Buffalo Bill

Sunday morning in Golden, Colorado, we awake to another beautiful day.  I am anxious to explore. Top on the list today is to visit the Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave.

This is an excerpt from the Golden Guide, a magazine highlighting the areas’ attraction.

Buffalo Bill
gift shop

The Wild West comes to life at the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, operating near Golden since 1921.  Enjoy exhibits of rare artifacts, try on cowboy clothes, and discover if Buffalo Bill visited your town.  And, of course, visit Buffalo Bill’s grave and enjoy the spectacular view from atop Lookout Mountain.  Complete your visit by browsing through the Denver area’s largest museum gift shop and enjoying a buffalo burger at the cafe.

As we embark on this excursion, we don’t bother to look at a map, which is so unlike us.  We had noticed the directional sign yesterday on our way into town – to Lookout Mountain – and figured there was only one road, which turned out to be true.  So we feel it’s not like we could get lost.  However, we didn’t realize the climb in elevation and the switch backs involved.

Golden Colorado
We drive by the ‘M’

The views were breathtaking and more than once we were at eye level or even higher than the paragliders.  In yesterday’s post, I posted photos of this mountain in the distance.  I had no idea we would be driving by the ‘M’ on the mountain today.  How cool is this!

paraglider above Golden, CO
Buffalo Bill
William and Louisa Cody’s grave

Once we reach the museum and gift shop, we are greeted with views in all directions.  We can see why William “Bill” Cody wanted to be buried on Lookout Mountain.  The scent of Pine fills the air.  Al and I take our time taking in the view and filling our lungs with the fresh mountain air.  We take a well-marked trail through the pine trees to Buffalo Bill’s final resting place.  His wife, Louisa, is also buried here by his side.

After a moment of respect, Al and I return to Buffalo Bills Pahaska Teepee, the gift shop and no it’s not a teepee, but there is a teepee in front of the museum.  The gift shop is filled with every imaginable trinket one can think of.  Al notices a sign, “buy a T-shirt and receive 1/3 pound of fudge free”.  Well, FREE sign me up.  The search for T-shirts ensues.  There’s Al, Ingrid and two kids.  I’m always picking up T-shirts for the kids.

Buffalo Bill
Buffalo Bills Pahaska Teepee – Gift shop

My hunt was somewhat successful with the purchase of two shirts…one for Al and one for me, none for the kids.  Thus, a piece of fudge for Al and a piece of fudge for me 🙂  We head outside, once again taking in the view and air while enjoying our fudge….yum.Paragliding Golden Colorado

Time to head back to camp and await daughters arrival for dinner.  What a fun day!

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  1. Few folks know Bill Cody had a large mansion near present day downtown Cleveland on millionaires row on Euclid Avenue. He also had a small plot of land in then rural lake county just east of Cleveland where he had a small apartment building built. My mother lived in the ‘Cody Arms’ for years before passing away.


    1. His bio is definitely fasinating. Cody WY fought to have him brought there. He actually spent very little time in the Denver area. It was his sister who lived here. Interesting…..boy they were heartly folks.


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