Timing, RVing and Chocolate

Since our January 1st arrival at Lake Havasu City, we’ve been staying on private property and enjoying time with our friends. Although we have electric and water hook-ups, we don’t have a sewer connection which requires us to pack up and visit a dump station about every 7-10 days. Earlier in the month, we decided to change-up the scenery when it was time for us to empty our tanks by booking a night at the Lake Havasu State Park. Arizona has some great state parks and the Lake Havasu State Park definitely ranks high on my favorites list.

Lake Havasu State Park

I was in love with this tree at our campsite.

Timing is everything …

The last time we stayed here, the state park was undergoing some serious renovation and this time wasn’t much different. They were doing some major road grading and paving which provided a few obstacles for RVers, but our view more than made up for any inconveniences. Some of the trails were also closed due to the state park adding a new campground complete with cabins. From what we gathered, the cabins will be basic (not much more than a shed) and will adjoin a RV campsite. Interesting concept! Something to keep an eye on for those of us that enjoy sharing our adventures with family or friends who don’t have RVs.

And more about that timing thing …

bloggers meet

Judy and me at Mudshark Brewery in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Blogger pal, Judy, and her husband just happen to be staying at the Lake Havasu State Park during our one night stay on January 9th. Our campsites were actually in view of one another.  Serendipity! I don’t think we could’ve planned this encounter any better.

She and I have tried to connect for quite some time. As a matter of fact, we almost made it happen in Texas last winter. But alas, a year later, we finally managed that meet up in Arizona. A couple of happy hours complete with great conversation ensued. I’m sure we’ll see them down the road sometime!

More about our state park stay, or not …

We made the most of our one night stay at the Lake Havasu State Park, up to the point of sitting at our picnic table until minutes before noon, official check out time. Granted, we were all hooked up and ready to roll by 11:00, but I wanted to enjoy this spectacular site as long as possible. I took a ton of photographs during our stay, and I’d love to share more, but I’ve got a problem …. actually, I’ve got two problems.

One: my computer is acting up and has been ever since the latest Windows 10 update. Two: I’m sick. Yeah, timing sucks! Okay, I’ll admit, there’s never a good time to get sick, but when the weather is glorious, and has been all week … you know, light gentle breezes, an abundant amount of sunshine and temperatures are in a comfortable 70 degree Fahrenheit range in mid January …

(Sorry to those of you in colder climates. I’m not trying to rub it in. Well maybe just a little, cause isn’t that what friends do 😀)

bird photography

Anyway, I didn’t have time to be sick. I wanted to be out and about exploring and taking advantage of the unbelievably gorgeous weather this past week. Fortunately, before I ended up flat on the couch, I did manage to shoot a fair amount of photographs, mostly during our twenty-four hour state park stay, BUT unfortunately, I can’t process the photographs. We’re back to the computer acting up thing again.

I’m no techie, but I do know just enough to get myself, or rather my computer, out of a pickle … at least in the past I’ve managed. Right now, I’m a bit at a loss and may have to seek professional help.

After backing up all of my photographs, documents, downloads, etc. on to three external hard drives (hey this gal wants a backup to the backup to the backup), I reset my computer to factory settings, wiping out everything. “You got this girl”, I said to myself while my heart skipped a beat or two before hitting the return key or rather the key of no return. This computer is like an extension of my life! Lots of minutes later, the computer was started and restarted and appeared to be working well, but before I download Adobe Lightroom, I wanted to double-check the computer was indeed working properly.

After a little use, I closed up the laptop with the intent to reopen it within fifteen minutes (I did not shut it off, just closed the lid). Now here’s the ongoing problem – when I open it up and try to wake it up, I’m greeted with a black screen with occasional white blips or a white screen with what looks like a repetitive pattern. I’m left with no other option than to turn the computer off with the on/off switch.

never alone in the woods

Maybe it’s my heavy, illness filled head talking that makes me feel like I’m in some sort of old 1950’s horror film and being given slide show therapy for mental illness; black screen, white screen, flickering screen. Thank goodness there were no blipped images of clowns. That may have sent me jumping off the London Bridge. I have a serious clown phobia, but shh, don’t tell anyone 🤡

bird photographyWith the computer problem clearly not fixed, I decided to reset the computer yet again. After all, I had only downloaded Chrome and the TD Ameritrade platform along with a few minor changes. All easy enough to redo. This time when the computer restarted, a few of my personal screen saver images greeted me. There shouldn’t have been ANY personal items left on the computer after the first factory reset.

You know that sound from the Twilight Zone – yeah, that tune – it’s been playing in my head a lot the past week dealing with this computer. Perhaps it’s time I admit, I need professional help … for the computer, the computer I say, seriously it’s the computer that needs help. I don’t care what my husband says, it’s the computer, not me 😵

Sharing is a beautiful thing, or not …

After a wonderful, albeit short, stay at the Lake Havasu State Park, Al and I were flying rolling on cloud nine …. smiles from ear to ear! Our little jaunt reminded us why we love RVing and why we embarked on the full-time RV lifestyle. Yeah, we enjoyed it that much.

We had time to kill before we could move into our site at the state park. After driving around, Al thought it would be funny to park the RV on the boat ramp and make it look like he was going to launch it. The lighthouse in the background is Lake Havasu’s newest addition.

Less than forty-eight hours after our blissful state park experience, Al was hacking and coughing and bedridden for a couple of days. He had come down with the crud, but with the aid of nurse Nellie Ingrid and her Southwest Chicken Soup, he was quickly on the road to recovery. As is common with most loving spouses, we enjoy sharing experiences. With that said, Al felt compelled to share his crud induced stupor with his loving wife, moi. However, wife wasn’t satisfied with the basic crud, she felt compelled to out perform her husband by adding in the queasy stomach.

live laugh rv

Dogs! I love dogs and miss mine terribly, but I don’t miss the cleaning up after. (Where is she going with this? Stay with me. I swear it’ll make sense soon enough.) One of the things I always appreciated about dogs is they give you fair warning when they’re about to toss their cookies. And it’s your job to sprint over to them and either guide them outside or off the carpet asap before the nasty deed commences.

Kids on the other hand, rarely give warning. Let’s say it’s a beautiful sunny day as you run a couple of quick errands in your immaculately maintained Honda Accord. As you happily drive to your next destination be-bopping with the tunes on the radio, you pat yourself on the back for your wonderful mothering skills. You’re well-behaved child wild westwho’s sitting quietly in his car seat in the backseat decides then and there that this is the perfect time to showcase his talents and upstage Linda Blair in the Exorcist by sharing his projectile skills. The warm chunky substance slowly slides down mom’s head and a quick U-turn for home commences. Come on kid, a little warning would’ve been nice! Yeah, dogs are great!

So back to me being sick and upstaging Al in the illness department. It all started with a scratchy throat followed by the loss of appetite and energy. Wanting to reciprocate the nursing skills, he thought he’d warm up some soup for me. The result was like that dog warning followed by, “Oh dear God, take it away”. I couldn’t eat a thing for more than twenty-four hours. The mere thought of food put me into pre purging doggy mode. Thankfully, there were no child like Exorcist moments around the RV during the worst of my illness.

When I finally thought about eating something, the only thing that didn’t sound repulsive was chocolate. I didn’t even drink coffee for three days which really concerned Al. Concerned me too because I love my coffee and never go a day without. So my return to eating started with a Kit Kat for breakfast followed by German made Ritter Chocolate later for supper. The next day was a repeat but with the addition of soup for lunch.

I’m still not back to eating normally just yet but I’m definitely on the mends. Now as to my mental state? The jury is still out on that one!

sunset at Lake Havasu State Park

Watching the sunset from our RV at the Lake Havasu State Park.

But let’s face it, chocolate makes everything better. It’s at the top of my must have list of items required for successful RVing. An ample supply of chocolate is the secret to marital bliss while living in less than 300 square feet 24/7. Spousal dispute? Chocolate, but go for Belgian or German … some of the smoothest chocolate you’ll ever taste and it’ll smooth out any dispute.  Europeans make the best chocolate! Flat tire on the RV? Eat chocolate while assessing the situation. I swear the repair will go a heck of a lot better or at least any discussion with your partner will. Sick? Go for your favorite childhood candy bar and bring back fond memories of your youth.

Ah, the medicinal value of chocolate is endless. So while an apple a day may keep the doctor away …. a chocolate bar a day will bring harmony and peace into your life, or at least fill your tummy and make you smile. Namaste!

By the way, if any one thinks they know what might be going on with my computer, I’m all ears and willing to try just about anything. Next week, my sleek Dell girl may have to go in for help 😪 And one final tidbit – I almost wrote down the wrong name of the Exorcist actress. I originally typed Linda Lovelace instead of Linda Blair. I’m used to being corrected by my educated followers with my misnaming of birds, animals, and plants, but this faux paus may have resulted in my face flushing from severe embarrassment. Oh my gosh, my face is red just typing this!

What’s in my pantry? These are affiliate links.

Ritter Chocolate with Whole HazelnutsLindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles


66 thoughts on “Timing, RVing and Chocolate

  1. Sorry to hear you have both been ill and the computer too! Ugh. Never fun being sick and especially when one has one’s heart set on activities. Not sure about the computer but it does sounds like it may need a doctor’s appt of it’s own. Hope it’s nothing too serious for all three of you.

    • We’re on the mends, thank goodness. It sure has been an inconvenience and cut into our fun. Oh well, such is life. I’m sure February will be a lot more fun!

  2. I’m cheap, just give me some good milk chocolate…doesn’t even need to be Belgium or German. You know I’m not going to be able to look at Lindt Chocolate the same next winter…schweaty balls and all. Hope you’re continuing to feel better.

    • Haha! Good times – laughter is good for the soul. I’ll be stocking up on those Lindt balls for our Lake Powell rendezvous – more laughter in our future!

  3. There is no good time to be sick, especially when the weather is good. Sorry to hear about you being under the weather and also about your computer problems. Glad you are feeling better though.
    I really like the sunset picture at Lake Havasu with the tree silhouetting in the foreground.

    • Thank you Gerri – my computer and I are feeling much better. Hopefully next week I’ll be back out exploring with my camera in hand and will have new photos to share.

  4. I’m hearing the windows 10 is giving lots of people lots of problems. Professional help may be needed. Sorry you are not feeling well. But chocolate certainly helps out us back on the road to recovery.
    Hugs and hope you return to your ole self soon!

    • Thanks Nancy – she’s in the shop and I’m using my old laptop and finding it VERY frustrating. I’m starting to feel better and I hope my computer is on the mends as well!

  5. Sorry about the computer issues – we’re so dependent on them for our Dolpamine fix. Lol!
    It’s great to see you still have a great sense of humour even though though you and your computer are sicker than a dog (where’s that phrase come from?) I like your tree and the first bird.
    But be thankful – It’s still cold and wet where I live until April …

    • I’m am thoroughly enjoying this climate and thankful I’m not up north in the snow. I’m on the mends and hope the folks at the computer shop can fix up my gal. Eye opening how dependent I am on my computer …. I feel lost without it. At least I have an old laptop to keep me company!

  6. Sorry that the two of you are ill and then your computer not behaving…that is not good at all. Wishing you better and healthier days.

  7. Since we had a change in plans, we’ll be heading to Lost Dutchman this Sunday. We won’t get to Havasu until end of Feb. I’ll be looking into that campground. Sounds very nice! Glad you’re both feeling better.

  8. So sorry to hear that you and Al picked up the crud, and your computer did as well. Hope you are all better very soon. We have been keeping to ourselves quite a bit lately so as not to pick up any bugs before our trip. Still worried about how we will fare on the plane.

    • Thanks Lu. We did our best to avoid gatherings in hopes of avoiding illness, but all it takes is a trip to the grocery store at the wrong time. Yes, it would not be fun to get sick before (or during) your trip.

      • It is hard to avoid unless you want to become a hermit. We don’t eat out often but have tried to avoid it these past several weeks. We are meeting Pam, John, Sue, and Dave and going to lunch so I will need to be diligent. Take care.

    • Thank you Agness. Lake Havasu is a fun and happening place. Right now the weekend festivities are very popular with the older crowd, but come March the town swells with college spring breakers – party central! Should be an interesting sight.

  9. Oh no!! So sorry to hear that you’ve been sick and that now Al is sick, too. AND your computer!!! Nothing more frustrating than computer issues. Here’s hoping everyone is better soon (including your computer). Yes, chocolate does seem to be a magical remedy. 🙂

    • At least I’m back to being able to focus on healthy more nutritious eating and taking my vitamins…. that is in addition to the chocolate 😁 Now if only I found a fix for the computer!

    • We’ve had some cold and windy days lately, but warmer weather is on the way. I hope my energy returns along with warmer temps so I can get out and hit some trails. There’s a few interesting trails around here that I’ve been looking forward to tackling.

  10. Linda Lovelace? Ha Ha Ingrid, you are too funny even when sick. I do hope it’s not the flu & you’re back to yourself in no time. As for computer issues, we’ve all had them & yes they are enough to make you seek help (& not just for the computer). BTW, I don’t know how you did it, your timing was perfect but I absolutely love the duck photo. Your bird pics are always outstanding.

    • I think if I didn’t try to find some humor in life, I’d break down. Laughing gets me through those tough days. Isn’t that a funny photo of the duck? That pic makes me smile. I was sitting near the shore of Watson Lake in Prescott AZ last summer and just started snapping away with the camera as the ducks were preening.

  11. Hope you and Al are up to par and the trails soon…. I think I brought the crud back from Amsterdam, or perhaps it’s jet lag with a cough. I do agree chocolate makes everything better and isn’t it fun searching it out wherever you wonder.

    • Glad you guys had a fantastic trip and hopefully a great “last” flight. Time to start that new chapter and with any luck it’s not with this nasty crud… jet lag preferred ✈

  12. I don’t know which is worse, being sick or having computer problems? Either one would definitely ruin my day! I just love the picture of the sunset with the tree in the foreground, you have the BEST composition!
    Lake Havasu is definitely on my bucket list and this post just moved it a little higher. Get well soon!

    • Couldn’t agree more – being sick is bad enough, but add in computer problems and my day is definitely ruined 😔 The Lake Havasu area is a super fun place for RVers in the winter. There’s always some sort of weekend festivity happening, and if nothing else, tons of sunshine!

  13. We just pulled into Lake Havasu State Park today and are loving it. Had to hurry and set up so hubby could watch the football game. Glad you’re feeling better! We will be staying until 1/28 at the State Park and will probably look for another place to stay after that with full hook ups. Thanks for a good article.

    • Hope you enjoy your time here as much as we do. We love our morning walks along the Bridgewater Channel (well, we did before getting ill). If you like hiking, be sure and check out “Sara’s crack”. Mudshark Brewery on Swanson Rd has a burger Monday lunch special that’s yummy. Be sure and email me if I can offer any other suggestions. I’d offer to get together, but I’m afraid I may still be contagious and I don’t wish this on anyone else 🤧

  14. Firstly, hope you get over the dreaded lurgie soon. I’d like to say there’s nothing worse, but there is – FRED (frikken ridiculous electronic device). And you have both together. I can deal with the dreaded lurgie (or crud as you Americans seem to call it), but when FRED plays up, it just does my head in. I do hope you get it sorted soon. You have my sincerest sympathy, on both accounts.

  15. I’m sorry that you aren’t feeling well. I think it’s worse to be sick when it’s beautiful outside… much easier to sit around with hot tea and a book when it’s cold.

    I’ve also been having problems with my image editing program (Luminar) since the update. I can edit, but Windows won’t let me save the image… due to some security block – is that what you are experiencing too? Knowing that others are having problems will hopefully help fix it.

    • I too had some sort of “security block” issue which made the update stop loading at 79%. But I was still able to work with Lightroom normally. My problem is stepping away from the computer and it goes into screen/battery save mode. When I want to resume, I can’t wake it up. All I get is a black blipping screen. Ah, computer issues are bad enough but add in being physically ill while the weather is gorgeous = frustration!

  16. I hope you and Al are feeling better soon. Its not fun being sick. Luckily I missed most of it this month. I also hate computer problems…I know my laptop is having problems and I need to take mine in but don’t know where.

    • That’s my biggest fear of not knowing a reputable place to take the computer. I don’t want to pay for someone to screw it up even more 😬 but I’m not sure I have much choice right now. Al is feeling tons better which is giving me hope. A slow process for sure!

      • it is also mine. I have heard that the Geek Squad is terrible. I don’t know if PC Richards (where we got the laptop) is capable. We have taken my older pc to fly by nights and it was a total waste. I probably don’t have much choice either. ;(

        Glad to hear that Al is feeling better..;)

  17. Too bad you could only get that spectacular site for one night. One of the best sites in the park. Sorry to hear you and Al were under the weather. Hope you (and the computer) are back to 100% real soon.

    • We’re working on feeling better and although Al and I thwarted a Dr.’s visit, I’m afraid the computer won’t be as lucky 🤔 Have to agree, that site 10 is one of the best sites. We’ll keep it in mind for future visits and hopefully be able to book longer.

  18. We are at my mom’s on the west coast and the entire family caught the crud (except for Denise), mom went to the hospital with pneumonia. Worst flu season we have ever seen. Glad you guys survived, some folks haven’t been so lucky.
    Love your Kestrel photo and the only other word I have for you is “APPLE”

    • Yeah, it’s been a bad cold/flu season for sure. Hope your mom is doing better. I almost went ‘Apple’ a year and a half ago but ended up buying this Dell which up until last week I was loving. Deciding factor other than price was the 15″ monitor vs. the Apple 14″. Should’ve gone Apple years ago when they were putting out 15’s. Ah, 20/20 hindsight. I’ll get it figured out once I feel better!

  19. Ugh, the crud. I’m knocking on wood as I say this, but we have been spared….so far. I wish I had wise words on the computer front. A trip to a repair guy may save you all kinds of frustration.

    • Al and I suspected we were coming down with something when we had energy issues. His energy is finally returning. Mine? Not yet 😪 It’s exhausting just to go grocery shopping. Ah, this too shall pass, but not soon enough!

  20. I love those photos of Lake Havasu, especially the last one of “your tree” and the lake. I hope you feel better soon and back to your normal self. Mark and I are getting sick here in MA as well, but blame the winter! Too bad that the pleasant temps in Arizona don’t keep the illness away.

    I agree that Belgian chocolate (especially the extra dark stuff) is the best! We always bring some back to the US after visiting my family. The best of the best? Vanilla Liege sugar waffles covered by a layer of dark chocolate. Or, Callebaut dark chocolate chips turned into chocolate chip cookies!

    • That extreme cold sure doesn’t help the body fight off viruses. I do not miss those winters. Yum, Belgian chocolate is amazing! As a child in the U.S., I always looked forward to our family receiving a large gift box from our relatives in Germany. It was always filled with some of the most delectable treats that you couldn’t find in the U.S. Stay warm!

  21. That dang crud is going around everywhere. It is really bad this year. Hope you both are feeling much much better today. Don’t send it this way please! I actually could do without eating for a few days but not at the extent of being sick.
    I love your Kit Kat for breakfast. We have no chocolate in the 5th wheel. I better fix that just in case one of us gets sick.

    • Oh dear, no chocolate in the RV? You’ll need to remedy that and soon LOL. Yeah, this crud thing is pretty bad this year and keeping us down longer than we’d like. Enjoy TX – I’m missing it this year!

  22. First, so sorry to hear you’ve both been so sick, seems like it’s hitting everyone everywhere. I hope the recovery kicks into high gear, it’s gaining back your energy that is so hard.

    And still you processed a wonderful post, you always make me smile and laugh, Ingrid! Your captures are gorgeous as well. LOVE your American Kestrel! As to your computer, I feel for you. My laptop is my life extension as well. I freak out when it’s acting up. THEN I call my son, lol. He always ‘saves the day’ for me! 🙂

    • Oh, if only I could call one of my kids for computer help. My daughter is a diehard Apple user and always willing to aid when it comes to my iPhone or iPad, but my computer she won’t touch. I’m going to try and process some photos on my old laptop but the poor screen resolution is driving me crazy. I’m not much of a drinker, but after the week I’ve had that may change 😆

    • Yeah, no fun! What’s worse is when all you want to do is “go home” and realize you’re already “home” – wherever that might be. Ah, the downside to “full-timing”.

  23. So sorry you suffered through your sickness. Glad to hear your are getting better. Your view of the campsite was spectacular! That’s the kind of place we don’t want to leave. Wish I could help with your computer. Chocolate is always good for what ails you. Maybe I’ll have some for breakfast.

    • Yesterday and today I finally had eggs for breakfast (much healthier choice than chocolate), but I sure missed my chocolate and coffee breakfast … add in some spectacular scenery and it just doesn’t get much better. Yeah, that was a pretty great campsite and it was really difficult pulling out of that spot.

  24. Sounds like a horrible few days between your computer, you and Al all being under the weather. The only thing I can suggest is giving your computer some chocolate and see if it perks up!
    We are in Quartzsite now and hope to plan a trip up there to see you two but we will wait until we get the thumbs up and everyone is feeling better.

    • Haha, if I thought for one second giving my computer chocolate would help, I’d sure give it a try. I’ll shoot you an email and let’s make a get together happen!

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