Life Around Camp

So what’s life like spending five weeks at the same campground?  What dooo we do?RVing

Well there’s plenty of time to rest, relax, or read that new book we just haven’t had the time to get around to.

Then there’s the great outdoors right out our front steps.  Nature awaits!

If hiking isn’t your thing, how about biking?  Horseback riding?  We share the trail you know!

Had enough physical activity?  How about a little socializing?

Five weeks in the same location gave us the pleasure of making new friends.  I met my first RV blogging buddy;  Mona Liza of the Lowe’s RV Adventures.  We ate, drank and laughed around a campfire. We played games.  We visited and exchanged travel tales.  We had new campground friends, Nancy and Larry of Montana join in the fun.

blogging buddies – Ingrid and Mona Liza

Not enough adventure?  Book a Hot Air Balloon ride.  I had so much fun photographing theses guys, I didn’t personally feel the need to go up.  Perhaps next time!Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon

It’s hard for me to pick my favorite thing to do, but I will add watching the wildlife is a top contender.  These guys make me smile 🙂

24 thoughts on “Life Around Camp

  1. Jerry and I love the Go John Trail. It was always one of our favorites!! I must admit though, even with the cold temperatures (this week has warmed up quite nicely to the 40s), Jerry and I are loving Cherry Creek State Park. The running is magnificent :).


      1. Nope. A winter storm will dump more snow and lower the temperatures again this weekend. We are heading for Arizona on Thursday morning! We will spend a couple of weeks in Benson and then head up to Phoenix, so Jerry can get his photography work started.


  2. Love the biking and hiking. I like seeing others horseback riding, but horses kind of scare me (my oldest would roll her eyes at me, since she’s way into jumping). I can see from your post though why RVing can be addicting.


    1. I know what you about horses. I have similar feelings. Yes RVing is addicting. We have ALL the comforts of home with a new backyard and neighbors on our terms…..doesn’t get much better!


    1. Oh, that Bear let’s me do just about anything to him. When our daughter was little, she and her friends would dress him up in baby clothes. He just loved the attention. Thanks for stopping 🙂


    1. Ok now I’m jealous. I so want to see those Javelina’s. We had some go through the shrubs between campsites one night and shined a flash light on them, not a good view.

      Surprisingly we kept very, very busy.


    1. LOL….the poor guy has cateracts and poor vision. When I put the glasses on him, he didn’t try and knock them off. So I wonder…..did the glasses help Bear see better? Wish he could tell me 😉 Yes, good times!


  3. Now that is what I call a wonderful life in a camp, particularly this party camp. We did have so much fun and more and can’t wait to cross our paths again. Love Love those pictures especially the Javelinas 🙂 which has truly eluded you. Another great post.


    1. It was fun. Boy, the atmosphere at Lost Dutchman is TOTALLY different than Cave Creek. Glad our stay was short. Got in some good hiking though…..will share when I see you. Head to Case Grande in the morning!


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