Picturesque Canyon Lake

Sea Eagle KayakkayakingWhat is it about being out on the water paddling that has me feeling like a giddy little school girl?  Is it the gentle breezes or the warm sun?  Is it floating on the water along side ducks?  Is it the fond memories of times long ago?  Perhaps it’s a combination of all these reasons and more.

I’ve always enjoyed fresh water lakes and especially when they are as picturesque and pristine as Canyon Lake.  There are times I really miss our canoe and the paddling Al and I once did in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota.

Last week while out hiking with our friends G & T, they happen to mention how they’d like to get their kayak out on the water one of these days.  Say what?  With perked ears, I began asking questions about said watercraft.

kayaking in ArizonaWe learned it’s one of those inflatable Sea Eagle Kayaks that nicely stows in the back of their truck.  I’ve had a curiosity about these inflatables for a number of years.

After our lovely hike followed by lunch at a fun local restaurant, we go our separate ways, but the thought of that kayak remains ever so present in my mind.

The thoughts of getting out on the water paddling has me tossing and turning at bedtime.  Instead of counting sheep, I’m counting kayaks…. inflatable kayaks!

The next morning I awake with kayak on the brain which quickly led me to the computer.  An email was rapidly sent to G & T with an invite for a picnic at Canyon Lake.  You guys bring the kayak and we’ll bring the food.  It’s a date!


Picnic at Canyon Lake – G & T on the left, me and Al on the right

The drive to Canyon Lake is beautiful.  The twisting and turning two lane road is lined with yellow blooms in mid March.  It’s spring time in the Arizona desert and it’s the perfect time to visit the Phoenix valley.

Canyon Lake

One lane bridge over a Canyon Lake cove that we’ll need to cross.

We find a covered picnic table and quickly make ourselves comfortable.  It’s really windy.  So windy the lake is sporting white caps.  Certainly not ideal for kayaking.  I’m disappointed, but it’s still a lovely day surrounded by great scenery and wonderful company.  We decide to eat then reevaluate before chalking up the kayaking adventure.

With tummies full, we relax. We’re engaged in conversation enjoying the view and eventually realize the winds died down.  I’m so thrilled and exited that I don’t hesitate to volunteer to work the foot pump.  “Nemo” (yes, the kayak is named)…… Nemo is set on a picnic table so no one has to bend over while he’s blown up.

Sea Eagle inflatable kayak

Team effort blowing up ‘Nemo’

I’m impressed with how rapidly Nemo inflates.  I guess I envisioned those air mattresses from long ago that Al and I used to use during our tenting years.  Those things seemed like they took forever to blow up.  Nemo was ready to hit the water in less than 15 minutes.

inflatable kayaks

G and me test out Nemo

G & I take the kayak out first.  I think our spouses decided if anyone was going to get wet, it wouldn’t be them 😉  We paddled around. Then paddled some more.  It felt wonderful to be out on the water paddling again.  Oh, how I’ve missed this.


Don’t I look like one happy camper?

This particular Sea Eagle model seemed more fitting for one person than two.  Thus G and I took turns taking Nemo out individually.  And of course I still had to take photos while I’m out on the water.  I used my trusty little waterproof camera with wrist float.

inflatable kayaks

taking photos of my feathered friends

inflatable kayaks

paddling with my feathered friends

The day was over before we knew it.  We had a fantastic time with promises to do a repeat soon.  Thank you G & T for a fabulous day.

desert bloomsAh, but there’s one more tidbit to the story.  I promised to bring the burgers and salads for the picnic, but nearly forgot to visit the grocery store.

You see, there were a couple of fellow bloggers in town that I was looking forward to meeting.

After a series of emails, a blogger meet up was scheduled at the Handlebar Pub and Grill in Apache Junction the evening before our kayak outing.

The conversation flowed freely with these two engaging couples… so freely that I nearly forgot Al and I still needed to get to the grocery store and prepare a few things for the next days kayak outing.


Marsha & Paul upper left – me & Al lower left – Pam & John on the right

It was great fun finally meeting these couples;  John and Pam from the blog Oh the Places They Go and Paul and Marsha from Where’s Weaver.  I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before our paths cross again.

Next up, it’s time for some hiking….

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package
Panasonic DMC-TS25D Waterproof Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD (Orange)


63 thoughts on “Picturesque Canyon Lake

    • We used to go canoeing a lot, but this was my first time in a kayak and I absolutely loved it. You sit low to the water thus making it very fun paddling with the ducks.

  1. I have planted a seed to my hubby about the inflatable kayak, for now he is not hearing it. You look so cute and happy in that kayak! And boy were you a social bug on this stop. Isn’t it hot now in AZ?

    • It was so much fun. For now, I think we’ll stick with renting a kayak or canoe in the future. I can’t fathom hauling any more stuff around. Yep, it’s getting warm in Phoenix. We make sure we’re off any trail by noon. The warmth actually feels good after 3 months of cool damp weather in TX.

  2. Floating on the water is always the ultimate! And with that scenery….how perfect! Think you’ll purchase a kayak!? Happy trails…you find some of the best spots!

    • I’m glad we’ve had the opportunity to spend more time in this part of the Phoenix valley. We’ve been really enjoying it. I don’t think we’ll add any more toys at this point and time…. but I reserve the right to change my mind 😉

  3. Isn’t Canyon Lake the best for kayaking? When we were there last we kayaked one day with whitecaps on the lake then had a nice calm day after that…too fun!

    • I remember your post on taking the kayak out. Before your post I didn’t even realize there were these stunning lakes around Phoenix. I look forward to more Canyon Lake paddling because as you said it’s the best 🙂

  4. The Sea Eagle 370 seems to be a great choice for two. That is what we decided on. Yoiu can use it SOLO by placing one seat in the middle or there is room for two. Great product.

    • I figured the next size up would be a good choice for two people. It seems like a very nice product. I felt very solid and secure out on the water. We’ll consider a Sea Eagle if we decide a kayak is worth having.

  5. I think that would be so much fun! My father always took us to the lake in the summer to water ski, and I miss just being out on the water a lot. I’m sure my water skiing days are over, but this looks like a lot of fun. This past Sunday, we made a quick day trip and visited the last remaining state park that is within a two hour drive from home that we had not yet visited, and with park admission, you can kayak for free on their new guided kayaking “trail.” Didn’t know if you knew those are also a part of the state park program, and they provide the kayaks, too. This one just opened last summer, and I know of another one, a much longer one, that just opened this month a little further downstate. If our state does it as part of the state park program, I wonder if other states do it, too? Something to check out perhaps?

    • I’ve never heard of a state park offering the use of kayaks for free. That’s awesome. I too enjoyed water skiing when I was younger and taught both my kids when we had a run about and lived 3 miles from a marina. Fun times 🙂

  6. You are just having too much fun! Before becoming RV’ers we had hard sided ocean kayaks we would haul around on the top of our truck. We loved paddling in them but after a while it became too hard to load them and unload them. They were much longer and heavier than the ones you would need for lakes. Now when we are on a trip and want to paddle we rent a canoe!

    • I think we’ll resort to the renting of a canoe or kayak unless we find ourselves wanting out on the water a lot more. It’s silly to haul stuff around if it’s only used once or twice here and there. I do love it though 🙂

  7. You and Al certainly enjoy life and that is so good to hear… you visit the most beautiful places and I get to share it with you both…. Please never give up RV ing, I’m enjoying it too much…

  8. We absolutely love having our kayak with us and we use it quite a bit — we’ve paddled everywhere from the San Juan Islands to the Florida Keys and many places in between. You look so happy paddling — I don’t think you’ll regret buying a kayak.

    • We do prefer to camp near water whenever possible but still aren’t sure how much we’d use kayaks. I think we’ll rent a couple of hard sided ones to see how we like those and continue to ponder 🙂

  9. On my list for the spring when that ice finally melts – learn to kayak! Very nice that you could meet up with other bloggers – I’ve noticed it happening with other blogs I follow too.

    • We’ve canoed in the past but this was my fist time kayaking and I loved it. I’m hoping to connect with a couple more bloggers before leaving Arizona for the season 🙂

    • Your canoe outing sounds like so much fun. We used to go out for days with the canoe in Minnesota. Hope you write about your canoe trip soon!

  10. Hey, you’re with our friends Paul and Marsha! Tell them that we caught up with them! We love, love, love kayaking. This year we left our hard sided ones at the homebase. We tried the Sea Eagle tandem and also thought too small for a tandem. I think the one we were in was also under-inflated. However, we fell in love with the Advanced Elements Advanced Frame. Husband had one shipped he wanted. I just found the one I wanted today at an REI store. Perfect.

    • Hmm, we’ll need to check into those. I liked the sea eagle inflatable but next would like to try out a hard sided one just to see which I prefer. It’s always a fun time meeting up with bloggers face to face. Great people!

      • Hey Ingrid,
        Kayaking is just great fun, and easier than using a canoe. We have owned a couple of hard kayaks for year and carry them on the top of our pickup. We have (and continue) looked at several inflatables. If we go that route I will probably get one from Advanced Elements. They appear to be closer in performance to the ones we own now. Certainly more expensive than a Sea Eagle, but worth it.

        Let us know if you head out East!

  11. Ingrid, you crack me up. You remind me of a little kid on Christmas morning. You have the biggest smile on your face in these photos. I just love it. Keep enjoying all the fun out on the water.

    • Marsha, I felt like a little kid that day and don’t think I stopped smile the entire time I was out on the water. Can’t wait to go again 🙂

  12. Those inflatable kayaks are pretty darn cool. We keep eyeing them, but still haven’t pulled the purchase plug. Tempting, tempting…

    • Very tempting indeed. We’re still questioning how much use we might get hauling around a kayak or two. We’ll continue to ponder 🙂

  13. I see a SEA EAGLE in your future…and NOT the kind that fly!! That would be great fun to take out on beautiful Canyon Lake in Texas too!

  14. You are so cute in the kayak! It is easy to see what a great time you were having. That is a beautiful location. The hike up above is wonderful for a great view of the entire lake and dam. We, also, have a Sea Eagle. We have the newer version which is so much sleeker and really looks like a kayak. It is amazing how nicely it cuts through the water and how stable it is. You should check out the new model. Howard and Linda from RV Dreams have both models, the one you were in and the new one. They carry both of them in their truck (they also pull a fifth wheel).

    It was great to finally meet in person. I must say it felt like we had known each other for awhile. See you down the road:)

    • Yes, I follow RV Dreams and have had my curiosity piqued by their inflatables. You seriously should have taken yours out on Canyon Lake; the perfect lake for a lovely paddle. I’m sure we’ll run into each other down the road 🙂

  15. Look back on our Daytona Beach post and see how we have our kayaks on our truck. We have basically the same truck/fifth wheel as you do, Ingrid. Just wanted you to know hard shell can be done with a fiver. 🙂

    • Wow, we really do have a similar set up. I need to try out a couple of hard shell kayaks to see what I like most. It’s so much fun getting out on the water.

  16. I love getting out on the water in our canoe, which seems to get heavier every year! I’ve always wondered about these inflatables. Thanks for sharing.

    • We loved our canoe but sold it during the downsizing 😦 We’re thinking about adding an inflatable but just not sure how much we’d use it!

    • Nemo would be perfect for a grandma and a 9 year old. Oh, what fun you could have. It was just a tad small for an adult male and female.

  17. You sure do look like a happy camper! Being on the water is such a great activity, one that always seems to bring a sense of calm.

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