Merry Christmas!

Sending holiday greetings to my blogging family……holiday message
Tis the time to hug,
And stay warm and snug.
Time to ice skate over the frozen lake,
And for the sugar cookies to bake.
Children get snow days,
And go out to play on sleighs.
On Christmas day it is fun,
There are just clouds and no sun.
christmas cookiesYou open your presents,
Which your family sent.
The kids just rip the wrapping,
And can’t stop laughing.
Kids get toys,
Specially made for girls or boys.
Teens get phones and games,
And call their siblings lame.
The kids go out to make angels in the snow,
Running through the cold air that blows.
No one wants the day to end,
So some decide to share gifts or lend.
The families take off their bootlaces,
And get warm by the fireplace.
Christmas is when your family comes,
And when they all love.
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Wishing you and yours a warm and Merry Christmas!holidays

25 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas to you too. Hopefully it’s nice enough to go for a hike tiday, even if it is a short one. 🙂


  2. Great! Thanks & Merry Christmas to you guys. SMILE AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY. GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


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