It’s a New Year…

Initially it was not my intention to do a “New Year’s” type of post, but after perusing various blog postings I do a little reflection myself.  Internet connection or rather lack thereof, has put my postings way behind.  So I’ve decided to start the New Year off with a “get ya up to date” kind of posting.Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air BalloonHubby and I have been on the road almost 2 months now, living close in a mere 250 square feet.  I’ll admit the first two weeks were a bit rough.  Would we both survive?  We embarked on this adventure somewhat tired in early November.  Our departure was detained by two weeks, putting us closer into winter weather territory and thus derailing the itinerary.  Normally our schedule is super flexible, but when winter snow threatens we take heed.  Campgrounds in Colorado were closed for the season, necessitating longer than intended drives.  Tired, irritated, and concerned (severe weather) does not make for marital bliss in tight quarters.Phoenix


Balloonist out for a sunset ride

But sunrises, sunsets, unbelievable views, and solitude DO make for marital bliss.  All is right!  Come on, with views like these, how could it not be?  Our six-week road trip last February/March of 2012 had us on the go.  Let’s go here, let’s go there.  Gotta see this, gotta see that.  Although it was tons of fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat, it did not allow us the time to savor any one place,Hot Air Balloons

Al and I promised each other a slower pace this go around.  This time we stayed a week at the awe-inspiring shores of Lake Powell followed by a week in Cottonwood Arizona near the awe-inspiring red rocks of Sedona.  After a few days at Lake Pleasant, we settled into a lengthy stay at Cave Creek Regional Park just to the north of Phoenix, Arizona.  So to bring you up to date, we’ve been camped here at Cave Creek since early December savoring each day.

Our five-week stay at Cave Creek has been filled with rest, laughter, solitude, fun, and…..yes my favorite verbiage – awe-inspiring scenery.  Sometimes I’m just at a loss for


laughing with new friend Mona Liza

2012 was a mix of highs and lows for Al and me.  We’ve lost loved ones, but gained new friends.  Our children have grown and progressed and now it’s time for us to reassess and find a new direction.  At the moment I feel like a couple of lost puppies.  However, I do see the light!Travel

travelDo any of you remember those silly Beach Party Films of the sixties?  Did you ever notice no one ever had a job or responsibilities to worry about?  Guess they must have lived on love.  So what do Al and Ingrid have planned for 2013?  This Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello are going to live on love in a van on the beach or rather a 5th wheel in the desert – we’ll do the beach next year ;-).  Either way living on love without a care in the world, sounds kind of fun to me.  We’ll worry about reality later.

So Happy New Year to everyone.  Thank you for following my adventure and thanks for sharing yours.  Here’s to fun times with no worries!  May 2013 be a lucky 13 for us all 🙂RainbowBartlett Lake


33 thoughts on “It’s a New Year…

  1. We have also just recently started this new lifestyle adventure. Overall it is great. Biggest bump so far was my decision to keep driving (from Campbellsville to Birmingham) spent the COLD night in the Walmart ‘Resort’. Made for a bit of tension. Better in an instant upon arrival at Fort Pickens. Take away was; the next adventure is always just a few miles or days away. Love this life.

    Keep us posted on that part of the country, we are really looking forward to being there.
    Happy New Year

    • Yes, it’s not good to travel tired or too long. We’re realizing what works and what doesn’t. AZ vs FL very, very different. Seems folks are usually partial to one or the other. Sure is fun to have choices. Safe Travels!

  2. We LOVE, LOVE your new photo’s!! You have definitely inspired Don to update his camera, thanks. I’ve been trying to get him to purchase a better one for quite some time. Sometime we will share some of his photo’s with you. Even with his camera limitation he’s taken some AWESOME photo’s. Really enjoyed our time with you and Al at Cave Creek. Now we wait until Spring when we will hit the road and start our own adventure. Oh yes, I remember those beach party movies very well. LOL, Be safe! We’ll keep reading your blog.

    • Thanks so much for commenting. We sure had fun visiting! I look forward to seeing some of Don’s photos. You know you’ll need to start a blog so you can share photos and keep friends up to date on your travel adventures. Stay in touch 🙂

  3. I enjoy following your adventures and I am amazed at your ability to camp and live as life brings it! It’s a beautiful sunny but cold day here in Illinois and I envy you being out west where it is still probably chilly especially at night, but warmer than it is here. Last night, I drove home from upper lower Michigan where it had been cloudy and cold for seven days straight, I marvelled at the stars and the moon whern I looked up. I can only imagine what you can see at night. Enjoy and thank you for letting me follow along as you Make your days count!

    • Michigan is probably my favorite midwestern state. That being said, the scenery and night skies out west are incredible. When I left IL and witnessed the skies in CO, UT, and AZ I was in love. There’s also a sense of freedom in the west that I never felt in the midwest.

  4. “Livin’ On Love”..a great song by Alan Jackson….listen to the words some time…I like your plan. Now stick to it and enjoy each other’s company…It is amazing how much you learn when you only have your “significant other” to relya on, to be laughter, tears, trials and almost disasters…Anyone who says it’s easy to stay “in love” is lying…Ya gotta work at it every day but it is well worth the effort…After 43 years, …been there… done that…CARPE DIEM, DEAR FRIENDS!!!!

    • Boy did you hit it right on. I’ll need to check out that Alan Jackson song. Hope you’re settled into a nice campsite in sunny FL. Need to head on over to your blog 🙂

  5. You have taken some exquisite photos Ingrid and I especially like the one of you and Mona. Looking forward to meeting you and Al soon. May you have a relaxed, adventure-packed year livin’ on love! 🙂

    • ML and I did a lot of laughing trying to sit on pointy rocks. Just moved over to Lost Dutchman and took 200 photos this morning. Thank goodness for digital. Loved the balloons at Cave Creek…..every morning and evenning.

  6. It’s funny that you mention those beach movies. I recently was saying that I think our lives seem boring because when we watch tv or movies, we only see the story. We don’t see everything that’s happening in between– the eating, sleeping, exercising, driving to work, etc… It seems like something should always be happening, but that’s not the way life is. We set up expectations for ourselves of what everyday should look like. In doing so, we forget to enjoy what is, or maybe forget to realize that we don’t have to enjoy every single moment of our day, that some moments just are. I do like your plan of becoming one of those movies. The beach sounds perfect!

    • The true realities of life would not be entertaining. It is nice to pretend though and forget about reality. I’m not missing the cold of CO even though I love the still beauty after a snow storm. Stay warm!

    • Good times! The Superstition Mtn this morning is beautiful, but I miss the balloons…..really surprises me. Stay warm and catch up with you soon.

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