Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Our trek continued deeper into Golden Gate Canyon State Park.  This park is located about 16 miles northwest of the town of Golden and less than an hours drive from downtown Denver, yet feels miles and miles away from anything.Golden Gate Canyon State Park

While driving Mountain Base Road, we had stopped at several of the picnic – trailhead pull-outs to take in our surroundings.  Hubby was loving the pine scented air while I was ogling the mountain wildflowers.

Colorado State Parks

95% of the park has paved roads. This is the road to Aspen Meadow Campground

Next stop; the campgrounds.  We drove through the Reverend’s Ridge Campground checking out the sites.  Since it’s located in a pine forest there aren’t any mountain views from the campsites, but the large paved sites make up for any lack of view.  This campground is laid out beautifully offering sites with electric geared toward RV’s and none electric sites exclusive to tents.  The tent sites have nice level pads.

Colorado State Parks

A drive thru site in loop E

Camping fees are $22.00 a night with electric and $18.00 a night for non-electric.  Since this is a Colorado State Park there’s an additional vehicle fee; either $7.00 a day or the yearly pass for $70.00.  Al and I always get the yearly pass for both trucks, which allows us unlimited access to all Colorado State Parks.  The pass is vehicle specific and is applied to the windshield.  The second vehicle is charged a reduced rate and there’s a discount for those of a certain age.  Yep, hubby qualifies for the ‘Aspen Leaf’ which also saves us $2.00 a night on camping fees.  Ah, an upside to being old… LOL.  Shhh, don’t tell him I said that 😉

Colorado State Parks

another site in loop E

I’d say the RV sites are long enough for any size RV.  My only concern would be the width in regards to all the trees and RV slides, mostly those RV’s with opposing slides. But with a little strategic maneuvering, I’m sure she’ll fit.

That said, this is a campground Al and I would really enjoy staying at, but be warned….. there is no cell phone or internet coverage…. nada, zilch, nil.  Consider this time to walk away from the ‘devices’ and enjoy all this gorgeous scenery.Golden Gate

This little girl proudly carries a caught fish over to her dad

This little girl proudly carries a caught fish over to her dad

There’s nearly 35 miles of hiking trails within the State Park.  Some of the trails are for hikers only and others are multiple use: hiking, biking, horseback riding.  Fishing is allowed in any stream or pond within the park, but does require a Colorado fishing license.

I was particularly interested in the park’s brochure: Discovering Historic Places.  This part of Colorado is rich in mining history dating back to the 1800’s.  The Golden Gate Canyon State Park offers hiking trails to the remains of some former homesteads.

On our hike to Dude's Fishing Hole we pass the remains of The Belcher Barn on the left
Al and I opt for a quick hike to Dude’s Fishing Hole and along the way we pass the remains of The Belcher Barn.  This hay barn was built in the 1890’s.

Another trail we hope to hike would take us past The Bootlegger’s Cabin. There are no records of when the cabin was built or by whom.  The fact that barrel hoops and coiled copper tubing were found nearby leads one to believe that this was probably a shelter for bootleggers making illegal whiskey during the 1920’s.Bootlegger

Golden Gate Canyon State Park is definitely a great place to camp with a lot to see and do not only within the park but within an hours drive in any direction from the park.  Downtown Denver is easily accessed via vehicle or for those anti city drivers, the Light Rail can be taken from the station in Golden.  Golden offers its own array of fun stuff which I’ve blogged about in the past. You can read about it here and here.

The town of Boulder isn’t far from Golden Gate Canyon State Park via Highway 72. Rocky Mountain National Park is a scenic one hour plus drive to the north and Mt. Evans is a one hour drive to the south.

Fishing in Colorado

Dude’s Fishing Hole

Just remember, this is Colorado and that means the roads go up, down, and sideways….. miles are irrelevant, it’s all about how much time it takes to get from point A to point B and whether one needs Dramamine or has a fear of heights.

Welcome to my little slice of paradise!Colorado State Parks
Coleman Deck Chair With Table


55 thoughts on “Golden Gate Canyon State Park

    • The old mining history around Colorado is fascinating – makes one realize just how tough and hardy folks had to be to survive 🙂

  1. Beautiful countryside and campground! I hesitate a bit when there’s absolutely no internet connection, too — and I also know it’s good for me. But I’m already so far behind in our blog, even WITH connection….

    • I just hate being without connection. I can do without TV, but pls don’t take away my internet lol. It is a beautiful campground and state park and since it’s only a 30-45 minute drive away, I think we may stick to day trips 🙂

  2. Yes, there are some advantages to retirement age:) What a nice park! Thanks for all the deals. Sure is a gorgeous state with way too many things to do which makes it a special place to return to over and over.

    • There has to be some upside to this getting old crap 🙂 Colorado sure offers endless opportunities for stunning places to call ‘home’. So I think we’ll stick around and keep scoping them out!

  3. We would give up our technology for a few days to camp in a park like that one. Nothing takes the place of the beauty of the wild!

    • I love immersing myself in such stunning beauty. I’ll enjoy the rest of the summer discovering some more of these hidden gems, but sure don’t like giving up my internet 🙂

  4. The park looks beautiful via your lens, Ingrid. There are so many parks in Colorado, really miss it. the deck chair with table makes sense. 🙂

    • Hahaha…. I can think of a few places he could wear that Aspen Leaf 🙂 It’s kind of a silly name to call the discounted vehicle sticker. If walls could talk – I find these old structures fascinating!

  5. Oooo sounds a great place to visit… Al AL AL… come and read what Ingrid said….
    It brought a smile to my face that little snippet about Al’s age… we went into a shop on a Wednesday and when we reached the till the floor manager came over and swiped a card…. my first reactions was “what you up too?” His reply was “you are pensioners aren’t you? just giving you your discount..” Man there are benefits to reaching a certain age…

    • Well, there has to be some sort of ‘up’ side to getting older and if that’s discounted fees, then so be it, because I can’t think of any other positive LOL. Hubby’s used to my little snippets about his age, and besides he always introduces me to folks as ‘his trophy wife’…. at this age, I’ll take it 🙂

  6. Places like this sure make me miss CO. Looks like the perfect campground for a few days of unconnected peace.

    • Most definitely a lovely place to park and explore. Next week we’re doing a little research on boondocking in the Arapahoe National Forest. We’ve already seen some primo spots but need to verify an overnight stay is ok.

  7. Ingrid, it looks like a slice of heaven.. and no internet or cell service is a plus… we don’t have to travel far to see the wilderness, we just have to travel from where we are. You and Al inspire me – I am glad you are getting to do what you want, when you want. Wishing you a wonderful week. Clay

    • I truly love and appreciate all the outdoor recreation easily accessible here in Colorado. I guess a few days without connection is good for the soul, but I’ll admit to feeling symptoms of withdrawal lol.

    • I really liked site 52 in loop E (2nd campsite photo) because of the ease of pulling in and out, but actually ANY of the pull-thru sites are quite nice and very long. Even the back-in sites were long and nice. Lots of room for you and Jagger to enjoy and explore. September should provide a nice showing of Aspen gold since CO has been enjoying plenty of moisture this season.

    • September should be beautiful and you certainly won’t be at a loss of things to see and do. I’m trying to get caught up on posts with all the sights we’ve taken in thus far. I should be done by Sept….. lol

      • I know just how you feel, particularly just coming off of several days without internet and cell service. However, it was a nice respite. 🙂

    • Yes you would and with DIA not too far away, it’s convenient for those flying in from CA. Lots to see and do with the grandkids 🙂

  8. Well, that did it. I’m going to try to see if we can’t work this out with the kids sometime next year! Wow, what a beautiful place, and the lack of cell service is a big plus for us to get hubby away from his work phone that will ring just about anytime if we don’t. If this is like the campground at Lake Trinidad State Park, the RV campground also has a big, nice camper comfort center, too. We don’t mind paying for showers as long as they are so nice like those were, and if there are five of us there at some point, that would be our preference anyway. I will look for a place to rent a car once we are in the area, preferably not at the airport, even though we will have the motorcycle with us, too. Thanks again for your help! Wish we could pack up and go right now! 🙂

    • I definitely think you would enjoy it…. much nicer than Trinidad. They also offer cabin and yurt rentals. So you could get a campsite near one of the rentals and have some great family time together. Let me know if I can be of further help. I’ll be around Denver another month and will continue posting about all the fun things to do around here 🙂

      • Yes, that was my thought on getting them a yurt or cabin nearby. They are backpackers anyway, so camping out is something they enjoy. I also checked, and Enterprise even has an office in Golden. Just sounds better and better the more I check into it. Will just be a long drive for us, but taking a whole week of vacation will make it do-able. 😉

        • I think the drive will be worth it. Always great to get together with the kids and do fun things. Our son flies in from Phoenix next Wednesday. I can’t wait for the four of us to be together for a whole week 🙂

  9. Looks like some more beautiful Colorado. As much as I wouldn’t like it, I probably need some time there away from all things electronic.

    • It’s definitely beautiful and we would love to stay here, but the lack of connection has us hesitating. Maybe a few days would be good for us 🙂

  10. Looks like a great spot to camp. To me, the ONLY upside to my old age is the Geezer Pass which gets us 1/2 off camping in National Parks, and free Park access. Other than that, old age isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Nice post. Thanks.

    • Yes Judy, I totally agree. I keep telling my kids, “I don’t recommend getting old. Stop if you can”. LOL We’re all in any time hubby can use the old fart’s card. He earned it 🙂

    • This is a place you and Steve would truly enjoy and with a little maneuvering I’m sure Betsy will fit. A couple of years? So where ya heading next summer?

  11. hunted there cpl time, nice place, lotsa deer, lotsa people. i like the visitors center, staffed by australians which was kind of odd. travel safe.

    • Al noticed on the map the area designated for hunting. Pretty country. All the folks we spoke with in the visitor center seemed to be from the U.S.A. 🙂

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