Untimely appointment

It was February 18th and time for us to leave Benson and head to Phoenix, Arizona.  Al had an appointment on the 19th in Phoenix and thus we couldn’t change our plans as much as I may have wanted to.  I couldn’t believe how ill I felt.  I was sick.  I could barely stand without the thought of my legs collapsing.

I’d been feeling slightly under the weather for several days prior but when I woke up that morning I could hardly function.  I had two bites of toast and some water.  No coffee for me that morning.  That alone had hubby very, very concerned.  For my regular followers, you all know how much I love my morning coffee and a beautiful sunrise.  So forgoing coffee was a sure sign I was ill.Saguaro in bloom

If I recall, it was another beautiful Arizona morning but that wasn’t enough to pull me out of bed. I laid in bed until Al hooked up the 5th wheel.  I even remained in bed while he pulled in the slides – which is usually my job.  So Al did his job and mine.  Once he was ready to hit the road, I crawled into the truck and laid my head down on the center console.

I don’t ever sleep or nap while we drive.  I enjoy being Al’s backseat driver co-pilot and navigator.  So this was extremely rare and unusual for me to nap.  I couldn’t seem to keep my head in an upright position.  I couldn’t eat anything but kept drinking water which required a couple of stops during our 3 hour drive from Benson to Phoenix.  When Al pulled into a rest stop, I didn’t even have the strength to walk the short distance from the truck to the restroom.  Instead I climbed into the rig.  That RV door was a lot closer than the building door.  I was so incredibly weak.desert in bloom

That was the longest three-hour drive of my life and it couldn’t end soon enough.  That drive was by far much worse than the 9-hour drive we took from San Antonio to Las Cruces and seemed hours longer…..go figure.

We pulled into Pleasant Harbor without a reservation and smooth talking Al managed to score a monthly rate even though we’d need to move around to different sites. They didn’t have any sites available for a complete month.   Normally you can only get that monthly rate for a given site…..standard practice in the industry.  So we were very appreciative of the kind staff, especially given the state of my health.flowering cactus

The moment Al had the rig backed into our site, I climbed into bed where I remained for the majority of the week.  That flu bug knocked me down bad.  I’m fortunate I didn’t end up in the hospital, not that the thought didn’t cross my mind or Al’s.  I don’t ever recall being so sick.

It’s been a month since I was bedridden for a week and I’m still struggling with a lack of energy and a nagging cough.  It’s been frustrating not being able to take advantage of the hiking trails here at Lake Pleasant, but I still consider myself lucky especially hearing of others enduring long hospital stays or even those loosing their battle with this nasty flu virus.flu virus

Even though I’ve felt less than stellar this past month, Al and I still managed to get in some socializing with fellow RVer’s and bloggers.   Plus with our son living in the area, we get to enjoy regular visits with him.flu virus

We definitely picked the perfect spot for my recuperation; a great campground, beautiful view, entertaining company, and perfect weather.  Bonus; the desert is blooming….. yep, perfect place to hang and recover.  Each day I’m feeling better and stronger and I appreciate all your well wishes since I posted about my illness.  I hope to be back on the trails soon 🙂

lakes in Phoenix Arizona

Another beautiful sunset over Lake Pleasant, Phoenix AZ

Desert Gardens A Photographic Tour of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Premier 52986 House Brilliance Flag, Desert in Bloom, 28 by 40-Inch

Best Easy Day Hikes Phoenix, 2nd (Best Easy Day Hikes Series)


92 thoughts on “Untimely appointment

  1. Ingrid, glad to read that you are feeling better and I hope your full recovery comes quickly! It sounds like a lovely place to call “home” for awhile!

  2. I’m so happy that you’re feeling better, and also that you’re paying such wise attention to pacing yourself as you continue healing. What an absolutely terrible illness! Eric had the flu when we started out on our full-time adventure last June, but the variety he had lasted only 3 days. The experience reassured me that we could survive an illness while living in a small trailer, but also made me wonder what we would have done if we had needed to move, or if the illness had lasted for weeks, or if we both had gotten sick…You mentioned that your illness made you “rethink some things” and I’m wondering if you came up with any conclusions. Anyway, here’s to you regaining your strength so that you can get out there and share more adventures and beautiful photos with us!

    • Thanks Laurel. Al had the flu last year while in Quartzsite but it wasn’t as bad as mine. It scared me to think of Al getting as sick as me as my ability to do his tasks is limited. I do hope we run into each other some day. I’m sure the conversations would last for days 🙂

  3. Glad to hear you’re doing better Ingrid… We once had bad food poisoning while RVing and the RV wasn’t the best place for it. We also had to move camp, and I remember a bad ride home. It was certainly a memorable trip… I will never forget the experience!

    • Oh dear….that had to be difficult. Just thinking about that ordeal conjures up horror. My biggest concern was Al getting sick while I was still down. It’s made us rethink some things.

  4. It’s hard to like a post about you being sick, but I guess I can say I like that you avoided the hospital. Being sick is the worst, but it definitely makes you appreciate how it is to feel well! Feel better, Ingrid. Love that bee and cactus photo(s)!

    • Thanks Laura. Getting ill sure did not fit into my plans lol. Oh well, I’m finally on the mends and can start planning out life again 🙂

    • I think I’m finally at the tail end of this flu. Just a couple lingering coughs. Hope to hit the trails in a couple of weeks. Thanks 🙂

  5. Glad to hear you’re on the mend, can’t remember when I’ve last had any kind of flue but sure don’t want to get it, heard of too many having symptoms like yours. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things to get your health and strength back. Nice shot of the bee, lucky you you get to be in the desert when it blooms. one of these days we want to do that.

    • The desert really comes alive in spring and the flowering cacti are so unique…..so very different than anything back east.
      Yep, sure feels good to feel like myself again. Still pacing myself though. I want to be super healthy when we hit Moab in April 🙂

    • Thanks. You’ve been such an inspiration regarding bird photography. Boy, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes…..well, let’s just say some not so lady like words come flooding out of my mouth 😆 A work in progress for sure!

  6. Wow, you are fortunate to be on the mend. Sounds like a real bad one. Making me wonder if I have some variant, the cough, mine started just before Christmas and seems to be getting better, Hummm.
    Anyway here’s to a speedy continued recovery, Oh and from my boating days a drink that is sure to cure SOMETHING, Seabreaze, Vodka, Grapefruit Juice and a whisper of cranberry juice. With the vitamin C and Cran Juice along with the germ killing action of the alcohol that is a drink that can keep you healthy!!

    • Hum, that drink sounds a lot more fun than the Emergen-C I’ve been drinking. Thanks for the well wishes and hope you’ve gotten rid of that cough.

  7. Awesome shots…all of them. When you mentioned not drinking coffee, you reminded me that when I got THAT flu, I was so sick I couldn’t smoke. I didn’t smoke for three days, had two cigarettes which brought on the heavy coughing again so I decided to quit. I figured I made it through the worst parts of withdrawal already so why not. I have smoked for forty five years…so that was the only good that came from having that flu.

    • Awesome….not the flu but the end to smoking. I lost my mom to COPD from cigarette smoking. So kudos to you for quitting. I’m back to drinking coffee 🙂 Next up; hitting the trails. That flu was the worst!

  8. Glad your felling better. There is a lot of that going around. I had a touch of it, but no where near what you did. Thanks goodness because I don’t have a better half to pick up my load hitching up the fifth wheel and driving. BTW again some nice photo shots, I especially like the bee.

    • Thanks. I was so concerned Al would come down with it and although I can hook-up and drive the rig, I can’t back it up or physically handle a couple of other things. He was the one who got sick last winter but not nearly as bad as me. I got it bad. I’m hoping he and I built up some immunities 🙂

  9. So sorry you aren’t feeling well. Apparently this new flu has put a few in the hospital, and even healthy people. From what I understand this current one is brutal. I worry about the flu because I have violent reactions to the vaccine(I get a massive fever and get laid out for a few weeks every time I get the vaccine), so I can’t vaccinate myself. I generally only get the flu every seven or eight years, so it makes less sense to subject myself to the vaccine side effects when the actual flu is less likely. I’m not anti-vaccine in any way, just that I tent to get more sick from it.

    I hope you get to feeling better.

    • Yes it’s a bad one this year. My son and his girlfriend both had it and it took them 4-6 weeks to recover and they’re young and fit. So I know it’ll take me a while and thus I’m pacing myself. I sure don’t want a relapse. Thanks for the well wishes 🙂

  10. OMG, you described perfectly what I had/have… Mine started the night before Thanksgiving. The cough lasted long enough to send me to the doc, but she said it wasn’t pneumonia, just something awful going around this year. I finally had 3 whole days last week of feeling well enough to catch up on so many things left undone. But then I’m back to extra napping during the day again this week. It’s truly the pits! Hope we both recover soon. I’m literally sick of this!

    • It’s so frustrating isn’t it? I had a couple of good days followed by 4 bad days. I had to cancel dinner with our son twice and have move a luncheon with a fellow blogger to next week. I’ve never experienced this kind of illness before and hope to never again.
      On the plus side: I’ve been watching some photography tutorials that you sent me. Thank you. I’m always up for any way to improve my pics 🙂
      Hope we both get our energy back SOON!

  11. Oh Ingrid, I am so sorry your were so ill. I’ve not been on much so didn’t know. I would have suggested you use essential oils (Thieves and peppermint) to help you get better. I’m so glad that you didn’t end up in the hospital. In spite of your illness you have gotten some beautiful shots. I really love the first one of the bee! How on earth did you capture that shot? Patience? Please get better soon!

    • Thanks Darla. I have to be super careful with the homeopathic stuff. I’ve ended up in the emergency room with severe allergic reaction. So I’m pretty hesitant about taking anything. Rest, fluids, and sunshine and I’m coming back slowly.
      I took that bee shot last April in my son’s neighborhood in Phoenix. I just zoomed in and kept snapping away. I had never seen the saguaro in bloom before and it was a rare treat. Very unique and special plant.

      • Allergic reactions are not good, so far, I haven’t had any reactions and for me they work so much better than conventional meds.
        That shot is spectacular, well done.
        I hope you are much stronger now! Have a wonderful and safe spring!

      • I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting on your blog as of late. I upgraded my computer and now I can’t comment on anybody’s (except one) blogs. Very frustrating. Some days, I can’t even open them. 😦
        Have a great summer.

  12. Loving your captures – BEAUTIFUL:) I have heard that flu bug is NASTY and the cough just lingers on and on – here’s to getting back to your energetic self again. Happy Week!

  13. So glad I’ve spoken to you so that I know you are alright after reading that post! I enjoyed your pretty pictures though not realizing how sick you were! Welcome back to the land of the living! 🙂

    • Aw, thanks and yes I was very ill but each day gets better. It’ll still be a while before I can hike but at least I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And it is nice to return to the land of the living 🙂

  14. Your immune system must have taken a beating with the flu also. Be very careful being in restaurants, etc. until you fell 100%. We don’t want you to have a set back.
    I love the desert when it is in bloom. Just a magnificent sight to behold. Very lovely photos today!!!

    • Yes Marsha, I sure don’t want a relapse and the desert is beautiful this time of year. Your outing with your daughter has me needing to plan something with my daughter soon. Those times are special 🙂

  15. You captured that bee with such beauty! WOW! I can only remember once feeling close to that sick…I’m so surprised we have not had anything in a few years…knock on wood! Jerry swears by our morning smoothies…. Whatever it is….may the force be with us! Sounds like your energy is coming back…might visit the local health food store and ask them to serve up some extra boost of some kind! PS….looking at some Texas sites unless we come back to AL for the winter. And landed a summer gig in SW MI…..it’s so beautiful there! Be well Ingrid…blooms in CO will be waiting for you! C

    • Knock on wood indeed! Perhaps we were eating too many bad carbs and not enough fruits and veggies and weakened my immune. I’m a firm believer “you are what you eat” and we were enjoying some bad moments.
      I think you’ll love your time in MI. Mid to late summer you’ll be enjoying lots of fresh fruits and berries. Be sure and head north and visit sleeping bear sand dunes and Mackinac Island.
      Thanks 🙂

    • Thank goodness I’m finally doing better. Now my main concern is staying indoors when the winds kick up. My lungs are weak and the last thing I need is “valley fever”….. desert illness caused by a spore found in the dirt.

  16. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad time but good that you are recovering in a place you like. During flu season, I try to do an extra special job of keeping my hands clean when I’m out in public – I’m bad to rub my eyes a lot.

    • Yep Larry, I do the same; lots of hand cleaning. First thing I do upon return from the store is wash my hands. I even use the wipes for the shopping cart. I guess it was just my time. Next year I just may get a flu shot.

  17. I feel awful that you’ve been so sick and for so long. You’re usually like the Energizer Bunny and I can’t even picture you like this. Did you get a flu shot this year? I hope you’re up and around with the camera again soon.

    • No, I did not get the flu shot, but I think next year I will. I don’t ever want to be this ill again….horrible.
      Hoping to bump into you guys again sometime so you and I can get together with our cameras. I feel I can learn a lot from you. With all my down time, I’ve been watching photo tutorials, etc. I want to be better prepared for bird photography next winter in Texas 🙂

  18. You had the BAD flu bug, girlfriend…the kind that can become extremely serious rapidly..Even though you are feeling better, don’t rush it…I’ve had friends that had a relapse of that stuff when they thought it was over..Your immune system has been compromised…Just relax, read books in the sunshine, and make sure you have Al put some sugar in that morning “sunrise coffee”…

    • Yep, you got that right Donna – I had the ‘bad’ flu. I was lucky I didn’t end up in the hospital and I am definitely taking it slow. I have a good day followed by two bad days. It’s been frustrating. I’ve even canceled dinner with our son 😦 because I just didn’t have the strength. I will definitely take your advice 🙂 I sure don’t want a relapse!

  19. Some really beautiful shots. Interested on the photo effect you have on the lake pleasant one- post edit? Good to hear your health is improving- sounds awful.

  20. Oh, being sick is one thing but being sick on the road is HORRIBLE! Glad you found a beautiful spot to recuperate. I am glad you are feeling better everyday. Those photos are awesome! And the desert is in bloom… priceless……….

    • The desert is beautiful this time of year. It seems to come alive. We’ve been on the road full-time 9 months and didn’t miss having a house until I got sick. It would have been nice to have some extra space while ill. However, we did snag a pretty sweet camp spot with beautiful views, sunshine, and warmth perfect for recuperating 🙂

    • Thanks Linda. Thank goodness I’m over the coughing spells. Those were the worst. I’ve actually regained enough strength to walk down to the marina and back. Not ready for the trails just yet, but soon.

  21. This sure had been a slow mend for you. Glad you are beginning to feel better. Your weakness certainly hasn’t affected your wonderful photography. That one saguaro flower bloom is marvelous with the bee!! Someday (soon, I hope) I will catch the saguaro in bloom. We left AZ before they even started to bud last year.

    Take care, Ingrid:)

    • I knew with how extremely ill I was that the recovery would be slow. I’m finally strolling around camp as well as have the strength to shop at a super Wal-Mart. The photo of the saguaro in bloom was taken last April at our son’s home in Phx……I know, cheating. But next post I’m featuring a beautiful blooming ocotillo just steps from the RV. The desert is beautiful in March and April 🙂

    • Thanks Lu. I think the desert is at it’s prettiest this time of year. I love all the blooming cacti. Can do without the rattlers coming out though. Neighbors had one near their front door.

  22. you old folks gotta take care of yourself. get all your shots. nice huge empty repo home next to us if you get tired of vacatin. take care

    • Hey there Charlie…..watch who you’re calling old. After this horrible flu I think I’ll be getting a shot next year. Hope you’re having fun on your trip and enjoying that new grandbaby 🙂

  23. Glad to hear you are doing better. That was quite a nasty flu.

    Incredible to see saguaro blooming! We are no longer in the Sonoran desert, but as we left the area I had not seen a single saguaro with buds. I look forward to seeing the bloom progression from you!

    • Thanks Lisa and yes it was very nasty. I cheated with the saguaro photo. The saguaro’s don’t bloom till April. I took those photos last spring while we were in Phoenix visiting our son. Too pretty not to share and I’ve been less than motivated lately to get out and about and take pics.

  24. Oh Ingrid, I could tell by reading that you are now feeling much better. And Im so glad cause you are venturing out and captured great photos of birds and a gorgeous sunset! I do miss those desert sunsets. I look forward to your saguaro bloom across the desert. Take care and take it easy.

    • Thanks ML. Yep, each day I’m feeling better. I look forward to having enough strength to hit the trails….can’t come soon enough. The ocotillos are beautiful right now!

    • I was so bummed not having the energy to climb those stairs in Bisbee. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I’m finally strolling around here and I’ll need to build my endurance back up slowly 😉

  25. Ingrid I am so happy to hear that you are feeling stronger each day. It sounds like you had a terrible time of it. Do take good care of yourself and I am sending positive energy and hugs your way.

      • I won’t put my nurse hat on to tight Ingrid but keep a close eye on that cough. Often folks walk around with pneumonia, feeling so fatigued and it just seems to take forever to get better. Now you can tell me to shut up. 🙂

        • Thank you….. hubby and I did discuss walking pneumonia or pleurisy. The cough has finally improved and almost gone and the muscles around my ribs are healing. I’m not pushing to get on the trails as I don’t want a relapse as well as I have a concern regarding “valley fever” since my lungs have been compromised. When the dust kicks up, I stay in the RV. Those trails will wait for me 🙂

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