Images of New Orleans

In our short and rushed visit to New Orleans, I’m grateful for the IA (intelligent/auto mode) on my camera.  There was little to no time to think about photographer.

Joan of Arc
statue of Joan of Arc

Hurry up, point, and shoot was all the time I had.  Son and I tried to see as much as we could in our short stay.

New Orleans
Logan inside the St. Louis Cathedral

Logan and I felt like we had traveled to another country.  The architecture, the food, the accent, the landscape, the people, and of course the insects are so vastly different from most other parts of the United States.

French Quarter
French Quarter, Bourbon Street

But at ever turn we were reminded of the history of this interesting part of America.  At ever turn was another statue or plaque honoring the memory of someone special.

New Orleans
plague mounted on the wall inside St. Louis Cathedral

We are reminded of America’s multi-cultural roots.New Orleans

Reminded of a Civil War.New Orleans

Reminded……New Orleans

New Orleans

Ah, and the food, we cannot forget the food……..

Shrimp & Alligator Sausage Pasta
Catfish Po Boy

Yes, New Orleans is colorful on so many levels.

New Orleans
Mississippi River

New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans
Lutheran Church, built-in 1800’s

And although I look forward to another visit,  a lengthier visit with a slower pace,

I’ll keep my residence in America’s west…..Colorado for now  🙂

New Orleans
Lafayette Square, music and food
New Orleans
St.Louis Cathedral

15 thoughts on “Images of New Orleans

  1. As I shared on ‘Goodbye New Orleans’ I love everything you have written of my former home. Even though I was born and raised in Indiana, I fell in love with NOLA and I stayed for 10 yrs. I left because of Katrina, but my sister needed my help, so She is the main reason to come back to Indiana. I came home in March 2008 and My sister died in May of 2008. I would go back to NOLA in a minute, but FEMA would make me repay them for helping me to move out of the hurricane zone. I love each post of NOLA. Thank you for Sharing and the memories I once lived. 😉


    1. So sorry to hear about the lasting impact Katrina had on so many. I realize the wounds run deep. I would not be too happy if I had to move back to Illinois. (Illinois/Indiana/midwest kind of all the same….lol) The last couple of years brought family losses and thus numerous trips back…. so I can relate. Hopefully you’ll be able to at least vacation NOLA and enjoy some of that Cajun cooking!


    1. I don’t think the flavors can be found elsewhere. I tried at home to no avail. Cajun seasoning uses plenty of cayenne/red pepper but not take your head off kind of spice. Has absolutely no resemblence to Mexican. It just left a great taste in my mouth!


    1. Definitely a good time…..too short though. And even though I wouldn’t want to live there, I would like to go back for a longer visit…..after Oregon though…lol


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