9. Oh the places you will go! I’m sure Phoenix will miss you as you will miss it, but I know a new place will be warmed by your presence. Happy trails!

  10. What a handsome young man! I know you will miss him, but I will certainly look forward to hearing all about Utah. BTW, if you ever opt to buy a Kindle, you can download the books right to it while on Wifi, then they are they to read anytime. They are practically giving them away now, as compared to prices just a few years ago. I have both a Kindle HD and a Nook Glolight and love them both. The Nook Glolight is more like reading a regular book, and Kindle also has a similar version as well. Have fun!

    • Yes, I’ve been looking at the different readers but I want to make sure the one I get can be read easily outside. Thanks for the info….still like those real books but not always practical.
      I say goodbye to the son but in a month I’ll be able to say hello to the daughter 🙂

  11. Sooo glad you are feeling better…Anxious for you to eventually post your travels…keep a REAL journal of notes when you are “off the grid”…and enjoy Utah..

    • I’m so glad I’m better as well. That was pretty scary stuff. If this wind and dust doesn’t settle down soon, I won’t have anything to journal about 😦

  12. Thank you so much for the info on the Moon Handbooks. They look to be valuable tools. Have a safe journey.

    On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 9:44 AM, Live Laugh RV

    • You welcome. I love these little books and have used them as a resource for many years (more years than I care to admit). Thanks 🙂

  13. Happy to hear that you’re recovered, Ingrid. Yes, it must be hard to have to leave your son and move on, but at least you’ve been able to spend some time with him over the past few weeks. It must be so exciting to be off on a new adventure. Enjoy. 🙂

    • Well, you would understand the distance with children…. never easy and those get togethers are always special. Yep, it’s exciting to get the wheels rolling and explore new territory. Thanks 🙂

  14. Your post is a timely one for me. I understand those emotions all too well. We’re leaving Florida tomorrow (been here since December) and one side of me is looking forward to seeing new places and just being on the road, the other side will really miss the things we’ve come to love here. Sigh. Terrible problems to have eh? Thanks for taking us along with you, showing us places we can’t be right now.

    • Yep, you know exactly how I feel and not the worst thing to be confronted with. Will you be heading out west next winter or back to FL?

  15. house across street is for sale. theyre moving out already. only been there 15 months. (micks place). you need a home and i need old neighbors. 🙂

    • Yikes, wonder what happen there! We’re having way to much fun being vagabonds. You and Dawn need to join us if just for a week. We’ll be in Colorado all summer 🙂

    • Yes, and sometimes that new spot is even better than the old one. Hope you boys found a new spot to call home as well…..perhaps with a yard for Eko 🙂

    • Feels wonderful to have my strength and energy back, just in time to start exploring again. Time to find some more landscape to photograph 🙂 Thank you!

  16. I usually dislike pulling up stakes, but it’s likely because I hate stowing everything. I’m with you on hard copy as the electronic versions have a way of being unavailable at the worst time. Good luck on the next leg and glad you’ve recovered.

    • Thanks Larry and it never fails, when I need the internet for info it won’t work. Thus, it’s a good idea to have hard copies. Pulling up stakes for us is easy as we tend to keep things simple and don’t homestead too much. We can be ready to roll in thirty minutes.

  17. Ingrid:We’re looking forward to many great stories and picts again this year from you 2. Barb and I are heading out tomorrow, as well, from Atlanta heading toward Houston for a quick annual doctors checkup for my leukemia which is in remission, then on to Sedona for a couple of weeks, turning it toward western Colorado for about a month, and then ending up running up through Idaho, Western Montana and ending back up in Idaho Falls this September to see some dear friends.

    • Sounds like a fabulous trip with some great stops. We’ll be in Colorado all summer exploring different parts of the state. Be careful with the roads in western Colorado. I recommend you NOT take the rig on Hwy 550. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Also, I can’t find your blog. Your gravatar isn’t linked 🙂 And congrats on the good health news. That’s wonderful.

  18. We know exactly what you mean as we
    pull out of Cortez, FL this morning after two months of fun with friends. This is one of our longest stays. It is hard to leave many times but exciting to see where the road leads. I love where your road is going!! Red rocks:) Have a great time!

  19. Safe travels Ingrid. Enjoy Sedona and then Utah (at least I think that’s your planned route!). I’m sure the adventure will be amazing, regardless of your level of connectivity. (Or perhaps more awesome because of your lack of connectivity. ;-))

    • I think we’ll bypass Sedona this year and high tail it into Utah. I’m looking forward to getting back to Colorado and seeing my daughter 🙂

  20. Have fun on your journey. That’s sad leaving your son. But you got lots of nice time with him, it seems. He’s a cutie. Enjoy Utah.

    • As his mother, I would agree “he’s a cutie”. I know you understand it’s tough being far away from our children but also time for them to forge their own way.
      I’m excited to get back to Utah but concerned about the winds. Those winds can be annoying but then again look at the beauty they create. As long as I don’t end up in Kansas, I’ll be a happy camper 🙂

      • Well, if the winds whip you up, make sure you have your bicycle like the Dorothy’s neighbor in Wizard of Oz. She made it work for her. (That probably made no sense. Maybe I should just go to bed)

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