Home ?

Wednesday we left Lost Dutchman State Park and headed to a RV Park in Goodyear.  Lost Dutchman and the Superstition Mountain is a magical place….a spirital site….a location Al and I will be sure to revisit.  We barely touched or explored this glorious area and look forward to a return in the near future.  We weren’t ready to leave.  We experienced first hand the extreme weather changes and its impact on the character of the Superstition Mountain.  The changes in shade and color.  The change in personality.  The unique draw to explore this mountains’ nooks and crevices.  Obligations beckon and we leave Superstition Mountain with the fondest of memories.

We arrive at our RV Park.  Level up the Rig.  Take note of our surroundings.  After a week at Lost Dutchman, this is definitely a let down.  No offense to the RV Park, but there’s just no comparison….no views.  It’s a fine place to crash for a couple of nights.  It’s close to the Phoenix International Raceway, home to the Good Sam Rally.  We wanted to stay somewhat close to the location but not at the Rally.  We always have Bears’ needs to take into consideration and we didn’t want to be too far away from him or the Rig.  The Destiny RV Resort was an easy 15 minute drive from the Rally location.  Thus, we could spend all day at the event and return to the Rig for lunch and a dog walk if necessary.

Destiny RV Resort

Thursday morning we head off to the Good Sam Rally.  We looked at dozens of RV’s and visited booths in the Tent.  By mid-afternoon, we accomplished our goal and head back to the Rig.  We even manage to squeezed in a short visit with some folks we met in Mesquite earlier on our journey.

Al and I originally planned to return to Colorado nice and leisurely, wanting to take our time and spend a night or two in Tucson and parts of New Mexico.  Unfortunately, responsibilities require us to head home directly.  I’m sure Catalina State Park and Elephant Butte will still be there in six months.  That bucket list continues to grow 🙂

Friday morning we head north on Interstate 17 to Flagstaff.  With a son living in Phoenix, we routinely travel between Phoenix and Pueblo, Co…..last year five times.  So we have this route pretty well memorized.  Flagstaff can be a tricky location and we are always sure to check weather and road conditions prior to embarking on any drive.  Weather looks good, construction so, so.  We make it to Hwy 40 with no problem.  When we’re pulling the Rig, we take the drive in two days.  When we’re driving just the truck, we’ll take it in one day.  So since we’re pulling the Rig, our destination will be Albuquerque.  We like to stay in the Sandia Resort and Casino parking lot.  They have a great restaurant, bar, and friendly staff.  This is one of our regular stops whenever going through Albuquerque and one of our favorites.

Sandia Casino parking lot

The drive between Flagstaff and Albuquerque is fortunately uneventful and Al and I help the time pass by listening to an audio book.  I like to go on eBay and purchase audio books to help break up the drive.  My favs are romance novels and my favorite author is Johanna Lindsey.  Al and I are duly entertained and we arrive at Sandia in an energetic, good mood….dinner and drinks were yummy.

The next morning we pull out of Sandia before the sun rises and make the easy five-hour drive from Albuquerque to Pueblo West.  As we pull into the driveway, Al and I look at one another.  Home?  We feel detached.  We’re not happy to be “home”.  Why?  We’re tempted to turn around and head back out.  Where too?  Doesn’t matter.  Hummm, are we ready to go full-time?  Mentally and emotionally…YES.  Obligations and responsibilities still bind us, and thus the Full-time RV lifestyle will need to be postponed for a bit.  We now have a goal, a plan, and a timeline.  Too be continued!