Heartfelt Thanks

Wow…..I’m humbled by the outpouring of condolences for the loss of my beloved Little Bear.  I initially struggled with the decision to write a post specific to his passing. However after giving it further thought, I realized Bear was such a part of our travels and included in so many posts, it seemed appropriate to share why he will no longer be featured in our travels.

Brittany Spaniel

Bear: Brittany Spaniel

I love receiving blog comments and I usually try to acknowledge each comment with a response.  I had every intention of responding to all the wonderful, compassionate comments on the previous post, but I was unable to complete a full sentence.  In my defense, I did make several legitimate attempts, but the flood gates kept opening blurring my vision.  What can I say?  Hopefully you’ll indulge my being self absorbed under the circumstances.

Instead of answering each and every one of your beautiful comments, and I mean beautiful, I’d like to thank all of you via this post.  Ah yes, eyes are still a little blurry but I think I can muddle through ONE response…..from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your condolences and kind comments.  I realize most of you know exactly how I feel as you yourself have lost a beloved pet….some of you recently.  It’s never easy, but as the tears subside, we’re left with fantastic and loving memories.

Here’s to all our four-legged family members past and present…..cyber hugs to all and heartfelt thanks 🙂

Lake Powell

Bear ready to take flight from extreme winds at the shores of Lake Powell


31 thoughts on “Heartfelt Thanks

  1. So very sorry to hear of your loss. It’s so hard, and we understand completely. Hopefully things will get easier for you both as the days go by. Glad you were able to get some great photos, and those memories will keep in your heart forever. We’ll be thinking of you each day!

  2. I am so, so sorry about your loss! With no internet service, I just saw your post. Dogs are such a part of our families and Jerry and I both know how hard it is to lose one. Please take care, Ingrid and know we are thinking of you!

    • Thank you Kim. Fellow pet owners understand the bond we share with our four-legged family members. As we ready the RV for a trip at the end of the month, it’s still strange not to have to account for Bear’s needs. Each day gets a little easier though. I am soooo itching to get to Yellowstone. Look forward to your posts.

  3. I so understand why you couldn’t respond in the previous post…. for what it’s worth, a response wasn’t expected or necessary. I think all of us just wanted to give you some comfort and a virtual hug. I still do! 🙂

    • The comments have been so incredibly warming…..and special. I wanted to make sure everyone knew how much I appreciated. Thank you Gunta for the lovely comments 🙂 Hugs to Sissy!

  4. I am only seeing this. I am so sorry Little Bear had to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I am so sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful dog and he will always have a little part of your heart.
    Sending you lots of virtual hugs

    • I was always snapping photos of Bear and he usually wasn’t very cooperative, but I did manage to get some fun shots. Thanks Char for the kind words and give Ginger a hug.

  5. Yep crying here too, but here is something you may find amusing.

    Camp hosting yesterday, around 6:00PM a man flags me down. He is in a fizz over a dog that he heard bark a couple of yelps. He proceeds to inform me that quiet time is 11:00PM (really 10:00) and that would be like him ‘laying’ on his horn. I did not say a word, just looked at my watch then back at him. When he finished huffing and puffing, I said if there were a problem at 11:00 (really 10:00) I would deal with it. He then asked if there were any secluded sites in the park. I told him there are three but in each case the dogs have brought their people out for the weekend and those are their favorite sites, so they are already occupied. He headed down the road to look for a better site.
    A little while later, Rhonda was walking Toby, I was still in the golf cart, I traded her. I tried to find the dog hater and planned to walk Tobs right up to him and see if he was happy in the spot he found, but he was gone.
    I’ll be keeping an eye out for him and if he does come back, I believe I will organize a dog parade when I am off duty. There are at least three out of four campers here that have pets with them. Good thing we have only had one of these unhappy people to deal with so far.

    Hang in there.

    • I know…I was thinking of you guys and your recent loss as well. What a story. We find most campers to be friendly AND then there’s that one bad apple. Thank goodness he moved on. Hope the bad weather is over and you won’t have to worry about flood waters any more. Thank you 🙂

    • Thanks LuAnn. We’re adjusting and do have some great memories. I guess now we won’t have any excuses not take those long hikes 😉

  6. Please don’t feel you need to respond. I am struggling with that myself. I enjoy reading about others adventures and commenting but I don’t expect a response unless I have a question. Sometimes if that is the case, I will email the person. I want people know we really appreciate hearing from them. I don’t know.

    Still thinking of you:)

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