Lake Front Property…

Arizonans love their outdoor recreation. National Parks, National Forests, State Parks, and Regional Parks are plentiful in Arizona with beautiful weather to accommodate every outdoor recreation imaginable.Lake Pleasant

One of our favorite spots in the Phoenix area is Lake Pleasant Regional Park.  We arrive mid-week to a near empty park……love it.  We pick a spot near the shore of Lake Pleasant and set up camp.  The nearest neighbor is over 200 feet away.RVing

Lake Pleasant is a mecca for boaters, anglers and ATVers alike and with a long weekend approaching, Al and I know our solitude will be short-lived.  The holiday brought boats, rigs, and folks of all kind. Lake Pleasant

Our camp spot was within view of the Marina.  As Al and I sit outside enjoying the Arizona sunshine, we are duly entertained by watching the variety of boats passing by and watching various RVer’s set up camp.Travel

Ah….Al and I reminisce……it’s times like this we miss our wave runners and boat.  Perhaps one day we’ll pick up another wave runner or at the very least a kayak.Arizona

After a lovely stay at Lake Pleasant Regional Park, we’re off to Cave Creek Regional Park – a first for us.RVing


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  1. Thanks for the photos and the story. It looks so different to me too, all the blue water in the middle of a desert. I hope to visit some of this part of the country very soon, and you inspire me to get busy with the plans.

  2. This is such a different slice of life – so beautiful and peaceful. It’s hard to believe that this tranquility exists, while over here in Chicago we’re battling the frozen temperatures, traffic and never ending threat of snow! haha!
    I think you guys have the right idea. Enjoy the beauty and the peace and quite in nature this New Year’s Eve.
    I’ll be thinking of you.

    • It’s definitely different than IL that’s for sure. There was a time when South Barrington was newly developed, I would run around looking at the gorgeous houses and dreaming. Now you could give me one of them and I wouldn’t move there……well if ya gave me one I wouldn’t complain 🙂 My home in CO has ten inches of the white stuff covering the driveway. So I’m very glad to be in the desert SW. Hey check out blogger rvsueandcrew. You might be entertained. Not sure I could do what she’s doing, but it’s interesting to follow her journey.

      Wishing you happiness and PEACE in the New Year!

    • Unfortunately, it turned cold the last few days….meaning low 60’s. So not the greatest boating weather but perfect for hiking. The desert is a different kind of beauty than the midwest. It took hubby awhile to acquire a taste for the southwest. It’s always fun to have the diversity in our travels from CO to IL to AZ. Doesn’t get more different!

    • It’s one of those places you gotta hang out and take it in. The smiley balloon was great. I’ve only seen him that one time. You should have been here yesterday morning….gorgeous! And the Buffalo Chip was tons of fun. Are you still in Tucson until Quartzsite?

        • Our neighbors hung a bird feeder and hummingbird feeder and the variety of birds is amazing. Talk about photo op! If you had to pick one Cave Creek or Catalina which would it be?

  3. Looks like you and Al have a wonderful spot with a million dollar view…This is exactly why we RV…Oceanfront rooms for little or next to nothing…We are currently in South Georgia ,on our way to South Florida. Cannot wait for temps in the 70’s..we are both suffering with bad colds 😦

    • Look forward to hearing about your trip. It’s been a tad colder in Phx than we’d prefer. Wondering if FL is warmer. Safe travels and leave those siffles behind.

  4. I used to water ski on Lake Pleasant many many years ago when the lake was a third the size it is now. Made some lovely memories out there. I would put a plug in for a Sea Eagle kayak Ingrid. It is easy to inflate and easy to store…great fun! 🙂

  5. Your photos just make us want to head to Arizona today :)!! Forecast here…increasing clouds with snow tomorrow. Hopefully we can get out for a hike this afternoon in our new warmer coats we got yesterday at REI :).

    • Staying warm is key. Check out the blog hikingtohealthy She puts out great info on hiking trails. Just be careful and VERY aware of weather conditions. Hiking in the snow has a tranquil beauty and make sure Jerry has a camera on hand 🙂

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