Meal Planning…

Although it’s awfully windy outside, it’s sunny and warm.  Al and I run around Bullhead City this morning and stock up on groceries.  I’m usually not very structured about our meals.  It’s kind of “whatever we feel like” on a given day, but when you’re traveling and not always sure what your new location offers, it’s a good idea to do a little planning.

So after grocery shopping, I do a bit of cooking, chopping, and preparing

making salsa

for the weeks up coming meals.  Rachel Ray has a show totally committed to this concept on the Cooking Channel.  I start by making home-made salsa, followed by guacamole.  Then it’s onto making a bunch of breakfast burritos loaded with lots of veggies.  I keep some extra blanched veggies in containers to top on salads or just to munch on.

After a day of cooking, Al and I relax over a glass of red wine.  We picked up a bottle of Mirassou Pinot Noir at Walmart for $7.64 earlier in the day.  $7.64 not $7.99…not $8…..gotta wander how they come up with the pricing sometimes.  Anyway, it was delicious and we decide to purchase two more bottles before heading out of town.

The winds were way too bad to enjoy a fire in the fire ring.  We watched fellow campers struggling to pitch tents.  Not a fun situation.  I think we’ll leave tomorrow for calmer breezes.