A Field of Roses

As the calendar is about to flip to another year, I find myself once again traveling on the road with spotty internet service.  Mind you, no complaints on my end, it’s just the kind of New Year’s post I had in mind will need to be postponed.  For now, I’m focused on where we intend to park for the night and the weather.

Since it’s cold, rainy, and in some places snowing, I thought I’d share images that look more like summer than winter.  I know, hard to think about rose bushes being harvested in December, but that’s the desert southwest for you………

Now that I had witnessed the harvesting of cotton, I had hoped to have similar luck with the harvesting of the rose bushes.  With each necessary or unnecessary visit to a nearby store, I glanced across the rose fields in hopes of seeing the equipment used for the plucking of these beautiful flowers.  rose petals

As I repeatedly drove past the fields, a barren field of tilled land caught my attention. I was intrigued by the color.  There was a reddish hue almost mirage like to the barren field that was once graced with rose bushes.  Unfortunately, I missed the actual harvesting of these plants.  I wondered, could that reddish hue be new growth?  Had the field already been replanted?  Since it looked merely tilled, I doubted anything new was growing.

With one eye kept on the road (I am driving after all), I struggled to make out what was causing that reddish tint.  My curiosity was getting the better of me and my destination was no longer of importance, thus I turned my little red truck around in search of a place to park.  I felt compelled to examine this field a little closer.roses

In an attempt to respect the “no trespassing” signs, I walked as close as I felt comfortable to discover what was behind the effects of the mirage……. Rose Petals!….oh my gosh…. the field was covered in rows of pink and red rose petals.  Oh, how I wanted to get closer, but that would have required jumping over a small concrete irrigation ditch AND trespassing.

Not easily deterred by signs or rules, it was the jumping over the irrigation ditch that caused me to pause.  I assessed the distance and my agile jumping abilities.  It was then that I heard the voices in my head…..  “Mr. H, this is the Maricopa County Sheriff’s department.  Your wife ……..”rose harvestingOk then…. I shook my head as if to clear the imaginary voices and images in my mind, then quickly returned to the truck and headed down the road to check on another rose field.  Hum, no equipment anywhere in sight, but it was obvious several rows of rose bushes had been removed.  It appeared, the rose bushes were being harvested by color.

Although my time in Phoenix, Arizona, has come to an end, the images of roses continue to make me smile.  The images of the cotton fields continue to intrigue me.  I wonder where this fascination stems from.   Was I a farmer in a past life?  Nah, I think not.  I am merely an appreciative recipient of the plants bounty 🙂

fields of rosesAll photos were taken  in mid-December!  Camera used;
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ47K 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 24xOptical Zoom – Black

Spring has Sprung

Ah…Spring, my favorite time of year.  As a former flat lander, I love seeing the snow capped mountains in the distance while hiking in seventy plus degree temperatures.  I never get tired of the view.

New life and growth are in abundance.  The birds are chirping and busy trying to find that perfect spot to build a nest.  The Quail and the Bunnies chase each other.  We encounter deer while on a bike ride along the Arkansas River.  Yes, Spring has sprung.

However, I won’t be fooled by Mother Nature and plant annuals prior to Mother’s Day.  Whether living in Illinois or Colorado, Mother’s Day seems to be the safest time to start planting.  You never know when that last freeze will occur and damage all those precious baby plants.  Having been lulled into a false sense of security in the past, I will be patient and wait for the date on the calendar to start the yard beautification process.

Pueblo West, CO - prairie dog colony in foreground, Pikes Peak in background

Several of my potted plants have remained in bloom through the winter.  Hum, how do I manage that?  I’ve been known to purchase most of my flowers for the decorative pots from the Hobby Lobby “nursery”.  I can count on plastic to remain in bloom without water.  Keeping plants alive in the high desert has its challenges, and I’ve found my answer at Hobby Lobby.

With my ever-growing interest to travel more, my interest in gardening has waned.  Thus the yard work this year will be minimal at best.  After all, I have that “travel” bucket list to work on……  Happy Travels!