Happy Mother’s Day

Today, I’m spending the day with my two children, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my day. Being a mother is my greatest joy in life, and I can’t image my world without my two wonderful kids … I’m very lucky.

With that said, Al and I are taking the hour plus drive down to Phoenix from Prescott, and allowing the children to pamper me. Actually, a big hug and kiss on the cheek is all I require to be one happy mama.

Here’s to all the mother’s out there … wishing you a love filled, wonderful day. I leave you with images of desert wildflowers.

Happy Mother’s Day 🌼🥂

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42 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

    • Nice to hear from you Rosemarie. I have to admit, I haven’t been much into cooking these past several months, but now that we’ll be stationary for a bit, I’m starting to plan out meals. I’ll need to drop over to your site for some inspiration 😊

    • The main reason we are spending our summer in Prescott is so we can see our children somewhat regularly. Amazing how an hours drive can have temps vary as much as 20 degrees!

  1. Wonderful cactus and wildflower photos! Prescott seems like a good place to be this time of year. Close enough to your kids and out of the Phoenix heat. Have a terrific Mother’s Day! We found a spec house the second day we were looking in April and we close next month! There is very little on the market, but we found OUR house in the framing stage so were able to make some changes to personalize it. It’s on 2.5 acres and we aree installing a 50 Amp hook-up and gravel pad for short stays for our rv friends when they are traveling through and we are here. It’s going to be a great home base where we can watch our grandson grow! Next time you are in CO……:-D You might get some antelope photos! And listen to the meadowlarks in the evening. We can’t wait to move in! Envisioning margaritas on the deck, fire pit lit, and the sun going down behind Pikes Peak. Ahhhhhhh.

    • Thanks Kathy and congratulations. Some things are meant to be and sounds like you found a little slice of land to call home. I never tire of those views along the Front Range. Since hubby’s sister lives in Denver and we still have 2 storage units full of stuff in Pueblo, I know we’ll be back to Colorado, in which case, I’ll definitely let you know. Since you don’t write a blog, you’ll need to email me pics once you get all settled in 😎 Pikes Peak, antelope, campfire, margaritas, and sunsets … doesn’t get much better!

      • Yup. To me, summers in Colorado are as perfect as you can get. I used to take snow on the foothills and sunrise photos constantly from our old house just south of the AFA. Now I’ll be taking grand vista sunset and amazing cloud photos from out on the prairie. After 9 months on the road how we see our life has morphed. We will love our time spent here, but we are already eagerly planning our next months long trips now that we know we have a home base! It’s good we can do both! Hitch itch will be setting in before all the boxes are unpacked. I will email you after we are settled. Enjoy AZ!

        • We used to live in a small subdivision just north of the Shops at Briargate and we could watch the ‘fly by’ at the AFA football games from our front yard. Any home base we purchase in the future will need to offer some kind of view. Living in Colorado and now traveling full-time have spoiled me 😃

    • Thanks Beth – hope you were able to spend time with family. The wildflowers were a little sparse in AZ this season due to such dry conditions. I had to look a little harder to find flowers to photograph!

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