Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore…

From Mesquite, Nevada, we decide to head south toward Bullhead City, AZ.  Folks we ran into recommended a Davis County Park along the Colorado River.  We find Davis Camp just below the Davis Damn and find a level, dry camping spot right at the shore of the Colorado River.  This neat little spot costs a whopping $16 a night (2012 price).  Not bad!

Davis Camp County Park

Al and I decide on our spot.  I stand at the rear of the site to help direct Al as he backs the Rig up.  I sometimes think he doesn’t even pay attention to me and my direction other than when to stop.  Maybe I should get some of those orange wands used to direct pilots.  So, Mr. former Airline Pilot, would orange wands give dear wife more credibility?  Probably not.  I’ll just continue with my “original” hand gestures, or as Al calls it “my song and dance routine”!

The wind is horrible and the Rig sways from side to side.  I hate the wind.  This Illinois gal has seen first hand the devastating, destruction wind can cause.  I immediately have a concern of our Rig being flipped over by a gust and look around for other campsite alternatives…..none.  My next priority is to put out the slides asap.  Perhaps the slides will act as outriggers.  You know, the kind they use on ocean-going canoes.  Yes, that was my thought.  Feel free to laugh, but please not as hard as Al did.  In my defense, the Rig did sway less with the slides extended, and we did have a great little camp spot here, wind and all considered.  And no, we never came close to toppling over.

We’re undecided as to how long we wish to stay here at Davis Camp and decide to pay for one night and can always extend.  The Laughlin Casinos are practically within walking distance and Bullhead City seems bigger than I originally thought.  It even has a Sam’s Club, not that I need one.  Smaller quarters, require smaller packages.

The weather here in Bullhead City is warm, but if the wind persists, we won’t stay long.  Since our Mesquite stay, Al and I have promised each other we won’t commit immediately to staying in one place.  We committed to staying a full week in Mesquite and were ready to hit the road after three days.  Lesson learned.

Laughlin Casino to the right

So our stay in Davis Camp will be determined by the winds.  Did I already mention, “I hate wind”?  Breezes are nice, but high winds are for Dorothy and Toto!