Another Anniversary

Another year and another anniversary.  It’s hard to believe Al and I have been married for thirty years.  Yes, quite the accomplishment I’d say.  I’ll admit, it hasn’t always been easy, but it has been an amazing journey, one that I wouldn’t trade.My Wedding

anniversaryAl and I have been fortunate to have lived in some lovely houses over the years complete with plenty of room to spare and spread out….i.e. my space and his space.  So when we embarked on our four-month get away this past winter in the RV, we had our fair share of “moments”.  Hmm…. you know, the moments when you wonder how you’ll survive living in 250 square feet 24/7.

In the long run, it’s all about communication.  We’re able to talk about the things that work and the things that don’t.  We still love hanging out with each other.  We feel being able to discuss past faux pas openly, honestly, and with humor is important.  Contrary to popular belief, we’re not perfect ;-)Thirty years is a lot of history after all.

Full circle…….  Our journey together started off with just the two of us traveling in the Airline Industry.  It wasn’t uncommon to decide spur of the moment to travel to the Caribbean for a weekend of snorkeling or to jet off to New York City for a day of shopping.

We’ve since raised two children, enjoyed the companionship of two wonderful Brittany Spaniels, and we’re back to just the two of us.  Here’s to another thirty year’s of fun and excitement as we ready ourselves for a new adventure… adventure full of travel and explorations.  Happy Anniversary to us wedding


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  1. CONGRATS!!!! What lovely wedding pictures…just stunning!!! May you be blessed with many many more years of love! (P.S. – we got a contract but have to decide when to announce at work then I’ll get a post out – close July 19) WHEW… we go!!

    • Wow….I’ll save the congrats for you for July 20 when the deal is done….don’t want to jinx anything. We may be full-time as well 🙂 While boxing up photo albums, I couldn’t resist scanning photos and using some for the blog. There actually was a time when Al and I did NOT have gray air….lol.

  2. What a beautiful wedding setting!! Like Cinderella and Prince Charming with the carraige. You are soooo right about “the journey” of marraige. I do believe that RVing taught us to depend more upon one another, and there is no place to “rush off to” anyway!! You both still look wonderful, by the way. My hubby has white hair too, and I find it very attractive on him. We will celebrate 44 years this year..It has been much like a roller coaster ride…sometimes ya gotta hang on, and sometimes ya gotta put your hands in the air and have faith. Congratulations to you both..and many more!!

    • I tell my kids all the time, “life’s a roller coaster”…..and you’re right- so is marriage. 44? You guys got married young. Al had to wait for me to grow up….when he was 22 I was 12. Boy, doesn’t that sound wrong? We really enjoyed our wedding and did all the planning ourselves. It was elegant and then we honeymooned in Canada fishing….extremes. Fun times 🙂

    • Well ya got off to a late start, but hey you sure know how to have fun and make up for any lost time. Hope you’re staying dry on the east cost. It’s hot and dusty here….we sure could use some moisture to ease this drought.

  3. Congratulations and happy anniversary. Will be 32 for us in November. Like you said, it’s all about communication … and respect for each other.

  4. WOOO HOOO, congratulations on your 30 yr. anniversary. As one of the 30 + anniversary club members let me welcome you both. Those in attendance are shaking our heads in agreement in the life experiences called “been there done that”, knowing there is always a new challenge and new surprises we get to experience together keeps the spice in life. It doesn’t matter what they are good or bad we have the experience to draw from to make it another 30+. Again Welcome to the CLUB 0:)

    • Wow….members of a new club…..! Sometimes I wish life would’ve thrown us a little less spice….lol. Wishing your newly married daughter membership to this club down the road. Thanks 🙂

  5. Congratulations!! We will celebrate our 37th anniversary this August. As you mentioned, there was a lot learned during that time and communication is number one. I loved the pictures of your beautiful wedding. What a day! Hoping you many, many more:)

    • Wow, 37? Will you be doing anything special? We did have a lovely wedding. Al and I planned it all. The weather even cooperated for the outdoor wedding…. not easy in the Midwest. It’s fun looking through our photo album!

  6. Congratulations on 30 years. My wife and I have been married for 43 years. We have found that marriage is like a fine wine. It just gets better with age. May you have many more.

  7. Congrats to 30 years… a long time.. Linda and I are now 40 years and those odd moments for space still needs to be attended to, never seems to stop, although by now I’m sure you can almost know what he’s thinking… May there be another 30 as you wish for.. God Bless…

    • Thank you and welcome home. I haven’t been able to comment on your blog without a Gmail address….not sure what got changed. We’ll be at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Jun 28-Jul 8….if you’d like to meet for lunch/coffee let me know…..

  8. Congratulations on the whole 30 years!!! But I think your fibbin’ about it being 30, your pictures say it’s more like maybe 20 years, if that!! You bring up a good point about the close contact, and I think you guys found the perfect answer….communication. Going to have the DH read your post, just as a review…….LOL!!

    • Ah….you are too kind. Yep, that communication thing is super important….the ability to say what’s on our mind and not take it personally 🙂

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