A Woman’s Prerogative

RVing in TexasAs a member of the softer gender, I feel it’s my right to change my mind…..you know, a woman’s prerogative so to speak.  And believe me when I say I have perfected the act of last-minute changes lately.

I’m normally a very decisive person who’s organized and enjoys planning.  However, after six months of living in the RV full-time I’ve learned the meaning of “RV time”……  Mañana!

Our reservation at the RV Park in Texas was scheduled to begin on January 5th and our paid stay at the RV Resort in Phoenix ended December 31st.  That gave us 5 days to travel 1,200 miles…..eezee peezee.  Last year had us doing 1,200 mile drives in one very long day.  Yep, as we were preparing for a full-time life in the RV, we found ourselves making trips either from Pueblo West, Colorado to Chicago or Pueblo West to Phoenix.  We would make these drives in one very long day. Exhausting!

It’s not our plan to travel that way ever again – I hope.  Now a days we enjoy meandering.  I love that sense of freedom to come and go at our leisure or on a whim.

As the end of December rolled around, I must have changed my mind half a dozen times as to when we were leaving Phoenix and where we would stop along the way.  Al would offer his input, but deferred to me for the final decision.  He’s pretty easy going as long as I don’t put us on a precarious route.  Christmas Eve I finally came up with a definitive plan; a plan that would end up changing several times.

woman's proragtive

A last minute decision to stop in Tucson.

Plan A – Day one; travel from Phoenix, Arizona to Deming, New Mexico with a stop for lunch in Tucson with Dave, a campground host we met at Ridgway State Park last summer.  The distance between Phoenix and Deming is around 330 miles and about a 5 hour drive.  Hmm, we weren’t sure we wanted to push quite that hard so when the email came in from Brenda, we were onto plan B.  Brenda and I knew each other only here in the blogosphere.  Via blog posts and a couple of emails, we realized our paths were bound to cross.


on the move!

Plan B – a two-hour drive from Phoenix to Tucson would be perfect.  We called and made a reservation at Desert Trails RV Park in Tucson, Arizona.  It turned out not only were Brenda and Hector staying there but so was Dave….perfect.

The drive from Phoenix to Tucson went smoothly.  We set up camp then had a nice lunch and visit with Dave.  We know we’ll be seeing him again this summer in Colorado.

After working off some of those lunch calories by taking a stroll on one of the many hiking trails behind the RV Park, we headed over to Brenda and Hector’s RV for happy hour and dinner.  Dinner was delicious but not wanting to be out done, the four of us retreated to our RV for homemade pies and brownies – yes, all made by moi in my little easy bake RV oven.

RV entertaining

Hector & Brenda

Brenda and Hector had just traveled from the very direction we were going and they were heading in our former location.  The travel tales and swapping of notes continued well past our normal bedtime.  A few of their New Mexico stops piqued my interest even more than already piqued….which eventually lead to a change in our overnight site.

Even with some lost sleep, Al and I were anxious to hit the road the next morning. The plan was a three-hour drive to Deming.  We thought about overnighting for free at the rest area just west of Deming which we have done in the past, but it was too early in the day for that.  We were reminded of a SKP Park (Escapees RV Club) that we wanted to check out so that was our destination.  About thirty minutes before arriving in Deming, I changed my mind yet again.  I had a third idea……

It was early, the sun was shining, Al and I were feeling great….I’m in the mood for a little excursion and Al was in agreement.  When we arrived in the town of Deming, I had Al point the rig in a northerly direction.  This new destination would add about an hour to our travels; a half hour in each direction, but boy was it worth it.  That is if you like rocks.

City of Rocks

City of Rocks State Park

Meet City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico.  This was a fun little place to spend the night, and Al and I did not mind going out of our way to explore this unique state park.

RVing in New Mexico

we are the 5th wheel – RV furthest to the right


Our campsite at City of Rocks

Next post I’ll share the last-minute changes in Texas…


This Class C found a great campsite to dry camp


80 thoughts on “A Woman’s Prerogative

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  2. I got lost somewhere at the end with all the locations you mentioned. Ahihihi… Women …. 😀 😉 Plus, those rocks distracted me. Looks mad cool. Plan B sounded cool, by the way. Good thing I didn’t read this post before I composed my recent post, I would’ve stolen eezee peezee. 😆 Safe trips and have fun!

  3. You and Al sound very well suited. My hubby is also quite easy going, and ready to fall in with my suggestions, as long as they are reasonable. you really do visit some beautiful places. 🙂

    • Perhaps you and I have discovered the secret to a long and healthy marriage….easy going men who fall for intelligent women. 2013 – it was 30 years for us…. although you have us beat by a few 🙂
      You yourself visit some pretty spectacular places.

  4. We also made a stop at City of Rocks when we were traveling through New Mexico…cool place! Being directionally challenged, Terry is reluctant to let me make the travel plans. He is generous about me sharing the driving with him however. 🙂

  5. That area in Deming looks neat. May have to put that one on our list to check out sometime. It actually looks pretty similar to far West Texas in some respects, too. Enjoy your time in my beloved state. I am still a long way from you, though.

    • Everything is bigger in Texas. Even with the inclement weather I’m enjoying south Texas very much. Looking forward to sunny skies this weekend to really get out and explore 🙂

  6. We were in Rockport this weekend visiting relatives at a different RV park. Their park is packed with winter Texans and all very close together. You are in a great area. As you are looking for birds, this is the time to catch Green Jays as they are up from Mexico. Kind of a rare sighting if you do see them. The Lake Corpus Christi state park we are at is good for some Texas wildlife but not so much for birds. We leave next week for San Antonio area even though temps might be a bit below normal this year. But hiking will be better there.

    • There are lots of birds around here near Goose Island State Park. I’m loving it. We thought about staying at Lake Corpus Christi. Did you like it? Hope the temps warm in in San Antonio. We changed our time frame there due to the weather 🙂

      • This time of year you are in some of the best bird country that can be found. We will not come back to this park. This park has miles of walking on paved roads and lots of Texas wildlife which can be seen up close at times. I really enjoy the wildlife. The park is well maintained -except – There are no walking paths through the brush. They say that someday they plan to make some walking paths and not just the paved roads. However, the main reason we will not be back is because of a native plant of Texas and being a native plant the park can not remove the grass burrs. We bought our dog some boots and she was then able to walk down by the lake and lots of good smelling areas. We spent 30 minutes getting the burrs out of our shoes using long nose pliers.

        • The burrs are really bad around here too which does present a problem for the poor pups. That’s good to know about the lack of trails. I’m having fun seeing and hearing all these unique birds. Seems like the weather is improving just in time for you to enjoy San Antonio. Safe travels 🙂

  7. Al’s head must be spinning. If I were him I’m go for a nap in the back seat and tell you to wake me up when we arrive, wherever that would be! Still jealous of you staying in City of Rocks.

    • I’m so glad we were able to spend the night at City of Rocks. In retrospect, we should have stayed another night. Ah, he’s used to my shenanigans by now 🙂

  8. So good that Al is your traveling companion. Rick doesn’t mind the spontaneity of changing one’s plans but to do so that many times, would surely be pushing my luck. I love your windmill pic. It took three years crossing back and forth before I was able to get a good picture of the older style ones.

    • Yay, those windmills aren’t always easy to capture. I won’t admit to how many times I had to snap to get one decent shot. This go around hubby was equally indecisive…..inclement weather in a RV can do that to a person. I’m sure the trips between CA and FL had you seeing your fair share of things.

  9. Blogosphere dating…I like that! If you go to NOLA…guessing you have heard of Betty’s RV Park….what fun they have there and so much to see. I’d love to meet there next year. As for the birds…closest I ever get is a one legged seagull napping! Our pipes made it through the night and patiently awaiting high 68F on Saturday…

    • I’ve heard about Betty’s RV Park and it’ll definitely be on our list if we make it that far next winter. We disconnected our water last night just to be on the safe side. Once this weather warms up, I’ll be out there trying to photograph those darn birds. Wish me luck 😉

  10. 🙂 I thought I recognized those chairs in the desert…Hans and I spent a month next door last year and will spend a month at Desert Trails in just a few weeks. I love having full hook ups AND desert trails right at my RV park!

    Sounds like you are finding your groove!

    • I agree….hook ups and trails – perfect. I don’t mind the hassle of boondocking when I have an amazing location and I don’t like all the hook-ups if the location doesn’t offer anything nearby. That’s why I’m so noncommittal BUT that will have to change as we run into more problems when we don’t have reservations. We’re finding that groove. Desert Trails is all booked in February or we’d be spending two weeks there. Still searching for our Feb. location – Texas or Arizona….flipping a coin 🙂

  11. Blogosphere meetups….thats a good one!

    All water systems survived last night but that dripping faucet had me running all night to the potty 😦 68f on Sat…darn good thing as if this trk deal were done we’d be out of here :). If you go to NOLA…I want go to to Betty’s RV park…stories fasinate me and looks like the whole area would be a blast! Good luck with the birds…all I can get is a one legged seagull napping 🙂

    • I’ve heard about Betty’s RV Park and it’ll definitely be on our list if we make it that far next winter. We disconnected our water last night just to be on the safe side. Once this weather warms up, I’ll be out there trying to photograph those darn birds. Wish me luck 😉

  12. As I write this – it is a chilly -10 outside here in Illinois. i am sure you don;t miss that part of the Midwest and then I looked up Rockport and it is 36, still cold but much warmer than here. The cool weather will pass and sporing will be here before you know it, Safe travels, and by the way – my wife usually exercises her ‘prerogative’, too.

    • It was sleeting this morning in Rockport and 26 degrees. Should start warming up and no I’m not complaining as you and my dad sit in the Chicago burbs enduring that arctic blast. Stay warm 🙂

      • My mom lives up the road in Sugar Land and was mentioning the cold last time we spoke…. all across the land it is cold this morning, it was even 58 in Marathon, Florida where we spent spring break this past year. The snow birds must be freezing! Stay warm and enjoy the birds, the ones you’ll be photographing, I mean.

        • This polar blast has engulfed much of the country. This too shall pass and hopefully soon. It’s a great day to stay inside and read. Even the birds have hunkered down.

  13. One of the great benefits of retirement is the freedom to be flexible but I’ve been wondering – do men have prerogatives? 🙂

  14. You are SO right, it sure is a great lifestyle. Be careful with that bird stuff, we have met some and ??? I think because they won’t sit still, adter a while you get ADD, TERETS and probably a few more things that ‘change’ you! LOL
    Galveston, NOLA, Mobile or Pensacola would all be great Feb. destinations. I look forward to heading back to the NOLA area just to tour the bayou and the many plantations, FASCINATING STUFF.

    • How funny….already experienced symptoms of ADD trying to photograph these birds. Yay, we thought about heading east but need to be back in Phoenix in March so I think we’ll save NOLA and Pensacola for next winter and get an earlier start in the season. Can’t wait for this polar vortex to move on 😦

  15. What fun…that’s what I call exploring and exploring is why we do this! No long days of traveling for us either! We are in Winnie, TX….way to cold!

    • We’re sitting in Rockport TX right now equally cold. I’ll need to Google Winnie and see where you’re located. I do enjoy meandering!

  16. Hi Ingrid! Long travel days are not part of our travel plans anymore. When we first started RV’s we would travel long distances, but not anymore. I like the – stop if you like an area or go on down the road if you don’t type of travel. We seem to love the meandering mode of travel! Hope you receive warmer weather soon! Great photos!!

    Wherever you go – Enjoy the Journey!

    • Thanks Sheila, I think we’ve all done plenty of those long exhausting drives that’s it’s nice to just slow down and watch the scenery.

    • Thank you and I’m sure when the weather is a tad warmer we’ll see all kinds of activity in the park. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Stay warm….no polar plunges!

    • Oh, we had it mastered before we started…lol. I’m with you, I love the flexibility but am finding out we’ll need to break down and make reservations more frequently, which is a bummer because it defeats the purpose 😉

  17. We missed Deming the last time were there, and looking forward to see your rock photography. I can just imagine the exchanges and laughter you guys had with Hector and Brenda, very adventurous couple.
    I thought you will be heading south of Texas, oh but then again you are changing your mind 🙂 How can I know about TX if you are not going there!

    • Patience my dear….I’m always behind in my writing. I’m sitting in Rockport TX freezing my a*s off. I did go to a wildlife refuge on Saturday for some bird photography. Darn things wouldn’t hold still….lol.

    • Over the past six months, we’ve met up with about a dozen fellow bloggers and it’s always an enjoyable time. Yep, City of Rocks sure did offer a lot of rocks…lol.

    • Oh yes, I don’t envy you right now. Even though it’s cold in south Texas, it doesn’t come close to what you’re getting. Stay warm!

  18. Good to see you developing that go with it attitude with this lifestyle. I can’t begin to tell you how many times we have reworked our plans because of something we’ve read in another blog. Some of our favorite places where found this way. Isn’t it fun!

    I pinned The City of Rocks from Island Girl. I love the sounds and look of the place. Sounds like a perfect detour!

    Glad you had time to reconnect, as well as, make new friends…good times!

  19. Love the Captures of the City of Rocks – BEAUTIFUL:) That is the part I love about road trips – the journey at times and not just the final destination. Happy Week – Happy Traveling!!!

  20. Is that not what it is all about… go till you fell you’ve had enough and then stop..??… I love that you change you’re mind and Al goes along with it, sounds to me a perfect pair…

    • After thirty plus years, we’ve found what works for us…… Al says, “yes honey”. Oh and I think you were on to something re: keeping a long relationship healthy with your tale of spooning.
      And I’ve decided, bird photographer I am not 😉

    • It takes ‘special’ people to keep these early risers up till midnight. Fun times and look forward to meeting up in the future. Wishing you smooth sailing 🙂

  21. Well, Texas is a tad chilly right now (grrrrr!) and we are in Roma at Falcon State Park. Normally, this place runs 70-80 degrees in January..not this year yet..Hopefully it will get back to warm this week. We are hoping to walk across the border at Progresso sometime this week..gotta get some Mexican Vanilla…hmmm..maybe some Kahlua…and some silver jewelry. According to the Native Texans, this is the only safe place to cross…very sad..Mexico is a lovely country.

    • My folks used to visit Progresso every winter and stock up on ‘supplies’. Seems like this cold front has reached just about every where. We’re still better off in south Texas than up north. Have you guys ever been to Port Isabel? We’re trying to figure out our February schedule. I don’t have a very good track record of planning thus far 😉

      • Nope, never been there. We are leaving here on the 15th..one week at Lake Corpus Christi and the next at Mustang Island State Park, then 2 weeks at Goose Island..MacGyver planned this itinerary. I do know that Goliad State Park is pretty neat too…Jefferson TX and Texarkana corp parks are great, but way too far North until march!! Email me if ya have any more questions I can’t answer.hehehe…

        • We thought about Goliad but this weather needs to start warming or we’ll head further south toward Port Isabel. I have to laugh as our paths will keep crossing. We’ll miss each other at Goose Island by a week. Stay warm!

  22. City of Rocks is a great park, we stopped for the day there and a little hiking around there. Safe travels, the gulf coast is a rockin’ with the wind the last 24 hours.

    • I know it’s cold. We’re just north of Rockport near Goose Island State Park. I can’t wait for the warmer weather to return so I can hit the Aransas Wildlife Refuge.

  23. Nice post. 350 miles per day is my max. We spent a month in Texas last winter so I’ll be curious to see where you end up. Safe travels.

    • Texas sure is a big state. But with the exception of our Rockport reservation, we had to change plans several times. And yes, we’ve decided 5 hour drives are the max…..3 is even better 🙂

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