Farewell Sedona…

With trepidation, we hook up, load up and depart Dead Horse Ranch State Park leaving the images of Sedona in the rear view mirror.  We hated saying good-bye to Sedona’s natural beauty of red-rocks.Sedona

Many of these red-rock buttes, spires, and monuments have names, such as the popular Coffee Pot Rock.  Red Rock Country is definitely worth the visit on any trip to Arizona.  I know it’ll be a regular stop for Al and me.  We already look forward to returning.Sedona

And while the red-rocks are majestic and stunning, another site catches our eyes….McDonald’s.  Oh, but this McDonald’s is special.  It’s the only one in the world where the Golden Arches are Turquoise Arches.  Turquoise is a color most associated with the desert southwest.  As I’m taking a photo, a gentleman from Japan joins me to my left, while a woman from Spain joins me on my right.  Sedona is a highlight for folks from around the world.  We all comment about the Turquoise Arches and the southwest architecture as we snap away.McDonald's

With the Rig pointed south, we slowly meander toward Phoenix.  Arizona is a land of contrast and diversity.  The scenery is undeniably beautiful, ranging from hot and dry deserts to evergreen mountain forests to towering red rocks and canyon gorges.Sedona

One minute we’re traveling among ignored, undeveloped desert, the next we stumble across an old pioneer graveyard or ghost town.  Then within a few short miles, we happen upon a populated area of new homes and shopping centers.Dead Horse State Park

It appears everything in Arizona is either very old or very new.  What an amazing land.  And it’s ours to explore!Travel


22 thoughts on “Farewell Sedona…

  1. Did you get to shop at Tlaquepaque while in Sedona? I fell totally in love with those stores….bought equipales there (they shipped them back east for us), as well as several pieces of highly detailed turquoise jewelry.
    I was so captivated by the Sedona sunsets! Everything about that area felt spiritual in a way that made me feel i was “home”…..in a metaphysical, before-time-began way. (hopefully you understand what I’m saying and don’t think I’m a wacked out wierdo! 🙂 )

    • Totally GET IT……wacked out? Welcome to the club…lol. One of the beauties of this RVing lifestyle is hanging out in some amazing places and embracing the sense of spirituality. We did go to Tlaquepaque. How unique is that place!

  2. We will be staying at Cave Creek Regional Park the first two weeks of February. Since you were singing its praises, we thought we would check it out. Aren’t you glad you’re not in CO right now? We have family in both IN and OH and both were hit hard by the blizzard that swept through. We are definitely west coast folks.

    • We’ve been camped at Cave Creek Reg Park and loving it. We head to Lost Dutchman next week. Is this Kim? The gravatar says “someone” ???

      • Yes! That is so weird, because we are logged in, but it shows up as anonymous?! I don’t know :). I see you are at Lake Pleasant…we are thinking about staying there. We are having a problem finding a nice RV park, because one, we are not 55-years-old OR two, they are already booked with snowbirds. Ha! Arrived in Cherry Creek yesterday and we are very pleased with the park. We have a nice, big site and I can imagine the park being even more beautiful in the summer. Our friends told us the afternoon temperatures this time of year should be in the 40s. This morning it was 9 and only warmed up to 31 at 2 o’clock this afternoon. Sure putting a damper on our workout plans :).

        • So thinking about heading south for the winter? Have you tried Deserts Edge (the purple park). That’s a fav of mine if we need full hook-ups. Everything is booking up quickly. CO does indeed get cold in the winter….just think Flagstaff!

  3. We’ve had rain the past two days, but it’s been reasonably warm (50s). I love the awesome beauty of the SW, but wouldn’t want to live there, especially in the summer. Hope you find your warmer weather to suit you! 🙂

    • We have friends visiting family in Ohio and they’re concerned about their flight tomorrow. Our home in CO got 10″ of snow. So even though it’s a tad colder in Phx than I’d like, I am not complaining. Stay warm……and dry!

  4. The Southwest holds many surprises around each turn…and soooo much history in those mountains…We leave tomorrow AM ..like you, we are trying to outrun a snowstorm..or run THROUGH it!!Enjoy the warm weather.

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