Valley of the Sun

Our journey takes us to Phoenix, Arizona, aka Valley of the Sun, the capital city of Arizona.  This sprawling city sits at an elevation of 1,117 feet surrounded by the Sonoran Desert.Travel

Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the United States and boasts a population of 1.47 million people.  I’m sure the population increases substantially during the winter months as the subtropical climate attracts thousands of retirees otherwise know as “snowbirds” – folks escaping the cold and flocking to the desert southwest for the winter.

Winter high temperatures range from 60 to 70 degrees with 85% sunshine.  Phoenix gets on average a mere 8 inches of rain per year.  During our second week in Phoenix we encountered a couple of overcast and rainy days.

Al and I watch the local news and weather on our television.  The rain was the main news story.  Folks on the street were interviewed…..Did you know they actually had to use their windshield wipers?  I know, wow – now that was news worthy!sunset

I will admit after the good drenching of rain, the desert appears more brilliant.  The cacti more colorful.  The trails no longer dusty.  The sky clear and blue.  The rain made everyone and everything smile (moi excluded).

The warmth and sunshine are always quick to return making Lake Pleasant, located northwest of the Phoenix valley, the perfect spot to call home for a few days.Travel


26 thoughts on “Valley of the Sun

  1. Phoenix is always great in the winter but I can’t believe I actually lived there for 20 years…way too hot for us now! Glad to hear you are enjoying AZ. 🙂

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    • I try to fit OUR RV into as many photos as possible, not always easy. Hope you’re enjoying your CO winter and adjusting to the weather. Warm wishes for the New Year!

  3. LOL – the local news stations are pretty dumb when it comes to the weather. We get huge rainstorms all summer long and they always act like it’s an anomaly when it does rain. Hope you enjoyed the sun today. 🙂

  4. Looks like a nice campsite! One thing I really like about PHX is all of the county parks and campgrounds. There are so many great choices for camping! Tucson only has two: Catalina and Gilbert Ray. But both are excellent! Stay warm! We woke to a layer of ice on the windshield this morning. Cheers, Maureen

    • I booked us back at Cave Creek in early Feb and was surprised how few camp sites were available. We’ll hit Catalina end of Feb on our return to CO the southern route….I-10 to Deming up to Elephant Butte for a stay then Pueblo West, CO.
      It was cold here this morning but gorgeous now – 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky 🙂

  5. The desert is such a spectacular ecosystem, especially when it rains. I always get a kick out desert naysayers who take one look at it and think nothing is alive. Quite the contrary, actually. Any plans to check out the Superstitions? Lots of great hiking in those parts.

  6. Oh man I can’t WAIT to get out there. The weather here in east TX has been sucking, thanks for the ray of sunshine! See you at the Q!

  7. Yes, being a native of the desert, rain was always a welcome element. It made the world seem fresh and clean. I always smiled. Great pictures, Ingrid.

    • Yes perfect time of year, but it’s a tad colder the last couple of days than I’d like. Been looking at FL temps to seem if next winter FL maybe an option. Thoughts?

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