A Sad Day

Brittany SpanielI awaken to the faint sound of a rooster crowing. There’s a light breeze blowing through the open bedroom window. I’m not sure what time it is.  I had a miserable and sleepless night.  I continue to lay in bed a little longer enjoying the morning breeze and listen to a horse neighing and some dogs barking in the distance.

As I turn over to glance at the clock,  my severely swollen eyes remind me of the previous days events.  It’s 5:30 in the morning.  I’m restless and can’t sleep anymore.  I crawl out of bed to start the coffee and go to check on Bear…..his bed is empty.  Oh yeah, I remember.  The tears start to well up again.

The events of the day before were totally unexpected.  Bear suffered a stroke.  The blood tests revealed…….not good, his body was shutting down.  Out of love and respect for our special four-legged family member, we say our good-byes as Bear falls asleep one last time in Al’s arms.

Best Pets

The perfect traveler….he loved to travel and explore new places

It’s been a week since we bid farewell to our precious Bear, and although the tears have eased, he is still very sorely missed.  Al and I still find ourselves looking to check on him or think we hear his paws on the hardwood floor.  The backseat of the truck, aka Bear’s throne, is empty.  There’s an emptiness………

We are blessed to have had nearly fifteen years of companionship and unconditional love from our little Bear.  We will cherish the memories and he will remain in our hearts forever.  May you rest in peace my beloved little Bear ♥

loss of pet

Bear visits the Grand Canyon…….my 3 wonderful children


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  1. Hi Ingrid, sorry I am late reading your post. After losing 2 dogs and going thru the heartbreak, I do have a clue. A post I read recently said, if you’ve given your animal the best life they could have ever had, you did good! I know this doesn’t make you miss Bear any less, but I bet he had a great life with you:). XXOO, Patti

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Bear. It is so tough losing a wonderful friend like him.

  3. I am sad to hear about the passing of Bear and send my heartfelt condolences. I certainly feel your pain. Our pets are our family and it’s painful when we lose them. Our Shih Tzu, Mitzi Mae, passed away two years ago, and I still miss her. On the bright side, I try to focus on the happy memories because they always make me smile!

    I wish you a healing heart my friend,

  4. For dog lovers, I know how a dog isn’t just a dog. Your pup becomes a big part of your family…a four-legged son or daughter. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  5. This is indeed a very sad post, Ingrid. I’m so sorry your lovely Bear has been taken from you. Fifteen years is a long time, and I can imagine the pain and loss you’re feeling right now. It’s really hard, I know. Sending you hugs.

  6. So sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful Bear. I know you thought this day was coming soon but no one is ever prepared when it happens. You are both in our thoughts.

  7. Oh, Ingrid, I’m so sorry to hear about your little baby. Losing a dog is so horrible. No words can express that sense of loss. My girl is 13, and although I celebrate her life everyday, I already cry at the thought of losing her.

  8. Words can’t express how sad those moment are when you look for that four legged friend and he’s no longer there. Time may ease that feeling of loss, but those great memories will remain. Feeling your pain…..

  9. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this poignant and difficult time. I am so very sorry for your loss. I especially like the boat photo, where Bear is leading the way forward…

  10. Nothing tears my heart out more than the loss of faithful friend and family member. I am so so sorry dear. 😦 May Bear rest in peace and always rest in your heart’s joy. He is a beautiful pup.

  11. Dear Ingrid and Al: We are so very sorry to hear about your beloved friend. My heart goes out to you. They give us so much pleasure and it hurts so bad when they leave us way to early. We lost ours 3 years ago and she is still missed. He had a great life and will always be with you.

  12. Losing a pet is so incredibly hard – especially when that pet was such a great companion. Bear is gone, but fifteen years of amazing memories will always be there.

  13. Steve and I are really sad to hear Bear’s passing. We know how much you guys loved him and we have seen it first hand how much you took good care of him. Pictures and great memories of him will keep him alive in your heart.

  14. Dogs give us humans the one thing we crave…unconditional love and acceptance..I believe that’s why we grieve so when they leave to cross that Rainbow Bridge. They do, however, teach us so many life lessons, leaving a legacy we never forget. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have a sloppy kissing wet nosed pal are better for it. Our sympathy to your family.

  15. So sorry to hear of your loss. I too will miss seeing him in your blog pictures. May a certain amount of comfort come knowing that he loved you guys and you in turn loved him.

  16. Oh my gosh, Ingrid… I’m zoo sorry for the loss of your sweet bear. It is incredibly painful to lose a family member that was so unconditionally loving. 😦
    I lost my Truman 2 years ago and I still hear him at the back door and I still feel his presence in the house. His spirit has never left me. Now I’m gonna start crying. I love the picture of Bear on the boat. Too precious.
    There are no words. Just know that you’re not alone in your grief and that all of us who love animals dearly know your pain. I wish I could jump through the computer and give you a hug.
    The one thing I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, is that we’ll see these family members again. That I know for sure. Our guys will be on the other side awaiting our arrival, there to greet us with their tails wagging. 🙂
    Much love to you, Ingrid and to your family.

  17. “Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.” He was adorable and I feel for your loss…may each day henceforth bring healing and the memories last a lifetime! Cyberhugs to you and all of your family! xo

  18. Ingrid – so, so sorry to hear this. What a wonderful life of travel and love he enjoyed! The emptiness is so hard. Our Kruger who passed recently was waiting for him across that Rainbow Bridge I am sure.

  19. Ingrid, I am so very sorry for this tremendous loss in your lives! My eyes are welling up as I read your heartbreaking post. Our four-legged children are so very important to us and hold a very big place in our lives. I know Bear will be missed very much and pray that your recovery and pain will be eased.
    Keep writing about your baby, it will help – eventually! He was beautiful, what breed? He looks part Cocker Spaniel.

  20. That is heartbreaking. Treasure those memories of 15 years with such a good friend. I grew to love Bear too from all your posts and will miss him too.

  21. I don’t know if I should “like” this post.. because I don’t… I hate to hear of the loss of an old friend like you have… I cry crocodile tears when one of my pets pass on.. I have never been without a dog as a pet my whole life, and normally not just one.. but when one goes a little of me goes with it… I feel for you.. and I’m going to miss him.. he appeared in so many of you trips photos, that he just became part of the blog family… Go well Bear, you were a good dog…
    Go well Ingrid…

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