Lost or Found

Have you ever traveled somewhere that spoke to you or rather called to you;  a place you just wanted to return to time and again?  That’s how I feel about the Superstition Mountains also known as the Superstitions located in Apache Junction, Arizona (the far southeast side of the Phoenix valley).  There’s something mystical maybe even spiritual about the place.Superstition Mountain

Apache TrailOur original plans after Tucson were to head over to the Ajo area and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, but the pull to return to the Apache Trail was too strong to ignore and thus the Superstitions won.  I love having fluid plans that can be changed on a whim.  Mr. Saguaro and I do a happy dance.

In the past, we’ve always taken Interstate 10 from Tucson to Phoenix.  It’s usually a stressful drive with lots of truck traffic, high speeds, and folks following way too close for my comfort.  It’s just another congested interstate that I would prefer avoiding.

Therefore, we opted to take the scenic route this time.  We headed north on Highway 77 to 79 and eventually 60.  We arrived safely at the Elks Lodge in Apache Junction after a very pleasant drive.  I’m not sure I’lI ever want to take Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson again after discovering this alternative route.Apache Junction AZApache JunctionThe Apache Junction Elks had plenty of room for us to dry camp and we found a nice little corner with an amazing view.  There was a down side; we were parked close to Route 88 aka the Apache Trail, and during the day there was a fair amount of traffic noise.  The view definitely made up for it though.  Oh, and yes, you DO need to be an Elks Lodge member to stay here.

During our past visits to Apache Junction, we’ve always stayed at Lost Dutchman State Park.  It’s definitely a favorite as it sits at the base of the ominous Superstition Mountain with hiking trails right out the RV door.  I credit the Lost Dutchman State Park for introducing the joy of hiking to hubby.  You see, Al was in the military and he remembers all too well the military boot camp type of hiking with heavy packs he was forced to do when he was younger.  Thus, getting Al “into” hiking took a lot little cajoling on my part.

During our stay at the Lost Dutchman State Park three years ago, I introduced hubby to the Jacobs Crosscut Trail.  Al found a great deal of pleasure hiking that trail, so much so that he started initiating our hikes.  This visit to the Superstitions was no different.  We started off with a portion of the oh so perfect Jacobs Crosscut Trail and then veered onto some new trails.hiking trails Tonto National ForestWe found ourselves hiking four times during our one week stay and even had some good friends join us.Superstition Wilderness

G & T live in Apache Junction and spend their summers escaping the desert heat by taking their RV to higher elevations either in Arizona or Colorado.  We’re never at a loss of things to talk about and it’s great comparing RVing notes and discoveries.

Tortilla Flat

Cheryl, Pete, Al, me

Tortilla Flat ArizonaSpeaking of friends, we reconnected with Cheryl and Pete.  We first met this entertaining couple two years ago when we parked next to each other boondocking in the Arizona desert in Quartzsite during the big RV Tent extravaganza.

It was fun visiting, sharing lunch, and talking well into the afternoon. It was great fun returning to Tortilla Flat for a very yummy burger and a little goofing around.

Between hiking, errands, and socializing the week whizzed by.  We moved up to Lake Pleasant for the first week of March to visit with our son and reconnect with a group of snowbirders who can always be counted on for a good time.Superstition Mountain

And now we’re back at the Elks Lodge in Apache Junction for more hiking and socializing.  The Lost Dutchman Mine may still be lost, but we’ve found a new passion ….. hiking at the Superstitions.  Perhaps I can convince hubby into staying longer than just a week.  I can be rather persuasive when I want to be 😉Tonto National ForestSuperstition Mountain

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61 thoughts on “Lost or Found

  1. Going to have to check out your shortcut. Can’t wait to get hiking in the Superstition Mtns, we did a day hike at Lost Dutchman last winter. What a great hike that was.

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  3. Some great photos! Looks like perfect hiking opportunities and must add the Superstitions to my list! Where do you go in the summer to get away from the heat?

    • I love finding various ‘characters’ amongst the Saguaros. What an incredible plant. The desert around Phoenix and Tucson is vastly different than that of the Vegas area. Unique!

  4. Oh my, you’ve just given me a must-see for our fall cross country journey. Why have we never been to the Superstition Mountains?? They look absolutely spectacular from your photos! I can certainly see why you’re drawn to return.

    • Oh my gosh Laurel…. I cannot believe you haven’t been here before. Yes, it is an absolute must for you and Eric next season. You will totally love the state park, hiking, and exploring the area. You can search my site for our past visits but I’ll also be doing an update 🙂

  5. I probably sound like broken record – love your photos. My favorite pic is the one of your home with the mountains behind it. The Superstition Mountains look amazing and a definite must do hike next time we are in the area.

    • Thank you Karen. I know you and Greg would enjoy exploring this area. It’s beautiful and I always appreciate your kind comments 🙂

  6. We love Superstitions Mts. also. Such a beautiful place to connect to nature.

    We are looking forward to meeting up with you two.

    • We’ve been very fortunate in visiting some very unique and stunning places over the years and this one ranks as pretty darn special 🙂

  7. Wow four times in a week of hiking! Im impressed 🙂
    You have introduced us to the Superstition Mountains and when we get back to AZ we have to back and camp here.
    As always you got a great eye for some desert captures.

  8. Stunning place, Ingrid. What fun to have friends to hike with and also to meet up again with Cheryl and Pete. Do be careful when hiking there though. I was just reading that some Apaches believe that the hole leading down into the lower world, or hell, is located in the Superstition Mountains. 😯

    • There’s all kinds of tales and folklore regarding this area. It’s a beautiful place but also dangerous as ‘Search and Rescue’ can attest to. Thus, hubby and I stay on the popular trails and know our limitations 🙂

  9. The Superstitions rock. A good but strenuous hike is Siphon Draw to Flat Iron. Peralta to Freemont Saddle on the other side of the Superstitions (facing the 60) is another good hike where you can view Weevers Needle. It’s my favorite area too, have fun

    • I’ve done part of Siphon Draw and it’s absolutely beautiful back there. Thanks for the Freemont Saddle idea. I’ll be researching that one. Sounds like a good hike. Certainly no loss of things to do around here.

  10. You’ve captured the majesty of the mountains, Ingrid. What a cool hiking experience! I have used Merrell makes great hiking shoes. 🙂

    • Those Merrell’s have been a lifesaver. I was having so many problems with my feet that hiking for an hour was about my limit until the Merrell’s. I’m hoping to focus a little more on photography this week, but we’ll see as there’s so many things distracting me… in a good way 🙂

  11. I love the Superstitions! We loved hiking there. Your pictures are beautiful. We are still in the Chiricahuas and the hiking here is the best I’ve ever experienced. We did a 9 mile hike yesterday that was truly the best hike ever. We will return to the Chiricahuas next year for sure. See you soon. Wish we were Elks!

    • Between you and Pam I think next year we will make the Chiricahuas a priority. Sounds way to awesome to pass up. I look forward to hearing all about it next week 🙂

    • Well if the leg isn’t cooperating perhaps you’re arm will be… you know, lifting that drink glass or Starbucks cup 😉 Give me a shout out when you have time to meet.

  12. Having just returned from Arizona, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. What a beautiful area to hike, cycle & enjoy the surroundings!

    You may or may not know of the Arizona Opry in Apache Junction. We didn’t get to this area but a friend of mine who has visited a number of times, recommended we go there for an evening. He claims the music is fantastic. Show with dinner for about $ 35.00.

    • Thanks for the info. I think the Arizona Opry is just around the corner from where we’re staying. I did do a little research on it and it does sound entertaining. There’s just so much to see and do around here that one has to prioritize 🙂

  13. I would normally have massive hiking envy, but having arrived into LV late Saturday night and already chalked up one hike yesterday, I’m feeling less green-eyed today. 🙂 My goal is a minimum of 6 hikes in the 8 days I’ll be here. Work be damned! 🙂

  14. Looks like a lovely area. It’s always so nice to find good hiking. My youngest son use to call them a forced march. LOL We are leaving Litchfield park today and heading for Quartzsite. Then back to Carefree in about 10 days. Too bad there isn’t a boondock spot next to the Superstitions, I would like to explore there.

    • This whole area is picturesque. Be sure and do a post reminding everyone (Me) about the show in Carefree. I plan on stopping by for a visit. FYI… not to worry, I know you’ll be working and won’t over stay or disrupt. As a former self-employed business owner, I understand the priorities 🙂

  15. I can hardly wait to try out some of those hikes. That area has always called to us also, but we’ve stayed at Usery in the past. Great park, but poor sound sensitive Sasha has real problems with the shooting range across the street. Now that Dave is officially an “Elk” I know where we’ll stay next winter! Thanks for another great post.

    • I thought you’d appreciate the info on the Elks. The location is great and we can stay as long as we want. I’ll be sure and share dump and water info with you as the Elks is strictly dry with no dump on site.

  16. We just left Ajo yesterday after boondocking off Darby Trail road.. You need to see this area if you haven’t yet. Beautiful! Back in Yuma now for a dentist appointment.

    • That’s exactly where we planned on boondocking. I think we’ll try for the fall to explore that area and make a run down to Los Algadones. Right now I’m on the hunt for yellow poppies 🙂

  17. Ingrid that first photo is an amazing composition. Definitely art gallery material for sure. It looks like wonderful hiking and can I mention the sunshine often enough?

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