Yellow makes me smile!

photo challengeWhen I saw the topic for this weeks WordPress photo challenge – Yellow.  I knew exactly which photos to post.  I’ve always loved the color yellow.  It’s one of those colors that just makes me challenge

For those of you who have been following my blog, you also know birds make me smile.Yellow challenge

I wouldn’t refer to myself as a ‘birder’ but rather someone who just enjoys the beauty of these unique creatures.WordPress daily postphotographyphotographyBut I couldn’t stop with just the birds.  I can’t look at Sponge Bob Square Pants without thinking of my children which brings on more smiles.  I sure do like the color Yellow!photography
Exploring the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail: Highlights Of A Birding Mecca (Exploring Series)


50 thoughts on “Yellow makes me smile!

  1. Very Kewl Bird ShotZ …will lewk forward to more, i fly hangliders – ultralight trikes, an paragliders , an love flying with certain species of birds, the big soaring kind… Happy Holidaze 2 u an urs……keep enjoyin’ ur travels.. 😎 ….. Q

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  3. Im yellow with envy….oh wait was it green with envy ?….Nevertheless yellow was my favorite color until I set my eyes on green. All photos superb especially the closeup on the GBH with just its eyes peeking on you.

  4. Oh yes! Just like my sister. She is crazy about the birds and loves this time of year while they all winter in Galveston. These are some amazing shots! Birds are not easy to capture. Lovely! I love all the pops of yellow. You summed it up perfectly. 🙂

    • We fell in love with Galveston. What a great place to winter. Although now that I’m on Mustang Island I find it equally as enjoyable. ‘Birds are not easy to capture’ – how very true. After a lot of failed attempts, I think I found some good camera settings. Lots more bird photos to come 🙂

  5. Missing those coastal birds, but we are getting some new ones here in Florida..Your photos are just fabulous, keep them coming..I am anxious to get to Big Cypress National Park and Everglades National Park…maybe an airboat ride!!! My only concern is snakes…they seek me out because they know I hate them..they make me want to hurl my cookies!

    • OMG, an airboat ride in the Everglades? That will be awesome. You should be seeing your fair share of unique birds too while in Florida. Watch out for anacondas… hehe!

  6. I am giggling… because this post made me happy! Yellow always is a happy color and then add your pictures of the birds who all seem to be smiling in their own way. Then Sponge Bob Square Pants…. I am a giggling! Thank You!

    • Thanks Nancy. I’ve always loved yellow and in the past have had one room if not more accented with the color. It’s a happy uplifting color. Glad my post had you giggling.

    • Thanks Linda and yes yellow is a happy color. Perhaps that’s why I was drawn to the new couch with its yellow undertone 😉 I wore my Moab T the other day and thought of you!

  7. Those beautiful birds with their yellow bills and beaks and feet made me smile — and so did the pelican with the tuft of feathers sticking up wildly. You know I love birds, too. 🙂 Have you seen the documentary “Pelican Dreams?” I think you would enjoy it.

    • Yes Laurel, I know what a huge fan of birds you are so I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. No, I have not seen that documentary. Thanks…I’ll definitely do a little Googling.

  8. Ingrid your photos definitely make me smile! all the photos are superb as usual but the mallard one is particularly special. Love the perspective and although you are high lighting yellow i must say the green heads are most becoming. 🙂

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