Lake Havasu City, Arizona

It was shortly after 6:00 in the morning as I sat in the comfort of my RV waiting for the sun to rise. While enjoying my first cup of coffee and contemplating my plans for the day, I admired the view out my large rear window and couldn’t believe my luck in snagging such a great campsite.

Lake Havasu
My view at six in the morning. I’m sitting on the Arizona side of the Colorado River glancing over to California.

I was camped at Lake Havasu State Park in western Arizona. It was the second week in January and although it was a mere 48 degrees Fahrenheit outside at six in the morning, I knew by noon the temperature would be closer to 70 degrees and sunny. Now this is my kind of winter … a gal could get used to this!

sunrise Lake Havasu
A little more light as I wait for the sun to rise.

Al was thoroughly entertained by my morning antics. Every ten minutes I was jumping out of the RV with the camera and tripod in hand trying to capture the amazing light. Unfortunately, some things just don’t resonate in print.

I loved the stillness and quiet of the morning and eventually began to stroll down the beach in search of photo-ops. I’ll admit, I was more focused on savoring the moment than I was on taking photographs.

Lake Havasu State Park Arizona
Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona – morning fog

As the sun began to rise, there was a low hanging mist in the distance. Since it was still relatively early in the morning, there were few other people out and about. It was just me and the birds and I was loving it.

birding at Lake Havasu State Park
An egret flies by while the coot in the foreground squawks. A variety of ducks are floating in the distance.

I managed to capture a photograph of the first ferry run of the morning. This ferry operates daily taking passengers from Lake Havasu City over to the Havasu Landing Casino run by the Chemehuevi Indian tribe. (pronounced; chem-a-wev-e)

Chemehuvei Ferry Lake Havasu
The Chemehuvei Ferry in the distance

During a previous Lake Havasu City visit, Al and I along with our friends hopped on the ferry one morning for the quick boat ride over to the California side of the lake. The cost is a mere $2.00 per person. However, the local newspaper always has a coupon for egreta free pass which we of course took full advantage.

Since none of us is into casino gambling, we opted to enjoy breakfast with a nice lakeside view at the Havasu Landing Casino followed by another fun ferry ride back to the Arizona side of the lake. Hmm, might have to do that again sometime.

After spending two wonderful hours strolling along the shores of Lake Havasu watching the morning unfold, I arrived back to the RV just in time for breakfast …. al fresco style.

With such a fabulous campsite and view, it would be wrong to not take advantage of that picnic table.

Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona
Lake Havasu State Park – site #10 – the lake is behind me

Unexpected Arizona …

Most folks would never associate water and boating with Arizona, and that’s just one reason visiting western Arizona is such an unexpected surprise … a very pleasant surprise. Thus, making it a popular tourist destination.

Lake Havasu Arizona
sparkling clear waters of Lake Havasu

The sparkling clear water is a recreational invitation. There are a wealth of hidden coves and beaches perfect for all kinds of water activities; fishing, water skiing, paddling, or even high-end power boat racing. You’ll see it all here.

Lake Havasu City
I so want to do this!!!
Lake Havasu boating
Boating on Lake Havasu is a popular pastime around western Arizona and my fav!

But there’s more available activities than those associated with water … although anything to do with the lake is my personal favorite. Lake Havasu City is host to a variety of festivals and championship competitions. For a complete and up to date list of events visit Go Lake Havasu.

And then there’s golf, off roading, hiking, gaming, birding, scuba, pickle ball, disc golf, skate park, and a weekly flea market. In addition there are a bunch of interesting sites to see. For starters, there’s the famous London Bridge and all the lighthouses. I’m still working my way around trying to photograph as many of the lighthouses as possible.

lighthouses of Lake Havasu

One unique event I stumbled upon was Buses by the Bridge. This quirky event united VW bus owners from around the world. What an eclectic group this was!


Popular tourist event …

The annual Winter Blast is the most popular event of the year bringing in thousands of visitors for the three-day weekend. It’s held each February over Presidents Day weekend. If you enjoy fireworks, then this is the show for you. Pyrotechnic vendors come from across the country to display their pyrotechnic products and skills and the spectators benefit from the fantastic show – four full days of amazing fireworks displays.

Rockabilly Reunion
Rockabilly Reunion – Car Show and Music Festival – Feb 16-18 (2018)

In conjunction with Winter Blast is the Rockabilly Reunion. This is a 1950’s themed music festival and car show. This is one hopping weekend in Lake Havasu City and reservations for any kind of lodging are a definite must.

There’s dispersed camping (aka boondocking) north and south of town, but you can expect to be elbow to elbow even in the desert during this weekend. The rodeo grounds also offers dry camping for this event but reservations are necessary.

During our first road trip with the fifth wheel RV back in 2012, we tried to find an available campsite in Lake Havasu City during Winter Blast. We were complete RVing newbies at the time. Fortunately for us, we found dry camping available at the Crazy Horse Campground during this very popular weekend. We sure learned a lot during that road trip.

Rotary Park Lake Havasu City Arizona
Rotary Park Lake Havasu City

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Lake Havasu City then and continue to enjoy each and every subsequent visit. Although I was feeling under the weather a good part of January, I’m doing much better now and hope to be out and about exploring more of western Arizona soon. My camera has sat idle way too long!

sunset Lake Havasu
Good night from Lake Havasu!


Ok … I gotta share my newest kitchen gadget. Al loves popcorn, but we refuse to buy the microwave kind – read the ingredients. Microwave popcorn can always be found on those “don’t eat” lists for obvious reasons. Bad stuff! Anyway, making popcorn on the stove top can be kind of a pain … more so for me needing to dig out the oversized pot in my tight quarters. My friend introduced me to this nifty product (affiliate link) Cuisinart Microwave Popcorn Maker
It’s collapsible, hardly takes up any space, and makes great popcorn. The only downside is it doesn’t seem to pop all the kernels and doesn’t make a large amount. Hubby says, it makes only one serving. For most folks it’s probably enough for two.

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    1. We’re having a great time with our extended stay in western AZ. This is the first time we’ve stayed this long and it’s allowing us to see and explore new areas. Fun times!


  1. Laka Havasu has certainly changed since I was last there. Looks like there is lots more to see and do. Great photography Ingrid. Glad to hear you are feeling better.


    1. Like other places, the growth here is unbelievable, but yet it remains small townish. Just returned from a morning out on the lake and loved every minute. Shouldn’t you be off on your epic adventure soon?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We are leaving on Feb. 28th and are still tying up some final plans. Seems all I’ve been doing lately are making plans and studying Spanish. Blog posts have been put on the back burner until we get to South America it seems.


        1. I’m sure it has been a full-time job preparing and organizing this excursion, but all worth it in the end. I’m sure that new camera of yours will be getting one heck of a workout 📷

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  2. Oh what fun y’all are having. We have been to LH but did not camp there. Your site is awesome.
    I would love to attend the Buses by the Bridge. That event looks like so much fun.
    The photo of the palm trees is so cool. The wind gives nature so much character. Keep enjoying the good life.


    1. I still haven’t had the opportunity to hike at Sara’s Park due to my health – oh so frustrating. Our time here has been whizzing by and I know this is a place we look forward to returning to time and again.


  3. The more we read about that area the more we are drawn to it. There is so much to do during the winter and opportunities for outstanding photography. Great job!


    1. Thanks Jim – there’s always something to do around even if it’s just sitting around watching the sunsets. I can see us returning to the area regularly during the winter months. Look forward to meeting up next Monday!


    1. Thanks Larry. We’re still hanging in Havasu and will be until mid March. Tomorrow our friends are taking us out on the Pontoon 😃


    1. Thanks Gayle. I found the VW’s somewhat of a challenge to photograph. So very different than my normal subject matter of landscapes and birds.


  4. Lake Havasu is a fun place to hang. We have attended the Buses By The Bridge event 3 times in recent yaers and love it every time, but not this year too many other distractions. As usual love your photos!


    1. I thought of you as I was photographing a few of those VW’s and wondered if you guys had attended this event. Looks like everyone was having a fun time. Al drove a red VW bug when I first met him!


  5. I love your posts! They are always so informative and entertaining. Your pictures may not have caught the light the way you hoped they would but they are amazing anyway, thanks for sharing.


  6. What a great place to visit! Thanks to you, it’s now on my list. Your pictures are a wonderful display of all the fun things to do and see at Lake Havasu.


    1. It’s a fun place to visit. The barren landscape may be an issue for some, but we’ve spent so much time in the desert southwest that it doesn’t bother us. Love the winter weather here.


    1. We’re definitely enjoying our time here and yes that is an awesome campsite. I was shocked to find it available even for one night.


  7. Unless we’re volunteering somewhere our next winter west will be spent at a few places. Took a walk today around Watson Lake in Prescott, nice hike. Loved Lake Havesu when we were there 2 years ago. Saw some of those old VW vans at the Barrett Jackson Auction, went before the auction and got all my steps in walking around there.


    1. We’re really enjoying our walks along the Bridgewater Channel and adding steps at the London Bridge. Still need to get my health back so we can hike the slot at Sara’s Park. Fun area!


  8. Was just at one of the private campgrounds at Lake Havasu City this weekend, also (Feb 1-4).
    Gorgeous weather and lovely lake.


  9. Such wonderful experiences at Lake Havasu, Ingrid. The State Park sounds like a pretty, comfortable place to stay. Very timely info, since we are planning on spending the next month or so in Arizona. So, Havasu is on the agenda! We might have to boondock, though, based on the camping rates of the state park. And, maybe it is wise to avoid the festival over President’s Day as well. 🙂 Either way, we hope to catch up with you when we get to the area!


    1. Be sure and email me at so I can share some boondocking info with you. Would love to meet up when you’re in the area. We’ll actually be in Phoenix over the Winter Blast weekend visiting our kids but until then we’ll be in the area and then back for several more weeks.


      1. Hi Ingrid! Plans have changed again, since we found a last-minute house sit in Albuquerque for six weeks, starting next week. That will be easier for us and our work schedule. We’re not quite ready to become full-timers yet! 😦 So, no six-week adventure in Arizona in Zesty for now. One day… We are planning to get the van ready (as in work out the power issues for long-term boondocking) during our two-month sit in Santa Fe, the end of March. I’ll stay in touch!


    1. The lack of vegetation might take a little getting used to. There’s a unique beauty to the landscape and the water is amazingly clear. We’re never at a loss of things to do even if it’s just sitting and watching our surroundings.


  10. There’s something about old VW buses that’s always appealing. I can imagine the crowds flocking to the ‘Buses by the Bridge’. Some great shots there over the lake Ingrid.


  11. Enjoyed your photos and stories. I got one of those silicon collapsible popcorn things last year, and the secret to popping as many kernels as possible is to put 1/4 tsp of olive oil in the bottom, pour only 1 Tbsp of popcorn, then swirl around so that the kernels are coated with olive oil and hanging/sticking on the sides of the container individually. And yes, makes only one serving, but you could have a contest to see who can eat the most quickly 🙂 Loser gets to pop another batch!


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